Motorists still not obeying rules: MEC

2012-01-10 17:29

Cape Town - Not enough motorists have made the moral choice to drive sober, obey speed limits and wear their seat belts, Western Cape Transport MEC Robin Carlisle said on Tuesday.

"Of major concern to us is the fact that so many innocent people continue to be killed on our roads - 64 of the 163 people who died on our roads this festive season were passengers," Carlisle said.

He said a further 25 were drivers and 62 were pedestrians. Five cyclists and seven motorcyclists made up the remainder of fatalities.

"Of course, in the same way that not all drivers can be considered perpetrators, so were many pedestrians killed while crossing freeways and other roads illegally."

The department said there had been a 12% drop in fatalities on the previous festive season’s figures.

"Accolades for this must go to our devoted law enforcement officers and the increasing number of motorists that are taking the moral decision to drive safely," Carlisle said.

"Although a more comprehensive analysis of the statistics is needed, the fact that there has been a significant increase in especially domestic visitors to Cape Town and the Southern Cape this festive season, tells us that the authorities and motorists and are managing to bring fatalities down despite increased traffic volumes."

A total of 1 324 people died on Western Cape roads in 2011, compared to 1 487 in 2010, a reduction of 11%.

  • goyougoodthing - 2012-01-10 17:39

    Well done WC.

  • jody.beggs - 2012-01-10 17:50

    More people would obey the rules if the people in power did ! Why haven't blue light perpetrators been taken to book after breaking the rules of the road? And other politicians get of lightly for homicide. And then speeding .... Same rules for everyone would mean a fair playing field and more people would respect the government and the law. But the more I see the law broken the less I care! Damn the man !

      thebackbencher - 2012-01-10 18:05

      MEC Carlisle does not have blue lights. The other 8 provincial MECs of Transport do have blue light. The Premier of the Western Cape has banned blue light use by members of her cabinet.

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-10 18:11

      @thebackbencher. That's nice but we can all agree the DA has a much better track record than the cANCer municipalities.

  • Nicholas - 2012-01-10 17:53

    I wonder if the penny will ever drop? How about no nonsense enforcement of the laws, and moving violations. Not just over Christmas where there is a notion that this is when the majority of deaths occur, but throughout the year. The justice system has to work in tandem or policing will be useless. I think by now we should know that threatening people once a year doesn't work!! This will all take a great deal of hard work and effort especially from the Minister of Transport. It doesn't help just dusting him off once a year to say something stupid.

      Sharkshoot - 2012-01-10 18:01

      In the good old days I remember that the Corrections Services used to flog criminals. The MEC should table a bill that all drunken driving perps be given a very harsh prison sentence along with a sound flogging across the back and buttocks.

      Julio - 2012-01-10 18:40

      I agree with your comment. Law/traffic enforcement shouldn't just happen once a year, it should be done every day. I travel on the highway daily and every day I see pedestrians walking across the highway, I see unroadworthy vehicles, I see overloaded trucks, bakkies and taxis, but I never see any traffic police stopping them. And then there's also the traffic violations, slow vehicles on the fast lane, etc, etc. Let the authorities do their job daily and show the bad drivers that they will be caught and fined and the road fatalities will definitely come down.

  • Shirley - 2012-01-10 17:58

    And not enough ministers have have switched off their blue lights and continue racing to their golf game! Double standards!!

      Deon - 2012-01-11 10:47

      Yes they did, in Cape Town anyway.

  • Kris Hand - 2012-01-10 18:23

    It's a little rich of Robin Carlisle to take the 'moral' 'high ground' considering he's defending the completely amoral defacing of Chapmans Peak.

  • Comrade - 2012-01-10 18:24

    VIVA the Western Cape..VIVA

  • Bob - 2012-01-10 18:27

    "Not enough motorists have made the moral choice to drive sober, obey speed limits and wear their seat belts" AND.....????? You forgot to mention the other main culprits of the statistics …! How about mentioning the other transgressions of the road rules that caused more fatalities, like head on collisions, Robot Jumping, Taxis, taxis, taxis, and more frigging taxis! What is wrong with you people that can’t see the light of day! Or Are you scared to mention the word TAXIS as the main culprits. Stop picking on the soft targets and focus on the hard targets and nail them on moving violations!

  • Lucy - 2012-01-10 18:31

    Once again, sweating the small stuff. Yes speed kills. Yes we should wear our seatbelts. And certainly no drinking and driving. But for flips sake, it's a little tiresome sitting in my car, obeying the laws, while the lawless taxi drivers come by performing all sorts of illegal driving!!!

      Kim - 2012-01-10 19:29

      And they are classified as motorists?

  • michele.rixon - 2012-01-10 19:56

    wc is not that fantastic.Come to the Cape Flats where I live and most cars are not fitted with brakes,hence at 40 km/h when the driver could clearly have stopped,the car carries on sailing thru the RED light.This is endemic!!

      Jeffrey - 2012-01-10 20:03

      If you think the W. Cape is so bad you should see the other provinces.

      Deon - 2012-01-11 10:50

      At least we have very few potholes. In 2010 on our holiday near "The Park" we thought all drivers are drunk until we saw the potholes, more holes than roads in some areas.

  • Claire Knoechl - 2012-01-10 20:51

    Half the problem is the huge number of people driving and talking on their cellphones!

  • Sharon - 2012-01-10 21:10

    Set the example and make sure all law abiding officers obey the rules. Also I have seen an increasing number of motorbikes without licence plates. is this the norm now? They drive past traffic officers like this and nobody stops them. Lead by example and enforce the law as required to all!!!

  • Barend Psywalker Wasserman - 2012-01-10 21:11

    Well, he said it. Another big concern on my mind. ''Pedestrians crossing the freeway''. I've seen cops driving past these culprits without giving a rats ass. The major problem with this isn't just him being killed but people driving along, try to avoid and then crash themselves. How many times do we read on news24 about an accident where a person just ''lost control'' over his vehicle? How many times was it to avoid a pedestrian crossing the freeway too damn lazy to walk 500m to the bridge? I've even seen them crossing underneath the bloody thing out of fear of the sun burning them! I'd rather burn than being struck by ANY vehicle!

  • Gabiba - 2012-01-10 21:16

    It would be interesting to break down that figure into WC residents and holidaymakers...

  • Neeus - 2012-01-11 05:17

    Not enough politicians have made the moral choice to be honest, uncorrupted and committed to the voters so we are about even.

  • Theresa - 2012-01-11 06:59

    I wonder how many victims were killed in the emergency lane? All the way from Port Elizabeth to Cape town, local drivers consider the emergency lane as a traffic lane, abusing drivers who do not wish to break the law and move over when they want to pass you. What happened to good old fashioned overtaking in the presence of a broken white line?

  • Robin - 2012-01-11 07:03

    Those motorists are only following the example they are set.

      Theresa - 2012-01-11 09:38

      Still, as adults one can choose to drive responsibly!

  • Kevin - 2012-01-11 07:51

    pot kettle black Mr Carlisle how many of your traffic/metro/saps officers do not wear seat belts.i have raised this with your office many times yet i do not get a response from you. if you ask a metro/ traffic officer why they are not wearing seat belt they get very aggresive and defensive and if you ask an SAPS member he/she tells you that incase they have to get out of the vehicle in a hurry , i would like to see them get out of a vehicle in a hurry at 120km/h on a freeway Mr carlisle mow your lawm before you complain about your naighbours lawn

  • peter.norma - 2012-01-11 08:41

    The average motorist does not obey the rules of the road simply because he sees all and sundry getting away with everything. Not a day goes by without I see taxis ignoring stop streets, red robots etc. Not to mention police not wearing seatbelts and ignoring stop signs. Leadership is about setting an example, except that the authorities here generally set the worst possible example!

  • Lloyd - 2012-01-11 09:18

    when the traffic police stop hiding behind bushes and trees in an attempt to trap motorists and actually start policing....then...maybe then things will change.

  • ludlowdj - 2012-01-11 09:54

    Government leads and the people follow. Double standards and selective law compliance by members of government, the police, taxi industry vehicle etc have reinforced the public perception that rules do not need to be followed and that rules are only applicable to certain people. Once again a demon created and nourished by government which believes that it is above the law.

  • Regan - 2012-01-11 10:23

    if government officials dont have rspect for the law why should the populace worry

  • Geoff - 2012-01-11 12:44

    No where in the article do they publish how many people died through drink related accidents. How difficult is it to establish this? Is it in fact possible that drink is NOT the cause? Carlisle suggested that 25 drivers were killed which is about 15% of the total. My question is what percentage of those 15% where drunk? Just asking!!!!

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