My life is like James Bond - Krejcir

2013-07-25 22:19

Johannesburg - It was a lethal gadget right out of a James Bond movie: Remote-controlled gun barrels rigged behind the rear licence plate of a car that sprays bullets at an unsuspecting target.

But police say it was a possible attempt to kill Radovan Krejcir, a Czech fugitive who was sentenced in his country last year to 11 years in jail for tax fraud and has been linked to underworld figures in Johannesburg.

Krejcir emerged unscathed from Wednesday's episode, which peppered his bullet-proof Mercedes Benz with impact marks and shocked veteran observers of local organised crime who thought they had seen it all.

The empty, parked vehicle where the weapon was hidden burst into flames after the shooting, possibly destroying evidence.

"All my life is like James Bond stuff," Krejcir said with a chuckle in an interview with Eyewitness News. "That's how I live my life."

And who might want to kill him? At first, Krejcir reportedly said he didn't know. Then he said that if he had any theories, he wasn't saying.

The episode was the one of the most outlandish chapters in the long saga of the underworld in Johannesburg, where turf battles over drugs, fraud schemes and other spoils sometimes turn deadly. Over the years, South Africans have been riveted by this fringe universe of hit men, corrupt cops, sleaze merchants and grisly murders.

No one, however, tried to take out another guy with something that Q, the hi-tech whiz in the British secret service of the Bond movies, would devise in his laboratory. The getup on the car outside Krejcir's gold and diamonds pawn shop evoked Goldfinger, the Bond movie in which 007 drives an Aston Martin with gun barrels behind the front indicators.

Photographs of the stolen red VW Polo in Johannesburg show a dozen gun barrels, some of them melted or contorted by the fire that followed the shooting. It was an accurate effort.

About 10 bullets hit the driver's window, but Krejcir was out of the vehicle at that point, talking on his phone.


Security consultant Rory Steyn said on Radio 702 that there could be "any number of motives" for the incident, whether it was an attack on Krejcir or even something that he set up himself to appear like an assassination attempt.

Krejcir told media that he initially thought he was hearing fireworks. He speculated that someone knew he always parked in the same place, positioned the gun-fitted VW for the hit and then triggered it from a distance.

Sean Newman, co-author of a book about a murdered strip club owner, said he was in the area at the time and had a close look at the rigged vehicle.

He suggested the skills and planning required for such a job may have come from abroad.

"It was definitely very sophisticated," he said. "My first impression was that this was not local."

Newman's book, Lolly Jackson: When Fantasy Becomes Reality, traces the turbulent career of Jackson, owner of a chain of South African strip clubs called Teazers who was shot dead in a Johannesburg house near the international airport in 2010.

Cyprus-born George Louca was named as a suspect in the killing, and the Supreme Court in Cyprus last week turned down Louca's effort to avoid extradition from his home country to South Africa. No date has been set for his extradition.

Krejcir, an associate of Jackson and Louca, eluded a police raid on his Czech villa in 2005 and turned up in South Africa in 2007, where he has fought extradition attempts.

While in South Africa, Krejcir was charged with robbery and insurance fraud in unrelated cases, but the charges were dropped.

In the book co-authored by Newman, Krejcir say he is a scapegoat for killings that police have been unable to solve.

According to the book, he said he was one of the first people to see Jackson's body, and described the scene in detail, even suggesting how the killing may have happened.

"He's always come across as very respectful and charming in my presence. He's never threatened me," Newman said of Krejcir. "I've never seen him lose his temper. I'm sure others have."

  • Demetri Sharkie Giannopoulos - 2013-07-25 22:43

    joburg. the crime capital of South Africa.

      Zumba - 2013-07-26 06:46

      Africa my man, Afrika!

      Derek Penny - 2013-07-26 07:51

      I wonder if this piece of crap was a guest along with Zuma at the Gupta wedding, it seems as though all the criminals in South Africa are friends of the Government and Zuma, which by the way would explain why he has not been kicked out of our country.

      Louis Ferreira - 2013-07-26 10:17

      "All my life is like James Bond stuff," Krejcir said Talk crap you idiot...James Bond did not murder,steal or were not involved in criminal activities

      Louis Ferreira - 2013-07-26 10:22

      Send the boes to his death.....the duck face

      Sandra Rennie - 2013-07-26 13:19

      Yes, Radovan, just a pity you don't have the looks or ability to act the part ! Wishful thinking on your part ! Idiot !

      Pagel - 2013-07-26 16:57

      The article calls him a businessman - nogal né? Drives a bullet proof car - expecting something for sure. Live by the sword, die by the sword - all a matter of time.

  • OneLong Shlong - 2013-07-25 22:48

    What a pity it wasn't a noose slinging gun that strangled the life out of this criminal! But on the other hand Darren... It's a stark reminder of what justice has become in South Africa!

  • Bob Small - 2013-07-25 22:56


  • Msemarah - 2013-07-25 23:03

    Made Men

      WildCatSal - 2013-07-26 02:46

      Sick 'men' but we allow this...?

  • somikazi.pita - 2013-07-25 23:07

    This mafia orchestrated the whole thing!

      Sandra Rennie - 2013-07-26 13:22

      somikazi Of course he did. George Luca is on his way ! So it's Radovan plus Demi plus George Luca. Could be interesting times ahead for the truth about the slain Lolly Jackson !

  • Strikeback - 2013-07-25 23:35

    James Bond caught criiminals. You are one! Like Tom and Jerry - both cartoon caracters, difference is the one runs and the other pne runs away!

  • Bradley Brits - 2013-07-25 23:56


  • Zulu Makhise - 2013-07-26 00:21

    I guess you also had "the living daylights" scared out of you..

  • Reon De Reuck - 2013-07-26 01:13

    James Bond, didn't have a pawn shop.....

  • Jacky Malatji - 2013-07-26 01:16

    Why can't this Krejcir guy get extradited back to his country and take his underworld mafias along with

      Piet Boerie - 2013-07-26 05:10

      Hear hear

  • Howard Green - 2013-07-26 02:26

    Ag Shame. He set it up.

  • Jerry Naidoo - 2013-07-26 02:26

    James Bond!!! Where???

  • Phae Rayden - 2013-07-26 02:28

    Bwahahaha, only in your arrested developed brain you pathetic little crook.

  • WildCatSal - 2013-07-26 02:45

    Ah of course..! SA harbours the likes of him. Welcome to 'Gangsta's Paradise' Are "we" not such shining examples to our children and future generations. Hang-my-head-in-shame at the thought. Pinch me please so I can wake up.. Ouch!

  • Piet Boerie - 2013-07-26 05:10

    Vermin should be sent back as he illegal except of course he is corrupting our government with bribes and sex. Why should we pay for this scumbag drug dealer? He should just be deported like any other illegal at the border but as we know this is the Animal Farm and some pigs are...

  • Raymond Kok - 2013-07-26 05:19

    only in your own peanut brain will you believe that to us you are just another parisite i hope you will leave soon by any means possible

  • Mphela Kelatu - 2013-07-26 06:05

    U cn't fool us u moron

  • Louise-Roger Higham - 2013-07-26 06:29

    Yes and you're the evil one, bond eventually takes out

  • Albert Martin - 2013-07-26 06:42

    He was sentenced in his own country??? Why do we still harbour him ????

  • Malcolm Kobane - 2013-07-26 06:57

    Who's next? Starring who? Revenge... and innocent lives will b lost in between.

  • Cuthbert Murwisi - 2013-07-26 06:59

    This is like glorifying criminal activities. Stop interviewing criminals it gives the impression that crime is "cool" to the youth.

  • Pule Kalebe - 2013-07-26 07:09

    This is James Bond sequel "THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH".

  • Dennis - 2013-07-26 07:10

    Oh please you are a piece of garbage that should be thrown back to your own country.

  • Melissa May Williams - 2013-07-26 07:47

    This just makes me laugh.

  • Mahlong Ralinko Ralinko - 2013-07-26 07:51

    He is from Europe, so he is welcome in South Africa no matter what a mafia he is ! Innocent, hardworking black Africans are not welcome because they stink ! Confusion !

      Louise-Roger Higham - 2013-07-26 09:08

      Get that chip off your shuolder and stop throwing the race card moron

      Marie Da Paz - 2013-07-26 14:20

      Come on Mahlong? Really? Is that all you have to say about a trashy mafia? Are we talking about a criminal or racism? Eeeeiiish! You 20 years behind mate! Get with the program! That's old school man! Stick to the subject if you want to write a comment and not out of context :-)

  • David Meredith - 2013-07-26 08:18

    Jah , Minus the Accent, the tux & a few others

  • master.kay.7355 - 2013-07-26 08:26

    Who'd wanna kill a junk like him. He and Louca(Smith) managed to kill Jackson and milk the proceeds God knows how. This is his own setup. Anyone wanting him dead would know his vehicle is bullet proof. It's said that the Polo vehicle has been parked there for a significant number of hours. For a criminal like him he should've suspected the vehicle a long time since he's hallucinating over his guilt. SA is not learning anything about the effect of illegal immigrants in this country. Recently I read of Lesotho nationals killing each other in Ficksburg, Nigerians killing each other in Benoni, Pakistanis killin each other over bread business. Who knows what next...God bless South Africa.

  • master.kay.7355 - 2013-07-26 08:29

    Now the insurance is gonna pay him a lot more... This is someone who was convicted for Insurance Fraud in his own country...

  • Isabel Rodriguez - 2013-07-26 09:04

    Oh please what kind of a Buffoon is this criminal, comparing yourself to James Bond, your more like the scum that James Bond annihilated. Your a fat, pasty white, pudgy Czech fugitive who MUST GO HOME.

  • James Smythe - 2013-07-26 09:52

    Well whatever this attempt on this criminal's life (please stop using the term 'businessman' for such people) was, it was far from serious. Any 'gun' with 1 or 12 barrels whose projectiles fail to penetrate the steel of a car body at close range is no real gun, it is a toy or a movie prop. As for those who will respond by saying that he drives a bulletproof car, let me point out that the outer body shell on such vehicles is standard steel and the armour is inside the doors etc. This was hardly a serious attempt therefore, more like a pre-arranged demonstration and one has to wonder what the criminal Krejir is up to here and for whose benefit is the demo?

      Liandi Coetzee Fourie - 2013-08-02 00:36

      way to go!

  • Jaybeebaby - 2013-07-26 10:10

    Sorry, you're not nearly as good-looking as James Bond.

  • Anthony De Lucchi - 2013-07-26 10:30

    ...this fellow is a lot more interesting than Malema!

  • Siphiwo Khuzwayo - 2013-07-26 10:41

    Please Sir, stop seeking sympathy, just go back to your country and face up your crimes.

  • Omnivore - 2013-07-26 10:44

    Convinced he did this himself.

  • Mike Olwagen - 2013-07-26 10:51

    James Bond....Oh and we have to applaude him for it. Go back to to where you came for.....low life!

  • Awsomekid - 2013-07-26 10:53

    Aha...taken for a ride.It's a scene from the movie "The Fall of EFF".The movie will be released in April 2014.

  • John Tex - 2013-07-26 11:16

    F off back from where you came from you scum bag you got the cops in your pocket now please F Off

  • Teboho Nteo - 2013-07-26 11:50

    maybe he should go and seek shelter at inkandla!his underworld acts would be safely secured and classified.

  • Marie Da Paz - 2013-07-26 14:15

    Please stop interviewing criminals and calling them "businessman" this Czech is a scumbag! Please go back to your country and serve your sentence! How this government allow this scumbag to live here is beyond me! Such a great pity you didn't die Wednesday! Amazing how you have bullet proof windows hmmm? Are you expecting something? Isn't enough to send you back to where you belong you filthy white trash! James Bond indeed? Oh you wish! May the next target kill the "daylights" out of you!

  • Israel - 2013-07-26 14:34

    Stop making STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS!!!!!

  • Israel - 2013-07-26 18:31

    You moron how could you compare yourself to James Bond??? - He is not a criminal like you SCUMBAG plus you are ugly as sin where James Bond is HANDSOME, CHARMING and INTELLIGENT

  • Vanessa Lane - 2013-11-21 10:51

    why dont they send him back to his own country to face the music instead of innocent people getting hurt in ours

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