More TVs than fridges in SA homes

2012-10-30 14:01

Cape Town - More South African households own televisions than they do refrigerators, according to Census 2011, released on Tuesday.

Of the 14.5 million homes around the country, almost 10.7 million have a TV, while 9.9 million have a fridge.

According to the document, more than 12.8 million households have a cellphone, 11.1 million have an electric or gas stove, and 8.6 million own a DVD player.

There are relatively few households that own a washing machine (4.6 million), and fewer still - 2.5 million - with a vacuum cleaner.

A total of 4.3 million households own a motor vehicle.

The census, a snapshot of the situation in the country at midnight on October 9 last year, found there were 3.7 million homes with satellite television, and 3.1 million which owned a computer.

A substantial 9.4 million households have no access to the internet - not at home, at work, via cellphone, or elsewhere.

"Altogether, 35.2% of households have access to internet, and 64.8% do not," the document states.

  • Andrea - 2012-10-30 14:06

    "Of the 14.5 million homes around the country, almost 10.7 million have a TV." Then why is SABC in such a state, who has not been paying their tv license?

      lownabester - 2012-10-30 14:11

      And what's their priotity, rather a TV than a fridge!!!!!

      tatsee - 2012-10-30 14:21

      ...nothing to put in the fridge

      sanda.mnyazi - 2012-10-30 14:21

      It makes sense, at home we have 5 tv's and 2 refrigerators and 1 deep freezer

      Rabbler.Rouser - 2012-10-30 14:21

      Have you seen the number of DSTV saletlite dishes on the tops of the shacks in the squatter camps? It's amazing. They are numerous. They may be poor but they would rather have an DSTV subscription than watch the junk that SABC broadcasts.

      rbphiri - 2012-10-30 14:28

      Why bother buying a fridge if you can't even afford to put food in it, if this etoll nonesense is passed we may just see an extinction of the fridge specie...and will be witnessing its extinction on our new tv sets.

      moriri.mosweu - 2012-10-30 14:31

      Good news indeed, thanx to the only progressive political party THE ANC

      omo.naija.750 - 2012-10-30 14:40

      @RabbleRouser - ROFLMAO ,you just cracked my ribs in an epic manner.I am laughing so hard i can barely type.................

      omo.naija.750 - 2012-10-30 14:42

      Is it me or does the remote in that picture look like the remote of an LG 3D Smart Tv?

      gerald.parker.3956 - 2012-10-30 14:46


      clifford.sithole.5 - 2012-10-30 14:46

      These must be mainly white houses...Beacuase for we cannot afford the fridge and tv or lectricity for fridge or tv

      ally.oh.7 - 2012-10-30 14:47

      The TV in my house is a clunky old thing that's at least 20 years old. It doesn't belong to me, I don't have a licence; what's to watch besides third-rate stuff on rerun?

      jeremy.thewasp - 2012-10-30 14:52

      @ Clifford - Tissues on special at Clicks R9,99 for 100

      vuyisan - 2012-10-30 14:53

      @Andrea: we all know who do not want to pay for anything.

      andrew.hendrikse - 2012-10-30 14:55

      I thought the reason for more TVs than Fridges would be obvious....We have one fridge and three TV's. Isn't that normal , like one kitchen, one TV lounge and two bedrooms with TVs.

      Erna - 2012-10-30 14:59

      @clifford Shame!!

      Cayowin - 2012-10-30 16:01

      @andrew.hendrikse - By the way it is the number of HOUSEHOLDS with TV, not the number of TV's in the home. So even if you own a TV repair shop, you would still count as +1 in the column marked "Households with TV". "Of the 14.5 million homes around the country, almost 10.7 million have a TV, while 9.9 million have a fridge." Why is reading and comprehension so bad in this country?

      mikel.kiparski - 2012-10-30 16:05

      warm beer and warm news

      john.lonsdale.5 - 2012-10-30 16:45

      Sanda.m. How many TV license do you have if any. One license only covers you for 2 TVs

      nandi.speelman - 2012-10-30 16:54

      Those who cant afford to Andrea, if you have given a tv to someone that is going to last for long, as compared to food that you are going to give to them.

      nandi.speelman - 2012-10-30 16:57

      Hi Andrea those who cant afford, this means that there a lot going to bet without food, if you give someone a TV set it is going to last very long,than the food you have given to her!! It is scarry, O.K. the others are non functional

      andrew.hendrikse - 2012-10-30 17:16

      @Cayowin ...sorry . only read the headline..."More TVs than fridges in SA homes" A bit ambiguous.

      kenpeg.dawson - 2012-11-01 15:32

      I personally prefer to watch TV. Watching the fridge is no fun.

  • syl.vester.758 - 2012-10-30 14:10

    Will there be riots in the streets when the migration to digital TV is done and the old analogue signal is shut down? Think how much more revenue SABC will have to plunder if 10.7 million people now buy set top decoders for teh new TV system and are forced to pay a license fee (for the $h1t on SABC...).

      mikel.kiparski - 2012-10-30 16:15

      how many paid up tv licences are there 3million/4million????

      mc.segal.5 - 2012-10-30 17:05

      Cannot wait for digital tv. like buying an e tag. Wont be buying one of those decoder things will get an e tag first.And im not getting an etag. So HERE.

  • tatsee - 2012-10-30 14:10

    HUSH!!!SABC will hunt us down for their licence fees.

      nandi.speelman - 2012-10-30 17:00

      exactly tatsee, how many do pay!! close to nothing!

  • peter.ndamase - 2012-10-30 14:11

    Yeah, they also counted two TVs in the house that were not working. Makes sense. Well done census

      ally.oh.7 - 2012-10-30 14:51

      I wouldn't let them in my house -- it has nothing to do with anyone how many fridges, toilets, hairdriers I have. I have paid for everything I own and it has nothing to do with some government snoop what I own. Too many people were overenthusiastic about filling in those forms.

  • marius.koen2 - 2012-10-30 14:11

    Internet access is key, why don't they listen

  • moriri.mosweu - 2012-10-30 14:15

    Good news, I see progress that was never there pre'94

      deon.vanrhyn - 2012-10-30 15:08


  • saschalipka - 2012-10-30 14:15

    And this is important to know for what?

      rob.gunning.1 - 2012-10-30 14:29

      Quite simple.... 10.7 million * R250.00 / year = SABC potential revenue. Therefore SABC Revenue should = about R2.675 billion / year If it doesn't, use the census, do a VLOOKUP in excel and match that with the addresses of current paid up subscribers. The difference should be those that don't pay their TV licenses...

      rbphiri - 2012-10-30 14:32

      Basically the following census information will make criminals excited to invade your homes even more. Thank you census, now criminals can tick off what they want on their christmas list.

      rob.gunning.1 - 2012-10-30 14:42

      @RPhiri - Your argument assumes that the addresses of those that have televisions is available to criminal elements... The classification of a TV could also range from an 18cm B/W TV to a 150 inch 3D television. Who would know?

      moriri.mosweu - 2012-10-30 14:44

      RPhiri, to be frank I am more worried about you that the poor 'imaginary' criminal.

      lunga.swelindawo.9 - 2012-10-30 15:06

      RPhiri, please stop being a criminal.

      rbphiri - 2012-10-30 15:13

      Nah with all the available information criminals know they are bound to find something. But with further taxation by the butthole anc will be selling our possession to pay for the etoll.

  • mbali.p.modiselle - 2012-10-30 14:21

    Ok this is relevant because??? Atleast the sabc will breakeven with something!

  • rocky.bell.5 - 2012-10-30 14:23

    SO WHAT????????? The census people never came to our house - how many more households were skipped. All a lot of nonsense.

      yvette.meyer2 - 2012-10-30 14:33

      We also had no-one come to our house and we live in a tiny little suburb in George, Western Cape.

  • - 2012-10-30 14:24

    A fridge will require that something be put inside. A TV enables you to watch Isidingo, Generations and Super Diski! Makes sense right there! I think they left another detail. Most Tv households have a Pirates or Kaizer Chiefs supporting head.

  • Msika - 2012-10-30 14:25

    So what?? I am still saying N24 journos and editor are lazy, should have summed up the Census report in one or two articles, but no, they rather creates a week's worth of borring articles instead.

      rob.gunning.1 - 2012-10-30 14:34

      They make no $ giving you free news (other than advertising). They rather want you to buy the paper.

      baldersnatch - 2012-10-30 15:19

      They're hoping people click on the adverts, which I have blocked

      vaaldonkie.visagie - 2012-10-30 16:19


  • herman.booysen2 - 2012-10-30 14:26

    Who has seen the dishes in a row of shacks when you turn of to Brits from the N4, amazing I tell you, bet they don't have fridges. !

      vaaldonkie.visagie - 2012-10-30 16:19

      In fairness, the cheapest DSTV package is R10/month (sabc1,2,3, e-tv and Soweto).

  • johan.jacobs.5680 - 2012-10-30 14:26

    This show the priorities,of the average S A ciizen.And I'm, sure that almost every poor and neglected person, own's at least one Cellularphone.

      baldersnatch - 2012-10-30 15:22

      Yeah, over 80% of South Africans own mobile phones, a majority of which probably have internet access too. If you factor in the fact that Blackberry has 47% market share, that's some nice fancy phones everyone has... I saw somebody complain that black people don't have access to twitter, but this is obviously a lie. If you have a blackberry or an S40 Nokia, you can use twitter.

  • marc.ross.965 - 2012-10-30 14:28

    Quite strange because I only have a fridge. Makes for better viewing than SABC.

      Andrea - 2012-10-30 14:33

      On payday, at least.

  • melinda.botha.75 - 2012-10-30 14:28

    So what who care we pay for it,, is this big brother now kids can not play outside or ride their bike they will ge stabbed ,

  • JAbu.R15 - 2012-10-30 14:28

    I think now Zuma can be proud of himself, the attention is off him and now on people without fridges, as if it was a must for a family to buy one!

  • TshilidziPhuravhathu - 2012-10-30 14:30

    You wouldnt by any chance have counted how many pairs of shoes an average SA household owns right? or if the have more spoons than fork?

  • marc.rule - 2012-10-30 14:31

    no $h!t you only need one fridge in a house..........

      kenpeg.dawson - 2012-11-01 15:36

      Where do you come from? 1 for food + 1 for beer.

  • John.Yossarian22 - 2012-10-30 14:37

    So 64.8% can't share in the wonderful comments on this website. Ignorance really is bliss.

      ally.oh.7 - 2012-10-30 14:56

      Too ignorant to really care, John

      Msika - 2012-10-30 15:33

      How I wish I was one of them.

      johann.enslin.9 - 2012-10-30 15:44

      ROFL! @masika

      vaaldonkie.visagie - 2012-10-30 16:20

      They can always use the miesies' internet during the day.

  • moriri.mosweu - 2012-10-30 14:38

    Now the ANC needs to go an extra mile and equalize the salaries of their citizens. This is the sense why toi-toi is one sided, it shows inequality. People needs to start taking things for themselves if the ANC is still suffering from the africanners fear.

      BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-10-30 16:11

      Take things for themselves? What the hell are talking about? It's already happening.

  • ally.oh.7 - 2012-10-30 14:45

    It's obvious why there are more TVs than fridges: the majority of people in the country are more concerned about having possessions that they think will confer status than they are about having useful applicances that could potentially improve their health. And how many people have cellphones -- not just the common and garden "make a call" ones, but the latest tech ones that cost a fortune to run.

  • adele.coetzee.94 - 2012-10-30 14:46

    Honestly! What does a fridge or a washing machine have to do with the population of south africa. I thought that's what a census is about, to know how many people in our country! But anyway, either they can't count or a lot of people have lies on their forms!!!! Hahahahaha. Idiots!!!!!!

  • thabang.molelekoa - 2012-10-30 14:48

    Really now..... Can anyone tell me how much time and money was put into this \fruit full\ exercise??? I wonder what will Government do with all this use full information.... Ohhhh, new campaign coming up. Vote and get a Plasma

      arthur.salvado - 2012-10-30 15:19

      No so generous. No plasma . One boerewors roll equals one ANC vote. Blame the boer for introducing this gastronomical wonder adopted so aptly by the ANC. At least, the ANC is able to feed part of the nation for one day. That's quite an achievement if you measure it against other achievements. Those boers again. Again they have fed a nation boerie roll :)

  • zukile.mbengo - 2012-10-30 14:48

    Mnximm then zuma is then only man with six wifes and 21 kids

      Shirley Khasane - 2012-10-30 15:36


  • bongohead.sipho - 2012-10-30 14:54

    Of course there are more TV,s than fridges. Try running to the nearest squatter camp with a stolen fridge under the shirt.

      sthembiso.jali.50 - 2012-10-30 15:56

      Lol im trying 2 imagine!

  • jurgen.eksteen - 2012-10-30 15:04

    Well at least we have our priorities straight.

  • shengeboy - 2012-10-30 15:04

    but then again, you cant have a fridges in every room. i think we need more news.i dont know why this is news!!!!!!!

  • deon.vanrhyn - 2012-10-30 15:05

    thanx for the unwanted information

  • charles.kieser.1 - 2012-10-30 15:07

    There are 7 million bicycles in Beijing .

  • glen.bleksley - 2012-10-30 15:12

    Add 2 TV's, satellite decoder, computer, fridge, stove, vacuum cleaner, 3 cars, 9 surfboards, 3 bicycles, lawn mower, trampoline, scooter, kayak and whatever else was counted, I wouldn't know, because I wasn't counted!

  • Andrea - 2012-10-30 15:16

    So how many microwaves do we have that was possibly mistaken for a tv due to the fact that it looks like something is moving inside when switched on??

  • Msika - 2012-10-30 15:26

    *Death by clifford.sithole's comment* U cracked me dude.

  • Pete7930 - 2012-10-30 15:39

    Now lets clarify, are shacks classed as households in this wonderful census?

  • johan.verster.90 - 2012-10-30 15:40

    Eish I wonder if all this really means anything.Now we have all these figures which cost a fortune to collect,will it really change anything? Isn't it just a case of useless info?

  • amanda.matthews.14811 - 2012-10-30 15:59

    Oh No! This is going to be a very long consensus week as dribbled out by News 24. Anyone like to hazard a guess as to what comes next?

  • sthembiso.jali.50 - 2012-10-30 16:02

    how many have licences ? i know i don't but i do have a tv.

  • warren.rodel - 2012-10-30 16:12

    Thats because TVs get stolen and replaced more than fridges

      Cayowin - 2012-10-31 10:30

      @Inhlanzi - Well done sir, that is a response from a person using their head.

  • wendy.k.gloss - 2012-10-30 16:18

    They never came to me with thier census and none of my friends have been approached by them so where are they pulling this out of?

  • rainy.boikanyo - 2012-10-30 16:27

    Clifford oh please lets stop blaming other people

  • Mfundo Nkohla - 2012-10-30 16:31

    And i'm sure millions of rand were spent just for this nonsense

  • parys.fotograaf - 2012-10-30 18:18

    ..and most TV's were bought on credit by people who have no clue of economics or budgeting.

  • parys.fotograaf - 2012-10-30 18:20

    ...and most TV licenses are not found in black households, I am sure.

  • Intexchange.seoul - 2013-01-22 05:40

    The reason being: You can still watch the rugger with a warm beer!!!

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