Mthethwa: Cop killings threaten democracy

2011-07-08 12:16

Johannesburg - Police killings are a "direct threat" to democracy in South Africa, Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa said on Friday.

"[It is] a threat that should not be taken lightly by society. As of today [Friday] 48 police officers have been killed... We are saying enough now!" he said, addressing a meeting against police killings in Boksburg.

The 48 police officers were killed in the country since the beginning of the year.

Last year 93 policemen were killed and 101 the year before.

"We are saying enough now. One police life lost is one too many," Mthethwa said.

Police murders affected morale, traumatised colleagues and families and led to insecurity within the police, he said.

Mthethwa stressed the importance of community involvement in the fight against police killings.

  • Marcell - 2011-07-08 12:20

    How many civilians and farmers were killed over the same period?

      Together - 2011-07-08 12:25

      Mr Mthethwa - nothing threatens democracy more than corruption. It is misuse, undertraining and corruption within the police force and govt that has destroyed respect for the SAPS and allowed criminals to believe that they are invincible. Clean and dutiful people like the Public Protector are all that can restore that respect. It would be nice to see whether cop-killing has increased since the disbanding of the Scorpions.

      DIZOZO - 2011-07-08 12:34

      Your comment is out of context to the story.It's not about civilians nor farmers but policeman killed in the line of duty and off.Engage your brain before shooting off sh8t out of the hole in your face. Respect the efforts being made to comfort the berieved and to curb any future deaths if not to limit them.

      1boer1taxi - 2011-07-08 12:40

      Madman, please rob my farm. I'll even let u surprise me.

      VAMP - 2011-07-08 12:48

      How many innocent people have been killed by cowboy cops????

      Azizi - 2011-07-08 12:49

      How many farm labourers were killed by farmers?

      Worldwise - 2011-07-08 12:55

      I dare you to give me a news link to 10 cases of farm labourers killed by farmers Azizi. I will then give you over 1000 links to cases of farmers killed, many by their labourers.

      Marcell - 2011-07-08 12:55

      Please provide the figures for farm labourers deaths by farmers?

      daaivark - 2011-07-08 12:58

      Mad man... you again. Your blind lipservice to god knows what is just so boring, and absurd. Use those grey cells for a change before they rust.

      Casper - 2011-07-08 13:02

      @ Tsheps16V -0 And who do you think provides the food that you eat every day? Why do you always have to be such a racist? Why cant you just be a normal nice person? Your life must be so hard being burdened with so much hatred. I pity you and hope that you can realise that there is so much more to life than hating people, people who if you think about it never even did anything to you. The young generation of South Africa was not part of apartheid, we were'nt even born then, we condemn apartheid just as much as you do, so why hate us and call us criminals? How does that make sense in a normal rational human being's mind? Tghe police are important as you say, but so are our farmers, everyone has a role to play in society and you know it. So just stop the act man, stop being so full of hatred for people that did nothing to harm you. As for the people that supported/agrees with apartheid, let them burn in hell just as much as all the people who is trying to ruin our country!

      Azizi - 2011-07-08 13:15

      263 in 2009

      call a spade - 2011-07-08 13:19

      @Madman Dizozo and the Iodiot Thsepo. Rom rom rom die bobbjaan kom Hy loop so krom Hy is so dom.

      darkwing - 2011-07-08 13:56

      Azizi, your source, please. Besides, they don't have to work on farms if they don't like it.

      ex-pat - 2011-07-08 14:10

      I decided to do a search for attacks on farm workers. I found a story that appalled me. There are good farmers, and many of them could have been killed undeservedly, but please read this and decide for yourself: Some quotes: "In 1997 the South African government promulgated the Extension of Security of Tenure Act" BUT "Except in cases where aged farm workers have dwelt on a particular farm for 20 years or longer, it does not prevent evictions" "Extremely low wages, long hours, dangerous working conditions, victimisation of trade-union members, child labour practices, use of the tot system and the use of illegal immigrants were amongst the violations found by the Commission (SA Human Rights)." "Farm workers receive the lowest wages of any sector in the country.. vary from R800 per month to as little as R60 per month... reports of workers working from 5.30 to 18.30, Mondays to Saturdays, for R350 per month." "The bitter lives of farm workers in South Africa, nearly a decade after the first democratic elections, is a grave indictment of the ANC government’s failure to provide a “better life for all”."

      daaivark - 2011-07-08 14:23

      THREE CHEERS to Casper. He says it well. I refuse to take on guilt for crap carried out in the past. All my life I have tried to live a hate-free, fairness-focused life. Some of us fought hard for that and many died. You people are undoing all the good that came from a bitter and bloody struggle which you probably even were too young to know anything about.

      willieman - 2011-07-08 14:25

      Guys it seems you do not notice trends here,Madman and Tsheps16V never commented on Madonsela saga the only thing that they do is to spit puke and defend all the wrong things in the name of liberation

      daaivark - 2011-07-08 14:27

      @EX-PAT.... I do not condone the farm murders in any way, and I agree fully with your assertion that the ANC has really let these, the so-called peasants that the "revolution" was supposedly all about, down very badly. Your detailed comment, though, dose place the things in perspective. One understands the frustration that leads to these things, and alas, the current govt. has not provided the people 1) with the intellectual wherewithal to grasp the nuances of this history, nor 2) improved their lot in any useful manner.

      ex-pat - 2011-07-08 15:56

      Thanks, daaivark. I don't condone the murders either, but until I'd read this report I confess I had no idea how badly farm labourers have been, and still are, treated, not only by their employers, but also by the neglect of the ANC govt to help them. One can begin to grasp the fury and frustration that provokes these ghastly attacks. I think of the wine farmers in the Western Cape, some of whom years ago made their labourers shareholders in the business. I believe it has worked very well. Obviously those labourers had to be educated as to what it was all about, and not all will have the intellectual capacity to fully grasp it, but it is one solution to a problem that is only going to get worse. Kudos to those wine farmers who had the foresight to do it so long ago - more than five years ago, probably more like ten.

      Liberty - 2011-07-08 18:11

      @expat thanks. That's a good informative article and I never knew these things are going on on the farms. The government has to employ many more labour inspectors to ensure that farmers complies with labour laws and prosecute those who doesn't. As for these farm murders it is conceivable that in some instances it's a thing of what comes around goes around

      Worldwise - 2011-07-08 20:09

      @ Ex Pat, believe me, I live in the great Karoo and the dept of labour checks on all farm workers here to see whether they are being paid at least the minimum wage set by the government. I give my workers two free meals a day as well as I am not allowed to substitute food or drink for cash. My workers also get free coffee twice a day outside meal times. Then there is the gas bottle, stove and gas I bought one of the workers as parrafin stoves are no longer available. I also povide their work clothes for free. What more do you want from me? @ Azizi. You have not revealed your source. It has to be more substantial than a thumb suck.

      windkind - 2011-07-09 00:42

      At the rate they abuse civilians, its perhaps a good thing they get shot and die like flies. Its the gene pool being flushed. Cops in SA are bigger criminals than most thugs.

      Zion - 2011-07-09 10:57

      Ex pat, I agree with the stats you have given but just one you seem to have missed. Most farmers supply their workers with much of the food required by them and their family. In some cases tobacco and booze is supplied too and all free of charge. I do not know of a single case where workers have to pay the farmer for the provided accommodation. In certain areas the abuse of alcohol is prevalent in the farm worker communities. I have actually experienced this. Pay on Friday, gone on Monday. And the kids go hungry to school hence the steps by the farmer.

      moiraine - 2011-07-09 13:48

      That article does bring up appalling issues, however it doesnt actually come up with numbers, what is the percentage of farmers treating workers like that as opposed to not. I know in many cases inspectors come around and check that farmers are complying with the law, so I would like to see how widespread and in what areas it is. The information also comes from 2001, I would like to see more current info. @liberty - the article also states that it is not the farmworkers killing the farmers, but gangs of criminals (although perhaps given information by the workers) how therefore can you conclude that what goes around comes around. If one person treats another badly, are they sitting duck to be killed and tortured by whoever feels like it. I can understand revenge killing, but not just killing for the sake of it.

      Nkulekweni - 2011-07-11 10:29

      Thanks Ex-Pat A rare case in these pages of someone actually letting facts stand in the way of emotional unreason. That is why in these pages of the unthinking you will get a thumbs down for actually quoting facts.

  • Lionel - 2011-07-08 12:25

    Maybe he should try changing the way cops act - people don't respect them - the stats on police brutality are out there as proof. It's just a pity that the few decent, hardworking cops, who put their lives on the line for us,are burdened with this poor image.

      Together - 2011-07-08 14:03

      Mr Mthethwa - nothing threatens democracy more than corruption. It is misuse, undertraining and corruption within the police force and govt that has destroyed respect for the SAPS and allowed criminals to believe that they are invincible. Clean and dutiful people like the Public Protector are all that can restore that respect. It would be nice to see whether cop-killing has increased since the disbanding of the Scorpions

  • Dorsy7 - 2011-07-08 12:26

    So true Nathi Mthethwa - we should all stand together and fight crime and criminals.

      schmerz - 2011-07-08 14:21

      I pay tax so I don't have to wear a bulletproof vest to work. Too bad my tax money goes to clowns entertaining themselves

  • O-Kay - 2011-07-08 12:26

    Enough NOW??? What about the civilians?? No matter how many are killed that's fine then!!

  • King Solomon - 2011-07-08 12:27

    So is police brutality.

  • FaxM8 Fax - 2011-07-08 12:30

    What about the 55 civilians that are killed daily ? Train your cops better only thing they want is bribes and want to show you who is in charge now , I have more respect for my sparewheel than for any SAPS member !

      tryanything - 2011-07-08 13:51

      Anybody got an idea how many of the 55 killed a day pay tax??

      tryanything - 2011-07-08 13:51

      Paid tax thet is.

  • nic - 2011-07-08 12:33

    What about normal citizens being killed and robbed every day? Why is there only focus on cop killings? I agree it is very sad but the cops are there to, first and foremost, protect the safety of the citizens in this country, not so? So why if a senior ranking police officer's house is burgled, it is like the whole police force is up and arms and the criminals are caught within hours. But when my house gets burgled it takes them 3 days to come and have a look and then it is only to give me a case number for my insurance (if they pitch at all)

      Jo - 2011-07-08 13:05

      I hate cop killing too, but they are armed and accept the risk that goes with the job - what about old and young unarmed civilians who just want to live their lives in peace? Bottom-line is that the cops are badly trained and the govt has allowed people to think that crime is an actual job. The moment crime starts to pay, the cops and law abiding people lose.

      schmerz - 2011-07-08 14:24

      Yeah it's because SAPS acts as a security agency for the ANC. SAPennySluts

  • Anonymus - 2011-07-08 12:33

    the ANC threatens democracy!!

      DIZOZO - 2011-07-08 12:40

      You're a threat to democracy yourself by not actualy engaging issues at hand to try and find solutions. All your bile spewing won't get us anywhere.Rather rot in the anals of history than to speak incoherent rubbish.

      Marcell - 2011-07-08 12:47

      I work to make a living. I pay tax that in turn pays someone a salary to do a job. No one is helping me to do my job and I don't expect it. I'm the one getting paid. Right? Then why should I have to go and assist the person whom I'm paying to do their job?

      DIZOZO - 2011-07-08 12:54

      @Marcell-I respect that you work and provide employment through your tax.However that does not mean you have stand around and do nothing. When one of your labourers has a bag of maize on his head and buckles at the knees because of the weight,do you stand aside or rush in to save your investment?

      Worldwise - 2011-07-08 13:00

      Exactly. The biggest threat to democracy is not police killings but the ANC's info bill to keep news secret from the public.

      Marcell - 2011-07-08 13:03

      I'll smack him behind the ear for breaking the wheelbarrow.

      DIZOZO - 2011-07-08 13:21

      @Marcell-And you want respect and to be called a reasonable man,whereas you engage in backward behaviour with a similar attitude to boot.

      Marcell - 2011-07-08 13:31

      Go and work with them. They have the skill the bend a piece of rail with a rubber mellet. You get to a point where you get rid off them and automate as much as possible. Downscale your operations where you and the family can handle everything. Secure your property. Shoot first, no survivors. Good working septic tank.

      tryanything - 2011-07-08 13:48

      I didnt break it .It broke so now you are going broke.

      Together - 2011-07-08 14:01

      Dizozo, you have no idea how much, or for how long, anyone on here has engaged with practical solutions to many of these issues - only to be told to "shut up and go to Australia". If I make a suggestion about viable job-creation, someone will come in here and tell me that "it's fine for me to have an idea because I benefited from apartheid" - then the idea is dead and I am silenced. Congratulations, but does it really house the homeless and create work for the unemployed? Bottomline is that there are people in SA who want vengeance more than solutions - which is fine, but the price anyone pays for vengeance is thier own life and freedom - that is how it has worked through all of time for all races, SA is not something new under the sun. The best vengeance is to live well, and to live well takes work and sacrifice.

      tracer - 2011-07-12 10:34 think you're smart, but the truth is that it will be millions of years before your brain is evolved enough to even vaguely put together an intelligent thought.

  • DEVILS SON - 2011-07-08 12:35

    looking at the dangerous criminals police are, the civillian criminals are doing us all a favour here.

  • gwiz - 2011-07-08 12:36

    This country is in a bad way, cop killings are demoralising to say the least, however nothing is said about all the other murders, rapes etc. What about the old and infirm who are murdered, what about the farm killings? Surely these too are a threat to democracy? Perhaps you should consider the whole situation and do something about it, like bringing back the death penalty for murder. This in fact is what Jacob Zuma hinted at before he was duly elected. How about it Jacob Zuma?

  • bentz5000 - 2011-07-08 12:37

    Stupid Zots that keep singing "shoot the boer" threaten democracy.

      Jan Jabroer - 2011-07-08 13:26

      Mind you, "boer" also refers to cops...

  • PAR - 2011-07-08 12:37

    My son was stopped and threatened by the Police for absolutely nothing and these are the people that are supposed to protect us? I pay a private security company a large some of money every month - why if the Police are supposed to protect us? I know there are some genuine good cops killed in action but for the rest maybe they asked for it??

  • 1boer1taxi - 2011-07-08 12:39

    Cops are fat slobs

      shatzi - 2011-07-08 17:15

      thats from all the chocho

      eh eh eh - 2011-07-08 19:22

      Useless overweight buffalos

  • vince muller - 2011-07-08 12:40

    O,ok!!!So it's OK to murder citizens?

  • Sean - 2011-07-08 12:43

    The only threat to democracy is the ANC governments inability to control crime or provide the services we pay for. Democracy does not exist for the sake of the ruling party, it exists for the sake of the population of the country who are in fact the country and the state.

  • Sue - 2011-07-08 12:46

    @ Mad man - what sins, are you God. You have no right to judge anyone. Let's hope your family are never affected by murder... Idiot you should be locked up

  • Steen - 2011-07-08 12:46

    Did he mean ANC threaten democracy???

  • TheWasp - 2011-07-08 12:46

    Aaah Mr Nathi you are typical ANC - All talk blah blah blah How many innocent civilains die every day, hacked to death in their own homes for a plasma and should stand down. With stats like your Police Force you should resign, both you and Cele You have no strategy in place to 'fix' the appauling situation we are in. You have no srategy to 'fix' the senseless Malema backed farm slaughter either - You are both a joke and should hide your faces!!!!

  • ShakaN - 2011-07-08 12:49

    The "people" originally wanted a lawless society and they voted a corrupt government in that sets an example for the people. So lawlessness is what we have got, to bad so sad.

      Worldwise - 2011-07-08 13:02

      Yes, the ANC taught their people to murder cops during apartheid. You sow what you reap.

      tryanything - 2011-07-08 13:43

      still think the farmers should strike

      Worldwise - 2011-07-08 20:15

      How do you expect farmers, that do not earn a salary, to strike? One months lost production equals on year of no income. You can afford that? Farmers can't, they're provisional taxpayers that have to pay next years taxes before they've earned next years income.

  • mlucejko - 2011-07-08 12:49

    Bring back the "Death Penalty" especially for killing a Cop. Hopefully that will be a good start !!

      willieman - 2011-07-08 14:29

      I think we must practice with you first

      gcr - 2011-07-08 16:02

      I think you are insane - why single out the death penalty for killing a cop. We should re introduce the death penalty for any crime which involves murder (for whatever reasons); rape; house robbery with aggrevating circumstances. And then SAPS should also licence the handguns of the people who have made legitimate requests for their handguns - supposedly 1 million applications outstanding. When this is all done you will see crime fall off by 70% - because if you know you are going to get the death penalty or be shot while robbing a house you will stop the crime wave

      Dave - 2011-07-09 09:51

      good idea this will help reduce the overpopulation criminils, cops included

      tracer - 2011-07-12 10:40

      most of the cops need the death penalty...especially their general

  • Badger - 2011-07-08 12:49

    OK, lets try this again (because news24 don't like the way I post) so here goes. No Mr. Minista, it is the corruption and police brutality that is a "direct threat" to democracy. There simply is no respect for the "Men In Uniform" as they sit under bushes with their little laser guns enjoying a nice box of KFC which they bought with the R100.00 they just took off some poor motorist. News24? I trust this post meets with your approval and will not be removed by you tossa's ;->

      daaivark - 2011-07-08 13:00

      Ja, pity they let it through though. It pollutes the site.

      Badger - 2011-07-08 14:48

      What does Daaivark? my postings ???

  • Airborne68 - 2011-07-08 12:50

    How is it different to farm murders? Racist pig Cele.

  • amabok - 2011-07-08 12:52

    The only direct threat to democracy is the cANCer which wouldn't know what democracy looked like if it were slapped in the face by it.

  • Mart - 2011-07-08 12:52

    I am not a fan of Mthethwa's, but in his defence, he is not detracting from the seriousness of the overall murder statistics in this country, but merely using the fact that criminals are not scared of the SAPS and that they take them on instead of hiding from them. (and target them as an enemy) This more than highlights the mindset of these criminals who feel they are untouchable and will quickly claim protection from the Human Rights Bill as afforded them by our Constitution. Any civilised society that wishes to survive this onslaught from criminal elements must adjust it's thinking and remove as many of these 'rights' as possible if it is to survive. WE are skating on very thin ice.

      daaivark - 2011-07-08 13:01

      YES. At last, someone commenting who actually THINKS. WHat a pleasant change!

      moiraine - 2011-07-09 13:58

      Trouble is, criminals wont be scared of SAPS until SAPS bother to make them scared. At the moment SAPS dont even try. I know of a young guy whose cell phone was stolen from his pocket. He chased the guy and his girlfriend asked a SAPS member who was right there to catch the guy - the response? Go to the police station and make a statement then we will look for him. All this while the guy was getting into a taxi down the road. Do you think that thief will be scared of SAPS in future?

  • OuWitBooi - 2011-07-08 12:53

    How many truly democratic countries have a police policy of "Shoot to kill"? Perhaps this is a bigger threat to our democracy?? Get the plank out of your own eye first, and then you will be able to see what is happening in this country. Ironically it is the whites who still have some respect for the police in this country - probably as a hang over of the past. My experience with black citizens is they do not even bother to report crimes because they have no respect for the police and they know nothing will happen (unless they are part of the elite). That is why we have an escalation of kangaroo courts and vigilantism in the black areas. I feel very sorry for the families of the policemen and women killed in the line of duty, but I have no time for the senior police structures blaming the citizens for the mess the police have got themselves into.

  • Stool - 2011-07-08 12:57

    If a criminal is prepared to kill a cop, he will think nothing of killing a civilian, this is a huge problem and puts us all at risk!

  • Stool - 2011-07-08 13:04

    Race was not mentioned in this article, but yet from the first post you people make it a race war. Give it a rest and try to debate the topic at hand, you are all pathetic!

      Marcell - 2011-07-08 13:20

      Police is a group of people, so is Civilians and Farmers. The one group is doing a very Dangerous job. The others not so. My initial comment had nothing to do with race, but if the shoe fit......

      Totman - 2011-07-08 13:48

      If Marcell was using it only as a reference base because there is a record that was kept I can accept that. Marcell you must also understand that people on this site is so touchy for any possible connection that they think they found in anything that they can use to play the race card that they sometimes misinterpreted a normal reference. You also gets your group that is looking for excuses to fire blindly. The benefit of the site is that people speak there mind. Get rid of frustration, learning to know each other's frustration, anger, fears and hopefully move on. I know, I h'v learned a lot from all sides on these forums/sites. If we will only use the same energy to find solutions.I suggest you all take a deep breath and smile. It is Friday afternoon.

  • the_truth - 2011-07-08 13:13

    Nathi my boykie, why must a cop be killed before you talk about democracy being in danger, you f...g ape. Just see how many are killede in YOUR SA every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      DIZOZO - 2011-07-08 13:28

      It is your mindset and attitude that escalates the hatred being visited on you and those that are perceived as your protectors(SAPS). Let me remind you,its your SA too.

  • Jan Jabroer - 2011-07-08 13:25

    Protect the citizens. In fact, allow me to protect myself with impunity and you can continue sitting at your desk looking at porn.

  • tiotudg - 2011-07-08 13:27

    Agja, en wat van die sinnelose en gewetenlose slagting van tallose onskulige mense bo en behalwe polisie?

  • JadedJay - 2011-07-08 13:47

    Corrupt, thieving, murdering, hijacking, lying cops kill corruption, Mr Mthethwa. So get of your pathetic flea-ridden high donkey and clean out your house!!!

  • braamc - 2011-07-08 13:52

    Rather, rotten, corrupt and inefficient police force is a threat to our democracy!

  • Slapper - 2011-07-08 14:00

    Innocents killed by the Police, who are led by Criminal incompetents also threatens democracy, but hey, Iv'e yet to see real democracy in South Africa anyway.

  • peter the gr - 2011-07-08 14:02

    Mad man! Its about time that someone take you out, I'm sure you have to a lot for your sins.....son of a b****!!

  • Ashvic - 2011-07-08 14:18

    Mthethwa there is a lot more that you should be upset about, the only reason why there are not more deaths is because the cops do very little. I discourage my kids from calling on the police for help - maybe you should address this first as citizen of this country we have no faith in the people who are supposed to protect us.

  • Azizi - 2011-07-08 15:43

    darkwing, ex-pat has said it all. is the 'World Socialist Web Site' read it some time it might broaden your knowledge base.

  • Doublepost - 2011-07-08 15:46

    One bullet, one cop!

  • shatzi - 2011-07-08 17:06

    does he mean only killing cops or when the cops kill innocent civillians

  • Atoombom - 2011-07-08 17:12

    No, you plonker, the ANC threatens democracy. Daft is not the word

  • Atoombom - 2011-07-08 17:13

    @Mad man - your mother will always be black and a whore. I hope you run into a bullet, you cnt

      MrSpiderman - 2011-07-08 17:40

      Sorry Sir, me being white? Cannot agree with you! Don't generalise please, regardless how angry you may be? Even though some of my family were killed by thugs!!!! Every entity or person reserves respect until you can proof otherwise!!

  • MrSpiderman - 2011-07-08 17:33

    @ "Ex-pat"; No wonder you call yourself an "ex"?? For one moment, (IF what you say is true?) Knowing many farmers". Did you start counting the benifits or "extras"? Free housing, many free corn, free education (though farmstyle but better than Gauteng)? and at least something to live for? Perhaps you will say yes? So, if you are a farmer? Say YES!!!

  • Jeffery - 2011-07-08 18:25

    Police officers should be given fully automatic assault assault rifles and where balaclavas if they have to responde to a robbery call. So criminals cannot identify them off duty.

  • Black-SA - 2011-07-08 20:02

    Shoot to kill statement is indirect death penalty for police and criminals.

  • Jabulaniboy - 2011-07-09 03:25

    What about COPS killing innocent people like in Kempton Park a few weeks ago. What about COPS hijacking people. What about COPS who assault people. What about COPS who harass people on the roads. What about COPS who arrest white people for minor issues and use abusive power. And the COPS want respect. You earn respect. you don't get it from wearing a stupid blue uniform with "bling blings" on the shoulder. Did you COPS hear me ??? You EARN respect my boy !!!!!!!!!

  • pitbull - 2011-07-09 06:50

    Malema's rantings of "Shoot the Boer" gives his followers the right to kill anything type of authority including the police. "Shoot the Boer" song may be a freedom song but the idiot ANCYL take it as gospel and carry out Mamparas teachings with verve.

  • The Wonderer - 2011-07-09 08:51

    He's worrying over 48 police????? WHAT about the mudering of THOUSANDS of farmers?????? Now there's a threat to our Democracy!!! The bloody idiot!!!

  • Dave - 2011-07-09 09:48

    if so much noise was made for every farmer killed perhaps the farm murders will stop, or at least be reduced, Dizozo, imaterial if it is a cop or not, farmers are also "in the line of duty" they feed your face, they employ people, they protect the land from idiots that use the land reform policy to destroy once flourishing farms, they make up invaluable country communities that sustain thousands of people, so get your dumhead out of you tight narrow a%$#^ and see the light

  • Zion - 2011-07-09 11:11

    In all honesty I cannot shed too many tears for the killing of cops. Those cops getting killed out there are there to protect the citizenry of this country. His training is inadequate and he is unable to do his job yet he is still a cop. His behaviour is, much of the time antisocial and civilians, that which he is protecting, become the victims of cops, cop-killers and the law in general. The only solution is a more rigid training regime and a psychometric sifting test. If he does not make it he is out.

  • Sheda Hab - 2011-07-09 15:15

    The Cops are ruining democracy with their killing of innocent people. The Cops are ruining democracy with their taking of bribes. The Cops are ruining democracy with their lack of education. The Cops are ruining democracy with their lack of skills. The Cops are ruining democracy with their racism. The Cops are ruining democracy with their power hungry mentality. The Cops are ruining democracy with their ....................... Hell, I could go on & on.

  • hamilton dlamini - 2011-07-09 16:52

    what about the innocent people,kids killed by police?