Nine malaria deaths in Gauteng in 2010

2010-12-07 18:34

Johannesburg - Nine people died of malaria out of 450 cases reported in Gauteng between January and November 2010, the provincial department of health said on Tuesday.

"These deaths were people who had travelled to malaria-endemic areas," said departmental spokesperson Simon Zwane.

He said Gauteng residents were urged to take anti-malaria medication before visiting malaria-endemic areas.

"Those who will be travelling to these areas such as Kruger National Park, Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya and Somalia are urged to avoid mosquito bites by staying indoors at night, wearing long-sleeved shirts and trousers or using mosquito repellents that can be applied to (the) exposed skin area, burn mosquito repellent candles and coils, spray insecticides, and use nets around the bed."

Malaria is transmitted through the bites of certain types of mosquitoes. Flu-like symptoms, body aches and pains, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea are all symptoms of the disease.

"The department would like to reiterate that Gauteng is not a malaria-endemic area but because of the travelling during this time, people are urged to seek medical attention where signs and symptoms of malaria are suspected," Zwane said.

  • darkwing - 2010-12-07 19:59

    You could kill yourself trying to slap a mosquito during the night. Better to get as much protection as you can. In fact, there's a motherf....r circling before me as I type.

  • Methuselah - 2010-12-08 11:26

    Getting hold of anti-malaria tablets should be made easier. No longer available over the counter at your local chemist. Currently you must first visit a doctor to get a prescription.

  • pawsaw - 2010-12-08 11:30

    Better yet, don'ttravel to those areas to see the game. Come to the Eastern Cape instead as we have no bilharzia or malarial mosquitoes here. In addition to getting up close and personal with the cubs under rigorously controlled conditions we also have some of the best and safest beaches for every type of water activity you can imagine.

  • Cynical Sci - 2010-12-08 12:00

    Considering all the possible side effects that the various tablets have, a doctor needs to be able to assess one and prescribe the best one. I do research on these mosquitoes and regularly go into the field througout Africa hunting them, and i will still seek a doctors advice before each trip. It sounds sounds to me you feel the trip to the doc is an inconvienience.

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