Nanny let attacker in twice

2010-05-30 09:33

Johannesburg – The nanny of baby Marzanne Kruger had let the main suspect, Chakhoma Machaba, 28,  into her employers’ house the day before they were attacked, as well as on the day of the incident.

This emerged on Wednesday during the hearing of Francina Sekhu, the nanny who had been assaulted along with Marzanne Kruger at the baby’s home in Randburg.  

Marzanne was seriously injured in the attack and has lost her sight.

The outcome of the hearing was that Marzanne’s parents, Bertus and Madelein Kruger, were permitted to fire her according to the labour law.

Sekhu did not attend the proceedings and had last week apparently also not accepted her notice to appear at the hearing from the bailiff.

The legal representative of the Krugers, Pieter van R Coetzee, said it was sad that Sekhu had not put forward her side of the story.

The presiding officer, advocate Russell Beaton, ruled that Sekhu had not permitted the offenders entry to the house on the spur of the moment.

He also ruled that the consequences of the offence were serious – that Marzanne had been “very seriously assaulted” and was facing potential loss of vision problems.