Municipality spends on parties, not toilets

2012-07-03 09:15

Durban - The Sisonke district municipality has been slammed for mismanagement and incompetence after spending over a million rand on a jazz festival while pit toilets were overflowing in townships.

Over R1.6m was allegedly spent on hosting a music festival, providing alcohol and entertaining councillors at the recent Ugu Jazz Festival in Port Shepstone, the Daily News reported.

Meanwhile, pit toilets were overflowing and water supply to four other towns had been cut, with “financial constraints” said to be the reason.

The DA said the municipality claimed to be unable to drain the pit toilets due to lack of funds, causing sewage to seep onto streets in some areas.

A municipal spokesperson said the festival was necessary to showcase tourism in the province and denied that the municipality was not draining pit toilets.

  • smili.fication - 2012-07-03 09:18

    You get what you vote for.

      gary.scande - 2012-07-03 09:29

      true that, unfortunately not the first or last time - 2012-07-03 09:37

      this nothing new. we all know these bastards are just in it for the money they don't care about the poor, but wait till its election time then you will hear the stories they tell the people. And don't forget the constant propaganda on tv and in the media.

      nrgx.nrg - 2012-07-03 09:49

      the anc are truly the "pits"

      gieljam.gomtor - 2012-07-03 10:56

      Alicia ..And some in Excitement getting everything for nothing..

  • azande.futhi - 2012-07-03 09:22

    Fire the Municipal Manager. - 2012-07-03 09:38

      fire the whole damn government man

      jason.children - 2012-07-03 09:39

      NO NO NO Vote DA!!!

      azande.futhi - 2012-07-03 09:45

      @Jason, will DA do opposite? I doubt, politicians are the same.

      greg.quinn.353 - 2012-07-03 09:49

      @azande... DA has the best run province in the country. Don't be such a pessimist.

      schalk.mattheys - 2012-07-03 09:59

      No, fire the the puck can he even be thinking of buying a new jet for 1.4 billion rand!!!?? This million odd spent on the jazz fest for the cANCer councilors just shows how important delivering services to the community is to the cANCer government. If Zuma can spend 1.4 BILLION on a new jet, what message does that send to the rest of the cANCer government!? Come election day, I wonder will a bucket of KFC make the voters forget about the cr@p flowing through their streets today?

      Marina - 2012-07-03 10:04

      @azande. So people should just going on voting for the ANC even though they are drowning in their own sh*t!

      richard.hipkin - 2012-07-03 10:05

      azande, until the DA govern you can never make that statement...

      azande.futhi - 2012-07-03 10:17

      @greg and point...running a country is toatally different to running a province. WC also has Service Delivery protests. Why? WC has rife substance abuse. everyday we hear of burning shacks and people are dying in fire. isn't there anything DA should be doing to help the people there since they seem like "the competent" lot?

      brendon.nel.7 - 2012-07-03 10:29

      Look at the stats. Whether its fires or substance abuse. Those numbers are still lower than anywhere else in our god forsaken country. Atleast wc have a road system that works, a education system that's more effective and and and and and..... What do we have to loose. Vote DA. It couldn't possibly be worse than the top seated scum running our country right now

      jeffrey.jones.357 - 2012-07-03 10:39

      The DA have cut the number of shack fires a lot compared to what they used to be when the ANC "governed" CT. There will always be people who don't follow the advice given by the City. Furthemore CT has pleaded with these people not to build on flood plains and wetlands, but they just keep on doing so. The water-table around CT is very high, so the shacks get flooded very easily. Bt still they arrive in their thousands from the Eastern Cape and build on wetlands. As for the drug problem, primarily that should be the concern of the national departments of health, social services and the justice cluster. The Western Cape is only granted so much money from central government to carry out various services. The communities themselves seldom help to any great extent because of various reasons.

      azande.futhi - 2012-07-03 10:41

      @brendon, when it comes to stats, i will assist you. WC is the most worse when it comes to: 1. Missing children and later found killed 2. Drug abuse 3. People dying in shack fires That's the few I can mention. DA,honestly, is overrated, notwithstanding their good work in some other areas.

      matt.ratcliffe.796 - 2012-07-03 11:32

      @azande, no government is perfect. Of course there will be issue's, but for the environment the DA is in and what they have achieved this far is quite remarkable. What should also be noted is that, the ANC is a liberation movement, which they were exceptionally good at. The problem is, they are incapable of running a country and did not foresee the consequences of their freedom fight. If they don't have a fight to fight then they lose their momentum hence the reason they always play the race card. I don't think the DA has a chance at winning the elections any time soon, although I think the ANC needs to admit that they are incapable of successfully running this country and implement some form of an apprentice programme to at least learn/teach the valuable knowledge to run OUR country. This will be extremely difficult as they are a very egotistical and will struggle to admit that they are in the wrong. We'll always have hope though.

  • sean.lambie.3 - 2012-07-03 09:35

    A normal day in Africa !!

      Vince - 2012-07-03 09:48

      A normal day in Africa indeed where africans treat other africans like animals!!

      Heibrin - 2012-07-03 10:30

      You can take Africa out of the bush, but you can't take the bush out of Africa....

  • Johnnys_Place - 2012-07-03 09:37

    Let these people party till the masses open up their eyes !!

      BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-07-03 10:17

      Problem is they don't open their eyes. They close them and place the 'X' next to the ANC vote, then go home and blame the White man for everything that's wrong in their lives. Pathetic.

      Johnnys_Place - 2012-07-03 10:31

      Yes BigChief, unfortunately what you are saying is very true. I guess they will party till there are no funds left and the people/voters will just carry on walking through sewage and accepting this way of life.

      Heibrin - 2012-07-03 10:31

      Have to agree with BCPP... by the time their eyes open the sh*t is already down the street, and there will be no way to clean it up.

  • shaylene.stenger - 2012-07-03 09:38

    Dejavu, this is not the first time this week that I am hearing that the anc's priorities are all wrong and that money is being spent on parties and not needed things, but hey people keep voting them in....

  • Jaco - 2012-07-03 09:39

    let us vote for the anc!

      azande.futhi - 2012-07-03 09:44


      Essy1945 - 2012-07-03 09:44

      Yeah clever Jaco! Why do you also want a few grants for kids you dont have, a car allowance for your daughter and buddies and of course 'jazzy' parties and things :-)... like the first comment on the thread - YOU GET WHAT YOU VOTE FOR!!!

  • Henk - 2012-07-03 09:44

    Yes and your point in this article? If you vote for Sh1te you get Sh1t....

  • hayley.fredericks.9 - 2012-07-03 09:45

    Isn't this the same town that wants to spend millions to change its name? Great priorities!

  • greg.quinn.353 - 2012-07-03 09:47

    "the festival was necessary to showcase tourism in the province " Yeah.. everyone wants to travel across the country to go to Sisonke. I hear the tourist attractions there are great. But the over-flowing toilets put me off.

      sean.redmond3 - 2012-07-03 10:59

      The over-flowing toilets are the attraction.

  • Ingrid - 2012-07-03 09:58

    Like the R20million wasted on the soocar world cup hospitality tents that was spent here in Moagli City and no locals were invited only Municipal members and families.

      mariah.jansentshabalala - 2012-07-09 11:30

      wooo spelling sisi....

  • Paul - 2012-07-03 10:01

    The masses are turning the Master will soon be the slave!Join the other despots of history who ate cake while the poor starved!

  • elmarie.viljoen.7 - 2012-07-03 10:02

    Honestly, how long must we read on N24 about the corruption and incompetence of the government before something gets done? Zuma is going to make empty promises AGAIN and he will more than likely be voted in AGAIN - buy his Boeing and take all his wives and all his children on a fat celebration holiday!! Government gives a 'sh1t'and they just proved it!!!

  • Mike - 2012-07-03 10:02

    I honestly couldn't give a sh*t. Sorry, im a bit constipated.

  • Henk - 2012-07-03 10:06

    And then we are told of if we go on about the IQ of the average ANC voter....

  • Peter - 2012-07-03 10:06

    Shyt happens when you spend money that is not yours and all you can think of is yourself. But "party time" is the name of the "game" with the Ar#eholes Never Care (ANC).

  • sisie.indola - 2012-07-03 10:10

    It has been known for ages that the only qualifications the ANC have is how to throw a party, as well as how to lie, cheat, steal and deny.

  • charmaine.mcdonald2 - 2012-07-03 10:14

    O' Lord, Creator of the Heavens and Earth and all thing in between, in 6 days, Thou Art Established on The Throne Of Power and Authority, Please Fire the these miserable Human Human Beings, whom Thou has placed on these "Chairs" and Please for the Sake of Peace amongst Human Beings, Replace then all with better Men and Women who will do Right. Amen.

  • BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-07-03 10:16

    Typical. The serious problem is some poor folk will look at these living conditions and once again assume it's because he's disadvantaged, and it's all because of apartheid and the White man.....and all the rest of bollocks that the ANC claims. Meantime, the Municipality did have the money to clear the toilets, they just thought a party was more important. Wake up Votas!!!!!

  • Gavin - 2012-07-03 10:28

    it is ironic that the money gets spent on $hit, rather than on $hit removal.

  • ditoare.gypsy - 2012-07-03 10:37

    Come tourists come, our town is nicely decorated by s#*t all over

  • gerrit.vanpletzen - 2012-07-03 10:46

    like tourists would like to visit a place that smells of faeces, and sewage flows down the streets ?

  • hendrikvs - 2012-07-03 10:56

    And so it goes on and on and on - never ending mismanagement of taxpayers money. And the poor stupid people with overflowing toilets will vote for this unethical party once again in the next election.

  • Erna - 2012-07-03 11:09

    The DA can expose these anc officials all they want and must continue doing so. However, they seem to be wasting their time as unfortunately these people have no conscience or shame. It is time the people of SA wake up and vote with their heads and not their hearts. The president is not lying awake worrying about you.

  • mark.dennill - 2012-07-03 11:36

    LMBAO it just goes to show that the people aren't worth sh1t to their government!!!

  • Ryno - 2012-07-03 11:45

    a better life for the jazz festival it seems

  • Amanda - 2012-07-03 12:34

    @azande The point is that the DA would NEVER spend the money on some rubbish Jazz Festival - the DA HAVE to be accountable for the Monies they spend. That is the difference between the ANC and the DA.

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