No water in Johannesburg suburbs

2012-06-07 13:03

Johannesburg - The water supply in Houghton Estate and several surrounding areas was shut down on Thursday due to a burst pipe, the city said.

Johannesburg Water's spokesperson Millicent Kabwe said it was not immediately clear when the pipe would be fixed.

"Please note that we have closed the main trunk of a 375mm pipeline at Killarney Mall because of a burst pipe at the corner [of] Oxford Road and Eleventh Avenue at Houghton Estate.

"The surrounding areas affected are Rosebank, Saxonwold, Parkwood, Parktown and Parkhurst."
A team was on site repairing the pipe.

"Because of the pipe's size, we can't be sure when the repairs will be completed, but we will keep residents updated," Kabwe said in a statement.

  • Jono - 2012-06-07 13:09

    trying to steel water pipe lines in jozi now as well? copper not enough?

      TSOTSI Smilification - 2012-06-07 13:19

      "Water for everyone," says Zuma and cronies!

      Chris - 2012-06-08 13:14

      They even stole the A out of STEAL....

  • Zeezoh - 2012-06-07 13:10

    its ok,cos MANDELA IS IN QUNU

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-06-07 13:49


  • dave.ducker.3 - 2012-06-07 13:19

    We have this regularly in Durban, atleast once a month is this really news making material???

      Shelagh - 2012-06-07 13:33

      Once a month? You're lucky. This is the third time that I'm aware of that the same areas have been struck in a month, so, yup, to us that are affected it's newsworthy coz now we know why we have no water AGAIN!!!

  • Guy Crichton - 2012-06-07 14:23

    Why does this make the news? If every time there was a burst water pipe or fault at a sub-station leaving half the city in the dark, we would only ever have Witbank in the news! Give the same attention to the smaller towns - the places that were forgotten about years ago already.

  • jaysonpaul.beckwith - 2012-06-07 16:57

    I can just imagine the Houghton ladies stripping down in protest due to no water supply. Now that would be a sight.

  • aristar.aristary - 2012-06-07 19:26

    This is within 200m of where the road collapsed when Bombela was drilling the tunnel for the Gautrain. Is there a link? The pipes in that area are about 100 years old and have not been maintained in the last twenty, so it is really not a surprise that thre is a burst pipe.

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