NYDA explains R100m youth fest bill

2011-02-08 14:27

Johannesburg - The 17th World Festival of Youth and Students cost R100m to stage, instead of the R69m first reported, the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) revealed on Tuesday.

The announcement was made at NYDA headquarters in Midrand by executive chairperson Andile Lungisa, who said the festival cost R100 000 000.42.

The event was held at the Tshwane Events Centre in Pretoria in December with the theme: "Let's defeat imperialism for a world of peace, solidarity and social transformation."

The agency had raised funds, and was still doing so, to ensure none of the NYDA's own budget was used to finance the festival.

R40m from lottery board

Prior to the festival, the NYDA said it had obtained R40m in funding from the National Lotteries Board (NLB), R27m from the presidency and another R3m from the arts and culture department.

NLB spokesperson Sershan Naidoo said it had paid a first tranche of R24m, but that before it transferred the remaining R16m, the NYDA would have to submit a progress report, with substantiating information, detailing how the funds were used.

"And then we have got to just cross check and verify," he said.

The NLB and the NYDA came in for severe criticism last year after it was announced that R40m had been allocated to the funding of the festival.

NYDA chief executive officer Stephen Ngubeni said the NYDA had never said the festival would cost only R69m, but that it had merely disclosed the amounts for which it had received funding.

He said the R69m cost had been "speculation" by the media and that the NYDA had received a further R5.5m from provincial governments, R1.8m from the department of communications and that registration fees from participants at the festival had generated another R2.3m.

Some funding had also come from municipalities.

He said the NYDA would submit a report to Minister in the Presidency Collins Chabane on Tuesday.

Entertainment costs rang up to R9.5m, catering had a bill of R29m, travel and housing cost R24m and was paid to R3.4m volunteers.

Media coverage lamented

The event was originally meant to be held in Johannesburg, at an estimated cost of R340m, but moved to Pretoria to cut costs.

The NYDA said it had expected about 30 000 people to attend, but on Tuesday Lungisa said that 15 000 people had attended, of whom 7 000 were from abroad.

He lamented the media's coverage of the event.

"It seems from the beginning the South African media did not display any positive attitude to the hosting of the festival, leading to a multitude of negative media reports."

At the time, it was reported that delegates played "kissing games" while waiting for the festival to start after delays were announced over the loudspeakers.

There were transport problems and some speakers did not arrive.

Positive events in Egypt, Tunisia

According to a programme distributed at the start of the event, ANC veteran Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula, Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale and Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu were to address thousands of young people from over 100 countries at various sessions.

Organisers said none of the speakers had confirmed their attendance and would not be present.

There were also problems with access to food and complaints about caterers not being paid.

Ngubeni said that in contrast, international media had reported favourably on the event.

He said that one of the tangible benefits of the conference could be seen in the youth's involvement in events that subsequently unfolded in Egypt and Tunisia.

"We continue to witness delegates from Egypt and Tunisia who participated in the festival leading from the front in the campaign for democracy in their respective countries."

  • KaiinSA - 2011-02-08 14:33

    "The agency had raised funds, and was still doing so, to ensure none of the NYDA's own budget was used to finance the festival." So they wanted to have the party and the spotlight but dont want the bill. Least they have been honest I guess which is more than can be said for others.

      BLACKsoWHAT! - 2011-02-08 15:31

      @ Paul - If only that aardvark prime minister actually knew what the K word meant.

      tshepo1 - 2011-02-08 15:46

      @ Paul.. o setlaela. mmaago-o-stlhako.

      Sickly - 2011-02-08 16:02

      Paul you are such a d0os

      nixcroft - 2011-02-08 16:13

      @blacksowhat, Harvey and Tshepo : While i don't agree 100% with pauls statement i have to kinda agree with the point he is making, if not the way he made it. R100 million rand. FFS. For what ? So that a bunch of "youths" that have bugger all better to do can stand around and bla bla bla about kak. Nothing productive came out of this. People died in Egypt and Tunisia. And they could be working or even trying to find employment. But hey, free food, free music, free transport and a free party. How many of the many youths in South Africa benefitted from R100 million that was pissed against the wall ? Some form of training ? No. what about startup loans for entrepreneurs of the "previously disadvanteged" to start their own business ? No. Lets see... The poorest of the poor and the youth that need the help got nothing out of this. But hey, ANC membership least they will get to heaven ! There is hope for them in the afterlife it would seem...

      BLACKsoWHAT! - 2011-02-08 16:25

      @ tshepo1 Nna ke re mmagwe-a-nyo.

      Jo - 2011-02-08 16:43

      How many other South African Youth Development agencies were represented at this event - other than the ANC one, I mean? It's an important question if funds from municipalities and the Lotto were used.

  • kingoftomorr - 2011-02-08 14:38

    I’m ashamed to say I’m a part of the youth of this country when there idiots like this guy suppose to be a "leader" its seriously an insult, there’s million of young people who could do this anc puppets job a million times better. Oh how i hate stupidity and those who embrace it!!!!

  • Christo - 2011-02-08 14:42

    Please, Typical ANC. 2 days ago JZ made a statement that had the country buzzing with anger. Now they divert attention to Malema and his league. Can you not see why Malema is there, he takes the attention from JZ when he stuffs up. As long as they can keep money from reaching the education department, they know that the future is good for them. But as soon as their uneducated members get educated and learn how they are being bullshitted, they will no longer vote for them. These JZ & Malema ANC runniers are more cleva than we can imagine!!!!

  • matla - 2011-02-08 14:42

    I would love to see the day these untaught wild bunch go down permanently. They will never lead the ANC, never or else I vote Bakwena Party

      Chili - 2011-02-08 15:16

      Well said!

  • sean.sharkie - 2011-02-08 14:42

    "He said that one of the tangible benefits of the conference could be seen in the youth's involvement in events that subsequently unfolded in Egypt and Tunisia." That pretty much sums up everything for me! Violence and anarchy are the order of the day.

      thinker - 2011-02-08 21:46

      Do you think the boys from Zim were invited?

  • - 2011-02-08 14:42

    They played kissing games? HAHAHAHAHA! I bet that led to playing of hide-the-sausage later on. Wonder how many pregnancies and HIV transmissions resulted from this lot!

      Paul - 2011-02-08 15:15

      Not enough

      Cindy.K. - 2011-02-08 16:15

      Paul, is dit nou regtig nodig om so 'n doos te wees?

      Paul - 2011-02-08 16:34

      Cindy - Noem my wat jy wil, Ek staan by my punt. Ek is gatvol met die mannetjies wat lekker lewe op my belasting geld. Ek moes sukkel om my drie meisies op Universiteit te hou, en hierde swaart varke , gebruik my geld om rond te vok.

  • stephanjvv - 2011-02-08 14:43

    There is a printing mistake in this article. There is no National Youth Development Agency, only an ANC Youth Development Agency. That should clarify the why money is being wasted like this. They are only following the example set by the ANC.

  • Made_In_SA - 2011-02-08 14:44

    I still can't see how they can justify 1bar never mind 100bar and 45c? There is a link missing from the evolutionary chain when it comes to some people...

      Christo - 2011-02-08 15:01

      Please note. 42c not 45c Don't make them out as bigger theaves than they are!!!!!

      Other Justin - 2011-02-08 15:57

      @Christo - LOL!

  • anastasia - 2011-02-08 14:46

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it difficult to relate to these numbers.? Millions get tossed around as though they are thousands, I cannot conceive of these astronomical sums being spent on transport, board and lodgings. We have to get real, people, and understand in a country with so many pressing needs for funds to alleviate poverty, improve health and education, provide houses and basic services we cannot waste them on frivolous events that produce no benefits.Keep the numbers in perspective.

      Dave - 2011-02-08 15:33

      Absolutely correct, there is no appreciation of the value of money with these brats, they just get handed everything on a plate. The dundahead that is president of this ding dong league earns R1.8m a year.....

      Valis - 2011-02-08 16:09

      They are like children. They have no sense of responsibility and no idea of the value of money. Our country is being run by a bunch of people with the mentality of five-year-olds.

  • jimmy jazz - 2011-02-08 14:46

    oh c'mon , who are they trying to was one massive waste of money .

      Wessel - 2011-02-08 15:50

      Just think all the schools and haspitals that they could have gave that money to or help the work fors.

  • CharlSkeptic - 2011-02-08 14:49

    It will just get worse, as the figures start coming out. I mean, R340m for JHB, why? Says who? Thats like the workshop warning that your car is totalled but you end up paying R20 000 and glad about it..

  • Christo - 2011-02-08 14:50

    Hahahahaha Egipt was there too, look, they attend a youth fest in South Africa and is now so corrupted by the ANC that they have a civil war back home. Go figure, shit sticks!!!

  • CharlSkeptic - 2011-02-08 14:51

    R29m food/catering (I hope no sushi involved) plus R24m accommodation plus R9.5m entertainment (I hope no sushi involved) plus R3.4 for volunteers (I still hope no sushi involved) still leaves around R30m unaccounted for...

      marcell.viljoen - 2011-02-08 14:57

      Isnt being a volunteer just that. no pay...?

      CharlSkeptic - 2011-02-08 15:01

      Sure. But hey, there is no such thing as a free lunch, hey? Ask Karl MArx

      Christo - 2011-02-08 15:02

      Maybe before 1994, not anymore

      tilovonbrandis - 2011-02-08 15:03

      Thanks the sushi... and whisky and attendance money and money for work done and sushi for the afterparty - 2011-02-08 15:05

      Food cost more than accommodation and plane tickets, transport etc. What the hell were these kids eating? Something verrry wrong here!

      Grant - 2011-02-08 15:09

      Break that down for a minute. R30M catering. Although 15,000 turned up, they expected 30,000. So assuming ALL 30,000 actually pitched, thats R1,000EACH just for FOOD. What does a meal for one cost at the Hilton??

      people.3000 - 2011-02-08 15:36

      How on Gods green earth can the accommodation be LESS than food? That is not possible... there were 17 000 or 15 000 people, thats between R 1700 and R1933 per head... What the hell weer they eating, gold bars?

      Mundu - 2011-02-08 15:52

      Yeah, and despite the high cost for food, the caterers still didn't get paid. So were did all that money end up?

  • JuluisMalema - 2011-02-08 14:53

    Ho F*ck off. Go tell this P@#$ to someone who will believe it because i do not. It ended up in the pockets of the black anc youth legue leader and some of his comrades!!

      JuluisMalema - 2011-02-08 14:57

      Because we all saw on TV that there was no food, the accomodation was not well organiced, there was almost no toilets to acomodate all these people. I know Julius Malema and some other ministers pocked lekker money with this story. And they spend all this money for a totally useless cause, that was not nessacery. But now Goverment said we must all give some money because they need R20m for all the flooded area's, but they spend bloody R100m and 42c.... Explain this better please. Am i missing something.

      CharlSkeptic - 2011-02-08 15:04

      What you dont understand is that you can makes LOTS of money if you can fabricate an invoice or even prepare a legible tender document

  • seri_us - 2011-02-08 14:54

    Catering bill of R1900 per person .... sounds like a real good lunch .

      Christo - 2011-02-08 14:56

      No, have you seen the price of sushi?? - 2011-02-08 14:57

      Well sushi and champagne are expensive....

      CharlSkeptic - 2011-02-08 15:03

      sounds like a monthly salary

      Homo-Sapien - 2011-02-08 15:03

      and how much does a slut cost to eat it off from?

      Homo-Sapien - 2011-02-08 15:04

      its like eating flies off a turd...

      Smaal - 2011-02-08 15:09

      Aaawwww no man Homo-Sapien! Now I won't be able to eat sushi for a month!

  • Smaal - 2011-02-08 14:59

    R 100 000 000.42 / 15 000 = R 6 666.67 per person attending and people still complained? I think an itemized bill and what company supplied what would be in order. Anyone want to take a bet on how many ANC bigwig names will pop up in such an investigation?

      Smaal - 2011-02-08 15:02

      P.S. All those 6’es in there looks very ominous. Hold on to that ANC membership guys, you might need it.

      Christo - 2011-02-08 15:08

      And so the plot thickens!!!!!

      Otilia - 2011-02-08 15:09

      Feck..I was jus calculating that at ZAR1000 a head this money could have actered for 100000people. You mean there was only 15000people. Dang, i wanna join the League!

      Calmone - 2011-02-08 15:17

      @christo.And so the chickens plot would be more approiate to see how much more of this bullshit we will believe.

  • The_Truth - 2011-02-08 15:00

    I feel so much better now

      Christo - 2011-02-08 15:07

      Me 2, I guess we finally know what happened to all the money.

      Paul - 2011-02-08 15:14

      Me too, I always wondered what Piet Skiet Rudolph was thinking...finding out the hard way.

      Other Justin - 2011-02-08 16:01

      Shoo, ya, thank goodness for explaining, it all makes sense now.....I am not sure why we were getting so upset......LOL, dumb@sses

  • CraigColinRoyMcLeod - 2011-02-08 15:08

    The price of a few plastic chairs is mind blowing... Must have been an ANC tender. Video of the events shows that the entire thing would have been more upmarket in a tin shack shebeen. Delegates eating with plastic forks. Typical corruption, and the poor and under privileged will continue to sink while their chosen leaders drive them deeper into poverty.

  • Viv - 2011-02-08 15:09

    Umm....if you are a volunteer you dont get paid. You are volunteering your time - or did the meaning of the word change to suit the situation?? Me thinks the money went into pockets! A waste of good money of bullshit yet again. Viva African National Clowns Viva!!

      Paul - 2011-02-08 15:13

      they are called volunteers because the come from Zimbabwe , have no right to be here, and dont pay tax.

      Christo - 2011-02-08 15:16

      You are absolutaly correct Viv, Malema volunteered to take the money, that is what it means!!

      NotGuilty - 2011-02-08 15:35

      Alot of words' meanings have changed in this country i.e. racism, revolution, imperialism, freedom etc. etc. I don't even know what these words mean anymore????

  • JohannV - 2011-02-08 15:10

    Well, I guess the media didn't show interest, because they invited delegates from those models of human rights, Cuba and North Korea. Why spend so much money? WHY??? And then just before Christmas the SABC reports there are more than a MILLION South Africans in deperate need of food. They could have fed a whole bunch of them. Add the R1 Billion that Zuma wrote off towards Cuba, and even more people could have been fed. I wonder if Malema ate sushi off a Korean chick? - 2011-02-08 15:17

      I think he ate sushi off a Sudanese womans rectum.

  • PB - 2011-02-08 15:14

    One could laugh if it wasn't so sad... F'up everything that comes to hand and then complain and toi toi about that (which was not good enough) that is no longer there. How absolutely braindead do you have to be to have this type of argument? Have a Million Man march etc to gain world sympathy and attention, but once you trash something like the Cairo Museum, you turn world sympathy on it's head. Ngubeni - Northern African countries used to get billions to allow the Dakar Rally to cross their countries. The idiots decided to rather behave like uneducated moronic criminals, which made it unsafe. Result - Dakar Rally has found a new home in Chili and Argentina - 2 countries who are now coining big time and get worldwide publicity that has boosted their tourism to no end. The uneducated moronic criminals in Egypt even tried to trash the Cairo museum - one of the absolute only reasons why any tourist would go into that cesspit called Cairo - what were they going to gain from that???? Once you have f'ed it up, nothing is left to get tourists to a country - have you spread that word at the Youth Booze Up? No, you were too busy having fun at whoever else's expence.

  • - 2011-02-08 15:15

    I also feel so much better. At least they are being transparent about it.

  • Podgette - 2011-02-08 15:16

    Hahahaha, right down to the 42c. Of course it was a huge success, they got fed, watered and laid; shared some STDs and had a jolly old time.

      Homo-Sapien - 2011-02-08 15:24

      AIDS is becoming our little friend...

  • CyberDog - 2011-02-08 15:18

    WOW!, talk about a baldy named theme. They should have rather named it: "Let's defeat corruption for a world of peace, solidarity and social transformation." And then cut the costs.

      Homo-Sapien - 2011-02-08 15:23

      wtf? (1)

  • CyberDog - 2011-02-08 15:20

    WOW!, talk about a baldy named theme. They should have rather named it: "Let's defeat corruption for a world of peace, solidarity and social transformation." And then cut the costs.

      Homo-Sapien - 2011-02-08 15:23

      wtf? (2)

  • CyberDog - 2011-02-08 15:20

    WOW!, talk about a baldy named theme. They should have rather named it: "Let's defeat corruption for a world of peace, solidarity and social transformation." And then cut the costs.

      Homo-Sapien - 2011-02-08 15:24

      wtf? (3)

      NotGuilty - 2011-02-08 15:42


  • PB - 2011-02-08 15:20

    I wonder how many of the service providers will end up bancrupt because of the Baby Government just not paying - claiming poverty?

  • jakkals - 2011-02-08 15:21

    Thank the pope the 42 cents were declared... imagine the implications if it was not?! LOL

  • Journey - 2011-02-08 15:22

    Nobody seems to know what is going on at NYDA. People rock up for work at 10 and leave at 3pm. 90% of the time they sit and do nothing! Send a camera crew to check things out! They are wasting tax payers money!

  • Gorilla - 2011-02-08 15:26

    What's with the 0.42c? Did someone buy two loose smokes?

      devils_advo - 2011-02-08 16:26

      It was the tip

      Andy49 - 2011-02-08 16:37

      1 tube of Lip-Ice stolen from Clicks on special offer.

  • psydomx - 2011-02-08 15:27

    It doesnt take an idiot to see the sums dont add up here, its disgusting!!

  • Homer - 2011-02-08 15:27

    Well done ANCYL. you saved R240M by having it in Pretoria instead of JHB. Well done!!!

  • Lwazi - 2011-02-08 15:27

    Go to hell Andile Lungisa and your disasterous ANC

  • Trudy - 2011-02-08 15:29

    People that died in the struggle will be turning in their graves, how many houses could they have built with R100M? The ANC only serves itself, and nobody else!

      Ithinkso - 2011-02-10 13:41

      So right!!!! It is absolutely disgusting the ANC and all involved in the theft of this money should be jailed. How is this justified when the people are screaming out for houses, schools and hospitals and these morons go and spend R 1 000 000.42 on a party !!!!!!!! Shocking shocking shocking !!!!!!! Give me the purse strings to control and see how many jokers would leave the employ of the ANC.

  • dracqlore - 2011-02-08 15:29

    This "your people" and "them" and "they" and "black and white" and "apartheid" nonsense is dead and buried. And this fact manifests itself by the knowledge that we all drink and bathe in the same recycled toilet water. Enough with the crap about us n them we are all in the same boat in the same country drinking the same recylced toilet water stop building wedges build bridges and realize that almost all of us are the same, same fears same love same hate same misunderstanding and sam anxiety. I love all the people in our country and justice because their view point are different than mine does not make mine right. Saffers you need to come together as a nation and learn that our differences is where our strengh's lie! God bless you all!

      Other Justin - 2011-02-08 16:10

      That's all very nice, but what does this have to do with the article? I do not like to ANC, I despise them, they are destroying the country and are leading the masses to hunger and desolation with their promises and lies. What I mean is I am not part of "them" and I never will be. Down with the African National Corruption.....

  • Monica - 2011-02-08 15:31

    What a waist of funds! Are we now going to take in the people of Egypt as well? It is time to have another person to run this country besides the ANC; Lets vote! Just turn up!!!!!

      SondisaHerself - 2011-02-08 15:48

      At least it was wasted on the fest,unlike your parents who WASTED their money trying to teach you how to spell. Its 'waste' not 'waist', dumbo.

      Andy49 - 2011-02-08 16:44

      @SondisaHerself - the spelling is not critical as both words are pronounced the same therefore most people (excluding yourself) would have understood Monica's comment. By the way Teacher Sondisa, there should be a [space] after the comma & the next word, viz "fest,unlike" looks like your education was also wasted.

  • Serame - 2011-02-08 15:35

    the priorities of the NYDA are not up to scratch...cos we have a lot of young pupil with great potential to actively participate in the global economy..They have money to spend on such events but could hardly organise meaningful bursary schemes for the young generation...This is a huge slap on the face..

  • Krush - 2011-02-08 15:37

    3.4million paid to volunteers? wtf? Or did I interpret that wrong?

      Paul - 2011-02-08 15:55

      You interpreted it correctly. Disgusting.

  • Peter Merrington - 2011-02-08 15:37

    R100 million divided by 15,000 attendees over seven days comes to a fat figure of R952 per day per young person (all inclusive, food, shelter, transport, entertainment bill and whatnot). It seems like a lot of money. Let's take an 'English' or 'farmhouse' breakfast - at most R60. Lunch, buffet, perhaps R70. Dinner, basic, about the same. Food = R200 per day. Add R30 for coffee, coca cola, etc = R230. Youth-style accommodation, Youth Hostel, backpacker, Uni res, about R250 per day max. total = R480. Transport? R50 per day. total = R530. Entertainment? A whole whopping R400 per day per young person?? I'd like to see the original plan and budget and an itemised bill. Senior university researchers don't get nearly this sum when they apply for support to attend a local academic conference.

      devils_advo - 2011-02-08 16:25

      Can you not write to Colins Chanbane in the Presidency and request a full audited account of the expenditure on this??

  • sarelvdwalt - 2011-02-08 15:38

    Amazing that "the agency (can) raise funds" for a bloody party! But they can't do that for poor and starving children... less than 100km from where they held the bash!! Stupid politician losers!

  • CM - 2011-02-08 15:42

    Roughly R 6500 per person for this festival

  • Cameron - 2011-02-08 15:44

    You will find that some "membas" of the ruiling party and youth league have received a "bonus" for attending this joke. That is why they went over budget.

  • Monde - 2011-02-08 15:44

    how much went to SUSHI!!!

  • Nuusleser24 - 2011-02-08 15:45

    It is called "Enriching lives" Theirs!!!

  • Sharon - 2011-02-08 15:45

    100 million rand spent on one huge party for the so called NYDA, THAT MONEY should've been spent on houses for the elderly (they were promised houses 17 years ago and 90% are still waiting), improving the roads (potholes are getting bigger and bigger), rebuilding schools (how many are falling apart or the children have to sit under trees for lessons). National Lottery YOU DISGUST ME, giving money to the NYDA, when there are so many WELFARE ORGANISATIONS who need money to function, feed, clothe, house hundreds of people. You give R40million of our money (ok so we play Lotto) to the NYDA without hestitation but the organisations who really need the money wait for months or years before they are granted a pittance.

  • Nonlocal - 2011-02-08 15:47

    Last year Mara of Idols said that the black people dont get a chance to vote for their Idol because they dont have DSTV. This news will only reach newspapers that ANC supporters could not afford, therefore they will never know that the money that could have helped them was wasted by the party they will eventually vote for.

      PAR - 2011-02-08 16:02

      That is correct. This is the reason they choose to give the masses a sub-standard education so that they remain too stupid to understand that they are voting for money grabbing a-holes while they continue to go without. When they all go to hell and not heaven as Zuma promised them then the penny will drop.

  • NotGuilty - 2011-02-08 15:49

    How long before the poor get gatvol of these money wasting clowns?? I mean, all of us (assuming not so poor people) are already gatvol of this..? No one can argue that this, and many other things, is just an absolute waste of money!! WTF!!??

      Paul - 2011-02-08 15:55

      10 years afo already for me

  • vsquad - 2011-02-08 15:53

    PAUL MAKAKA. your comments deserve this (MSUNU KANYOKO)!!!!

      Paul - 2011-02-08 16:01


      tshepom - 2011-02-08 16:23

      NO Paul you SHutUP.. Empty Can. you are so negative, [2wrds the article = given] but do you have to be bloody commenting negatively er'where

      Paul - 2011-02-08 16:29

      Reply : Thank you the ANC for giving us freedom of speech, may I use mine to tell you all to get f****d?

  • FAL - 2011-02-08 15:53

    Paul you so right, its just a bunch of K....... wasting SA tax payers money which pig face thief Malema has pocketed. When their own people are dying of hunger and poverty. We need to stand up to this and declare a war.

  • tommo - 2011-02-08 15:57

    Hawu, thet money, where deed eet go? Festly eet was for my new BMW to get there. Theeen, after the sushi, and the niiice chick to eat it off, i had to get paid my fee for volunteering (neh my time she's not for free), manje, then all the money was gone!