More women in govt since 1994

2013-01-28 11:17

Johannesburg - The number of women in all three levels of government has increased over the past 18 years, the SA Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) said on Monday.

In 1994 women made up 24% of provincial legislatures. This increased to 42% in 2009, a survey conducted by SAIRR shows.

In 2000, 28% of local government representatives were women, which increased to 38% in 2011.
In 1994, 28% of MPs were women, and in 2012, 51%.

According to the survey the African National Congress had the highest number, with 51% of its MPs being women in 2012.

A third of the Democratic Alliance's MPs were women.

The Inkatha Freedom Party had the lowest, with 22%.

The SAIRR's Georgina Alexander said: "While progress has been made in getting greater representation of women in politics, it is not necessarily enough to ensure that the real challenges facing women in the country are being addressed by the government."

An example was the traditional courts bill of 2012, she said.

This contradicted with the gender equality bill, in that it excluded women from traditional courts.

"Women would therefore be excluded from attending proceedings in so-called ‘sacred spaces’ and would require a man to speak on their behalf," said Alexander.

"The bill could worsen conditions for millions of women living under traditional leadership in rural areas."

  • Lucky - 2013-01-28 11:21

    women of all races?

      zambezi.river - 2013-01-28 12:51

      Ya, they have grown in size!

  • gavin.lott.9 - 2013-01-28 11:23

    Oh so now the ANC will be blaming the women!

  • - 2013-01-28 11:30

    Well it obviously has NOT made a positive differance?? (Now Dont' shoot the messanger)

      DexterM - 2013-01-28 11:41

      It made a huge difference. Instead of going under in 40 or so years, they halved it.

  • andree2 - 2013-01-28 11:39

    Yes like Angie Motshekga?

  • tumi.sethole.1 - 2013-01-28 11:39

    why cant people say well done to ANC for once you always looking for mistakes, you are the one who are making progress in this country slow, pls have good hearts and look at positive side, thats called patriotrism and humanity to batter our country from it horrific past

      klippies.coke.7 - 2013-01-28 12:08

      First of all "for once" is contradicted by "always" in your statement. Then, for every example you can show me where the ANC makes progress I will show you 10 where they are f@$#ing up progress. 1 Step forward and 10 steps back is not called "making progress". As for your final statement: Right now the ANC is creating its own horrific past in this country. People of all races are dying left, right and center and they are doing nothing about it. Corruption in government is evident everywhere and the people of this country (all races) are suffering under their rule. You Sir, need a wake up call.

      James - 2013-01-28 12:14

      Tumi - before you start lecturing people on your "horrific past" Learn to type properly. Your argument gets lost when you sound like a 6 year old. But please tell me - what is positive in this country?

      warren.rodel - 2013-01-28 12:17

      because they have not got anything to say "Well Done" about.

      Bob - 2013-01-28 12:37

      First priority should be service delivery and the quality and efficiency thereof. When we get that right we can worry about equality because if you're not doing your job then you shouldn't keep your job, regardless of your demographics. It's all great having 51 percent women but it's irrelevant when they're all like good ol education minister Angie.

      Killbot79 - 2013-01-28 13:31

      Just because Angie is minister of edu doesn't mean its a good thing, just look at her poor performance

      Killbot79 - 2013-01-28 13:33

      Oh and horrific past should be said with the same vigour as our horrific future, more crime now than ever than in the past, are you proud of that?

  • ansie.fourie.940 - 2013-01-28 11:44

    Ja nee Ons kan dit aan hul lywe sien dat hulle sit en niks doen nie.

  • simphiwe.charlie.5 - 2013-01-28 11:50

    Equality is important but performance and integrity are vital. Obama may be black but that doesn't make him a good president.

  • ranase - 2013-01-28 11:53

    The same Hellen Zille would have never been what she is today if it wasnt for the ANC gov being in power! P.S Im not a ANC supporter, im just putting it out there!

  • warren.rodel - 2013-01-28 11:58

    Uh... is this some sort of statement of achievement? Are there any more pro than cons since 1994, what if we break it down by year? Does someone want a Pat on the back?

  • andrew.m.grant.75 - 2013-01-28 12:09

    Ja - herein lies one of our major problems. We are far too concerned with getting the right number of women/blacks/gays/paraplegics into positions that we lose focus on getting the most competant people. I wouldn't mind an entire government of physically disabled black lesbians (you don't get any more minority than that!!) as long as they are the best people for the job.

      ranase - 2013-01-28 12:22

      so why is it your point of concern if you have no problem with it?

      andrew.m.grant.75 - 2013-01-28 13:13

      My point is that we seem to be obsessed with the gender and racial make-up of the government with little or no regard to what they can actually do. That is why the government is such a Foxtrot Uniform.

  • caine.abel.75 - 2013-01-28 12:14

    Unfortunatly gender equality dont make up for inadequate performnces

      warren.rodel - 2013-01-28 12:17

      Its more insulting than what FNB did.

  • ianthe.exall - 2013-01-28 12:15

    Sorry, I misread it as the SIZE of women has increased in all 3 levels of government. Silly me.

  • jeremy002 - 2013-01-28 12:19

    Looking at pictures of parliament in session, I would say the weight of women in government has also increased substantially.

      antionette.leroux - 2013-01-28 12:46

      Bhwahahaha - SO TRUE!!

  • richard.scully2 - 2013-01-28 12:29

    With women like wobblearse motshega Running education I think I would rather have an ostrich

      tumi.sethole.1 - 2013-01-28 13:49

      u sound racist, dont compare people to animals. rather have respect for human beings.

  • neiljvv - 2013-01-28 12:38

    Worthy Women in Parlement Lindiwe Mazibuko

  • Erna - 2013-01-28 13:37

    Why is it always so important to be so correct? As a woman I frankly don't care if there are black, white, green, woman or men in leadership positions. As long as they can do the job! It is wrong if a man gets the job over a woman and she is better qualified, and vice versa.

  • mmatau - 2013-01-28 13:42

    What's the point of having women in government if they do not add that much value or am I missing something?

  • tumi.sethole.1 - 2013-01-28 13:47

    people are asking about progress, every spehere of government has progressed. 2030 is the deadline to meet. colonialism took 300years,to remove that wont be easy. those trying to correct my spelling are stupid coz they know that content is more important, thay are trying to make people not to c the truth

      James - 2013-01-28 14:00

      Absolutely. Content IS more important, of which you are left wanting. Answer me this: What does your crutch colonialism have to do with a corrupt ANC government supposedly serving a country with the highest crime rate in the world? The country steadily slips down every single rating system there is, yet you call that progress? Is it impossible for your government to undo the injustices of the past without wasting billions on fancy cars and houses while your family members sit 100 children in a class? How is it OK for you that there are people who go to bed hungry, but your zulu chief zuma spends millions on his house? Is this what African progress is? The advancement of a few to elite status?

  • williamjoseph.roberts - 2013-01-28 16:34

    And what good has come from it?

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