Naidoo: Politicians must defuse protests

2011-07-07 13:19

Johannesburg - Politicians and not the police should be sent to defuse service delivery protests, former cabinet minister Jay Naidoo said on Thursday.

"Politicians must go and speak to the people. The protest is a failed delivery issue and political in nature," he said at Crime Line's fourth anniversary celebrations in Krugersdorp.

Naidoo said communities got angry when their situations were not improved and they saw politicians living the high life. They protested when they suspected fraud or corruption.

He said people were angered even more when, while their situation remained the same, they saw state institutions spend a lot of money on the moving of their headquarters.

Naidoo said communities had lost faith in the police and were resorting to mob justice.

Public Protector advocate Thuli Madonsela said whistleblowing remained an important part of the fight against crime.

"Ten percent of fraud and corruption are detected during auditing. The rest is detected through whistleblowing," she said.

Madonsela and Naidoo were a part of a panel discussing crime and corruption at the Crime Line event.

Madonsela has come under fire this week with a media report on her imminent arrest amid allegations of fraud.

She had denied the claims and Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa has denied knowledge of plans to arrest her.

  • daaivarksetier - 2011-07-07 13:25

    They can not Defuse it, they are also involved in all of this. NUMSA COSATU ANC all under the same roof one party rule. They can not stop them selves sorry mate.

      saabnut - 2011-07-07 14:43

      They are too chicken*%^& to go and try and defuse anything, because they all KNOW that they lied, and they will have to answer for it. Pigs...

      Thandiwe83 - 2011-07-07 15:06

      Private sector workers don't strike in UK. Why do they here? All it will do is drain the companies' coffers leading to massive job losses.

  • kalabafazi - 2011-07-07 13:27

    That's a fantastic idea. By the end of the year there would be no politicians left. I'm pretty sure the reason the politicians don't go sort out the problem is because they know they won't being going home again... Ever

      Andrew - 2011-07-07 14:32

      Stop burning tyres and start burning corrupt politicians!!

  • Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-07-07 13:27

    Oh, what a wicked web we weave when we first learn to deceive - kry vir jou!

  • DAB - 2011-07-07 13:29

    "Ten percent of fraud and corruption are detected during auditing. The rest is detected through whistle blowing". That is precisely why the ANC wants to curb the freedom of the media, so that they can continue their pilfering and corruption. Good on you Jay. Now just get the government to deliver on their "false" promises!

      paulf - 2011-07-07 13:59

      I totally agree with Mr Naidoo, politicians are the ones that made all the promises and must sort out the mess. The people's eyes have opened and see the fancy cars they drive and lush lifestyle they live in. The wheel is turning very fast now, be careful of the speed wobbles LOL.

  • DW - 2011-07-07 13:31

    Oh yes please. And please ensure that they go there without their bodyguards and security. If anyone should be burned and stoned, it is the very people who made promises they either could not, or never intended to keep. Let them suffer the consequences.

  • Darwinian - 2011-07-07 13:33

    Mr Naido, you have it wrong. The only defusing politicians know, is their burning houses after protests!

  • willieman - 2011-07-07 13:34

    They will never do it because they promise delivery outside their mandate,'cause they capitalise on the fact that majority of people are ignorant,not educated,unable to differentiate between local goverment and national gov mandates.Some of this leaders are only interested positions and from there they put their hands in the cookie jar

  • Thembisile - 2011-07-07 13:36

    "Politicians must go and speak to the people. The protest is a failed delivery issue and political in nature," I wish they would and face up to the anger of the people who voted them into power.

      Ann - 2011-07-07 15:17

      Precisely Thembisile - that was their first mistake. They had options open to them, but they made their beds. It's just sad that some innocent people are being harmed so badly by this vicious cycle.

  • Dominic - 2011-07-07 13:38

    Well said Naidoo. Please speak to Malema and if you can get him to understand that real "economic freedom" actually means that people are free to compete fairly in the economy and not that they get everything for free. If you can get him to understand that then the next step is to tell him to explain it to his followers.

  • McDaNife - 2011-07-07 13:44

    Guys its only Jay Naidoo's views. The cops should not be fighting the battles of the politicians promises. Hope these politicians go there as human shields...

  • KrayZee - 2011-07-07 13:45

    As an ex-Cabinet Minister of the still current ruling party and no doubt still an ANC member, having been party to the promises made over the last decade or so, we invite you to assist in going to talk to service delivery protestors who voted ANC once again in the vain hope of improved conditions. It is easy to sit on the sidelines and offer advice now isn't it? While you sit with your fat ministerial pension you are now witnessing the legacy of your incompetence and that of your past and present colleagues (cadres)...

  • kitchenboy3 - 2011-07-07 13:52

    Oh please, these guys couldnt defuse a fire cracker

  • gaeleen - 2011-07-07 14:22

    The politicians are the ones who have caused the problems. The Unions are the ones that INCITE their members to strike and misbehave. BUT it the the SAPS who are always bearing the brunt of peoples wrath because they are sent in to disburse a violent volatile mob -- they are always being used to 'sweep up' and make clean after the screw ups of the politicians. SOLUTION ---- DISBAND ALL UNIONS = NO MORE STRIKES

      Steve Wonderboy - 2011-07-07 14:35


  • jock - 2011-07-07 14:26

    well Jay you show how to do it,but remember dunlop tires come in all sizes

  • Flaterwater - 2011-07-07 14:57

    "Public Protector advocate Thuli Madonsela said whistleblowing remained an important part of the fight against crime." and yesterday... "Police chief General Bheki Cele urged Public Protector Thuli Madonsela to take legal action against those responsible for leaking a provisional report into a controversial police building lease, Madonsela said on Wednesday." who's contradicting themselves here????

  • Ann - 2011-07-07 15:14

    Get real Mr Naidoo! Politicians are here to milk the system, not endanger themselves when mobs go crazy. The sad truth is that these silly people actually had a chance to change things with their votes, but once again they believed the lies spewed by politicians who are only interested in serving them-very-selves. The Unions should be banned outright, particularly since they can't or won't control their members. On E-TV the other night there was a headline that was something like this: "Strike Season beginning" - if I am not deaf, dumb, blind and stupid - there seems to have been an ongoing strike season from the beginning of this year and even before that.

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