Newspaper apologises to Malema

2012-08-16 09:42

Johannesburg - The Times newspaper printed a front-page apology to expelled ANC Youth League president Julius Malema on Thursday, abiding by a ruling by the press ombudsman against an article published in October.

The story, headlined, "Malema on the ropes", on October 31, reported that a police probe into Malema's financial affairs was "as good as complete".

The Press Ombudsman found that the newspaper report breached Article 1.1 of the Press Code (fairness and accuracy), and twice breached Article 1.4 (verification) and Article 1.5 (obtaining comment).

"The Times gladly corrects these mistakes," the newspaper said, adding that, at the time, it did try to get comment from Malema and the then ANCYL spokesperson Floyd Shivambu.

It said it had written the story "based on information from sources who had been entirely reliable previously".

The ombudsman said the fact that there were several investigations into Malema's affairs was not in dispute, but the newspaper inaccurately reported on the state of those investigations by saying they were "as good as complete".

Malema told The Times: "I am happy with the ruling and that The Times has complied with it."

  • KeeperofChaos - 2012-08-16 09:55

    Fatboy made the news again. As far as the apology is concerned, it is wasted print. Anybody know what the outcome was of these investigations, or did it also find its way under the carpet?

      john.loveland.9 - 2012-08-16 13:17

      And how often is he prepared to offer an apology?

  • Tebz001 - 2012-08-16 09:59

    is Juju still getting payed?

  • nketso.kgwadi - 2012-08-16 10:05

    Maybe the secrecy bill might be good for the country as we will that the article contain no lies

      mark.singh.9889 - 2012-08-16 10:26

      you mean good for the anc

      johan.maree.5036 - 2012-08-16 10:29

      There won't be any articles! You can't be this gullible?

      bob.mcmillen.564 - 2012-08-16 11:15

      Johan, there is the problem, something like 70% of the voting public are that gullible, why else would they continue to support a government that is rife with corruption and basic services continue to decline over the last 18 years, and still the gullible follow.

      Gavin - 2012-08-16 11:53

      ah yes, you are so right - hiding the truth has always benefited the people - what are you retarded or something ????????? once you allow the government to decide what you're allowed to read, it's over and done with.

  • stompie.mcgwapspap - 2012-08-16 10:05

    KFC Please!

      azande.futhi - 2012-08-16 10:19

      troll alert...

  • azande.futhi - 2012-08-16 10:18

    Sue the them dry, bloody agents of Western Agenda.

      Raygunwatson - 2012-08-16 11:36

      If it wasn't for the WEST you wouldn't have this wonderfull thing called internet , stop being stupid.

      Gavin - 2012-08-16 11:54

      yet another proponent of the hands outstretched solution to everything.

      thabang.bonang.7 - 2012-08-16 12:35

      If Malema was suing the newspapers for the lies they keep telling about him, He would be much richer than the riches the media claims He has. So many lies have been told about him.

  • phumi.ntlabati - 2012-08-16 10:21

    Nailing and jailing of people should accompany an apology. The ombudsman offers no recourse for those who have been victims of malacious reporting!

  • avanwyk2 - 2012-08-16 10:21

    He must still apologise to white South Africans for wanting to kill the whites in SA. Isn't that a bit more important!!

      jo.barton.92 - 2012-08-16 10:44

      azande, he was singing kill the boer etc. That to me is hate speech and inciting violence. Can you imagine us whites singing killing the blacks?

      neville.chamberlain.509 - 2012-08-16 10:46

      azande.futhi - August 16, 2012 at 10:19 Report commentComments Policy troll alert... Quite right

      azande.futhi - 2012-08-16 11:02

      @jo, did Malema say he wants to kill whites in SA as claimed by avanwyk? That was an ANC song which all of us sang. Why single out Malema and even futher say "he wanted to kill whites", to me that's improper and misleading by the first post. avanwyk statement is the one that incites violence.

      peter.jefferies.90 - 2012-08-16 11:10

      @Azande, if you support Malema you are one of the people who obviously benefits from what he does. You do not support what South Africa stands for and you cleary then do not care about the poor or the country and only have it in for Whites and also only want to make yourself rich. I do not see Malema as a white issue, he can sing all the crap he wants (maybe he should try out for idols). The fact is that he is in this for himself and he can talk till he is purple in the face because that is all he does. In all his time as a leader he did nothing for the poor people that he said was his only concern!! All he did was get rich and spend my hard earned tax money on parties and houses! He is a plague on this country and should never be reported on again!

      bob.mcmillen.564 - 2012-08-16 11:19

      mpho, you are a hateful little man, whats wrong, still waiting for your free handouts, Boers are South African farmers that feed the nation and generate income from exports, why the hate ? jealous because they are hard working successful people maybe.

      azande.futhi - 2012-08-16 11:47

      @peterjeff, one thing you should know about me is that I never support an individual, I support what he brings on the table. I advocate justice and fairness, and that doesn't choose a face or color of a skin. Here in this very article, we are learning that Malema has been wronged by Times and I am happy to hear that something is done about it. I would feel the same way even if it was about you instead of Malema. I do not want us to mix issues here. Its not about Malema as a person but a citizen of this country. Secondly, I myself sang the song pre and post 1994 and I know that it is an ANC song, not Malema's. My point here is, Malema never said he wanted to kill whites, that song never promoted killing whites either, the "Bunu" as previously explained refers to an enermy, it may be whoever. However, white people have shown and taken offence and felt the song incites violence against them, I respect that and I, as the court ruled, believe we should support non singing of the song going forward for the sake of peace. Lastly, Malema sometimes say a lot of things which I dont support and that actually I consider rubbish ie Botswana issue etc, but when it comes to nationalization, I support the idea fully. Not because it is said by Malema but simply because Nationalization a good concept. So, when one supports a specific thing said or done by a second individual, it is misleading and improper to conclude that the first individual supports everything of the second individual.

      noedig.greene - 2012-08-16 12:48

      avanwyk Julius was singing about killing, Boeremag was planning to kill and the Apartheid government actually killed black people. Who do u think must apologise here.

      raymond.romans.5 - 2012-08-16 15:51

      Azande, go into the full history of nationalization throughout the world and show me just one success. It DOESN'T work, period.

      mondli.botha - 2012-08-17 05:54

      @Noedig, that is the pulse of the problem here. It seems there are some people who were born exclusively with a right to hurt n destroy others with impunity.

      mondli.botha - 2012-08-17 06:04

      @Noedig, that is the pulse of the problem here. It seems there are some people who were born exclusively with a right to hurt n destroy others with impunity.

      duma.nkabinde - 2012-08-17 07:54

      Apologize to who?????? And for your information we still sing the song Dubul'ibhunu.........

  • lenox.ntlantsana - 2012-08-16 10:25

    Just leave Malema as is , \r\n\r\nWill u? There's lot to discover out there to make news. Hawu Cha ngeke!

  • ama.ntuli.33 - 2012-08-16 10:36

    go vote online for the next

  • neil.swart - 2012-08-16 10:38

    The newspaper was reprimanded over some issue pertaining to a certain (has been) politician, a huge row ensued after some (so called) artist depected the (wannabe) president's crown jewels in some far fetched painting! I do agree when your name or image is being slandered or tarnished without proper proof, action needs to be taken against those who did so, BUT Two cops were shot in Hillbrow yesterday, people die in violent protests and strikes, innocent women and children are being raped, farmers get killed, people are being murdered, and these politicians do nothing!!! Does this prove what is being said that politicians only care about themselves and stuff the rest? We need strong leadership in this county! A leadership who can act as a role model to children and citizens, a leadership who can take action on issues that affect the citizens of it's country, a leadership that does not falter under pressure to root out corruption! Then, and only then, will false media reports or disgraceful paintings be replaced by positive reports and statues of people we can respect!!

      azande.futhi - 2012-08-16 10:47

      you are just clueless. how the hell does a legal matter which involves an individual (Malema) and a newspaper (The Times) got anything to do with government and its services? Stop hating and be truthful for once. Malema has been wronged in this case, period. No BUTS please.

      neil.swart - 2012-08-16 10:58

      @azande.futhi: I realy do suggest you read my comment again! SLOWLY THIS TIME! You will see that I did mention that he was wronged and that is needed remedial action from the wrong doers! Secondly, I never mentioned that I hated any individual or the government for that matter! If you did pick up some hatred in my comment, it is aimed at incompetence, ignorance and arrogance. This country has the potential to flourish and become the place that Madiba had in mind! So bury the hatchet and pick up your shovel and come work next to me, or stay in your cave and suffer! Your choice!!!!!

      azande.futhi - 2012-08-16 11:24

      @neil, once you put a "but" after a statement, it means there are two or more related issues and the latter requires more attention or consideration than the former issue that one has alluded on. I'm failing to understand in your first posting the relationship between Government and Malema/Times matter. You probably needed to separate these issues as they are disparate, in my view. All what you said is reasonable BUT you mixed issues that are totally disparate, at least you made them seem as if they are related. If you feel Malema/Times matter and gross negligence of safety and security of citizens by those in power ie SAPS, as you outlined, are related you are at liberty to elaborate.

      neil.swart - 2012-08-16 11:48

      @azande.futhi: I simply fail to understand why issues that does not affect all the citizens of the country does not get the same ernest attention in most cases than issues that affect politicians individually! 10 People lost their lives in Marikana this past week in violent strike action, and the president is silent! People are being killed left, right and centre, women get raped and the list goes on! There are more pressing issues that needs alot more attention! To be honest, Should I be in a position where I can address issues relating to the well being of the country, and some news paper printed some stupid comment or report, I would not even bother!! So what if the paper said "the investigation is as good as finalised"! Instead of crying about some printed poop, why didn't Malema use his voice to condemn killings and rape!! I think he would have earned more respect in making a difference where it counts! And that goes for alot of politicians accross all the political parties in this country!! What I try to say, is that all of us need leadership that doesn't squabble about petty nonsense, and that tackles pressing issues and leads by example and dignity!!

      azande.futhi - 2012-08-16 12:11

      @neil, I hear you. lets agree first that what is reported in this article is good for upholding our constitutional rights as citizens. Secondly, lets agree that a country has structures in place designed to tackle all the functions government is expected to carry out for the citizens. Hence, there are departments such SAPS, DOJ, DOE etc. Malema does not play any direct role in government operations and it is very unfair to expect him to do much on the failures of government ie SAPS (high crime). I know for a fact that Malema in many instances have said a lot of things against Ministers who failed to deliver on mandate that emancipate specifically youth. U will remember "Naledi Pandor and fake accent issue" when she failed to address a problem that was prolonged at Tshwane University. He further lambasted many Ministers thus he was labelled disrespectful by many top leaders. He further fought for nationalization of mines and monopoly markets. All these fights were within the ambit of his responsibilities as a Youth leader in this country. That is why I say, let’s not mix issues. Malema has done his part as political youth leader, government political leaders have to do their own part. Your complaints about all these ills have to be addressed by the latter not Malema.

      neil.swart - 2012-08-16 12:27

      @azande.futhi: Point taken! My comments, however, are not aimed at Malema only, but at politicians in general! That goes for all of them! I do however need to commend you in choosing to pick up the shovel with me! Maybe we can have some chissa nyama (hope I spelt it correctly) after a hard days work!! I do believe that ALL religions and cultures have a comman golden thread on which it was built, and that is RESPECT! As a nation we should use that as comman ground and start to address issues that affects us all! Then you might just see alot of other issues vanish before your eyes by it's self!

      azande.futhi - 2012-08-16 12:37

      @neil, lol @ chissa nyama, got right buddy. thanks to you for the engaging discussion. I wish we could all use forums like this to engage with respect and openly not to oppose and nail each other but to learn more about factors that make us see things differently. That will help us very much in shaping our future as citizens of this beautiful land that has a lot of potential to flourish as you already said. Thanks to you for the chat, was really good. PS: We will organize a Chisa Nayama soon :-)

      neil.swart - 2012-08-16 12:54

      @azande.futhi: The pleasure is mine buddy! After our chat today, I do see light at the end of the tunnel! I do not say we have to agree on everything, but we can surely talk about it like adults. (respectful and uplifting) Phambile bru!!

      mondli.botha - 2012-08-17 05:48

      I must also commend the Neil n Asande engagement on this matter its a rare case in this forum. I wish there can be a lot of people who can follow this type of engagement. Mutual respect very central to both of them. None of them was emotional, angry n bitter

  • okonkwo7 - 2012-08-16 10:42

    Viva my President, come mangaung and MALEMA shall rise

      tony.naidoo - 2012-08-16 10:49

      Get ready to be his gardener. At least you'll have a lifetime's supply of KFC! Moron see, moron do!

      douglas.reid.921 - 2012-08-16 11:28

      The zulu spear is going to eat this pedi boy

      pule.lesego.3 - 2012-08-16 12:06

      And come 2014 DA will loss.hahahahaaaaa.Viva juju viva.

      mondli.botha - 2012-08-17 05:36

      I hav a large field of sugarcane 4 u

  • 4man1 - 2012-08-16 10:47

    malema is a moron who's only interest is himself and money regardless of how he gets it and anyone who supports him is a moron (unless they are complicit in the graft then they are just a criminal). This of course is my opinion which I am still entitled to. The Times is probably close to the truth of the matter and the moron shoots himself in the foot by even raising the subject. No doubt it will be brushed over whatever he has done because this is how the anc works....there are enough examples. Justice won't be seen here and every day the common people suffer more. Once opinion.

      ratsaka.eugene - 2012-08-16 11:39

      Stupid opinions are seen frequently on this site if you ask me. People support a person for several reasons, now, to call people morons for supporting Malema just extrememly shallow. You probably support Zille, good, it's a free country, you also supported her when she called people refugees, right? Right?

      azande.futhi - 2012-08-16 12:25

      talking of a real narrow minded person, that is 4man1. we forgive you, its not your fault.

  • mastersvoice - 2012-08-16 10:49

    Shoot Malema! Shoot the Fool! DISCLAIMER: This is not a call to actually kill Malema nor a reference to his cognitive abilities. It is a freedom chant using symbolism.

  • tony.naidoo - 2012-08-16 10:56

    I, too, need to apologise to Mr Julius Malema. I am SORRY THAT YOU WERE BORN !

      neil.big.craig - 2012-08-16 11:18

      Reminds me of a story of a kid that got reprimanded for calling another an 'idiot'. After insistence by his parent the kid apologised: "I'm sorry you're an idiot" :D

      mondli.botha - 2012-08-17 05:38

      I wonder if the same joke can be made about u, u won't run HRC or the nearest court or pull a self Kaboom

  • mmangaliso - 2012-08-16 10:56

    is there a internet ombudsman u cn make fake blog or twitter account. This is nt out for tender.

  • douglas.reid.921 - 2012-08-16 11:40

    the Zulu spear will eat the Pedi boy before xmas!!!

  • sifiso.msimango - 2012-08-16 12:04

    a thug does not deserve an apology

      azande.futhi - 2012-08-16 12:19

      is malema a thug? how?

      azande.futhi - 2012-08-16 12:51

      @watchman, if u wanna engage and discuss, do it properly. if u wanna be idiotic and childish, continue with your drivel.

  • firstseed.mbeva - 2012-08-16 12:23

    "Malema on the ropes"Yes it was incorrectly and poorly expressed.He is knocked down.

  • thabang.bonang.7 - 2012-08-16 12:37

    "The Times gladly corrects these mistakes," the newspaper said. Of course they would be glad because they managed to sell many copies. Too many Malema news addicts out there that would eat anything they are fed with concerning Malema.

  • - 2012-08-16 12:43

    Jah this just proves that media reporting is Not always accurate or true, weldone press

  • sefako.mokgalaka - 2012-08-16 13:43

    Sue the Bastards Julius. They can't wait to see you behind bars. They hate you because you speak the truth - though for self enrichment.

  • stefan.kruger.1297 - 2012-08-16 13:48

    boo boo bee boo.. shame.. Did he take offence when Times said that... well in that case, the whole of South Africa should be upset because he's screwing up everything!!

  • sean.goldie.9 - 2012-08-16 13:53


  • morama.sebata - 2012-08-16 14:40


  • leko.dada1 - 2012-08-16 16:31

    How about City press ?

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