Monye should tell the truth, court told

2012-11-27 22:41

Pretoria - Ambrose Monye should tell the truth about Chanelle Henning's murder, the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria heard on Tuesday.

"He should stand for what he did. He should tell the truth," former police officer Willem Pieterse, who is serving 18 years for his part in the murder, told the court.

Pieterse was told during cross examination that Monye disputed much of his testimony.

"He would, because he keeps lying," he responded.

Pieterse was testifying in the trial of the former Nigerian Olympic athlete and Andre Gouws.

Both are accused of murder, conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to procure an illegal firearm and ammunition, possession of an illegal firearm and illegal possession of ammunition. They have pleaded not guilty.

Two men on a motorbike shot and killed Henning, 26, while she was driving her car in Faerie Glen, Pretoria East, on 8 November 2011, shortly after dropping off her child at a creche.

Pieterse and fellow police officer Gerhardus du Plessis claimed Monye hired them to carry out the shooting and promised them R10 000 each.

Both accepted a plea bargain and were convicted in December last year of murder, conspiracy to murder, possession of an unlicensed firearm, and possession of unlicensed ammunition.

Each man was sentenced to 18 years behind bars.

Pieterse testified to an addiction to drugs and alcohol. He was also questioned about previous convictions for theft and housebreaking.

Steady job

Matthew Klein, for Monye, put it to Pieterse that the only jobs his client ever hired him for were petty security jobs.

"Yes, I did jobs for him. [They were] to sell drugs and to kill Chanelle and those were not petty to me," he replied.

He maintained that he had a steady job which paid well.

"I did not use my salary on drugs, that was for my wife and children."

He told the court Monye and Gouws met him and Du Plessis on various occasions to arrange Henning's murder.

On one of these occasions Gouws warned them that Henning's child should not be harmed.

He testified that Gouws had said he had been following Henning for almost a month and knew her routine.

Gouws pointed out to Pieterse and Du Plessis where Chanelle Henning lived, worked, and where she was eventually shot.

I couldn't shoot her

Pieterse testified that he tried to kill Henning the day before her murder, but that Du Plessis pulled out at the last minute.

He said he phoned a man known as Sly - Monye's right-hand man - to tell him he had followed Henning.

"I said I was there, but I couldn't shoot her," Pieterse said.

Monye was angry because Henning was still alive, he said. He was told to inform Du Plessis that Monye wanted it done as he had already paid them.

"Ambrose said if [Du Plessis] didn't do the job, he will shoot wives, children, dogs, everything."

Pieterse tearfully described waiting for Henning outside her housing complex and following her to the crèche.

He parked his motorcycle behind her car.

"Du Plessis got off the bike and walked towards her door and fired one shot."

Her car moved forward past a tree and a stop sign.

"Du Plessis ran after the car and fired one more shot and the car ran down the road."

They drove off. Du Plessis was dropped off not far from the crèche.

He said this was done because police would look for two men on a bike.

"I phoned [Monye] and told him the job was done," Pieterse said.

When asked why he had taken the job, he replied: "Drugs and money".

Henning's parents Sharon and Ivan Saincic cried throughout his testimony.

The trial was postponed until Wednesday morning when the cross-examination would continue.

  • pur.pleibus - 2012-11-28 08:56

    The big question is who paid and instructed Monye? That's the person who needs to be standing in court.

      sandra.j.rennie - 2012-11-28 12:14

      Look at Henning himself. Only an idiot would hire an Olympian !

  • johardr - 2012-11-28 10:38

    Can only be the Husband !

  • sandra.j.rennie - 2012-11-28 12:19

    The truth from a Nigerian ! I think not !

  • jose.d.santos.9041 - 2012-12-05 09:21

    monye you have no value for life and u dont deserve to be breathing

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