New universities' names revealed

2013-07-25 14:36

Pretoria - The new university being built in Kimberley next year will be called the Sol Plaatje University, President Jacob Zuma said on Thursday.

A new university in Mbombela would be known as the University of Mpumalanga, he said.

"Our young people are hungry for education," Zuma told reporters in Pretoria.

"We are establishing these institutions because we want every province in the country to provide an institution of higher learning."

He said the universities would initially take in fewer than 200 students each.

Zuma and Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande were giving an update on the progress made so far in establishing the two new universities.

During his State-of-the-Nation address, Zuma announced that construction on the universities was expected to start this year.

He said that while the universities would start operating next year, they would move into their new premises only in 2015.

  • MOTHOWAMOTHO - 2013-07-25 14:42

    What's this tjatjarag reporting all about? UMP in Mpumalanga, not Northern Cape.

      Hector1331 - 2013-07-25 15:13

      And the new university in Gauteng will be called Western cape, and the new university in Natal will be called Limpopo.... what else can we expect from the buffoons.

      DumAss Blackie - 2013-07-25 16:10

      What will the pass mark be at these 'universities'...?? 10%...?? ANC-style - let them attend classes, but make sure they leave knowing ZIP...

      Mark Richardson - 2013-07-25 16:12

      and as expected the degrees will not be recognised anywhere else in the world except in pathetic africa. currently 95% of SA university degrees and 96% of SA unversities are NOT recognised overseas. Not even Nigeria now recognise 60% of the degrees issued in SA. Something is wrong ANC , sorry no EVERYTHING is WRONG , no need to build more you will fill them with under educated indoctrinated masses of mess.

      Armstrong Dreadnaught - 2013-07-25 16:17

      @Alicialouise - Blade is the Minister of Higher Education. Angie is Minister of Little Education (not good but the best of all anc ministers to date!) Boycott the anc for more education.

      Richard Sanderson - 2013-07-25 17:24

      Mbombela is in Mpumalanga (Nelspruit)

      Louis Ferreira - 2013-07-26 08:45

      "Our young people are hungry for education," Zuma told reporters in Pretoria." Hungry for brains maybe but education...i do not think so....but with a pass rate of 15%...well they might just do it.

      Jim Amani - 2013-07-26 09:29

      @Richard, yep you are right mate. Mbombela is in Mpumalanga but i believe some white people call it "Mapumalanga". Just making sure no one is left out.

  • Rupeshhari - 2013-07-25 14:42

    "A new university in the Northern Cape would be known as the University of Mpumalanga, he said." Gosh. Did the author read this before writing the article?

      konfab - 2013-07-25 14:51

      And I suppose the new university in Mpumalanga will be called the University of the Northern Cape :p

      Mshini Chaane - 2013-07-25 15:15

      A new university in the Nelspruit would be known as the University of Mpumalanga, he said.

      Poloyatonki Kgosi - 2013-07-25 15:24

      Shower head thinks Mpumalanga is in Northern Cape... I cant believe I use to support this moron, I am happy with EFF.

      Poloyatonki Kgosi - 2013-07-25 15:41

      Ian.. Malema is more educated than Zuma.

      jerhone - 2013-07-25 16:04

      if this is the qualifications that will emerge from these universities i think the correct name should be extended high schools not universities

      DuToitCoetzee - 2013-07-25 16:51

      Good Poloy. Thats where you belong. There is an Afrikaans saying; "soort soek soort"

  • Mervyn Goxani Shilowa - 2013-07-25 14:43

    A new university being built in the Northern Cape would be known as the University of Mpumalanga! HUH???

      Stephen van Eyssen - 2013-07-25 14:55

      Now you understand why education is necessary.

      Darryl Maze - 2013-07-26 09:27

      You see this is what happens when you put a president with a grade 8 certificate and because of all the renaming of place even the ANC government dont know where most of these places are.; Welcome to Banana Republic.

  • Mabolatse Tour Setshedi - 2013-07-25 14:44


  • proudlysa - 2013-07-25 14:45

    Can we please name a primary school somewhere in SA the " Basic education for Zuma school" and send him there to finish his primary school education? Maybe he will understand corruption, economics, education, health, arms deals, influential (corrupt) friends etc a bit better

      Gift Maganyele - 2013-07-25 14:49

      U must 1st change your name.

      Patricia Dewet - 2013-07-25 18:27

      This is what the ANC is best at, NAMES. If they can change is or give a name they think the have been there. First make it work and with towns and streets just know where you are.

  • Siyabonga Nxumalo - 2013-07-25 14:50

    Hahahahahaha, nice reporting

      Armstrong Dreadnaught - 2013-07-25 16:22

      Yes, it takes a higher education to report like this!

  • Cj Venter - 2013-07-25 14:51

    does zuma even know where mpumalanga is?

      WrefordWhite - 2013-07-25 17:42

      Do you really think he cares where it is?

  • Grimble Grumble - 2013-07-25 14:51

    Now they will need tenders to dismantle the UNI in Northern Cape and rebuild in Mpumalanga. Of course if a second UNI has been built in Mpumalanga then that will also has to be knocked down and moved to the correct place i.e. Northern Cape. Blade stated that discussions on renaming either UNI will not be entertained.

      Grimble Grumble - 2013-07-25 14:53

      p.s. I do know the editor didn't check this article

      Stephen van Eyssen - 2013-07-25 15:00

      Naming an university after an individual is perhaps not that clever. University of the Northern Cape or The University of Kimberley would have been more appropriate. And I believe the communities to be served by the University should have had a say in the naming thereof. Perhaps a local "naming compition" would have been a great idea - it would have the same effect as a mini-referendum. Why are politicians always so prescriptive?

      Grimble Grumble - 2013-07-25 15:17

      @Stephen I agree with you 100%. Why must we continue to name any place after activists or polititians. I'm sure there are wonderful natural (as in nature) places in NC or Mpumalanga after which the UNI could be named. I really don't care what language it is in, although preferably the majority language for that area. We have probably 15 languages to describe the same local mountain or river. Simple example e.g. Tomorrow

  • Makgale Makgalemele - 2013-07-25 14:53

    Ahahaha! There is no cadre in Mpumalanga to bestow name to this new university. At least Northern Cape have ANC people that can share their names with these institutions. I thought Eastern Transvaal had people involved in the struggle and poetic nouns that can be used to name not ( rename)new established institutions. From Bushbuckridge to Secunda there original names that could have been used, but nay ANC think not.

      jerhone - 2013-07-25 16:08

      the names will stay only as long as the ANC is in power that is till May next year, then the new government will change the names again

  • Gerhard van der Merwe - 2013-07-25 14:53

    Ha ha ha. Silly mistake.

  • Zulu Jstathought - 2013-07-25 14:53

    ooops news24, where is the quality control ??? this is one of a number of very very poor articles. eish wena

  • Andrew Selous - 2013-07-25 14:53

    Just in time for the elections.

  • Koketso PapaHlompho Senabe - 2013-07-25 14:54

    Fewer than 200 students? How many courses will they offer, 2? GO BIG OR GO HOME.

  • Nathi Ntshobodwana - 2013-07-25 14:59

    News 24 University of Nkandla..... Lol.... Twisted reporting to our News 24 team.....

  • Titus Madiba - 2013-07-25 15:00

    ANC delivering on its promise. Give props where its due people.

      Francois-Jacques Malan - 2013-07-25 15:14

      I agree! Just wish they did more good work!

      Chris Felton - 2013-07-25 16:12

      Building the Uni is the easy part.How well it functions, the levels of education provided and the number of students it enrolls and how many students achieve a degree, is what needs to be delivered. For now Titus the "props" go to the cunstruction company.

      Jenny Nel - 2013-07-25 18:36

      Why give them credit for doing their basic job. The basic job that they have been paid a lot of money, and taken a lot of money, to do. They are not exactly walking the extra mile here. They have done precious little for 19 years. Building a couple of universities is the very least they could do. We have come to accept nothing from them, so that when they actually do anything at all its cause for a moment's silence. The anc is poison and we need to get rid of them. Nothing they do now or ever will undo the damage they have done.

      Heibrin Venter - 2013-07-26 09:20

      @Titus: a university for 200 people. How many people leave school for Uni every year?

  • Happy Moloto - 2013-07-25 15:01

    Zuma must as well register for one of the courses at the the new university..

      Chris Felton - 2013-07-25 16:13

      and your buddy with the "Western" title. "Commander in Chief"

      Happy Moloto - 2013-07-25 16:48

      Chris leave president Malema will get hurt twat..

      Motlalepula Matshwe - 2013-07-26 16:23

      @shelley and u should register for reading lesson actually offering to give u that free of charge it seems as if u don't understand what u r reading.Stop making a fool of yourself with moronic comments.

  • Dagga Movement - 2013-07-25 15:09

    It's in the Northern Cape but called University of Mpumalanga? Very confusing.

      Sabelo Scott - 2013-07-25 15:39

      It's a conspiracy theory, easy on the chronic.

      Nokuthula Hlatshwayo - 2013-07-25 15:43

      Naah man read carefully

      Chris Felton - 2013-07-25 16:14

      Yha Boet, smoke on that!

  • Sam July Sibande - 2013-07-25 15:12

    Why biuld university of Mpumalanga in northen cape???

      Prince Waka Mathebula H'ome - 2013-07-25 15:22

      There is mistake.

      Monroe Kona - 2013-07-25 15:36

      Its best to read carefully before commenting

      Motlalepula Matshwe - 2013-07-26 16:17

      Do u read with comprehension or u sing along

  • Tommo Too - 2013-07-25 15:15

    Sol Plaatjie University! !!! Ag no man

  • Nathan Lombard - 2013-07-25 15:17

    More useless SA degrees not worth the paper they are printed on. The days of South African degrees being recognized and respected internationally are long gone.

  • Dhavandran Palavar - 2013-07-25 15:17

    lets fix up the schools first and then worry about the universities in each province.

  • Muhammed Bhyat - 2013-07-25 15:17

    Either this article is factually incorrect or this is crazy, but why would a university in the Northern Cape be named after Mpumalanga?

      Sabelo Scott - 2013-07-25 15:31

      Read the article again. You the one all tangled up.

  • Sipho Friek Van Tonder - 2013-07-25 15:18

    zuma must enroll

  • Nomsa Simelane - 2013-07-25 15:30

    Much appreciation 4 the up coming intitution,but,does it mean there is no enough site eMpumalanga if the president came to an end to build that far?

  • Mzwandile Lishster Mngoma - 2013-07-25 15:32

    Mbombela is in mpumalanga idiots

  • Kgaugelo Mashilo - 2013-07-25 15:32

    the Northern Cape university will be called Sol Plaatje University and another one in Mbombela will be called University of Mpumalanga... shuuuuu you ppl must go back to school and learn how to read... there are two universities in two different provinces. they are talking about two UNIVERSITIES

      Kgaugelo Mashilo - 2013-07-25 15:33

      Mbombela is in Mpumalanga

      Sabelo Scott - 2013-07-25 15:36

      Yes Mbombela is Nelspruit in Mpumalanga.

  • Mark Caldwell - 2013-07-25 15:33

    I think we are missing the point here. What use are these new Universities if we dont have the learners qualified to use them.

      Grimble Grumble - 2013-07-25 16:39

      I hate the word learners. It's just so dumb. Imagine job interview Prospective employer "Where did you study?" Failed Interview "Eh study as in student?. No I was a Learner" Case dismissed

      John Johnson - 2013-07-25 19:10

      Man scary 200 will enroll with zero recognised qualifications. I bet all free as well. My daughter had to bail out of her degree at Stellenbosch after 2 years because we could not afford the fees.She understood but I still feel the guilt. Yet criminals can get free education in jail. WTF.

  • Richard Khumalo - 2013-07-25 15:36

    You people are sick or you don't have a reading skill... It is said a University being built in Kimberly which is in Northern Cape will be called Sol Platjie University and University in Nelspruit will be called Mpumalanga University so what are u talking about Nelspruit in not in Northern Cape. About this statement I think it would be incorrect to say the University will start operating next year when the companies haven't started yet the are projects as small as Clinics which are running for 18months in August but still not finished so how can one say a University will be operating next year.. Mxm!!!

      Koketso PapaHlompho Senabe - 2013-07-25 16:21

      The article was corrected, if you had read it earlier you would understand what the earlybirds were talking about.

      John Johnson - 2013-07-25 19:12

      Man it depends on who gets the contracts. Guess some ANC connections.

  • Nkele Malatji - 2013-07-25 15:38

    They will initially take in fewer than 200 students each.(200 students)????? Out of how many high schools.No they are playing is it 200 0r 2000.

  • Piet Klaassens - 2013-07-25 15:47

    Remember this man ia highly educated, or should I say, dis man is haailie edjukated.

  • Mavukuvuku Nzima - 2013-07-25 15:49

    200 students and you call it a university? The chancellor's monthly salary will be higher that the students tuition combined doesn't make sense

      Piet Motsoeneng - 2013-07-25 17:35

      How do you know how much the students are going to pay and do you also know the salary of vice chancellor? You just couldnt wait for something to be written and just get a platform to criticize without facts.

  • Jack Phakathi - 2013-07-25 16:10

    Surely incorrect reporting from News24.Should maybe be less than 20000 p.a.

  • Leo Les - 2013-07-25 16:13

    guys we dnt have to blame ppl if they dnt know what Nelspruit is called today, if u go to pretoria street names have changed and the gorvenment doesn't make enough awareness about changes of towns and places of national importants, and we give names that even ourselves as blacks we can pronounce, I'm sotho I strugle to pronounce words with 'X' not the English ones, names like Xuma, xulu, the university they are building why can't they expand medical schools because we have universities but they adress irelevent cozes, Cuba has a population of 11m and they have 28 medical schools, we have 50m+ population but we have six medical school, building a university is not an issues, let them go grassroots and sort out education, coz u can have as many universitis but if the feeder which is matric is poor what's the point I'm not saying universities must not be built, do we have enough lectures for those vasity are we producing enough lectures? I've been to. ukzn I was taught by foreign ppl, I hope we hav lectures and students, and financial aid for students

      John Johnson - 2013-07-25 19:17

      Its lecturers pal

      Thebe Botsoana - 2013-07-25 20:06

      First u r not black!so dose name r supa en we say all systm go with dis varsitis!in apartheid everythin was afrikaans en u we're enjoyin lyf!so tough luck!

      Motlalepula Matshwe - 2013-07-26 16:09

      leo les just as much as we learned to say pretoria and jones its high time u learn to say xulu,zulu,tulu whatever after all you are in Africa.

  • Kelvin De Beer - 2013-07-25 16:29

    Thank you for the universities I believe they are both going to be of great help.we won't have to pay a lot on accomodation n our kids will be closer to home we can monitor them.u did a great job well done.

      Sabelo Scott - 2013-07-25 16:34

      Beautiful Kelvin, we can't just criticize for the sake of criticizin, when people are showing initiative isn't, would we rather they not build these Universities?, glad to see some people are appreciative.

  • donrico.silva - 2013-07-25 16:29

    Must be cool to say 'I graduated from sol plaatjie university'

  • Richard Scully - 2013-07-25 16:35

    There's a name, but will there be a university

  • Tebogo Andrew - 2013-07-25 16:38

    congration to the president and his minister for new universities in Mpumalanga and Northern Cape. It has been long for those Provinces without institution of higher learning. Bravo guys

      JamesMWood - 2013-07-25 18:13

      You of course noted that they will only take 200 students, one now must ask how many courses will be available to so few given the number of "professors" required

  • Michael Holliday - 2013-07-25 16:38

    Either this article was fixed or people can't read. it clearly states @ different universities. Kimberly and Mbombela.

      Sabelo Scott - 2013-07-25 16:52

      Nothing was fixed people ddn't read properly because they couldn't wait to criticize, they would have fixed the 200 also because there is no way that is accurate, badly written as usual though.

  • Alfred Maringa - 2013-07-25 16:41

    thank god. some is atleast done to improve education in this country.

  • James Kiwalabye - 2013-07-25 16:54

    Leo there are seven medical school's ,you forgot,NELSON MANDELA ,they are two,in eastern cape and kwazulu natal

      Leo Les - 2013-07-25 17:22

      but question is are they enough? in Cuba every household has its own doctor who comes every month to chek their welbeing

  • Gary Landman - 2013-07-25 17:09

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.......................................................sol plaaitjies university... wipes tears from eyes...............(job interview: International Corp.. "So where did you study?" "Sol Plaatjies Sir" "GEDDOUT OF MY OFFICE DIMWIT!"

      Gary Landman - 2013-07-25 17:10


  • Joe Mangena - 2013-07-25 17:55

    perfect names

      Abram Russel Baloyi - 2013-07-26 10:05

      but who decided on the names, don't the people who live in those provinces have a say

  • Matsobane Langa - 2013-07-25 18:08

    It will very good for the province of Mpumalanga to have a university, long over due... Hope its not gonna be an empty promise at the end...

  • Jenny Nel - 2013-07-25 18:29

    The anc is a failure and if they were to build a university on every corner they remain a failure. They will never blot out their legacy of arrogance, incompetence, nepotism and corruption.

  • BigPete - 2013-07-25 18:48

    These idiots in government can't even provide basic education.

  • Lindela Enos Mtshali - 2013-07-25 21:01

    Many comments reflect a visceral hatred of the ANC. Somehow as a black person I often feel defensive as they are black. Not too many white South Africans complained when blacks were subjected to Bantu Education. Even when the ANC does something laudable there will always be the gang of whiners. Zuma didn't get Bantu Education, yet all the smart people who comment here who got better education are not president, he is. Who is smarter then. In your warped thinking black people should only be servants and work for white people's comfort. There are very many smart non racist white people that I know. But they are too busy with their lives to come and spew bile online. Get a life! They are only building two Universities we need five more to undo the damage that was done by apartheid you racist morons. Blade has opened a number of FET colleges go learn some welding because you wouldn't qualify for admission in RAU.

  • Zimasa Makaziwe - 2013-07-25 21:52

    Thanx Mr President about the two new universities , Sol Plaatjie university and Mpumalanga university .

  • Zimasa Makaziwe - 2013-07-25 21:52

    Thanx Mr President about the two new universities , Sol Plaatjie university and Mpumalanga university .

  • Precious Mudau Preshy - 2013-07-29 09:23

    Mbombela is in Mpumalanga, its best to read carefully before insulting, i knw pipz hate Zuma lol the moment they see his name in article they go mad but i understand thou lol

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