Mom leaves 2-year-old in hot car

2012-12-01 22:31

Johannesburg - A 2-year-old girl suffered dehydration and hyperthermia when she was left in a car alone, while her mother went shopping in Roodepoort on Saturday, Netcare 911 paramedics said.

"[The] girl is in a serious condition after she was left alone in a car in Constantia Park, Roodepoort, this afternoon," spokesperson Chris Botha said. A pastor had broken the car window to pull the child out.

The girl was stabilised on scene and rehydrated by paramedics before being taken to a police station.

Police had contacted the father to fetch the girl. It was not immediately clear what happened to the mother.

  • frans.vanderpoll - 2012-12-01 22:43

    Lock her in a car and park it in the Sahara desert for a day or two. Hope the child is ok.

      michael.bushes.5 - 2012-12-02 00:04

      A very sad story but a refreshing change from malema, zuma and mangauang stories

      albert.m.burger - 2012-12-02 08:46

      Thankful for good parents

      PrettyUsefulArt - 2012-12-02 09:16

      Charge the b*tch with child abuse. Grrr. Stories like this make my blood boil. Name and shame her!!

      clive.kihn - 2012-12-02 09:35

      Michael: What's "refreshing" about this?

  • mechelle.vandeventer - 2012-12-01 22:45

    Why do people do this to their kids?? Actually why do they have children if they can't look after them? The mother should be locked up in a car and left there for a few hours so that she can feel what it feels like to be locked up in the heat.

      Yolande Waggiet - 2012-12-01 23:02

      i totally agree. The mother should be locked up.

      sandra.j.rennie - 2012-12-02 22:36

      Never mind that,the child could have been kidnapped as well ! Well some woman really have no brains !

  • jacob.zooma.9 - 2012-12-01 22:45

    Still better than sending them to the bush or making them watch Twilight.

      clive.kihn - 2012-12-02 09:36

      You are as sick as your namesake.

  • siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-12-01 22:48

    terrible the way some people treat children. Children are future. I wonder what she was shopping for that she left the child alone.

  • theMichaelHawthorne - 2012-12-01 22:49

    Is she gonna lose her job over this?

      Malose-Nyatlo - 2012-12-02 05:46

      She could be supervisor somewhere...

  • siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-12-01 22:50

    poor child temperaturs can get very high in a locked car with no open windows.

  • jackie.esterhuizen.52 - 2012-12-01 22:58

    Wish I was there I would have attacked that so called mother

      willie.botha.9480 - 2012-12-02 10:36

      Wish we could be there to support you from the sideline.

  • sean.kedian - 2012-12-01 23:03

    Lock her up in a hot car

  • TheVern69 - 2012-12-01 23:04

    Wonder if everyone is so heartless like this woman! Be part of this world??!! That's okay, I'll pass thank you

  • lourens.smith.75 - 2012-12-01 23:05

    How can a parrent forget your child in a car!? When my boy leaves my sight for 1 minute max I'm already on the lookout! “She's most likely a mental patient who,s out on parol!

  • lacrimose.wolf - 2012-12-01 23:06

    Is this is sheer callousness or sheer stupidity? Thankfully at least one human being saw this child's plight and did something to end this child's torture.

  • Erna - 2012-12-01 23:45

    How long was this so-called mother away for? Some, even most, people don't deserve to be parents, and yet its easier to have a child than to adopt a pet.

  • Heather.Pansegrouw - 2012-12-02 00:26

    Lock her up and throw away the key!!

  • charne.coetzer.35 - 2012-12-02 00:40

    I don't even leave my two year old in the car when I run in and out of somewhere! Please lock that stupid Moron of a mother in a hot car for a few hours! She clearly lacks common sense!

  • duncan.gill1 - 2012-12-02 02:32

    Perhaps you are right but this "mother" needs rather some mental institution to examine her as this is surely the action of a mentally unhinged woman who cannot be credited with being merely negligent,how she was ever given care of this child is surely the blame of people who know her and they must examine their own consciences for being so blind to the disaster that was surely to follow!

  • Yello Kiya Kamy - 2012-12-02 06:07

    Eish whiteys. she is a white lady because white Mamas dont care about their offspring

      andre.els.75 - 2012-12-02 06:35

      Where does it say that this is a white lady. You are a racist and a bastard. Nja mau

      Willie Olivier - 2012-12-02 07:01

      yelo, you racist bitch! How many black new born babies are found in rubbish bins!

      andrez.kolesky - 2012-12-02 07:04

      @Yello, But eish your race throw their kids down pit toilets and on rubbish dumps. Those that survive become "street children" and then the "whiteys" must feed them. Let's not turn this sad incident into something racial.

      eve.meyer.75 - 2012-12-02 07:06

      Yes Yello, that's why there are more black orphans in this country... Us white people don't leave our children on rubbish dumps, or exchange our children for a cow, or sell our young daughters for sex. Let me not carry on!!!

      ian.robertreid - 2012-12-02 07:38

      Sorry maam but white ladies don,t dumb their newborn babies into drains and toilets~ think about it~ Mmmm?

      albert.m.burger - 2012-12-02 08:54

      This is just a fat white troll living with his mom acting black to get you upset! Don't bite the hook

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-12-02 08:55

      No us white people don't throw our babies down pit toilets, we call them fetuses and kill them before they are born... Think before you comment people...

      clive.kihn - 2012-12-02 09:06

      You are one very sick racist, Yello.

      kitty2wp - 2012-12-02 09:11

      *cough* and that's why us 'whiteys' don't have too many babies - because we care about providing for them. i don't see white street kids running the cities at 4yrs old????!!!!

      khosix - 2012-12-02 09:14

      Its saddening seeing the responses of people who are pointing fingers at Yellow for being racist. Instead of dealing with this Yellow idiot like the idiot he sounds to be u've just had to also pull your best cards of insults to black people. Sad indeed!!!

      paul.defondaumiere - 2012-12-08 08:52

      That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard! Look around you and take note of the colour of the children on the streets, left for dead in toilets and occupy 90% of orphanages before advancing to prison when they are older.BLACK like you BOY!

  • angela.monaghansandells - 2012-12-02 06:30

    Every summer we hear stories like this. There should be a jail sentence attached to such neglect. Apart from the heat, we live in one of the worst crime ridden countries in the world. How can any parent leave a child alone like this? It's totally beyond me. If you're incapable of loving and caring for children then don't have any!

  • sonwabile.nomnganga - 2012-12-02 06:31

    and you still call that thing a mother?

  • nicolajane.harrison.3 - 2012-12-02 07:06

    This woman should be jailed! She doesn't deserve her daughter

  • thami.rapoo - 2012-12-02 07:09

    Who said she is white guys.

  • juannepierre - 2012-12-02 07:22

    Tell me again why straight people are better suited to be parents?

      marnus.lamprecht - 2012-12-02 07:50

      Probably because they have the biological en anatomical ability to create children!

      christoffvstaden - 2012-12-02 08:50

      @juannepierre: Fail to see where you are going with that argument... @marnus.lamprecht: Your statement doesn't hold water... Perhaps gay couples do not have the ability to procreate, but a surrogate can solve that problem. Being a gay parent or a straight parent and how a child is conceived is not what this article is about - don't create issues that don't exist otherwise.

  • ian.robertreid - 2012-12-02 07:33

    Shame 4the smallie~ hope she gets better~ Mom where was yr mind??

  • piero.mendace.5 - 2012-12-02 07:52

    Its obvious what should happen, they should do the exact same to her.. And yello when will you stop with the racist card. Can you find no other way to get by?. How many abandoned and abused children are whites... and child rapists suppose that is proof that you blacks really care about children and offspring as you call them..

  • piero.mendace.5 - 2012-12-02 07:54

    Nhlanhla, the forgave is that some of the rings you term racist are simple facts. Do you know the difference?. And Nhlanhla read my previous comment racist.

  • kitty2wp - 2012-12-02 09:08

    hot or cold is besides the point. who leaves a 2yr old in a car alone to go shopping ever, anywhere???? stupid fool.

  • gwilym.howes - 2012-12-02 09:19

    After all the times that these two things have made headlines, it still amazes me that there are still some idiots who a) lock children in cars in the sun and b) let small children stand on the front seat while they drive around town. May a terrible disease rid us of all these morons! Poor kid...

      Tuyez - 2012-12-02 09:33

      The problem is that most people dont know what is happen in this world, cause they dont listen to the news or read the newspaper. All they ever do is to listen to their excessively loud music and drink beer. So they dont know about anything except the music.

  • Tuyez - 2012-12-02 09:25

    I am failing to understand why would she take a kid with her and decide to lock the kid in the car. Is it that hard to shop with a kid? I think there is more to this story. This woman has a story to tell.

      kim.mann.127 - 2012-12-02 13:17

      I agree with you Tuyez. Everyone is so busy judging and criticising that nobody bothered to ask why?? Maybe the kid was sick and the mother just intended to run in to the chemist but ended up taking longer than intended. Unfortunately it is human nature to judge first and ask questions later!!!

      Andre Kritzinger - 2012-12-02 14:02

      Our kids are very busy so very difficult to go shopping with them, not all kids sit still in a pram. We organise babbysitter if we need to go shopping. Leaving in car is moronic and shows complete lack of common sense. There are no excuses, ever.

  • clive.kihn - 2012-12-02 09:36

    Such stupidity is on a par with that of parents who do not buckle their children in.

  • JanGrimbeek - 2012-12-02 09:40

    Soooo, did they find the mother by now ????

  • sabeer.mahomed.3 - 2012-12-02 09:53

    U guys are SO insensitive. I mean how would she be able to flirt in the mall with a 2 year old strapped to her side??

  • Khanyile Busokwakhe - 2012-12-02 10:19

    it was her intention to kill the kind just she was trying to avoid to do it by herself, to lock-in a baby as per mistake

  • willie.botha.9480 - 2012-12-02 10:35

    Our children are our pride and future and we treat them as such.

  • gary.maggz - 2012-12-02 12:02

    Very wrong of her but i bet within all the comments here there are many who don't buckle their kids in when driving.Even if they are sitting in the back they HAVE to be's the law!! I see many cars everyday with kids sitting or standing (some standing on the floor in the front right by an explosive air-bag that would probably kill them even in a minor fender-bender).Unfortunately our cops won't stop these cars unless they are told by their superiors on that day to do so.Parents who do this are flipping dumb-ass idiots.Just jog slowly with your hands behind your back into a wall or door.You will break your nose badly and probably be knocked out..and that's at around 12-15km/hr. Now imagine your little one hitting the windscreen at 60kms/hr or more. I'm making up a bumper sticker which i will glue onto peoples cars when i see them being stupid..It says,'I DON'T BUCKLE MY CHILD IN-HOOT IF U THINK I'M A C**T'.....use it,don't use it

      cebi.zungu.5 - 2012-12-02 12:53

      @Gary. Last week I was driving behind a lady who had a boy about 3 years infront and at the back there was a girl of about 5 years. They were not buckled up and she was busy on the phone.

  • coral.soar.9 - 2012-12-02 12:20

    Seriously???? Parents still do this? Ai ai ai

  • hlubi.mabija1 - 2012-12-02 12:23

    ligqwirha elo(a witch),if she wanted to be a spring chicken @the mal why didnt she leave the child at home. Thanx to the pastor

  • annelise.vanderschyff - 2012-12-02 12:24

    Take the child away from her lock the bitch up and trow the key away!!!!

  • fatimah.mavuso - 2012-12-02 12:35


  • fatimah.mavuso - 2012-12-02 12:36


  • Chloé Ortegá - 2012-12-02 13:12

    mmago ngwana ooo must be arrested...aka tlogela ngwana mo koloing ena abayo shopper till she drops?? mara ke dilo mang mara?

  • Khetha Hlophe - 2012-12-02 13:27

    This is very common these days

  • charnelle.bester - 2012-12-02 15:08

    Self centred, senseless horrible bi*tch.

  • paul.defondaumiere - 2012-12-08 08:39

    I thought hypothermia was from been exposed to extreme cold. Or am I mistaken?

  • mganga.mike - 2012-12-29 20:03

    That thing must be locked up with heartless bastards like her . Thank you Lord for saving that Angel .

  • Dawn Kilian - 2013-08-23 22:08

    Stupid mother!!! Was she too lazy to take her child out of the car???? Stupid bloody woman!!!!

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