Neighbours angry about slaughter

2010-09-27 10:05

Port Elizabeth - Residents of Bluewater Bay, an upmarket suburb in PE, are furious after a beast was slaughtered in a garden as part of a cultural ritual over the weekend.

Maureen Gardiner of Claude Crescent said she and other neighbours were traumatised by the incident.

"The animal was tied to a pole on Friday night and on Saturday was dragged down the road on a rope before it was later slaughtered in an open garden in front of everyone.

"The screaming of that animal is still haunting me. Our own pets were so traumatised that they don't even bark anymore.

"It is really not fair towards animal lovers like ourselves," said Gardiner.

"All of us here have our own culture and we should respect one another. We are no longer in the dark ages."


Gardiner, who lives across the road from these neighbours, reported the incident to police.

Officials then showed her a letter from the municipality in which these residents were given permission to perform the ritual on their property.

Municipal spokesperson Kupido Baron said on Sunday that the metro supported the right of residents to perform cultural practices, especially if they were responsible and informed the municipality about their intentions in advance.

But DA councillor Terry Herbst was irate because he felt residents had not been informed in time about the matter.

According to the letter of permission, a municipal official issued the notice on September 21 in which residents were informed that a cultural slaughter and ceremony would be held on September 24 and 25.

Professor Hennie van As, legal expert at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, said he believed notice three days ahead of an event was sufficient.

  • Andrew - 2010-09-27 10:17

    This whole 'respect for other people's cultures' is a hugely one-way street, isn't it? What about showing respect for people whose culture may find this barbaric practise offensive?

  • putco - 2010-09-27 10:21


  • Minnie - 2010-09-27 10:23

    Permission should be obtained from THE NEIGHBOURS, not the municipality (who are all culturally linked to the animal killers). This practice is unacceptable, it is barbaric!

  • lungisani - 2010-09-27 10:25

    It is funny to me that you claim to dislike the slaughter but you can tell the event in detail.

    A person's culture must be respected,this is Africa and therefore we are! If you don't like it, stop looking over your fence!

    The fact that one has to report perfoming of a ritual to the municipality is violation of rights enough.

  • dingo - 2010-09-27 10:26

    Youn will be surprised, they eat meat! make you think ne?

  • kolobe - 2010-09-27 10:28

    "The screaming of that animal is still haunting me. Our own pets were so traumatised that they don't even bark anymore."..haha..these white south africans never seize to amaze

  • David - 2010-09-27 10:28

    this is so barbaric and thats why africa is like it is.. no respect for others.. how can they be so cruel and drag out the process in a suburb where kids can hear see the goings on.. its a joke i tell you

  • Jo - 2010-09-27 10:29

    I think if there is permission then these people must stop complaining, we are not living in the olden days anymore!!!

  • Su Quinn - 2010-09-27 10:33

    Cruel people did the same thing in our neighborhood in Beacon Bay East London this past weekend. Just the accounts we received from their neighbor have sent my husband and i into a fury. We are way too lax on our animal cruelty laws and it is a disgrace that an innocent animal must die so barbarically to appease some long ago ancestors. These same people have had 3 ritual killings at their house for their father. One to send him off, one to unveil the tombstone and another one to bring his spirit back. I ask you with tears in my eyes. So thats three animals butchered by the same people for the same man. In this regard I understand that lots of animals die on a daily basis in order to feed our nation but they are killed in a humane way. This animal was left tied by its neck to a truck in the boiling sun for two days with not a drop of water or shade and its neck was slit a few times with a blunt looking knife in the actual truck on the pavement with everyone including children watching and cheering. How can someone who takes such delight in watching an animal die in such a way even be called human? This is truly disgusting and needs to be stopped immediately. Go into the bush if you must appease your gods but please stay out of our animal loving residential neighborhoods and away from our children.

  • Emile - 2010-09-27 10:36

    Barbaric! Where is the SPCA now?

  • Bratt - 2010-09-27 10:36

    If you cannot practice your culture in your own country, then something is definitely wrong. As long as the 'open garden' was within the property of the 'animal killers', procedures (like how to kill the animal in an acceptable manner) followed and not in a public open place, then I dont see what business of anyone else it is.

  • Aswell - 2010-09-27 10:37

    Cultural Rituals...Really. It is more RESPECT that people should have for other people. Ok I get the fact that they slaughter animals in the name of "Culture" but come on. Why do it in the front yard in plain sight for everyone. Think what the kids in the neighbourhood must think about there neighbours..

    But why did they have to drag the cow behind a bakkie???That is not cultural but barbaric and thoughtless.

  • RH - 2010-09-27 10:37

    Are you vegetarians?
    You would consider it barbaric when you buy your meat at Woolworths!

  • Tshego - 2010-09-27 10:38

    If you don't like it then don't look. Mind your own business, put on some ear plugs do something constructive with every breath you take.

  • theDriver - 2010-09-27 10:38

    Why should they seek permission from the neighbours?, if the neighbors and their pets did not want to witness the barbaric practice they shouldn't have watched in the first place.

  • Civil society - 2010-09-27 10:38

    It’s not politically correct to admit that the black culture has some catching up to do. Rather lie about it and keep the peace.

  • Carnivore - 2010-09-27 10:39

    You all eat beef dont you? So why the hell do you complain?? Cows are treated much worst in abbatoirs and slaughterhouses... The only people who have a right to complain are vegetarians.

  • Books - 2010-09-27 10:39

    ....but when neighbours party with loud music and braai every weekend then its acceptable. Whose "culture" is noise disturbance/nuisance then.

  • RWF - 2010-09-27 10:39

    This article ridiculous. What is the beast? A cow? a lion? a rugby player?

    The facts in this article are very vague, animal cruelty is not acceptable in any culture or ritual. Calling this act barbaric without all the facts (which this article clearly does not provide) is the statement of a purely ignorant, disrespectful, misinformed and intolerant person.

  • Lydia - 2010-09-27 10:40

    Live with it or IMMIGRATE!!!!

  • just saying... - 2010-09-27 10:40

    hmmm...yet you do eat meat right?! and you find this barbaric?! hmmm!

  • PJ - 2010-09-27 10:41

    "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Mahatma Ghandi

  • jones - 2010-09-27 10:44

    They were apparently informed before hand so tough luck. Just because you dont agree with doesnt make it wrong. Its their culture, they followed the rules and informed the appropriate authorities. Unfortunately for the neighbours they dont have a leg to stand on. Its a serious cultural ceremony and they are entitled to enact it. ( I will give you that it should have been done in the back yard just as a courtesy ... )

  • linda - 2010-09-27 10:45

    They followed the right channel.Its our culture we do'nt need approval to perfom our
    rituals.Just get used to the idea because as african they will still do more rituals in that house as long as its thier home

  • Joey - 2010-09-27 10:46

    Er, their pets are so traumatised they don't bark anymore? Funny. And I loved the line "We don't live in the dark ages". Friday was the so-called "braai-day". Where we all sat around an open fire and cooked meat. And then before we ate we said a prayer. Yup, we're sooo advanced. Cows, chicken, pigs, we ate them all. We did not question how these animals were bred, how they treated in life, how they died. Hundreds and thousand of us did this. Yet this one cow, man we get so upset don't we? Look I get why folk get upset, but I think we're way too hypocritical and we get upset cos we think it's what we're supposed to do. It don't bother me. But they could've informed the neighours, let them know what was coming, invite them to join and see what it's all about.

  • sharon - 2010-09-27 10:46

    So i take it all those neighbours who complained and Andrew , Putco and Minnie above are vegetarians? You don't eat meat? Because you do realise that those nicely packed steaks in woolies come from a cow which was slaughtered in an abbatoir? Granted, it wasn't as in your face as your neighbours cultural event but you get the hypocracy? Thos juicy fat turkeys you look foward to on christmas day, goose liver pate, etc etc...
    I am hindu, don't eat meat, dont believe in animal slaughter but I grew up in a predominantly Indian suburb where my Muslim neighbours slaughtered an animal for Eid. My family and I were respectful and accepting of this cultural practise which is so different from ours. Looking back I can't say I'm terribly scarred or traumatised by my neighbours rituals. If anything I'm tolerant , well balanced and accepting of other peoples' differences.

  • Seonyatseng - 2010-09-27 10:47

    Since when is african culture from the dark ages, what is mordern culture..christianity and western culture...get over yourselves..the steaks and boerewors you eat everyday, how do you know the animals died humanily...I can compare the slaughter of animals to the german concentration camps...Please stop thinking your ways are hman or civilised or mordern...

  • ir8m8 - 2010-09-27 10:48

    Some would say that a re-enactment by a dozen or so Phillipeano's of Christs Crucifixion is barbaric, yet it is flighted accross our tv's every easter. Some would argue that the running of the bulls in Pamplona is barbaric, yet it makes news headlines year in and year out. We have a national braai day yearly, how many of these animals are slaugtered just to fill our cultural basket...??? Why is it that we Europeans (mainly) have an issue with the "barbarism" of other cultures, but fail to see the parasitic context of our own.

  • yeah right - 2010-09-27 10:48

    Permission was given.If you dont like it then why watch?Since when are the residents the law makers?In all other cases the residents throw the municipal bylaws book at the offending resident,howcome its different now?We have to learn to live with some things.While I am also not a fan of animal slaughter,i do believe that we live in a democratic country and we have a right to practice our beliefs.(hopefully those that do slaughter will use some discression and consideration though)

  • Elmien - 2010-09-27 10:51

    The same incident happened next door to our home a couple of months ago, I could not go outside my house or even walk down the passage inside my house because our house ovelooks the neighbours. I am a huge animal lover and would go to a slaughter house becuase I know what is to be expected. However we were never notified and I was horrified! I called the SPCA, the police and nobody could help me. The SPCA told me it was legal if it was part of their culture, and the police told me it is part of 'law enforcement' another section of the police. We called law enforcement and they told us it was unacceptable, they are allowed to hold the animal on the premises for a certain time but then have to go to a certified slaughter house and have the animal killed 1 humanely & 2 hygienically. If I lived next to a farm I cannot complain about barn animals etc.
    We need to respect eachother, yes, but it goes both ways.

  • Fision - 2010-09-27 10:52

    Respect is a two way street! Those people should have respect for their neighbors and not performed the ritual in a residential area! Typical!

  • Blackie Swart - 2010-09-27 10:54

    Our culture has no scientific (Western) way of practice, and we cannot allow anyone to tell us how we should practice it.We have a prescribed way of slaughtering and that's the start and the end of it. You are just going to have to live with it.

  • kpm - 2010-09-27 10:56

    the constution says that everyone has a right to follow any belive.

  • Nicolene - 2010-09-27 10:58

    plz the neighboors are just being hipocrites because its their culture,whatelse should they have done.

  • FOTA - 2010-09-27 10:58

    Do you have to get permission from your Muslim or Jewish neighbours before you braai pork, or from your vegetarian neighbours before you eat meat. Your only possible objections can be based on hygiene, so if they cleaned up properly and disposed of the remains, then you have no complaint. Move into an enclave somewhere, like a gated community where you can make all the rules you like. Personally, I do not like the practise of slaughter of animals in public areas, but my personal dislike does make it generally unacceptable any more than my drinking beer around my pool upsets the dominee next door.

  • Druza - 2010-09-27 11:00

    My house, my rules...i don't anyone to tell me what i can do or can't do....if i want to slaughter so be it...neighbours? I don't care....they can go and f@rt in the ocean..."The screaming of that animal is still haunting me.

    "Our own pets were so traumatised that they don't even bark anymore."

    What nonsense is this?

  • Eco friendly - 2010-09-27 11:00

    come on.the intention was not to offend anyone, but to perform their ritual practices. when are you going to start respecting other peoples culture, dtop being self centred and start living in the real world that afford everyone an opportunity to practice their beliefs.if you have a problem go fly a kite.

  • Animal lover - 2010-09-27 11:02

    I'm an animal lover...That's why I don't eat them

  • Amazing - 2010-09-27 11:05

    Most of you eat meat, had a terrific "national braai day" but now that Africans are practicing their culture it's suddenly barbaric... such hypocrites!

  • @ir8m8 - 2010-09-27 11:06

    Well said!

  • LesC - 2010-09-27 11:15

    If permission has been granted, and the neighbours informed, we have to respect each other. I am very opposed to the cultural slaughter of animals, but when it was going to happen near me, we went out for the afternoon. We have to be tolerant, but also considerate. So long as you are notified, it is their democratic right.

  • chippaNV - 2010-09-27 11:15

    People you have to understand that we are a country of many cultures and obviously it's not all of us who will understand why people practice these cultures. The least we can do is to stop insulting these cultural rituals by calling them barberic. It is every South African's right to practice their culture. If you are so much against such rituals it would be best if you informed the government or rather go where you wouln't find such 'barberic' rituals

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmm - 2010-09-27 11:16

    and baby calves get taken away from there mother after the first day they are born to give you milk every morning...........
    Humans are disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hate being human.....

  • Anti Dog Barking - 2010-09-27 11:17

    Thank you for the tip on how to shut up irritating barking dogs...I'm going to slaughter a cow in my garden this weekend!!

  • luzuko - 2010-09-27 11:17

    people should respect other peaple's culture no matter what.

  • boet - 2010-09-27 11:19

    As long as they invited you over to share in the feast I see no problem...

  • victory - 2010-09-27 11:20

    For all those who are appalled at this 'barbaric act', I'd like to know whether you ever eat meat - and if you do, I can assure you that the animals you buy neatly packed in cling-wrap and polystyrene not only went through more torture than this animal did - but you're contributing to a larger footprint. So: do you eat meat or not?

  • Paul - 2010-09-27 11:21

    I know let's all put on grass skirts, put bones through our noses, marry as many woman as we want and claim culture. Then off course we must bitch like hell that we are called a 3rd world bannana republic and the capitilistic West (read white) will not give us any more money to plunder. Gotta love the CULTURE debate..... Choice is very simple - SA moves into the 20th centuary or descends into the chaos and misery of most other African countries...

  • Hippocrates - 2010-09-27 11:21

    Here is how I see it...In the Indian culture for example, DIWALI they celebrate by bursting fireworks...If I wanted to burst fireworks and got permission to do so, then all your kids would watch and enjoy it!!!!
    However it is a well known fact that animals’ esp. dogs have very sensitive hearing and it would affect them - hence adequate notice should be given.
    I will still burst my fireworks nevertheless as I WAS GRANTED PERMISSION....If you have a problem don’t take it up me and tell me that my CULUTURE is BACKWARD....Tell the people WHO GRANTED ME THE PERMISSION....They system is what we should be against and not the people who are merely practising their cultural rights...

  • Mandy - 2010-09-27 11:22

    Who do you think you are to judge? That is their culture, always was, always will be. Just joking about the judging part, but unfortunately we will never get that mindset out of them. You know the saying, "You can take them out of the bush, but never be able to get the bush out of them" does not matter how fancy they pretend to be, how big their houses is or how expensive their cars, they will never change . It is cruel, and not befitting a pulic area. Why do they not go back where they belong. To their little mud huts where their "culture" started and shoul stay, and do it there where we do not have to see it.