New Age: We’re no ANC mouthpiece

2010-12-06 09:49

Johannesburg - The New Age newspaper which debuted on Monday after months of delays denied that it is a mouthpiece of the governing ANC.

The newspaper’s owners are seen as close to President Jacob Zuma.

In a front-page note to readers on Monday, editor Henry Jeffreys said his paper will, "generally, support the government of the day" but would expose bad government.

The paper arrives amid debate in South Africa about what are seen as attempts by the ANC to muzzle the media.

This includes creating a tribunal controlled by parliament with as-yet undefined powers to punish journalists for infractions that also are unclear.

Jeffreys says he opposes the tribunal as well as the proposed protection of information bill that could see reporters jailed for publishing classified deemed “harmful to the national interest”.

  • postscript6167 - 2010-12-06 10:02

    With that sock puppet, Essop Pahad, as a director there is no doubt that it will be about as unbiased as the SABC.

  • Smaal - 2010-12-06 10:05

    "We’re no ANC mouthpiece" *cough* Bull sh!t *cough*

      Gus - 2010-12-06 10:24

      Then no-one shoud buy the rag unless they want to read all about the 'standing Government"...

      Smaal - 2010-12-06 10:55

      When I buy a puppy I’ll be sure to pick up a copy of the New Age.

      christine - 2011-01-18 14:35

      lol lol lol lol lol lol--cough cough do they really expect us to believe this

      christine - 2011-01-18 14:37

      loved yr comment about buying a puppy small --lol

  • Alyson - 2010-12-06 10:14

    At least we can't be forced to buy or read it.

  • Kyle_logan - 2010-12-06 10:19

    No they are the ARSE piece of the ANC, all the ANC sh!ts out will be displayed in "the new age"

  • Wow! - 2010-12-06 10:19

    Like the SABC is no ANC mouth piece. Please!!! Do you think we are all idiots.

  • wolf - 2010-12-06 10:21

    The New Age revenue model involves taking government advertising money in exchange for positive reporting. I feel grubby just thinking the thought.

  • Kenko - 2010-12-06 10:34

    Let's see how much "bad government" they expose. If it's not the whole paper full, they will have exposed themselves as ANC mouthpieces. On the other hand, why bother?

  • Gladyz - 2010-12-06 10:37

    we should boycott the paper and see what happens!!!

      Picasso - 2010-12-06 11:43

      Won't help, the same morons that vote for the ANC will buy the paper.

      christine - 2011-01-18 14:39

      u are so correct--fortunatly the readers are all products of the anc schooling system so not many can read

      isaac.moumakwe - 2011-03-02 16:17

      the wise and the clever have relocated to australia. what r u w8ing 4?

  • Andrew - 2010-12-06 10:42

    Pull the other one... that has bells on it. Do you really think we are that naive?

  • Zolani - 2010-12-06 10:44

    I bet every ANC cadre gets a paid subscription, paid for with our taxes. I will never buy this crap

  • The Patriot - 2010-12-06 10:44

    Not a bad start to the lies and propaganda that will be spewed from this publication. "We are not an ANC mouth piece." You guys are a joke. Thanks for giving me a good laugh first thing on a Monday morning. Idiots.

  • shmangle - 2010-12-06 10:51

    "We are not an ANC mouthpiece! That's what the ANC told us to say, and we stand by our statement!"

  • ArtGee - 2010-12-06 10:55

    Should ANY struggle buddy die, the SABC televises the COMPLETE FUNERAL for the "WHOLE NATION" to see! Pretty sure this NEW AGE paper, will have CENTER SPREAD FULL COLOUR PHOTO'S of the very same FUNERAL... We, the educated South Africans have come to accept that ANYTHING THE GOVT DENIES, is the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!

  • DSJM - 2010-12-06 10:58

    Lets see how the report about the Western Cape or any other province that is lucky enough to escape the ANC's clutches

  • ArtGee - 2010-12-06 11:00

    There is TALK...or rather RUMOURS that ALL The govt postings on legal matters will be placed in this newspaper ONLY. So if you need to get TENDER information, you will need to look inside the NEW AGE! All new demarcation info...NEW AGE! In fact ALL govt info will be advertized in this piece of LONG DROP TOILET PAPER!!! This is the way the ANC will get back at Independant Newspapers, Beeld, etc This NEW AGE will almost be on par with the Govt Gazette!

      christine - 2011-01-18 14:42

      if this wasnt so devoius and anti free market --it may even be clever

      christine - 2011-01-18 14:56

      but do not forget they will publish how good all the government institutiond are --for eg sabc saa land bank the polise--like celebi the schools[wasnt the adjusted pass rate fabulous] the courts escom the johannesburg elactricity supply commision the public hospitals[like the 2 in the eastern cape corruption --not such a bad thing u know !!!! municipal delivery telcom--undre big threat now law courtsroed maintaince trafic fines--to earn revenue law and order crime rape murder hijacking speeding politicians to my list for the new age to publish in fact is there anyone out there who can add a positive in fact is there anyone out there that could add something positive to my list for the new age to publish

  • James1 - 2010-12-06 11:10

    ROFL,LOL, ha ha, ho ho........

  • BlackSwan - 2010-12-06 11:18

    Has the editor not resigned by this morning? A new first -

  • Afrikanerbul - 2010-12-06 11:35

    Will we be able to wrap fish with this paper or will the pro-ANC filth spoil the taste? Maybe we can use it in a long drop when fishing in the bundu.

  • AJ - 2010-12-06 11:47

    I am willing to wait and see, it will become pretty obvious if they are avoiding certain big issues that are exposed in other papers etc. So the benefit of the doubt ......for now.

  • tdejongh - 2010-12-06 12:50

    And ... only a white government can be bad !!!

  • mido - 2010-12-07 10:51

    No one is forced to read wat they dnt want wats up with all dis comments?u dnt wanna read then dont!!!!!!!

      Jo - 2010-12-07 12:03

      mido, I think they're commenting on the report - which probably means that they won't be reading the New Age.

  • Really?? - 2010-12-07 12:03

    So a new newspaper comes up while this media tribunal thing is going on AND they say that they arent a mouthpiece for the ANC.. I also see in some of the comments that New Age will be the only newspaper to have certain government information.... So say the media tribunal thing happens, whats the chances that New Age will be the only newspaper allowed to publish... One small newspaper to man, one giant leap for media censorship???

  • Kevin Rack - 2011-02-28 04:14

    Every party own a newspaper, journalist or tv show. Hell look at Berlusconi and his corruption. This paper is part ANC financed so what do you think?

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