Teen's family happy about cop's arrest

2012-02-17 17:15

Johannesburg – A family member of murdered Soweto teenager, Thato Mokoka, said she was glad about the arrest of the student constable accused of killing him.

Thato Mokoka's aunt, Nompumelelo Mokoka, said the family was very grateful for the ICD's work.

"I'm glad," she said when asked how she felt about the arrest.

"We were very traumatised about what happened."

A student constable was arrested on Friday, the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD) said.

"A suspect was arrested about 40 minutes ago," ICD executive director Francois Beekman said shortly after 14:00.

ICD spokesperson Moses Dlamini confirmed the 41-year-old student constable had been arrested.

Funeral on Sunday

"The arrest has been carried out," he said.

Beekman formed part of a senior delegation from the ICD who visited the scene of the crime and paid their respects to the teen's family on Friday.

He said the ICD only took over the criminal matter in the case and would make disciplinary recommendations to police on Monday.

Thato, 16, was apparently shot dead by the constable in Braamfischerville Phase Two on Tuesday.

He had been shot three times while apparently lying on the ground on his stomach.

The incident happened outside the home of his grandmother Sybil Mokoka. The boy apparently lived alone in a shack at the back of the property.

Thato's funeral will take place on Sunday morning in Meadowlands, Soweto.

The student constable would appear in the Roodepoort Magistrate's Court on a charge of murder on Monday, Beekman said.

  • Sharon - 2012-02-17 17:20

    There has been such a public outcry about this that they had no choice but arrect the killer. Next logical step is to review the recruitment process and ask Scotland Yard to help set up proper training programs so that this is never ever repeated.

      Vegi - 2012-02-17 17:42

      Why Scotland Yard, Sharon. Why not a specialist law enforcement agency from one of our neighbours.

      Hector - 2012-02-19 08:41

      @Vegi... Zimbabwe ?? They have such a good track record .. Training of the highest standard ... Don't they train the Vatican police there ??

  • Hermann - 2012-02-17 17:30

    They surely took their time!

  • John - 2012-02-17 17:39

    Why....what a waste of life....

  • Kim - 2012-02-17 17:44

    Just irritates me that this cop is called a student at the age of 41. Next we will hear that he will be tried in a juvenile court.

      ivan.coetzee2 - 2012-02-20 13:47

      He's a paid up memeber of the ANCYL also, LOL

  • Clive - 2012-02-17 17:46

    What is a student constable doing with a firearm ?,surely they should be learning the work / proceedures in the charge office.In the past student constables were not allowed to attend complaints and did not have firearms.Poor training proceedures if any !

  • Vegi - 2012-02-17 17:52

    Sharon, for centuries the British have been wallowing in shameful indolence under the hegemony and shadow of the now nearly defunct United States of America. How can such a people's pathetic institutions (Scotland Yard) be of any use to us free people?

      Sharon - 2012-02-17 18:03

      They have the best crimefighting system in the world, Vegi. I did not hear anyone complain when they were here in 2009 to teach our police about terrorism before the world cup. Bet you didn't know about that, did you?

      Alex - 2012-02-17 18:13

      Can somebody please find Vegi's mute button!!!

  • Vicki Mac Callum - 2012-02-17 18:18

    Although irrelevant to this disgusting crime I feel News24 needs to use the word "alleged" more or be more careful of articles before confirmation of facts. The age and number of times the teenager was shot have changed about 4 times in the last few days. Makes me question credibility of the rest of the news on here

  • Trevor - 2012-02-17 18:21

    Is this youngster an innercent child? Why was he arrested in the first place? Don't forget he had an unlicenced firearm and was a gang member in the area. Not so innercent!!!

  • gawie.botha - 2012-02-17 18:22

    41 year old "student Constable",,,bet he got enlisted after the shooting,,before this he was the "informer" on this raid,,,carrying a police m/gun!

      Vegi - 2012-02-17 18:28

      I suspect what you are saying is true.

  • Jason - 2012-02-17 18:34

    SAPS are thugs and gangsters,i was attacked by three of them in Panarama road Centurion yesterday afternoon.They tried to pull me through my car window saying 'now we will teach you respect you white bastard" my crime ? i drove through the intersection when the traffic light was orange.

      Alex - 2012-02-17 18:46

      @corruption_SA ... Jason, message this story to them there, also link to corruption watch site.

  • Renier - 2012-02-18 20:54

    My previous comment was "deleted"! I wonder how big the "outcry" would have been if the officer was from a different sector of the population. @the Editor: This comment is not racist, nor insulting it's merely a statement.

  • Roslyn - 2012-02-19 12:04

    Likely to get suspended on full pay..Case will come to court in about 2 years time...

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