NG church becomes Muslim school

2012-04-15 13:25

Johannesburg - The conversion of the first Dutch Reformed Church in Johannesburg into a Muslim school has caused an uproar among several Langlaagte residents, it was reported on Sunday.

The City Press reported that the church was "the latest casualty" of the migration of Afrikaans-speakers from Johannesburg's inner city suburbs.

Reverend Hennie van Rooyen told the newspaper the church was sold to Muslim buyers because its maintenance was too high.

"I wish it could've been different... But we can't afford hundreds of thousands of rands to maintain the building," he said.

"And the demography of the area has changed to a predominantly Indian community."

Bishop Ryan Sooknunan, a pastor who used to rent the church for his independent Pentacostal church services, accused Van Rooyen and the Dutch Reformed Church of violating an agreement made with him by selling the church.


He threatened to take legal action, and would arrange a march in protest of the sale.

He also lambasted Van Rooyen's congregation for allowing a "foreign religion" to move into the building.

The church grounds also contain the graves of its first minister, and his wife.

Van Rooyen said the deed of sale specified that the building's historical nature would be respected, and that the graves would be protected. "Interested parties" could still have access to the site.

A member of the Dutch Reformed Church told the newspaper that there were few church members left in Langlaagte.

"There is just one other couple. And the children in the [neighbouring children's care] home. But that's all of us who are left," he said.

  • Jean - 2012-04-15 13:41

    It is a hard truth to face but the christianity faith in SA is dwindling, just sad that it is replaced with a more annoying religion cos when that speaker goes off 5 am in the morning with that noise yapping on, you wanna go blow up something!

      zaid.personal - 2012-04-15 16:02

      @Jean...we're considerably more respectable in our views on the incessant peeling of church bells on a Sunday morning when we're trying to get some rest. But of course Muslims are the intolerant ones.

      kikisian - 2012-04-15 20:52

      Do not blame the lack of the Christian faith on the Muslims. IF the Christians held to their religion and their religions beliefs as strongly as the Muslims do this would never have happened. Perhaps we should learn something from them regarding their dedication and commitment to their God and their church instead of blaming them for being faithful.

      luke.krishna - 2012-07-11 16:48

      if you can enjoy loud music from cars or disco's, etc, at any time of the day, and yet you complain when someone is seeking his creator, with constant sincerity every day,and its most probably for just half an hour in the mornings or afternoons. A building may have been taken over, but not the church,

  • SarcasticAgnostic - 2012-04-15 13:44

    I don't get it. Christians left the area. The church was sold. I mean really, this sounds like the 'hot-cross bun' saga all over again.

      John - 2012-04-15 14:27

      You mean the "tali-buns"

  • Rob - 2012-04-15 13:52

    Ag, who cares. Let them get on with it. Never liked the NG Kerk anyway & what it stood for.

  • Andrew - 2012-04-15 13:54

    Do not take a brother to court...Matthew 6

  • Melania - 2012-04-15 13:58

    This is sad. It should have been declared a historical site at least. Its like opening an apartheid memorial in mr mandela's old house. Just insulting.

      bluzulu - 2012-04-15 14:07

      All the ""good ol' NG Kerk"" members had the opportunity to raise the cash among themselves and do with the structure as they please however the World turns on Capitalism rather than Religion. Where did all the "Tides" disappear?

      Melania - 2012-04-15 14:14

      Yes they should have. I am not in the NG but its one of the big stems of Christian faith in SA for all races and congregations. Its just sad to hear about it like this. I don't know why they didn't act sooner.

      Bless Boswell - 2012-04-16 09:29

      Oh what twak. It was no longer viable for the NG community to maintain it because of the expense. As an historical site it would then have stood and fallen to bits. What a waste. There is nothing wrong with it being sold to people who want it - c'mon grow up. Intolerance is indication of a narrow mind. Live and let live.

  • Gieljam - 2012-04-15 14:09

    This was to be expected not long then more of the NGK churches will be converted either as business stores or Muslim schools/mosques. On the same page you report of a gay person getting a job in the church and as the New SA law forces its somewhat ungodly fleshly laws on especially the law abiding community the church has also allowed these things in making a lot of people leave the NGK because of their weakness to stand fast in what is right and wrong.

  • John - 2012-04-15 14:23

    It's just a building. It was bought fair not taken by force. Who cares what it was converted into? There is a xtian church around every blady corner in SA so I'm sure they can find another church. If you are an xtian getting upset about this then you should practise what your archaic book teaches.

      Frans - 2012-04-15 14:42

      Well said John.

      michelle.kirsten - 2012-04-15 15:23

      I am a christian. And I agree that it is just a building. What I don't like is that it seems to afford everyone another opportunity to insult all Christians based on the actions/words of some. I love that the Bible gets insulted and ridiculed by the same people who expect us Christians to follow it to the letter when we (as humans) step on their metaphorical ideological toes.

  • Christoffsmuts - 2012-04-15 14:29

    LOL... a Religion Fight. I am just going to sit back and lol at the comments.

      HugoMabasa - 2012-04-15 18:02

      there is no fight anywhere rather sit back and watch telly

  • DuToitCoetzee - 2012-04-15 14:34

    I have red people said when opening a Christian church in a Muslim state you will be prosecuted and maybe yes, but this is SA. It is like saying we must practice Apartheid because they practice it against us in that country. Yes, it is hart-sore for a religion, but saying people are very unhappy while only one couple and maybe the "kinderhuis" attend the church cant be true. People cant complain when neglecting something. Why does it sounds if N24 are looking for sensation. Where was N24 when a church in Bellville/Parow became a spares-shop? I am sure the Muslims will respect the graves, history and what ever there maybe for being of other religions and treat it as that. Yes, it is a pity a old history of a religion goes out of their hands, but we must remember it is still SA and not a fundamental religious country. It is still one of the religions that believes in God and will respect it for that they same way I will do when taking over a previously one of theirs. Churches is good and well and the House of God and when it becomes His House no God fearing religion will damage it in a normal society. Always remember that religion are in you and worship places are needed, but your body and soul are the biggest church.

      bluzulu - 2012-04-15 14:55

      Bit elevated for a Sunday arvo Bro,

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-04-15 15:13

      Thanks. Will take it as a compliment. Was just hoping to spread the word of the "Real McCoys" who never make an effort to cancel out " The Informed" ones.(...or the one's who claimed to be) ;)

  • Frans - 2012-04-15 14:38

    Why do this 'pastor' label the Muslim religion as 'foreign'? Christianity was also brought to this country by the Europeans. No I'm not Muslim as my name obviously shows.

      bluzulu - 2012-04-15 14:55

      Well said Frans,

  • Gregory - 2012-04-15 14:43

    If god is really pissed off he will send a plague. So the bible punchers shouldn't worry to much about it.

      bluzulu - 2012-04-15 14:54

      More fairytales,

      Lacrimose - 2012-04-15 19:30

      In which case the plague is already here and it's called bigotry

  • Tim - 2012-04-15 14:56

    It's a matter of economics and demographics of the area. It reminds me of the Worlworth's dog cross bun saga - a big deal about nothing.

  • Abdul - 2012-04-15 15:01

    Thankfully this is church is reamining a as religious institution, and not being turned into a brothel,shebeen or sleezy nightclub.....ALL religions teach tolerance, love and unity so why not let prosper....If the muslims could afford to buy and take care of the place then so be IT....

      goyougoodthing - 2012-04-15 15:21

      All religions pretend to teach tolerance but in truth none of them are, they are anything but... that is why all religion is evil.

  • KReddy - 2012-04-15 15:26

    You know people, its just a building. And since everything deals with money and if u don't have any, sell and move on. Its simple. But noooo, you have to get the religion trash talk. I'm not christian, I'm not Muslim but my religion teaches acceptance of all people. Anyway, just as a house is a home with a family in it, a building will only be a church with a congregation.\r\n\r\nIf the christian community are so up in arms about it, why didn't they buy it or mainatin it? Its for their lack of committment to upholding their religion that the building was sold. If a deed has changed hands, good luck to getting it back.

  • Hudayfah - 2012-04-15 15:30

    I was hoping this didn't turn out to be an islam vs christianity debate,boy was i wrong. I guess each group/cult/religion/organisation has its people that will mis-represent its ideologies and teachings. Sadly amongst us Muslims as well. This is a non issue,but watch how it is blown out of proportion from both sides.

      michelle.kirsten - 2012-04-15 15:35

      Hudayfah, I agree. As a Christian I will probably be seen as traitor for saying this but I am pretty sure the same people slamming Islam have hardly seen the inside of their own churches recently.

      Hendrik - 2012-04-15 18:54

      Very true views there, both Hudayfah and michelle.kirsten. The truth here is that the Christian church is not built on a building built by man, but one built by God - i.e. it is built on men (and women). The church is not built on solid ground, somewhere in Langlaagte, but Christ said His church will be built on "this rock", talking about faith. The modern-day church has been reduced to an empty building, occupied by submarine people that only surface for an hour on Sundays. It has become the money-thing everyone points it out to be, and none can argue that, because Christians have allowed their focus to blur, and their attention to be distracted from God, to Mammon. It hope the sale was seen by all involved as a good transaction, and that the issues with the bishop's alleged lease agreement violation can be resolved, and that is how far I think one should take this argument.

  • Angela - 2012-04-15 16:03

    Anyone who cannot accept or tolerate another religion has no right to call themselves religious. Practice what you preach.

      HugoMabasa - 2012-04-15 18:05

      religion is the cause of intolerance and wars

      Angela - 2012-04-15 18:35

      I disagree. People who are intolerant of others and their belief systems cause wars. And those people twist religion and use it for their own purposes.

  • Joe - 2012-04-15 16:26

    Why is this news? It's a simple property transaction between a willing buyer and a willing seller. Another amateur news24 'article' that just creates unnecessary animosity and divisions in our country.

      Muhammad - 2012-04-15 21:09

      Agree 100 percent

  • Bless Boswell - 2012-04-15 16:47

    All this proves is that we as a nation, are intolerant and narrow minded. Live and let live, for heaven's sake. The NG church was sold - fact, because the local NG community had moved away. That is sad, but true - deal with it. So what if it was sold to members of another religion. What difference does it make? Why is this even news?

      Renola - 2012-04-25 00:04

      Its in the News because it should not be sold to Muslims when there is already a congregation of nearly a 1000 people fellowshiping and a ministry actively using the building for the past 12 years!!!

  • Vlooi - 2012-04-15 17:03

    As part of the congregation that are selling the church building, I would like to advise the readers that this is only the latest church that has been sold to Muslims in the vicinity. The Christian community in the area has dwindled to such an extent that in the last 25 years at least five congregations had the join with our congregation and the church buildings had to be sold. Because of the area, the congregation falls mostly in a low income area and simply do not have the funds to maintain very expensive buildings with the little income that they get. They made the decision to rather help their congregation members who has no food than look after bricks and mortar, just in case of what the community would say. Any person that are now outraged about the fact that a Dutch Reformed Church are being sold to Muslims, has clearly not been involved in the congregation and the fight they had to keep several communities alive. It is much easier to sit on a moral and religious high horse and shout what can and cannot be done, than getting down in the trenches and work to keep the congregation alive. The demography in the area has changed to such an extent that it simply is not viable anymore to maintain the originally five Dutch Reformed churches in an 8 kilometre radius. If this is such a matter of concern, feel free to join the congregation that still is existing in the area and do your part to keep it alive.

      Vlooi - 2012-04-15 17:32

      The same outrage was heard about the closing of Die Boekehuis in Melville. The time is gone that Afrikaans institutions and buildings are protected simply because they are Afrikaans institutions and buildings. The Afrikaans community is a vibrant and hardworking community, but as with many things in life, everything changes, even a suburb. The congregation that is selling the church building is much more tolerant and accepting of our Muslim brothers and sisters as they are our neighbours and not a mysterious group of people that hangs like a threatening cloud over everything. This is not about a victory of Muslims over Christians, but rather the change of the face of an area and the need of the people of the area. This is where the part comes in about loving your neighbour as you love yourself. As commented by Grace below, it is going towards education, and that in itself should be celebrated.

      Berto En Petra Mostert - 2012-04-15 19:27

      Adapt or die! Your arguments do not make sense! Long over are the days when people are bound to attend the nearest congregation! Why did this congregation not reach out to the new incomers and build the Kingdom of God? it would not have been necessary to sell the church to Muslims. It is a sad day for the NG kerk.

      Vlooi - 2012-04-15 23:38

      Berto and Petra, clearly you do not live in a diverse community. I do agree that we as Christians should reach out and build the Kingdom of God. However, that does not mean that we have to force everyone we come into contact with, to convert to Christianity. Some people are happy and fulfilled in their chosen religion, as I am. The fact that the church building is being sold to Muslims does not mean that the entire NG congregation has to convert to Islam. We still have our church with the customary services and activities and we still live according to God’s Word and choice. As I stated before, the Muslims in the community are our friends and neighbours and we interact with them on a daily basis. There is a need in the area for more Muslim facilities as the area, over the last 25 years, became largely Muslim orientated. Just as we do not force our religion on them, they do not force theirs on us. In my opinion, this will portray a truer image of the Christianity Jesus preached about than the forceful approach that many Christians adopt against other religions.

      Renola - 2012-04-24 17:45

      The Dutch Reform has not been maintaining the building... It is the Bishop of Glory Divine who has spent over 300000 last year alone to fix up and paint the church... We have proof of all this and neither is the ng kerk involved in any kind of outreach in the langlaagte area... This is all fabrication... If the christian comunityu is dwindling then how is Glory Divine home to nearly a thousand people... Bishop Ryan told the ng kerk that he would take all the responsiblity in maintenance... And he has.. There is no reason to sell this church to muslims as christians are already willing to buy and maintain the church

      Renola - 2012-04-24 22:47

      The Majority of the Langlaagte area is CHRISTIAN!!!!!!!!!

  • Grace - 2012-04-15 17:07

    Listen from some reports on the doings and screwings that go on in churches (all churches) at least this one is going towards education

      Renola - 2012-04-24 17:14

      Don't generalize... U don't have facts and u know nothing about the ministry ur talking about... Glory divine world ministries is I ministry dedicated to God and God alone... !!!!

  • Raj - 2012-04-15 19:48

    Wow!!! Man the comments....shew. The two topics sure to bring about war is POLITICS and RELIGION. This building is being sold for a good purpose, so why not let it be.

      Sydney - 2012-04-15 21:10

      I'd hardly call it a good purpose. The list of better uses are virtually endless. Homeless shelter, children's home, home for abused women, hospice, free clinic, after school care centre, any number of economically contributing businesses, toxic waste disposal facility, fertiliser production site, and so on.

      Dawood - 2012-04-15 21:13

      in SA,like many other countries,theres no racial tolerance,so how do we expect religious tolerance..The motto of -LIVE AND LET LIVE is a far off human beings,we are fooled by a few evil,profiteers whom cause conflict on a daily basis by using these sought of mediums to create divisions..they have no value for humanlife(hence WW1, WW2, IRAQ, AFGNSTN, AL QUDS(PALESTINE),and now IRAN..religion and its extremism is used by these folk to stir up emotions,create hatred ,and expect attacks and retaliation..this is how they invade,and usurp(steal) minerals,wealth etc and most importantly ppls dreams,lives and futures..they use mediums like news24 and other networks to promote hatred and are vile enough to watch the attrcities that a MUSLIM, i can put my head on the block and guarantee our Afrikaner brethren that the graves of their loved ones within the mosque(church) grounds will be respected like our own...My religion stresses this practise,and we do not see the sale as a matter of victory or defeat..its a place of worship for us and we will use it for the pleasure of the almighty..we pray for the entire humanity,as we expect their prayers inturn..NB : to the above and below haters,pls do research about ISLAM,before you make foolish and uninformed comments..

      abbyebenezer - 2012-04-15 21:40

      why has the church not turn to a a shool for prist,blind or day care than be sold hance is not easy to let would you let go of your own histry?

      abbyebenezer - 2012-04-15 21:41

      why has the church not turn to a a shool for prist,blind or day care than be sold hance is not easy to let would you let go of your own histry?

      Raj - 2012-04-16 07:20

      Hi Sydney, I can see that you have missed the bus on this one, however it is understandable that not everyone in this world has the ability to think logically. It is sad you are one of them. The purpose of selling the NG church was because of the high maintenance costs. These costs could not be footed by the small number of people within the church. It was sold to the Muslim society, and not to YOU or ME. This purchase was made with the intention of opening a muslim school to educate and promote the muslim religion. So you say that you can hardly call it a good purpose, its no wonder that this church is being sold, because of people like you who think attending a church is hardly a good purpose. If you had bought this building then you could have used it for whatever purpose you wanted. Hello if anything rings up there this building was SOLD and not given for FREE. Nevermind you missed this bus you can catch the next one.

      Raj - 2012-04-16 07:37

      Shame Abbyebenezer, I should have included you as well when I replied to Sydney. Nevermind you can read the reply I sent to him. If you wanted to keep it for its historical memories then why didn't you purchase it and do whatever you wanted to do.

      Raj - 2012-04-16 08:05

      Very well said Dawood

      Sydney - 2012-04-16 08:30

      Hi Raj, my ability to reason logically aside,I agree that whoever paid for the building should get to do with it whatever they wish (within the law of course). This is a capitalist democracy after all and that is their right.One which I would fight to defend. I don't believe that I implied the building was given away, neither do I believe using it as a NG church was anything but a waste of good land either. My opinion is that there a few things as useless as churches, apart from the self-satisfaction they provide to the people who use them and historically their function as social adhesive. The relevance of places of worship is dwindling (also in my opinion) and I'd rather see other uses for these places.

      Renola - 2012-04-24 17:11

      The building is not been maintained by the NG kerk at all... Bishop Ryan.. The ministry there for 12 years.. The ministry with nearly a thousan members, the ministry that is being evicted with out being given the chance to buy the building is the ones who has being maintaining... The bishop has spent over 300 000 last year alone re vamping that building NOT hennie van rooyen.. !!!

  • Muhammad - 2012-04-15 21:07

    With all the negative publicity against islam, this religion has demonstrated its resilience and remains the fastest growing religion on earth. Guidance comes from Allah (God) not from the media.

  • barBen666 - 2012-04-15 22:27

    I must say I'm delighted that this happened. I think it's high time that Christians will have to learn that their religion is NOT THE religion, but they are part of a bigger picture, part of a jigsaw puzzle. If you need to get a Picture of God, you need to fit all the pieces together and all the pieces you will never find in the presence of just one religion. True, God is One (in the plural - Elohim)but this do not mean that any one religion can claim ownership of or patent rights on God. The oneness of God can be explained by the analogy of Table Mountain. There is only ONE Table Mountain, but as you go around the mountain you constantly get a different view of the mountain. Likewise, if you look through the eyes of the different religions you see God constantly at different angles, but keep in mind it is always the same God you are looking at. I think the time is right for Christians to learn more of the "foreign" religions, treat them with respect and realize that the Way to heaven is not through Christianity, but through JESUS OF NAZARETH, His death on the cross of Calvary, His Resurrection and His Ascension into the Unapproachable Light, where He acts as a "atoning sacrifice for our sins, AND NOT ONLY FOR OURS, but also for the sins of the whole world." (1John.2:2) So what if a white elephant of a church building is turned over to another faith, or viewpoint of God. I think God will be well pleased.

  • Keegsvb - 2012-04-15 23:42

    I don't really care, I an a Christian, but a couple of my best mates are Muslims, as long as the building is being used to make people's lives better, judgement doesn't live here.

      Renola - 2012-04-24 17:05

      U say that but what happens to the active ministry Glory Divine that has a nearly a 1000 people fellowshiping weekly??? Can one Christian want an entire ministry to lose its place of worship??

  • debbieedwards101 - 2012-04-16 07:53

    I am a white muslim revert and there is so much that we can learn from the Muslim religion - tolerance being one of them. I can understand the anxiety about the need to retain the historical nature of the church as well as the gravesites. Rest assured, the muslims will do just that as it is not allowed within the religion to desicrate any holy sites. For the non believers, your opinions may be stated but there is no need to "mock" and degrade any belief system - tolerance propogates a peaceful community. As for the "calling of prayer", respect the fact that people are going to pray, not gathering to have a party. While the Christian faith go to church once a week, the muslims pray 5 times a day - i see no problem being reminded of your God as many times a day if need be - it promotes consciousness of "good". Remember, that this is going to be a school for young children where they will be educated just like any other schooling system - where state schools teach OBE curriculum and Christianity, a muslim school teaches OBE and Islam - what is the problem here. Practice tolerance of each other & each others belief systems, but even more importantly READ (the first command of the Holy Quran). When you hear something & want to comment on something, verify & check its vality, and then make comments because without knowledge of a particular subject, group, religion etc, ignorance will always prevail. Debbie

  • Ethan - 2012-04-16 09:54

    God saves.\r\nBe patient enough to wait for God to save his church.\r\nHennie van Rooyen, do you have an email add? if so please do mail me you email add:

  • Ethan - 2012-04-16 09:54

    God saves.\r\nBe patient enough to wait for God to save his church.\r\nHennie van Rooyen, do you have an email add? if so please do mail me you email add:

  • Shane - 2012-04-16 17:02

    @News24 - It would appear that my comments have been deleted. Could you be so kind as to explain why? Should i just make a guess that certain individuals dont want to have to explain the video links that i put in? or more precisely, what was being said by muslims? Just because you delete the comments doesnt make what they have said/what has happened go away or change.

  • Sholyn - 2012-04-24 14:46

    Please follow link from the Star News paper to find out the relevant information on the matter concerned. Please Read The Full Story... It is Glory Divine World Ministries that has been maintaining the building, and The NG Kerk has given them full rights to maintain the building in which they have done a tremendous job!... WORTH OVER R300 000! My Personal Comments: Us as Christians would never buy a mosque to turn into a church. Where is the respect for religion? The NG Kerk mentions they want to sell the church so that the money can be used for the “community” and the “poor”... Well they have already sold other churches and we cannot trace anything that they have done for the community. For so long Glory Divine World Ministries has been feeding the surrounding communities as well as doing blanket drives and giving Christmas presents but never have we seen the NG Kerk assisting.

  • Sholyn - 2012-04-24 14:46

    Please follow link from the Star News paper to find out the relevant information on the matter concerned. Please Read The Full Story... It is Glory Divine World Ministries that has been maintaining the building, and The NG Kerk has given them full rights to maintain the building in which they have done a tremendous job!... WORTH OVER R300 000! My Personal Comments: Us as Christians would never buy a mosque to turn into a church. Where is the respect for religion? The NG Kerk mentions they want to sell the church so that the money can be used for the “community” and the “poor”... Well they have already sold other churches and we cannot trace anything that they have done for the community. For so long Glory Divine World Ministries has been feeding the surrounding communities as well as doing blanket drives and giving Christmas presents but never have we seen the NG Kerk assisting.

  • Renola - 2012-04-24 15:09

    I though that all of u may like to know that the city press article regarding the church being sold is only one sided... \r\n\r\nIt fails to let people know that the church was given by the NG kerk to Glory Divine World Ministries for an unlimited period as long as we propagated the Christian Gospel... And at this very moment that building is a place of worship to a 1000 worshippers... \r\n\r\nGlory Divine World Ministries is not like any other churches that u hear about in the media... It is a church that is changing and transforming lives.... Where is the respect for religion??? We are supposed to respect all religions... Just as we would never come and destroy a Mosque or temple we expect other religions to respect our right to worship...\r\n\r\nIts not about fighting religion and deciding whose religion is the best... Its about the principle.... A Madressah can be built any where on this planet... They clearly have the money... So why strip a 1000 people of their place of worship???? Answer me that??? U still think what is being done is right??? \r\n\r\nGod is a God of order... How will this glorify God??? Is it right for a Muslim or a Christian to invade any other religious place of worship??? I don't believe it is...the church is a Christian heritage site on Church Square... Why Destroy a church with so many worshippers??? Where do they go??? The Ng kerk has not been maintaining that building for years,,, and is no service to the immediate community... But Glory divine World ministries is... \r\n\r\nThere are other articles published regarding this matter... The Star, the post... A lot of articles.. Visit to find out just how much this ministry is really doing before u make the assumption thhat it is good to destroy a house of God!!

  • Dale - 2012-04-25 11:19

    Bishop Ryan has been maintaining this building for the last 12 years so I cannot understand how the ng kerk can say that they selling the building because they can not afford the maintenaince. Where is the money from the other five churches that they sold? Also a comment that the Afrikaaners have moved away so there no need for the church in Lanlaagter. Are we not Christians? Regarless of the afrikaaners leaving, there are over a thousand people fellowshipping in Glory Divine. Where will we go?

  • esther.rousseau1 - 2012-04-26 13:16

    The Lord says “I am about to intervene SUDDENLY on behalf of my people.”

  • rags.brady - 2012-07-11 15:15

    The church is a community of believers not a building. Let it go!!

  • damonsb - 2012-07-11 16:31

    South Africa is one lucky blessed country. Islam and Christians can live together and some even respect the other`s ways of life. I Love my fellow Muslim friends and they love me. When you start insulting one another, this freedom of love sharing will turn ugly. Langlaagte gemeente ,i belief that less time were spend on prayer. I Know my Redeemer lives and if He lives inside of you, ALL will see how he works. When i read these comments, its sad as people rejoice in seeing the church go down, when actually all i read is Satan praising himself seeing how he destroyed a congregation. Christians ,don’t judge the Muslims and Muslims, don`t judge the Christians ,it’s not our job. Pastor, instead of fighting one another, pray for one another for your fight is not against flesh and blood. Are you going to allow Satan to strip you of your Peach you found in Jesus. Pray Brother. Amen

  • muhammud.moolla - 2012-07-12 10:10

    is it so bad if we get some educated kids out of this whole thing????? 2 religions interacting.... working out a solution for the community. doing it properly, i dont hear any complaints from the seller or buyer. good business done good deal and we all get something out. good job on both sides 50/50. well done ....hope it happens alot...going both ways...

  • joe.mase.7 - 2013-01-23 17:24

    Just wondering if they would have the same problem with this sale if it was sold to another Christian denomination or perhaps to the Hindu community; is the issue because the sale was to Muslims?

  • Emmanuel Veloo - 2013-07-03 11:29

    As much as the property is just property.It is sad to see a minister comment in that accord and these days it is NOT uncommon to see them personally benefit from deals like these financially. I would advise those who invested in that church,etc to look into this deeper.It may surprise you what has really happened here....

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