Mpuma bakkie crash toll rises to 7

2013-01-02 18:38

Johannesburg - Two teenagers died in hospital after their bakkie overturned in Bushbuckridge, bringing the death toll from Monday's accident to seven, the Mpumalanga community safety department said.

"Two more people died in hospital on Tuesday, bringing the total number of fatalities in Monday's accident to seven," spokesperson Joseph Mabuza said on Wednesday.

"The 16-year-old driver is amongst those who died."

A Nissan Navara, being driven by a boy initially thought to be 14-years-old, overturned at New Forest, between Thulamahashe and Dwarsloop, at 23:40 on Monday.

Six people were seriously injured.

Community Safety and Liaison MEC Vusi Shongwe on Tuesday called for the bakkie's owner to be arrested "as accidents such as these could be avoided by not allowing youngsters to access vehicles".

However, Mabuza confirmed on Wednesday that the teenager's parents reported the vehicle stolen on Tuesday.

"As a department we will not be opening a case, but the police would continue with their investigations."

The victims were still being identified.

  • Kwanele Mzwanele Masoka - 2013-01-02 19:27

    Accident occured @23h40 on Monday and the father reported the vehicle stolen the following day.... WTF!!!!!!!!

      lacrimose.wolf - 2013-01-02 19:56

      Yes this does rather smack of "after the fact". But maybe by 23h00 parents were zzz and the devious teens were determined to go partying. We'll only know once the story unfolds

      wynand.viljoen.54 - 2013-01-02 20:29

      Maybe he reported the vehicle as stolen after he found out about the accident in order to cover his own behind.

      gillian.cronje - 2013-01-02 20:51

      Would LUV to know what the 'political' crap is going to unfold here... Is SAPS that incompitant to only notify the owner of the vehicle and to attempt to locate the parents of all those children, what 10 to 12 hours later - When did the parents report the car stolen 00h01 that Tuesday morning???

      lacrimose.wolf - 2013-01-02 21:07

      We often forget that life here is not as it is in all the true-life (or fiction) cop and forensic series we see on TV. There is no computer check to see who the vehicle is registered to, tracing the owner, getting their number(s) and/address within minutes of an accident. This is ZA people. The cops go back to the station, fill in a mountain of paperwork (by hand) and have to pass that onto a clerk (who only works 9-3) or another bigger station (whose clerk also only works 9-3) to do the follow-up. Most of our police are still operating with 1980's technology under a 1950's paradigm, servicing a population with 21st century expectations

      Kwanele Mzwanele Masoka - 2013-01-03 08:47

      @lacrimose; I had a problem with certain bmw on the 1st of Jan last year and it was a Sunday. When I got to the station, it took less than 45minutes for them to track down the owner and phone him to come and pay. In this instance we are talking about people's lives hence the tracking was possibly done in double time..... I can only smell cover up!!

  • Charles Frederik Robberts - 2013-01-02 20:09


  • maxzene - 2013-01-02 20:51

    Do you think a father, who has just heard that his son has been in a fatal road accident, would be in the frame of mind to cover his ass and take the time to go report a vehicle that he knew his son just crashed and died in? I doubt it. Youth of today will do anything, including stealing keys to go on a joy ride. We were all teenagers once, think like one and then judge the parents? I feel for these parents...

  • Samora Mdhluli - 2013-01-02 22:13

    stop pointing fingers and suport them in this difclt time

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