Mpumalanga cop kills wife, self

2012-04-23 18:28

Johannesburg - A police constable shot dead his wife then committed suicide in White River, Mpumalanga police said on Monday.

Constable Oupa Boy Ntuli, 32, was fighting with his wife Ntombifuthi Ntuli, 26, when he pulled out his official gun and shot her on Sunday, Colonel Leonard Hlathi said.

She died on her way to hospital.

Ntuli was arrested and was taken to Kanyamazane police cells where he hanged himself, said Hlathi.

  • Squeegee - 2012-04-23 18:43

    It seems as if more police are dying by their own hand than in the line of duty these days... And committing murder in the process.

      Olusunne - 2012-04-23 18:56

      The man commited sucide while he was in custody of police,who to blame nw?

      Gieljam - 2012-04-23 19:31

      Better so than shooting innocent people just because they accidently bumped into a police vehicle.

  • Sharon - 2012-04-23 18:56

    Its sad, he was given the firearm to protect us from criminals, and ended up shooting a person whose only wrongdoing was that she loved him. So unneccesary..

  • Andile - 2012-04-23 19:05

    I think it will be unfair to others but its the only way: SAPS really needs to start manually checking recruits backgrounds and their upbringings. Ask the neighbourhoods where they grew up, it might be expensive but it might make a difference. You might not get the whole info (jealousy) from the people but it can give a general idea of hooligans, cowards and basturds. This is too much now, SAPS members are getting more and more suicidal!!!

      thinga - 2012-04-23 19:36

      It won't work Andile, remember relationships can get hotter and uglier than appears on the surface. You are a good man, now you discover that your partner is bonking outside, or rather in your own house while you are away. Some will end lives after such a discovery

      Lesego - 2012-04-23 19:37

      Andile i fully support ur statement.

  • Gieljam - 2012-04-23 19:28

    This has become a regular thing and I believe that a lot of these cops are not suited to carry an firearm let alone to be an officer . I think they must be armed with knob kieries..

  • Lazarus - 2012-04-23 19:29

    Men must know that the only way to win a fight against wives and girlfriends is to walk away.if it means leaving everything behind,just leave it and run.There is always someone for everyone.

  • Olebogeng - 2012-04-23 19:43

    Why did he leaves a woman alone and kill himself?

      Squeegee - 2012-04-23 19:58


  • Bheki Gift Maharaj Ngomane - 2012-04-23 20:34

    Police officials of this country are just as dom as their matric results

  • ChrisKhanye - 2012-04-23 20:43

    But why do couples resort to killing to resolve whatever problem?

  • i2meleng - 2012-04-24 08:54

    I'll never allow/agree to my sister marrying a police man. Not all of them are bad, but what they have to deal with on a daily basis, can end up with them going psycho.

  • Kenny - 2012-07-12 10:24

    When a woman chooses to be a Delilah and betray you please please dont kill her just walk away and sooner you will find a Merilyn Monroe more quality than the previous trash. Dont take human life it's not worth it

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