No arrests in Morningside murder

2012-09-10 12:07

Johannesburg - No arrests have been made following the murder of an elderly couple in Morningside, Johannesburg police said on Monday.

"No arrests have been made at this stage," said Captain Kim Cloete.

Their bodies were found by their son on Friday afternoon, she said.

"Police received the call after 15:00 on Friday afternoon. The motive and cause of death is still under investigation."

Beeld newspaper reported that a bakkie and electronic equipment had been taken from the home, which was locked before the attackers left.

The son, who lives in Pretoria, became suspicious after his parents missed a lunch at the Johannesburg Country Club.

He drove to their home to see what was happening and discovered their bodies, according to Beeld.

  • Hemlock - 2012-09-10 12:15

    Horrible, tragic and so unnecessary to murder them. Sick bastards should all be exterminated like the vermin they are. May this couple RIP. Condolences to their families.

      chuck.farley.104418 - 2012-09-10 15:07

      I don't get the point of this article. Are we supposed to be shocked/suprised that no arrests have been made?

  • emilyjane.elson - 2012-09-10 12:20

    Seriously?? FGS tie them up and take the stuff why kill them?? It's all a sick game of "upper hand" for these facking a$$hol€$!! I hope they meet their fate in a worse way one day, let them know what it feels like to suffer, feel scared or beg for their lives. Sick sick sick..

      roy.wadhams.1 - 2012-09-10 14:20

      Bet you it took a few of them to carry out this evil deed. Normally they roam in gangs and can only do this to defenseless elderly people.

  • brionyl.french - 2012-09-10 12:25


      mofstok - 2012-09-10 12:27

      Keep your firearm close.

      roy.wadhams.1 - 2012-09-10 15:11

      This is why the citizens were disarmed by the ANC so that we could be murdered and the rubbish could steal and plunder to their hearts content and get away with it.

  • shelley.vorster.9 - 2012-09-10 12:26

    & when they are caught, they will get min sentence. Bring back the DEATH penalty

      manny.dasilva.902 - 2012-09-10 12:42

      Never Shelley, that will wipe out 3/4 of the government and their chronies!!!!, lol

      allhaleto.theale - 2012-09-10 13:51

      Bring the death penalty back. We demand a referendum.

  • Harold Chisimba - 2012-09-10 12:55

    If Iwere GOD Icould not forgive these obnoxious parasites? Why two killing cases involving elders in asingle day? And wat about other one not yet reported? Oo yes sleep with one eye and ear always open.

  • bradley.kecskes - 2012-09-10 13:19

    Once again they can only target the frail and old...cowards!

  • adelenickiminaj.parkes - 2012-09-10 13:21

    We live in a violent country ,everything is done in a violent way, some are even brought up in a violent homes, SA is known as a Violent country..When will our Guavament see this and bring change,how many people should lose loved once because of this word Violence

      Alan - 2012-09-10 13:33

      The Government will only see this when they slip on their Guavas.

  • sagin.verity - 2012-09-10 13:41

    Ashamed to be a south african. What a life we lead! Is this the country we fought and died for? Can we comprehend how much worse it is going to be in the very near future? I think that this south africa is what the older and wiser south africans tried to save us from with their seemingly harsh systems of control.

  • Msika - 2012-09-10 13:57

    Tragic! May this elderly couple RIP. I hope the police will do all that is in their powers to find the killer(s). They should start looking very close though, shouldn't look past the son who dicovered them as well.

  • warren.mark.92 - 2012-09-10 14:01

    The constitutional court needs to step in and by the powers invested in it,to bring back the death penalty ,if government don't want the death penalty then the constitutional court should implement the necessary

  • ingrid.oberholzer - 2012-09-10 14:03

    There was a survey, it outcome was people have more chance of getting murdered than dying in a car accident. We have to be more diligent. I life is woth nothing in South Africa.

  • sandy.langenstrass - 2012-09-10 15:56

    If this killing of white folks continues... this will become the White man Holocaust. What is hard to believe.....the anc do nothing about the Farm Killings...I really think it's time that someone needs to step up if the Government are toothless in this regard....we need someone..something to stop this killing.

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