More than 56 000 applications for DUT

2011-01-11 22:20

Durban - A total of 56 754 people have submitted applications to study at the Durban University of Technology, the institution said on Tuesday.

“The 2011 registration has received 56 754 applications from the central applications office (CAO),” said DUT spokesperson Professor Nqabomzi Gawe in a statement.

She said pre-registration was commencing at the university and everything was going smoothly.

“Pre-registration at (DUT) began at a smooth pace with staff assisting the scores of late and pre-selected applicants. Some of the learners are redirected to relevant academic departments to establish if they qualify for enrolment,” said Gawe.

The reason for the pre-registration was to help some of those that had not applied through the CAO but passed Grade 12.

“There may be instances where learners who did not apply to the CAO may be accepted. However, these would be small in number and would be dependent on the availability of space in programmes after all CAO applications have been dealt with,” said Gawe.

Registration for 2011 would start on January 17, with late registration from January 31 until February 4.


Busi Sithole, who was registering for office management technology, said the university had prepared for registration.

“I was here at 08:00. Although the lines were long, they were moving very fast.”

Thule Zakwe, who wanted to study taxation, said she was particularly impressed with security.

“The security is very good. You can tell that they have been trained. I stood in the line and it was long but it was moving fast.”

A Kenyan applicant, Mary Obart, said she wanted to study hospitality at DUT.

“The process of pre-registration was fine. I was happy about the service. I am very excited about my course.”

Outside one of the DUT campuses some students were frustrated that they did not meet admission requirements and had not applied through the CAO.

“What is written in the CAO handbook is different to what they are requiring. I am a little bit frustrated because I don’t know where I will study,” said Samke Sithole, a human resource management applicant.


Mangosuthu University of Technology spokesperson Bheki Hlophe said registration at the institution started on Monday.

“So far everything is going well. We do have walk-ins that did not register through the CAO and are enquiring about their courses. We are expecting more people throughout the week.”

A spokesperson for the University of KwaZulu-Natal said registration had not started, but they were receiving applications.

  • Johnny - 2011-01-12 10:02

    ...just proves our Grade 12 standards are way to low..... easy to pass matric....

      T-man - 2011-01-12 11:25

      Realy I do not understand how going to University of technology can prove that our standards low!!!

      Duke - 2011-01-12 20:42

      Hey T-man, Dude - sudden influx of students from bolstered marks by Amulsi et al, and the sudden jump in % pass ... if you passed matric, you fathom! Don't have to be too smart to work this out.

  • Francois - 2011-01-12 13:05

    Let me just get this straight. Are we speaking about people who want to go to an university and they cannot plan beyond the day of tomorrow? I think that Angie has also let these learners downm by being more a servant of the ANC than to the people of SA who actually pay her and put her in that position by meanse of a deomcratic process. By lowering the standards for Matric, a lot of learners now suddenly (wrongly) realise that they can attempt university. Angie, you are at fault, stop celebrating the mess that you have caused and clean it up - starting with good standards and sorting out SADTU.

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