No arrests in cancer patient's rape

2011-10-25 12:10

Bloemfontein - Free State police are investigating allegations that a terminally ill cancer patient was raped by a male nurse in the National Hospital in Bloemfontein.

The 50-year-old woman's husband told police that the incident happened on October 15, Captain Harry Nagel said on Tuesday.

According to the woman, a female nurse held her down while a male nurse raped her.

"There are two suspects, but no one has been arrested yet. We are waiting for a decision from the director of public prosecutions," said Nagel.

He said police were checking the details of the allegations.

The woman had been transferred to a private hospital in Bloemfontein and a case of rape had been opened.

  • ivan.coetzee2 - 2011-10-25 12:18

    OMG how sick is this, poor woman, as if she doesn't have enough to deal with. Come on SAPS get these sicko's already, what are you waiting for.

      rbphiri - 2011-10-25 12:49

      Who the hell in their right mind rapes a terminally ill cancer patient? I don't know if the allegations are true, but if so than both accused must be really really sick.

      hester.ferrezuelo - 2011-10-25 13:07

      TO RBPHHIRI - who in their right mind rapes AT ALL???

  • Moi - 2011-10-25 12:33

    Morphine does strange things to people. My father recently passed away: he was in hospital for about 2 months. During that time, he underwent surgey twice and was on high levels of morphine. After the one surgery, when he eventually woke up, he was absolutely furious because he said there were children walking around in theatre and how can the hospital allow that sort of thing?? This is only one of many hallucinations he had while on the morphine. I'm not saying that this poor lady was definitely not raped, but having dealt first hand with someone on high levels of morphine, I know what it does to them. They should just investigate thoroughly before ruining the lives of the staff.

      Servaas - 2011-10-25 12:50

      Fine, point taken. Look at the mentality of the staff at government hospitals, pregnant women being raped in Natal Spruit, a female doctor also raped at Natal spruit, look how slow they work, the general hygiene of a government hospital. I am sure she was raped and not just an od of morphine.

      Moi - 2011-10-25 12:59

      Fair enough Servaas, but I prefer to not label all of the staff based on the action of some. How can you be so sure if you were not there? My father was also adamant that the staff at the hospital were tying to kill him, when in actual fact, because he kept on trying to pull out the intubator, they had to keep on taping it down and because of the morphine, he thought that they were trying to kill him. Again, I'm not saying that she was not raped, but they really need to investigate thoroughly before charging the accused staff.

      Right - 2011-10-25 13:01

      @serv-ASS......"I am sure she was raped..." ????? Where does your certainty come from????..... even before the investigation has been completed. Perhaps you in fact work as a nurse in that hospital.

      Servaas - 2011-10-25 13:07

      @Right: Yes, I work at that hospital as a nurse all the way from Nairobi. Wow, you are such an intelligent boy. Can you for once in your sorry little life try and comment on the topic rather than trying to take me on? Don't you have any "wek" on your Western Cape Farm? Must be such a difficult task "weking" hey? Tell you what, next time you need an operation or fall ill go to a government hospital!

      Servaas - 2011-10-25 13:08

      @Right: BTW, the stats and cases speak for themselves. If you knew how google works, maybe you will check on a topic before running your mouth. You suffer from a bad case of Verbal diarrhea.

      Servaas - 2011-10-25 13:10

      @Moi: I understand your point but surely she would have been examined by a dr before her husband ran off and opened a case of rape?

      Moi - 2011-10-25 13:22

      @Servaas - None of the articles state that she was examined and evidence of rape was found. It just says that the husband told the doctor and staff and no one seemed to take him very seriously.

      sseleke1 - 2011-10-25 13:24

      I want to agree with you, Moi. If there was rape they should establish it by checking semen on the woman's body. Secondly, I don't think a female nurse can in her sober and sane mind hold down another woman who is being raped in a hospital ward. Let's hope the poor woman has just been hallucinating. Rape is very bad thing.

      Trudy - 2011-10-25 13:27

      @Right. You should actually pity serv-Ass, not get angry at him

      Servaas - 2011-10-25 13:49

      @Trudy: Funny how when a white person does not agree with a black person he is either labeled a racist or with your statement be pitied?

      Trudy - 2011-10-25 14:10

      @serv-Ass: Shame!

      Right - 2011-10-25 14:17

      @Trudy....I agree with you 1000%....I actually do pity him...that's why I offered him a job as a farm worker on my farm in the Western Cape. From what I can see there is little else he will be able to do. He just enagages in "retarded rambling" as indicated by another commentator on News24(who was white).

      Right - 2011-10-25 14:30

      @Trudy....I will even go as far as stating that serv-ASS has ET's exact traits, behaviour and idiosyncratic personality if profiled. I am actually going to request one of the Generals in SAP's Intelligence to keep a keen eye on him.

      Servaas - 2011-10-25 14:33

      @Right: And you like to entertain my so-called "Retarded Rambling". Says a lot about you, doesn't it?

      Right - 2011-10-25 14:42

      @serv-ASS....I pity you...I see your pessimism...I see the way you hate black people in general...every comment of yours is filled with racism or the ANC or attacking other commentators. I am trying to HELP you? It is such a SHAME that someone can fall to the level you are. Is there ANYTHING...ANYTHING at all POSITIVE that you can say about South Africa? Let me ask you....have you ever thought of just commiting suicide?

      Servaas - 2011-10-25 15:09

      @Right: Me HATING criminals does not make me racist, me not believing every word the ANC says does not make me a racist, me being entitled to my own opinion does not make me racist, me not agreeing with a black person does not make me racist (although you think it does). Is it my fault the ANC is riddled with criminals that literally get away with everything? No. Do I hate them for the way they have run the country to shambles? Yes I do. Is it my fault Malema is a racist openly and because of that I cant stand him as an individual? No. The thing I can't stand though is majority that is of the mindset, life owes them, wanting to run all whites out of the country, wanting everything for free, farm murders etc.etc.etc.. the list goes on. Me standing up for my rights does not make me racist. And no, why would I consider suicide? Because and ANC idiot suggested it? Go 2 Hell would you?

      Right - 2011-10-25 15:32

      @serv-ASS.....I can see you are already in a HELL OF YOUR OWN. Calm down boet!

  • chris.heyde1 - 2011-10-25 12:34

    A reflection on the moral health of our society? Is this, the sickest possible act you can think of, displaying what have become of our dream-world? A rainbow nation whose aspirations has been so raped and mauled by those without moral standing that only a cesspool ofexcrement can be found as evidence of a once proud nation? We have officially reached rock bottom.

  • Hlamalani - 2011-10-25 13:08

    The woman could be high on drugs... lets not jump into conclusions yet, let there be investigations first!

      allcoveredinNinjas - 2011-10-25 14:47

      Wait for the investigations yes but unless you've been tanking down some serious angel dust then noticing your vagina has been violated is fairly easy. Having a terminal disease , you would think she had bigger issues than making false rape claims.Lets see.

  • puleng.motaung - 2011-10-25 13:09

    this story is not making any sense how can a female nurse hold her down while the male nurse is raping her,i think she's losing her mind or it was just a nightmare

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