Nearly four million cars stopped

2010-12-21 22:40

Johannesburg - Almost four million cars have been stopped and checked and more than 1.5 million traffic fines issues across South Africa since October 1 2010, the ministry of transport said on Tuesday.

"More than 20 000 unroadworthy vehicles, including several buses and minibus taxis, were discontinued from use," said ministerial spokesperson Logan Maistry.

He said that since the beginning of the month, close to one million vehicles and drivers had been stopped and checked and thousands of traffic fines issued.

"More than 1 500 drunk drivers were arrested. Other arrests related to stolen vehicles, unlicensed firearms, possession of dagga, overloaded taxis and buses, taxis and buses without the necessary permits as well as excessive speed."

On Monday, a motorist was arrested near Scottburgh in KwaZulu-Natal for travelling at 210km/h. He has since appeared in court.

"In the Eastern Cape, traffic officials have arrested an average of seven drunk drivers every day since 1 December 2010," Maistry said.

  • Ricky - 2010-12-21 23:18

    Great stuff! Its time that idiots should stop getting away with breaking the law, no matter how small. Some will call this a nanny state attitude, but unless everyone recognise that the time of facing consequrences for breaking the law is nigh, the general blaise attitude of thinking you can get away with breaking the law will never be beaten.

      em_oh! - 2010-12-21 23:46

      Totally agree

      Varknek - 2010-12-22 08:02

      Do you live in Lalaland? This is SA. This exercise is a golden opportunity for the bribe taking police to line their pockets.

      donkerhond - 2010-12-22 08:13

      Ricky, I would agree, but all the fines and checks in the world won't make a difference when the road death toll is still so high.

      Robert - 2010-12-22 08:20

      Well said Ricky, I am glad to see our POLICE FORCE doing their job for a change. The visibility is great and at last a feeling of safety might return to the streets. Get the rubbish off the roads

  • Michael - 2010-12-21 23:21

    Those doomsayers this morning on this forum (abt JK, my cricket hero) and on SAFM this afternoon (abt police visibility) must wake up...1948 is dead and if you judge performance of this regime against regime of those years...Ooohh, i feel sorry for your kids and/or your descendants!!!! - NOT U cos U have intelectus & judicium!

  • michaelvandijk - 2010-12-22 01:06

    Could they just do something about the bleached blond women in the 4 X 4's that think it is acceptable to talk on their mobiles while driving...

  • Frungy - 2010-12-22 01:57

    "More than 20 000 unroadworthy vehicles, including several buses and minibus taxis, were discontinued from use," Did they actually pull these vehicles off the road and destroy them right there, or did they just issue a ticket or confiscate the vehicle? This has been the problem in the past, tickets are ignored and if they confiscate the vehicle then R100 to the under-paid security guard at the vehicle impound center will let you climb back in that unsafe vehicle and drive it back onto the roads again. They really need to have a mobile crushing unit, and any illegal firearms, unroadworthy vehicles, etc should be chucked in and destroyed instantly with the scrap metal sold to offset the costs of running the machine. Likewise with criminals who have 100's of outstanding tickets, issuing more tickets is a waste of time. They need to have an electronic banking machine (no cash because that would encourage corruption) and you either pay your admission of guilt fine on the spot or you appear before the mobile court and go free or go to prison. No more messing about. No more endless tickets that will be ignored.

  • CTS - 2010-12-22 06:49

    Unfortunately this is not all good news. A friend of mine was fined at Harrismith yesterday for 'overloading'. R600 was removed from his wallet and they took newly packed jewellery he was bringing up from KZN for his business, to be sold in Gauteng. Who would have thought that one day a vehicle 'search' by the SAP would be a humiliating, scary experience (i.e. robbery) wether you're on theside of the law or not... - 2010-12-22 07:25

      I think we have a Police Complaints Directorate, or whatever it's called... Anyway, looks like the cops felt that his WALLET was overloaded!

      CTS - 2010-12-22 07:32

      Yep - but with 90,000 cases against the SAP waiting to be heard, how far do you think he'll get - and when, if at all?

      CTS - 2010-12-22 07:33

      Check this:

  • GWTW - 2010-12-22 07:58

    Do you realise that means they have stopped almost 50 000 cars a day - don't want to be a stuck in the mud, but I find that highly unlikely !

      SiphovdMerwe - 2010-12-22 08:18

      Why is it unlikely when I was stopped 3 times within a space of 1 hour on the 18th of Dec. And that was on the N8 (Free State). And every they stopped me, they wrote down something in the book.

  • ChokyIce - 2010-12-22 08:17

    "Several buses and minibus taxis"... Really? How many is several? Three is also "several". And 1.5 million fines? So let's say each fine is on average only R100. R150 million added to the coffers? Great news! Maybe potholes will get fixed now? ...Ja right.

  • LSMT - 2010-12-22 08:20

    What a total waste of time. While they stopping cars for roadworthy and other minor rubbish, the rest of the public are still driving over red robots, stop streets, solid lines, and just basically breaking every traffic regulation possible. At one of the road blocks I showed the fat woman stopping me how the taxi's drive over the red robot just about 50 meters from where they are standing, she ignored me and tell me to go. My friend knows a metro cop and he admitted that they refuse fine black people or taxi drivers because they don’t pay and wait to go to court. Because of this the metro cops don't want to spend every day in court to defend themselves. The metro police are a total waste of resources just fire the useless lot and let the public continue to do whatever they like on the road. After all, it’s Africa.

      CTS - 2010-12-22 09:40

      Correct. Why don't they rather attend to the driver-problems mentioned here:

  • jaycee - 2010-12-22 08:24

    And yet, I heard over SABC that notwithstanding these wonderful measures the death toll this year is higher than for the corresponding period last year.

  • - 2010-12-22 10:16

    all i see is more bribes and where does the money for the fines go ????

  • nomdeplume - 2010-12-22 10:34

    Its a guarantee that unroadworthy vehicles are stopped as tokens. The majority of the vehicles stopped are generally luxury vehicles, since therein lies the Seasons Bonus

  • pgibbings1 - 2010-12-23 07:18

    Only thing is, they place dagga on people to make them look guilty

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