NPA condemns necklacing

2012-05-23 22:04

Johannesburg - Justice in South Africa could only be dispensed by its courts, the National Prosecuting Authority said on Wednesday.

"The NPA is appalled at the continued spate of so-called 'mob justice' killings that are taking place in Khayelitsha," spokesperson Mthunzi Mhaga said.

The NPA was worried over the phenomenon of people taking the law into their own hands without letting the courts rule on the allegations levelled against someone.

"This is not justice. It is crime," Mhaga said in a statement.

He was referring to a recent rise in attacks on suspected criminals in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

Alleged thief necklaced

Over the weekend an alleged thief who was out on bail was necklaced.

Necklacing is putting a tyre around a person's neck or chest, dousing it with petrol and setting it alight. It was used during the apartheid era to kill people thought to be collaborating with the then government.

Another man was necklaced in Khayelitsha in March; his feet had been bound with rope. A third was found dead with a tyre and concrete drain cover on his chest.

He was on his back and blood was coming out of his mouth and ears. His feet were also bound with rope.

In nearby Macassar, three suspected thieves were kidnapped and killed in March. Their beaten bodies were later found in some sand dunes.

Undermines efforts of ‘proper justice’

Police believed these were victims of mob justice. "...referring to the criminal conduct by members of the community as 'justice' flies in the face of common sense," Mhaga said.

This undermined the efforts to ensure proper administration of justice.

"As the NPA we will continue to vigorously prosecute those who take the law into their own hands, and we will ensure that they pay for their actions."

He said these attacks highlighted the need for education on how the criminal justice system worked.

"People lack a basic understanding of how the court system works. They will tell you that if they take suspects to the police they will be released on bail. To them bail is tantamount to an acquittal."

  • Mandy Casey - 2012-05-23 22:22

    Justice system needs to be more effective, wheels need to turn quicker. But this goes hand in hand with Correctional services which also needs tweaking.

      Peter - 2012-05-24 07:10

      Yea they are a bit late to be making a noise, so rather they shouldnt make any. All they are doing is trying to score brownie points

      Kala - 2012-05-24 08:41

      And to make things even worse they are releasing a whole whack of prisoners back on the streets. Something tells me it would be really bad for any of these released prisoners to head to Khayelitsha. But then that's the idea, right.

  • Godfrey - 2012-05-23 22:47

    Maybe if the NPA are more open when withdraw cases from the role, the public will give the system a chance. again. The thuth is, people dont trust the court system anymore.

  • - 2012-05-24 00:47

    What must people do when the judicial system is failing them? The judicial system is lenient on criminals. What must people do when the police fails to execute their duties? Police officials lose dockets and take long to start an investigation (I am also a victim). The crime rate has increased significantly, more rapes, more murders, more thefts. Necklacing is a viable alternative. I, like many people out there, condone it. Khayelitsha is most likely to became the safest township in South Africa.

      Koos - 2012-05-24 01:13

      I can only agree with you. Justice should be swift. Let's take the Jub Jub case or the ET case. Why does it take so long? and then in the end the punishment doesn't fit the crime. The police farce is not protecting the people, so the people need to do it themselves. Just imagine how good it will be for commuters if a couple taxidrivers are necklaced?

  • eddie.serane - 2012-05-24 01:36

    If the police n courts dsnt do their duties then pple will do it so 2NPA stop cmplng coz u a failures

      Gerald Jordaan - 2012-05-24 01:49

      eddie is on point!! if the cops are slapgat then what does the NPA expect??

      Jason Children - 2012-05-24 06:29

      they are sick of the crimes against them and want to live in a safe place. if the police cant help then you must help yourself!

  • Danwill Theys - 2012-05-24 05:13

    Thou shall not kill

  • maseratifittipaldi - 2012-05-24 05:40

    Yet the TA so loves mobbing it here and mobbing it there and mobbing it everywhere. See DA march and mobbing at Goodman.

  • Dooie - 2012-05-24 06:32

    O.k mr Mthunzi Mhaga... Is this justice?:

  • ntokozo.dhlamini.3 - 2012-05-24 07:12

    What do these idiots from NPA think these violent criminals do when they are released on bail? Do they think they suddenly turn into saints who won't hurt a fly? Of course they commit more violent crime, that's why people are against bailing them out.

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-06-09 20:02

      Then you know what @ntokozo.dhlamini, its time to put on our walking shoes, wear the same colour T shirt and march, march until we are heard! march to goverment offices, march to the Parliament . We need change of the justice system and we need it now, united we stand, divided we fall

  • Zahir - 2012-05-24 07:46

    The justice system does not work this is reason why mob killings go on suspects who do serious crimes always out on bail or get suspended sentence or light sentence sort the mess.

  • TheMonk - 2012-05-24 09:20

    And Zuma says that he knows what he is doing. Well, Mr President, its not working. Necklacing is a crime. It is barbaric. The only way to stop it to replace the incompetent cops with real cops. Sure there are good, competent cops in the force, but these are a minority. It is scary that some of these cops cannot even hold a rational conversation with a memeber of the public. What chances to these idiots have of conducting a successful investigation? People (voters) are seeing this incompetenence, not just in the police force, but all over. This is the frustration of the people. If the president does know what he is doing as he claims, then he must recognise that people are getting to the point of no return.

  • Cuteandbronzed - 2012-06-16 02:05

    The thing is with this, if its allowed to continue people will use it to kill people they just dont like its needs to stop and stop now!

  • Cuteandbronzed - 2012-06-16 02:07

    and I am at a loss of words at the goverment for realsing convicted prisoners back into the streets really at a loss, we already have a high crime rate and they release them back out, makes me wonder why, what was the intension by the present administtration!

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