NPA undecided on Shaik prosecution

2011-04-05 14:17

Durban - The KwaZulu-Natal Directorate of Public Prosecutions has not yet decided whether to prosecute convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik for allegedly assaulting a journalist, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said on Tuesday.

"KwaZulu-Natal acting director of public prosecutions advocate Simphiwe Mlotshwa has not decided whether prosecution is warranted. We will tell the media as soon as the decision has been made," said NPA regional spokesperson Natasha Ramkisson.

Last month, the Directorate of Public Prosecutions received the police docket relating to Shaik's alleged assault of Sunday Tribune reporter Amanda Khoza.

Shaik allegedly slapped and throttled her on the Papwa Sewgolum golf course on Saturday, February 26 while she was on assignment, covering him playing golf while out on parole.

Shaik served just over two years of a 15 year sentence, most of which he spent in a medical unit.

He was given medical parole on the grounds that he was terminally ill, but opposition parties have questioned whether he is indeed ill following various sightings of him in public.

His jail sentence related to the facilitation of a bribe from arms company Thint, allegedly to President Jacob Zuma.

  • Joy - 2011-04-05 14:20

    He should never have been released on MEDICAL parole in the first place. Incarcerate him again and throw away the key !

      matla - 2011-04-05 15:11

      @ Joy He is going to be pardoned after the 2012 elections - and there is nothing you gonna do about it - just be happy Joy

  • BakkieB - 2011-04-05 14:21

    What a usual the connected walk away.

  • LadyJJ - 2011-04-05 14:24

    Terminally ill my ass...they all now he is not sick, this was all presure from Zuma to let him go

  • kungfupanda - 2011-04-05 14:31

    According to Hayibo, Shaik suffers from a condition called "life". It has a zero percent survival rate. Every day you are 24 hours closer to your death. The NPA is just waiting to be told by the president what to do.

      buzz - 2011-04-05 15:10

      Lol, life is in fact a sexually transmitted terminal disease...

  • K@K Praat? - 2011-04-05 14:33


      K@K Praat? - 2011-04-05 15:03

      Keep Raping the system.......It will come back and rape you 2..LOL!!!!"Which way now Comrades...The country is watching this Jol!"

  • Comrade Mike - 2011-04-05 14:35

    The NPA are asking, "What would Jesus do?"....... Sorry, that's meant to be, "What would Jacob do?"

  • Stofpad - 2011-04-05 14:36

    Fantastic! It just proves how important networks are, not only in business...

  • PMG - 2011-04-05 14:38

    The puppet Menzi is just waiting for the big boss to call and tell him what to do,but the big boss is very busy servicing all those fat ugly wives,so he could be a while, because as we all know there are quite a few wives.

  • - 2011-04-05 14:38

    What's the problem we all know he's going to go scott free

  • Bill - 2011-04-05 14:49

    No doubt uncle Zuma has had something to do with this indecision!!!!!

  • Facts - 2011-04-05 14:54

    Find the doctor or doctors that declared him terminally ill. They should be locked up for life. Get some photos of them and expose them. I want to see what real liars or shall I say SICK people look like.

      ALCAB - 2011-04-05 17:00

      These doctors can not be worth their salt as Shaik has proved them wrong in their findings.Did he not go to Lourdes for a miracle cure ?

      JOHNNYBRAVO - 2011-04-12 09:52

      yes, i agree. any other case and the doctors would have been locked up.

  • Koos - 2011-04-05 14:54

    ja... becasue zuma says no!!! then everyone must jump!! what a joke!!!

  • RIMRIM - 2011-04-05 15:02

    ANC TRASH!!!!

  • Slapper - 2011-04-05 15:02

    Why don't they just ask their masters? we already know that this is 100% political and depending on how he gets along with the Boss, he will or will not be prosecuted. Its got nothing to do with Justice.

  • Thandi - 2011-04-05 15:05

    What's the problem - waiting for the cheque to be cleared?

  • daaivark - 2011-04-05 15:06

    Good God! What's to decide? He quite unashamedly assaulted an individual while supposedly terminally ill. Come on, Mr Mlotshwa! No need even to think twice.

  • matla - 2011-04-05 15:09

    give Shaik a Bells

  • SlapTjip - 2011-04-05 15:10

    Nobody cant touch skelm Shaik. The moment Zuma or anyone touch Shaik, Shaik will shake all of what he knows into the media putting some high profiled individuals at serious risk.

  • jdeeathome - 2011-04-05 15:11

    when Shaik dies at the age of 90, the ANC will probably turn around and say "see we told you he was terminally ill, now he is dead, are you happy"

  • El Cid - 2011-04-05 15:20

    Yeah, right. He is terminally ill of stupidity. Pompous bunch of thieving anc scum.

  • Wackyme - 2011-04-05 15:23

    hang the him high

  • JJ - 2011-04-05 15:37

    Heading should be : "BRIBE NOT ENOUGH FOR NPA" vote anc!

  • JOHNNYBRAVO - 2011-04-05 15:38

    there is a law for us................................ and there is a law [of sorts] for them...................

  • The Wonderer - 2011-04-05 15:43

    There'll be no surprises here. Just like the NPA let Zuma with 700+ fraud related charges off the hook, they will let Zuma's corrupt friend Shaik off too...

  • Mariano Cast - 2011-04-05 15:46

    Once there were two crooks who were like brothers . One goes to jail,albeit for a very short and comfortable time, and the other becomes president of the country.The end.

  • briansmith702 - 2011-04-05 15:46

    You can never believe that the NPA is now independent. They are awaiting instructions from the ANC and Zuma before moving ahead. Guaranteed nothing will happen with our corrupt to the hilt ANC. Watch this space. They want to prosecute someone who spilt a drink on Zuma but not a fraudster who in cohoots with Zuma committed fraud as estalished by the high court and all appeals that followed thereafer. It is a non brainer. Keep voting for this corrupt regime at your own risk!!!!!

      Mariano Cast - 2011-04-05 15:50

      briansmith702,I said the same thing, but shorter.

  • Stu - 2011-04-05 15:57


  • Stu - 2011-04-05 16:00

    ZUMA:To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under the sun. A time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted; a time to kill and a time to heal ... a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance ... a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing; a time to lose and a time to seek; a time to rend and a time to sew; a time to keep silent and a time to speak; a time to love and a time to hate; a time for war and a time for peace. UP YOURS MR PRESIDENT !!

  • Dougalan - 2011-04-05 16:06

    Correct - the NPA are just political lapdogs of the ANC. That's why the Scorpions were disbanded. We are led by a bunch of dishonest political scum, for whom no voter with any conscience can vote any more. It's never been more clear - a vote for the ANC is a vote for corruption.

  • goyougoodthing - 2011-04-05 16:17

    In Durban if you are caught now and have money you go to hospital and not jail. Shabir has started a trend that is now being followed by another of his brothers, the ace driving drunk Lawyer who killed 4 people last week is also in hospital for depression.

      goyougoodthing - 2011-04-05 16:34

      Note it's not actually his brother... just a fellow connected Dirtbinner :-)

  • Michelle - 2011-04-05 16:19

    We sit back... watch and wait....we shake out heads and mumble about the doctors and the parole board.... We comment on News 24 about the injustice... and so it goes on...

  • MJV - 2011-04-05 16:38

    I bliksem you today, I get arrested today and appear in court tomorrow. What excuses do they wanna think up at the NPA? Stop dragging your heels and do your FCKing work NPA

  • The_Realist - 2011-04-05 16:42

    zooma will protect 'ol shaikey, i am sure shaiky has enough info to sink the whole zooma dynasty of trough swillers!

  • To The Point - 2011-04-05 17:28

    Helloooooo NPA do you want to waste more taxpayers money playing games with Shaik if you cannot lock him up for a serious crime he has already been convicted of how do you think charging him for assault will succeed? Grow up and stop wasting taxpayers money – Shaik will eat you lot for breakfast. Take the sick “dog” to a vet and have him put down or make him President or Vice President – criminals are running circles around you lot.

  • cgtours - 2011-04-05 17:55

    tH jOURNALIST WHO LAID THE CMPLAINT AND THE CHARGE AGAINST HIM SHOULD DEMAND HER RIGHTS TO HAVE THIS MAN PROSECUTED. tHERE IS A CHARGE AGAINST HIM - HOW CAN THE pUBLIC pROSECUTOR EXPECT anbody IS GOING TO BELIEVE OR ACCEPT IF sHAIK IS NOT CHARGED JUST LIKE ANY OTHER CITIZENS AND THEN TO top it all he is already on parole. THIS CASE MUST GO TO COURT TO SAVE THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM FROM TOTAL CORRUPTION AS WELL !!!!tHE jOURNALISTS HAS RIGHTS UNDER THE cONSTITUION AS WELL- SHAIKS ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW BECAUSE OF PRESIDENT ZUMA! iS THAT WHY?? HE IS AGAIN TRYING TO BE LET OFF NOW EVEN BY THE PUBLIC PROSECUTER??? Advocate Simphiwe Mhlotswa your reputation is on line- are you unbiased!! We are all waiting to see the outcome!! Are you jeopardising the neautrality of the South Africa Law Courts and Judicial systems? Not just South Africans, the world media is watching as well, so are many many Advocates from many Countries.

  • The Wonderer - 2011-04-05 18:51

    There'll be no surprises here. Just like the NPA let Zuma with 700+ fraud related charges off the hook, they will let Zuma's corrupt friend Shaik off too...

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