New press code released

2011-10-10 13:16

Johannesburg - The press code governing print media has been tightened to root out ongoing irresponsible journalism, Press Ombudsman Joe Thloloe said on Monday.

Releasing the new code in Johannesburg, Thloloe said bad reporting was not rife but that the number of complaints had increased from 213 last year to an expected 300 for this year.

"It's rather isolated, it's not as if the South African press has gone out to be irresponsible," he said

Thloloe said the ANC had not made any submissions regarding any changes or additions to the code.

The code is part of the media profession's response to the ANC's proposal of instituting a media appeals tribunal to regulate the press.

  • Willie_G - 2011-10-10 13:23

    The reason the ANC did not submit any suggestions or comments on the codes is PURELY based on the fact that the protection of information bill WILL be implemented. Regardless of self regulation or strides taking by the media community to self regulate journalism in a responsible manner. I can't believe that information protection gets priority over other pressing state problems! Tumbling down the rabbit hole...

  • Pragmatist - 2011-10-10 13:27

    Government should instead come up with "new code" of ETHICS & INTEGRITY and how to spend taxpayers money without STEALING it.

      BigD - 2011-10-10 14:35

      It is just easier to stop the press writing about the theft.

  • Badballie - 2011-10-10 13:29

    The ANC is just using every tactic available to muzzle the press, I suppose most of the 300 expected complaints this years will all be from the ANC

  • letsee - 2011-10-10 13:41

    The problem comes when the reasons given are not the real ones. The ANC is so messed-up that is seeking all kinds of protection rather than getting their house in order.

  • Matt :-) - 2011-10-10 13:42

    How about a law against bad journalism - yes News24 I'm referring to you...

      sabc10 - 2011-10-10 13:55

      If I am not mistaken News24 is exempt from this press ombudsman...since News24 is a media company..If Joe is reading he needs to include media companies News24.

  • sabc10 - 2011-10-10 13:51

    south african media has the embarrassing and guilty reputation of giving and fueling a one sided western driven idea of the world reminiscent of apartheid.As a result south africans have been mislead. If the structures do not change they will also be caught out for the same.

      crackerr - 2011-10-10 14:09

      @ sabc10 You are spreading lies. If you would like to see a different view propagated or supported you are welcome to start your own media outlet. Just don't try to take over others's media or tell them what they may not make public. The latest example of how the media protects us is the expose of the private school funding that ended in the pocket of a certain preacher and perhaps also officials in the employ of the State. We are absolutely reliant on the media to expose the wrongs. It is the intention of your sort and the government to suppress that function.

  • sonet.vd.westhuizen - 2011-10-10 14:09

    I think the Press Ombudsman should join New24 and other news forums and follow the continues enticement of racial hate and racism by MOST of their posts. Also look at the posts of their followers!! Or wait maybe I should send copies I have made to him so he can see for himself!. We as South Africans are being manipulated into racial hate and racism by the media!!

  • WCD - 2011-10-10 14:28

    Viva 'Repartheid' Viva, now bring back the 'pass' - nothing different than apartheid, hahaha

  • Lioness - 2011-10-10 15:19

    I am sure that they have recived more complaints....but are all the complaints not from the ANC who wishes to hide all their scandals and corruption stories?

  • StoneAngel - 2011-10-10 15:59

    Can anyone estimate how many 'reports' are printed in the media - maybe the media can tell us . I would hazard guess at some one hundred thousand articles/reports? When you are looking at 300 out of 100,000 =.003% - not worth all the effort. I wonder what %age of taxpayers' money is being wasted or stolen compared to the .003%.

  • leonard - 2011-10-10 16:14

    There is something missing in all the comments up to now.What happened to separation of state and party.We in SA have a parliament responsible to the electorate,this parliament includes the opposition.How can the comment thread talk only of what the ANC want.My reading of this is that without even realising it,we have become a one party state.Government is NOT the ANC alone but an amalgam of every party represented in parliament.Come on opposition,lets hear it from you.

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