No legal aid for Jub Jub

2011-09-29 21:04

Johannesburg - A legal aid lawyer will not be appointed to represent musician Molemo "Jub Jub" Maarohanye in his murder trial, Legal Aid SA said on Thursday.

Spokesperson Mpho Phasha said Maarohanye visited the Legal Aid SA Dobsonville Justice Centre on September 7, but did not complete the application process.

"Therefore no legal aid application was received for consideration."

Last month, the trial was postponed by the Protea Magistrate's Court in Soweto because Maarohanye had financial problems and was not able to pay his defence lawyer Ike Motloung.

Motloung told the court he would withdraw from the case if Maarohanye could not pay his legal fees.

Maarohanye and co-accused Themba Tshabalala face charges of murder, attempted murder and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The two were allegedly drag racing when one of their Mini Coopers ploughed into a group of schoolchildren in Mdlalose Street, Protea North.

Four boys were killed. Two others suffered severe injuries, including brain damage.

The trial resumes on October 10.

  • WALOK - 2011-09-29 21:33

    Just lock the POS up already!!

      Taboo - 2011-09-30 07:36

      Mob justice for these bastards. Thats all they deserve.........

      LBS - 2011-09-30 11:05

      The weekend is getting better and better!!!!

  • Lethokuhle Kambule - 2011-09-29 21:37

    tjo ku-tough!!

  • Piet Skiet - 2011-09-29 22:02

    why is this case dragging out so long? these druggies are clearly guilty of murder or manslaugher.

      twolips - 2011-09-29 22:09

      TIA! Slowly and not so surely.

  • africanwolf - 2011-09-29 22:13


  • ProudlyKgomo - 2011-09-29 23:06

    Lock up this scumbug!

      mike.kgatla - 2011-09-30 01:45

      lock de bla die celeb

  • Scarlett82 - 2011-09-30 06:59

    Just Lock him up Shall we do a sum here ..... Illegal Drugs + Illegal Drag Racing + Killing Innocent Children = Jail Time See Easy !!!!!

      Raptor20221 - 2011-09-30 07:34

      " Illegal Drugs + Illegal Drag Racing + Killing Innocent Children = Jail Time For Life" There, fixed that for you

      Scarlett82 - 2011-09-30 08:06

      Thanks Raptor20221

  • daaivark - 2011-09-30 07:34

    The little bugger is rich anyway. Legal Aid is for those who GENUINELY can't afford legal representation. Disgusting little slug is trying his luck... while succeeding in delaying the process.

      Taboo - 2011-09-30 07:38

      He is delaying the process. Thats part of his plan. And the justice system is falling for it.

      Elle_black - 2011-09-30 08:37

      The wosrt part of it is that he ruined so many lives and took lives as well and yet he has the nerve to feel sorry for himself, i cannot deal with it

      Ke maketse - 2011-09-30 11:00

      He is not rich anymore, the lawyer milked him dry and is now abandoning him. That justice served right there

  • mosali - 2011-09-30 08:10

    mayabe juju will give him more than kentucky if he asks nicely!

  • leonard - 2011-09-30 08:15

    Who cares a flying F&ck about this animal?The evidence is to hand,no mitigating circumstances exist,what else is required by the court?My concern is the additional waste of public funds in a long drawn out case over which judgement could have already taken place.

  • Darwinian - 2011-09-30 08:26

    Diversion programme = Taking Coke, Smoking Tik, race down streets, kill 5 children.....

  • Johnny - 2011-09-30 08:33

    why is he still roaming the streets, he murdered innocent children with driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, why should he be treated differently to any other road user or citizen

  • Phumlani Blose - 2011-09-30 08:40

    I wonder what more evidence the court needs? The boys are dead, isn't that an evidence enough? Are they looking for excuses to loose them free? Even the lawyer who is standing for Jub Jub has bad ethics.

  • KimmyH - 2011-09-30 08:46

    This is not on!! He shoulda been locked up a year ago. He killed children under the influence en klaar!!

  • Badballie - 2011-09-30 09:38

    for an open and shut case this thing has been dragged on for ages, so lets take a wild guess......Jub Jub is considered a friend of the ANC and is being given preferential treatment and lots of delays in hope the public forget about it

  • Optimus-Prime - 2011-09-30 10:03

    let me guess, no representation = the case being thrown out.

  • Milana - 2011-09-30 13:19

    Mhhhhhhhhh,he's coming down to earth now. I wish this whole thing can get over and done with, the justice must just play its role these guys are criminals regardless of whether he's celebrity.

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