New Khoisan name for Cape Town

2012-06-25 11:15

Cape Town - It may take some getting used and some Capetonians will probably have difficulty getting their tongue around the Mother City’s new name: //Hui !Gaeb.

This Khoisan word means “where the clouds gather”, reported the Weekend Argus.

The name change was proposed by the Khoisan community as they gathered for a memorial service for their traditional leader, Dawid Kruiper, who died earlier this month.

Tania Kleinhans of the Institute for the Restoration of the Aborigines of SA said after the city name change was proposed in honour of Kruiper, she had approached fast food chain Nando's, in recognition of their recent controversial TV ad on diversity.

“We love the advert, because it is based on facts. It is not about racism, xenophobia or diversity. It shows that we are the original people of SA,” she said.

Nando’s had apparently enthusiastically agreed to sponsoring billboards to advertise Cape Town’s new name, which would from next week be seen on the N2 and in the city centre outside the Castle.  

  • Theunis - 2012-06-25 11:25

    Is this a aprils fool joke? If not it is the dumbest idea yet.

      wesleywt - 2012-06-25 11:33

      loads of dumb people who don't understand thats its not official.

      zaatheist - 2012-06-25 12:31

      No doubt that Nandos are behind this.

  • brenda.yelvertonburns - 2012-06-25 11:28

    Ridiculous idea. Cape Town will always be known as Cape Town locally and internationally.

  • Thabo - 2012-06-25 11:29

    Is this a joke or what?

  • Shaun - 2012-06-25 11:29

    Mmm, ja,... Gui!Gaeb...ja, dit rol mos mooi van die tong af....

  • joe.farmer.92775 - 2012-06-25 11:30

    cape flats will be now renamed as xlik bang

      nick.hill.52493 - 2012-06-25 11:44

      Hehehehehe !!

      Henk - 2012-06-25 12:09

      tik tik...

  • Tiyani - 2012-06-25 11:32

    HELL NO!!! They can't do that, they can't practice Pretoria tendencies there.

      megan.wait.56 - 2012-06-25 12:14

      Now you probably understand the frustration people in Pretoria are going through?

  • marisacharmellcalvert - 2012-06-25 11:33

    Is this an April Fool's Joke? I mean really, for crying in a bucket, why must we change every damn thing about this country? We are known for our history. Why are we ashamed of it? This is who we are and it's all about where we are going. Stupid ass politicians who have nothing else to do but change names. They can go change their damn degrees...oh wait, they don't have that!

  • - 2012-06-25 11:35

    Its sad that SA has become so laughable. Its useless to get upset, so we just laugh. How many farm killings have there been? And whats up with the corruption in the government, the crime, the education system.. but lets ignore that and focus on spending money on changing all the names we know, and curbing smokers..

  • ztoefy - 2012-06-25 11:39

    I don't care...and not sure why everyone is making such a big deal it's just a name. It's not like they taking away your home or anything or kicking people out of Cape Town, oops I mean Hui!Gaeb :)

      jo.vankatwijk - 2012-06-25 11:46

      You forgot the // in front. That makes all the difference in the pronunciation! ;-)

      Alan - 2012-06-25 13:39

      Yes ztoefy It is pronounced "forward slash forward slash who e (pause) gayb"

  • lydonmcg - 2012-06-25 11:42

    Oh please people. Don't get so worked up. This will NEVER happen.

  • Rational100 - 2012-06-25 11:44

    Anyone can call Cape Town whatever they want to call it but the official name must finally be determined by consensus !

  • Bosvark Van Rensburg - 2012-06-25 11:51

    From Capetonians to Hui! Gaebians

  • rodney.adams2 - 2012-06-25 11:58


  • Gavin - 2012-06-25 12:02

    Spend the money on keeping the poor warm this winter.

  • ian.d.samson - 2012-06-25 12:03

    In their dreams! CAPE TOWN will always be CAPE TOWN (Kaapstad, iKapa) any other name will be rejected by the majority of the opposition.

  • gee.raaf - 2012-06-25 12:14

    Whatever! I'm glad its not okapi!

  • Greg - 2012-06-25 12:15

    For all you noobs thinking this is a "Black" / "ANC" thing, it is NOT... The Koisan were the ORIGINAL inhabitants of Cape Town. Again.. they were here long, long, long before the land was claimed by foreign countries. Therefore, I SUPPORT the name change!! (ANC changing city names for the sake of it sounding black is another story which I disagree too)

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-06-25 12:27

      Greg, who thought it was an ANC thing?. We are not brainless.

      themba.thwala.98 - 2012-06-25 12:46

      Greg, that's the version of those who wrote history as the victors. The vanquished also have theirs.

      Michaele - 2012-06-25 14:01

      Greg, The Koisan didn't have the capability to name the are when they lived in it. Why now, after 360 years, when it was named by the Dutch? And 18 years after the Another Nutty Cartel [ANC] took the reigns of the chariot they cannot steer.

      schalk.mattheys - 2012-06-25 14:06

      Greg, Isn't it sort of normal to name something that you have made/built/created...etc. etc. Why does anyone get to rename a city for any other reason other than they have built it? Whats the point? Do the people who change the names of cities get some warped sense of achievement? Changing a name of a city does nothing except cause friction in the community. In any case, this is an un-official media stunt, and it seems Nando's are getting their moneys worth judging from all the hoohaa being posted ...

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-06-25 12:16

    Geez, this is even more difficult than the new namens we are stuffed with and have to try and pronounce.I'll stick to Cape Town.

  • lelanie.jacobs - 2012-06-25 12:18

    The god's must be crazy!!

  • TheVern69 - 2012-06-25 12:20

    Well,either that then any other ANC members name. Power to the Real South African people!! ;-)

  • Pieter - 2012-06-25 12:25


  • derrick.dawson - 2012-06-25 12:30

    Jeez people, this is not an official statement by Government - This is a cultural organisation in bed with Nando's and they are only creating sensation - Cape Town's name will never change.

      Michaele - 2012-06-25 12:38

      Derrick, Never say never, where there is smoke there is normally fire.

  • Amanda - 2012-06-25 12:36

    @ Victor My family have been here for 500 years, so I am not some city settler recently immigrated from up North.

  • Stuka - 2012-06-25 12:36

    erm...They are not going to change the name for real. Nando's is sponsoring the signboards and it's in honour to mr. Kuiper. Dont people read properly or are your brains frozen!?

  • helio.paulo.7 - 2012-06-25 12:38

    Just like Egoli (Place of Gold) is the alternate name to Joburg then it is fair that Cape Town gets //Hui! Gaeb (Place where Clouds gather).....nothing wrong with that.Get over it Capetonians

  • dennis.venter.9 - 2012-06-25 12:39

    This is one name change that I will support, I agree 100% with this article and its idea.

  • Francois - 2012-06-25 12:42

    the fools think that if you win an election it's like winning a war!winning an election doesn't give you the whole country as a winning prize.good grief! how stupid!they won't make it in the next election.nobody is that stupid to vote for stupidity and anarchy! - 2012-06-25 13:42

      Francois dont put money on it. They are a lot more stupid than you could ever imagine.

  • vivian.harris.73 - 2012-06-25 12:44

    Yes...let's focus on changing the names of cities and streets rather than waste our time on housing, educating and feeding the people and ending corruption in our government....

  • almeleh - 2012-06-25 12:44

    It's not 1st April is it?

  • Fanie - 2012-06-25 12:45

    Nou krap julle waar dit wragtag nie jeuk nie

  • Iceberg - 2012-06-25 12:46

    It is probably just the municipality's name that will change to the new name, not the name of the city itself.

  • mpho.galane1 - 2012-06-25 12:46

    So what if u don't know how to pronounce the name, u go learn how to!!!!

      schalk.mattheys - 2012-06-25 14:15

      Huh!? Not to seem disrespectful to the only Indigenous tribe of the Cape, but who the hell actually speaks Khoisan today anyway? Is it enough to rename a city, even in Jest, just because a few thousand descendants of a group of nomads are so insecure with their "rich and proud" history that they need to "achieve" this ridiculous imaginary milestone!? WTF!?

  • ditoare.gypsy - 2012-06-25 12:50

    Helen Zille will sue the hell out of Khoisan, I can't wait wait to see her running to court for this

  • jaco.duplessis2 - 2012-06-25 12:50

    The name change will be good for tourism. Imagine an European to his wife - honey lets go to //Hui !Gaeb, I mean //%@$%, no //*?": - oh WTF let's go to Paris instead!

  • daan.klopper - 2012-06-25 12:54

    So the this new name was used by the locals many years ago. Eish....did those locals write it down somewhere or is this a more urban legend of the Nando's kind??

  • jacques.fabre - 2012-06-25 12:57

    the disrespect people have for the native people of this country is disgusting!

  • antin.herinck - 2012-06-25 13:00

    And how many, in CAPE TOWN speak Khoisan anyway?

  • mawethu.bilibana - 2012-06-25 13:03

    I just wondering why the Khoisan community didnt just proposed the Khoisan mean for Cape Town since we already have Afrikaans: Kaapstad; Xhosa: iKapa. To my little knowledge the word 'Cape' means a piece or point of land, extending beyond the adjacent coast into the sea or a lake; a promontory; a headland thus what Cape Town is, its not just a town “where the clouds gather”. Hence (//Hui !Gaeb) doesnt really define the city...or maybe the name proposed over the weekend since it was cloudy?

  • shayne.welman - 2012-06-25 13:16

    Guessing an April Fools Joke.

  • antin.herinck - 2012-06-25 13:19

    //Hui !Gaeb ? Does this // this denote some ancient URL then? They must have had ipads, but not the wheel or writing?

  • antin.herinck - 2012-06-25 13:20

    Anyway count on at least 6 million man-hours wasted each year when this is implemeted. When one writes one lives in //Hui!Gaeb, irate overseas correspondents will complain to you that the link don't work.... I say: make it rather: //Hui!

  • Siegeknives - 2012-06-25 13:21

    The article should probably have mentioned it's not an official name change. Hey I don't mind a name change, but I do think official name chnges need to be done in a practical way. Is it really needed? How much will it cost to change all the maps, signs and GPS Navigation systems? Was that you trying to phone?

  • phumi.ntlabati - 2012-06-25 13:34

    The Khoi or San people were Nomads and can never actually claim that they owned any area of South Africa or any place here in Africa. It is the Nguni's who were actually the people who settled first here and have every right to claim each and every inch of this country!

      Johan De Beer - 2012-06-25 13:48

      Not true. The nguni did not settle so far south. The Europeans did. The Nguni and the Europeans met one another at the Fish river. That's where the clashes began. - 2012-06-25 14:11

      Annnnnnddddddd you were there to be able to claim this legaly ? riiigghhhhtttt.... every inche hey ? nice.... Nice to know that the WHOLE country was inhabited by 1 tribe zulus, no afrikaans, no dutch, no tswana one other than the nguni...Wow.... In what distorted history book did you read this ? Those that werent delivered to schools ?

      alan.yates.18007 - 2012-06-25 14:18

      Strange logic : '...Nomads can never actually claim that they owned any area of South Africa or any place in Africa....' More logical to allege that, as nomads, they can justifiably claim it all.

  • Pixi3kid - 2012-06-25 13:40

    OH HELL NOOOO! Cape Town is cape town and bugger the rest! Why cant they just leave stuff alone!

  • waldo.adams.5 - 2012-06-25 13:41

    When are we going to leave the past in the past and build on what is? I am of partly of Nama origins so I can understand where the Khoisan come from. But, I just feel that renaming Cape Town which is the Mother City to something that almost all people cannot pronounce is a little extreme. Also, the city was founded with that name and it's alternate name, the Cape of Good Hope (if my memory serves me well). So, why do it? I get it that it's the new South Africa and everything. But, Cape Town has always been Cape Town, the Mother City. Renaming the city with a name that is dear to only a select is unfair towards the majority of its inhabitants who have no connection with that name at all.

      Johan De Beer - 2012-06-25 13:45

      I agree, Waldo. - 2012-06-25 14:15

      And since when does the government of this country give a damn about its people and their oppinions ? (except ofcoarse before an election to gain votes?) btw, wonder what happened to the housing schemes...they were so pro active before the election....even gave houses to poor white people... Oh well , proberbly again before the 2014 general election.... when votes are needed again....

  • Deon - 2012-06-25 13:41

    Nando's like to stir, don't take live so seriously.

  • simakoko - 2012-06-25 13:49

    A good Name Hui !Gaeb.... When will Johannesburg be changed to Thabo Mbeki City - 2012-06-25 14:12

      When Zuma learns to make a speach without a piece of paper in front of him

  • Trevor - 2012-06-25 13:58

    mmm...."where the clouds gather".....light the pipes everyone...SOUTH AFRICA is going up in SMOKE

      schalk.mattheys - 2012-06-25 14:26

      Lol Trevor! Do you know of the Van Hunks legend? Van Hunks a retired sea captain lived on the lower slopes of Devil’s Peak, earlier known as Windberg. His fastidious wife refused to allow her husband to smoke his pipe in the house and thus his favourite spot was near what we now call Saddle or Breakfast Rock in the saddle between Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain. One day our man was minding his own business and enjoying the beauty of the fynbos and the view below when he was approached by a caped and hooded stranger carrying a pipe. They soon got into conversation about worldly things and particularly smoking. Then, for reasons that only highly competitive men might understand, the stranger challenged him to a smoking competition and van Hunks accepted. He divided his stash into two and they started puffing away. They smoked for the rest of the day and part of the next and as a result a massive cloud bellowed out and covered the whole of the saddle and the top of the flat Table Mountain. Eventually green in the face the stranger admitted defeat, at that his cape fell off his head and van Hunks was shocked to see horns on the top of his head. He realised that he had been smoking with the Devil himself and had won!

      schalk.mattheys - 2012-06-25 14:26

      The Devil was not too happy being beaten by a mere mortal and with a massive bolt of lightning and the rumble of thunder they both disappeared, never to be seen again. The legend thus goes that when the South-Easter blows and the cloud again covers the saddle and Table Mountain, van Hunks and the Devil are once again in a smoking competition

  • antoinette.jordaan - 2012-06-25 14:10

    People are they suggesting a name change or just a Khoi San name to add to it? Nowhere does it state categorically that they are going to change the damn name.

  • marty.krog.7 - 2012-06-25 14:18

    I really dont see why Cape Town needs a new name. There was no city or village there before it was founded, settled and built. It was not built by the Khoisan, the Xhosas, the Zulus or the Malays. It was named by the people who built it. If you want to name a city so badly, go built one yourself.