N1 crash toll rises to 20

2011-11-15 10:23

Cape Town - A 20th person has died following an accident involving two minibuses and a truck in the Karoo on Tuesday morning, Western Cape police said.

A minibus taxi's trailer hit a truck on the N1 between Leeu-Gamka and Prince Albert at around 01:00, Captain Malcolm Poje said.

The minibus overturned after it was rammed from behind by another minibus.

"The main cause of the accident is not clear at this stage as police are still working on the scene," Poje said.

"It appeared all the people who died were the occupants of the minibus taxis." They included two children.

All were declared dead on the scene. The injured were taken to a local hospital.

The N1 was closed to traffic, but might be reopened within an hour, Poje said later on Tuesday morning.

A culpable homicide docket had been opened, he said.

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  • Halfwise - 2011-11-15 10:32

    Western Cape roads are hell, and the premier thinks the sun is shining.

      Derek - 2011-11-15 10:49

      Useless taxi drivers as usual, the poor people who have to use these death traps! The Dept. of Transport hs to now step in and do something about taxis countrywide1

      Allan - 2011-11-15 11:01

      @ Halfwit. Having driven on country roads, Cape roads are still best kept. You are like our Minister of Transport, ignoring the fact that Taxis and their drivers are the biggest menace on our roads. 2 taxis involved in this accident and 20 deaths. If the rail passenger transport system would improve a lot of country deaths would be prevented.

      procold2 - 2011-11-15 11:31

      I agree allan, the taxis are 99% at fault,bad drivers,unroadworthy,overloaded,but at this point in time there is no alternative.

      Craig - 2011-11-15 11:50

      @Halfwise: Did we read the same article? This article was about two TAXI's involved in an accident and NOT the road nor the premier that caused it!!! P.S. It is quite a nice day and the sun is actually shining...

  • selma.bothmaolivier - 2011-11-15 10:36

    The .... drivers are totally incapable of driving and irresponsible, no concern or consideration for nobody!!!

      barry.mcbride - 2011-11-15 12:45

      “no concern or consideration for nobody” LOL, check out your double negation there, which in written English implies a weakened positive! i.e. it can thus mean ‘concern or consideration for everybody’!

  • lourens.vanderlinde - 2011-11-15 10:41

    Prince Albert on the M1????

      makesuthink - 2011-11-15 11:10

      Where in the article do you see M1 it is N1 Hope that you do not drive cause you either are blind or cannot read

      Nosiphom - 2011-11-15 11:10

      Prince Albert road on the N1 109 km from Beaufort West imbecile - read!

      Peter - 2011-11-15 11:22

      Prince Albert Weg.....

  • Jason - 2011-11-15 10:58

    "It appeared all the people who died were the occupants of the minibus taxis." - Really News24 - who would've thought that, wow top notch Journalism at its finest!!

  • Warmedic - 2011-11-15 11:13

    Not nice to work scene's like this.......

      radlegend - 2011-11-15 11:48

      I can imagine. I have intense respect for paramedics and cops who have to go to scenes like this and literally pick up the pieces. :(

  • hannesw1 - 2011-11-15 11:28

    In Pretoria Central a few so called "boeremag" members are being kept in jail for what must be ten years now. Their sin? Drunken braai-vleis talks about bombing\killing black people...Meantime, back at the ranch, taxi drivers have proven to be extremely effective killers (of mostly black people), sometimes killing up to 23 people in one weekend. So if you're a right winger wishing to join the AWB or boeremag, relax, sit on the stoop and sip your whiskey whilst the taxi troopers are doing the job...My heart goes out to any person out there who is in the unfortunate position to have to use taxis. Your life must be hell.

  • Piet - 2011-11-15 11:37

    I put the blame on the ANC. Thanks to them the Taxi's are a law onto themselves! No more enforcing of traffic laws! Just speed traps and roadblocks to get more money from the citizens.....

      phathuchicos - 2011-11-15 13:09

      somethings are funny...ANC SUPPORTERS BLAMES APARTHEID FOR EVERYTHING WRONG AND DA SUPPORTERS BLAMES ANC FOR EVERYTHING WRONG...The truth is all these three governments have done nothing glorious so far. from human rights to toilets to mangaung parties.

  • Petrus - 2011-11-15 11:41

    Hannes, how can you compare the two? Being a bad driver is unfortunatly not illegal. The Western Cape roads are a problem! Can their struggling economy not afford to build dual carriage ways?

      Gary - 2011-11-15 11:50

      But RECKLESS & NEGLIGENT driving is!!!!

      Deon - 2011-11-15 11:50

      We only have problem drivers here.

      sduplessis - 2011-11-15 18:30

      The roads are not the problem!. The road where the accident happened is very well maintained and very wide. You must be retarded to think the WC has a struggling economy. Show me where in SA is a dual carriage way over that distance?..... Idiot

  • clive.paterson - 2011-11-15 11:44

    The minister has only one answer: order another roadblock. Just watch.

  • Jeffrey - 2011-11-15 11:45

    "The main cause of the accident is not clear at this stage as police are still working on the scene," Poje said. Yes it is. 2 minibus taxi's had a crash. What do you think the cause was?

  • Lesley - 2011-11-15 11:56

    OMG. How absolutely terrible. Six children died on Sunday in an accident near Meyerton and now 20 people have died today. We have to stop this from happening. I'm not sure how but continually reading articles like this is just too sad to bear. RIP all who lost their lives. Strength to their family members left behind.

  • radlegend - 2011-11-15 11:59

    This is really sad. But apparently it wasn't completely the taxi drivers fault. The truck driver had just stopped in the middle of the road, and with no indicators or safety triangles....mixed with the speed of the taxi drver and poor visibility (im guessing no lights since it was a country road), the driver didn't have enough time to slow down when he approached the truck. Hence his trailer hitting into the truck...i guess he tried swerving. Second taxi?? Anyone know how soon after the first crash this happened? Could be the same thing....speed....not enough time to react, hence the second crash. It's really sad that so many people die in taxis. The drivers aren't the best, and they work long hours, so fatigue could also be a reason. In any case, anyone who uses the roads, be it in a taxi, a private car, a motorcycle, or running a freaking're never safe!!!

  • j.c.s.mailbox - 2011-11-15 12:08

    That road is as long & straight and narrow and boring as can be. The accident happened at 01:00 in the morning. Suppose everybody else in the taxiies also was in dreamland. Maybe the aircon was shut down, no music or CD was playing and only the sound of the tires and the snoring people in the background and that is the recipe for a sleepy driver aswell. To sleepy drivers who follow each other, or maybe diced each other @ 160 ks at night?? Recipe for disaster.

  • Michelle - 2011-11-15 12:16

    There were 2 taxis, what more do they need to know. Death on wheels!!!

  • carlin.fortune - 2011-11-15 13:14

    You so right derek and allan.these taxi drivers doesn't care about there passengers.

  • mark.davy2 - 2011-11-15 13:26

    What beats the hell out of me, is how can 20+ passengers allow one measly driver to drive like and idiot endangering their lives, without them collectively enforcing him to drive in a less reckless and dangerous manner…! In retrospect at the end of the day, passengers are also to blame for not using forceful discipline on the driver…!

  • Lesley - 2011-11-15 13:50

    It is shocking how the comments to this article consist of a litany of "expert" crash scene analysis and blame game punches. Very little to nothing is said of the 20 people who have lost their lives. These are grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, children, friends and breadwinners who are gone forever, leaving in their wake stories of pain, despair and loss. Lives have been lost; lives have been shattered. Yet this is ignored by many who have commented. It would seem many amongst us parade as human beings but fail miserably at being human.

  • Winsome - 2011-11-15 14:20

    OMG! Another disaster involving minibus taxis. The poor, poor passengers - and this just before Christmas too - my condolences to all families involved and may the dead RIP.

  • Lorraine - 2011-11-15 15:07

    safe following distance helps reduce accidents on our roads.

  • Len - 2011-11-16 08:42

    "Western Cape traffic officials said the tragedy occurred when two taxis travelling to Cape Town collided with a stationary truck on the N1, near Prince Albert, at around 2am. “There have been a lot of accidents on that stretch of road,” said Western Cape traffic boss Kenny Afrika. He said the truck had reportedly broken down and was partially blocking the road. A minibus taxi with 23 people travelling from Alice to Cape Town ploughed head-on into the truck’s trailer, followed shortly by a second taxi ferrying 21 people from Sterkspruit. The driver of the Alice taxi died at the scene while the other driver survived with minor injuries. The driver of the truck was not hurt as he had reportedly gone to a nearby service station."

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