North West farmer shot in the head

2012-01-30 21:59

Johannesburg - A 77-year-old farmer has been shot dead at his home in Stella, near Vryburg, North West police said on Monday.

Hendrik Cilliers was found half naked about 5m from his house on Sunday evening, said Brigadier Thulane Ngubane.

He had a bullet wound in his head, and his hands and feet were bound with shoelaces, said Ngubane.

A neighbour called the police when he saw Cilliers' car on the main road and his phone went unanswered.

The motive for his murder was unknown and police were searching for his killers.

  • Chris Van Der Linde - 2012-01-30 22:20

    It seems that theres no end to this violence. Its only a matter of time until all the farmers are dead and us normal folk have to plant our own crops to survive. Bring back the death penalty!

      paulmandlankosi - 2012-01-30 22:22

      I would love to see the death penalty back too

      Graham - 2012-01-31 00:20

      Why are there so many farm murders in the North West province compared with rest of country?

      Boer - 2012-01-31 00:30

      Absolutely rediculous. The ANC has no control oveer the crime situation in South-Africa. Whats the use of killing Farmers? Dont these barbaric freaks understand when the farmers are all gone who's going to feed the nation.? Do you know how many of us Farmers are farming in other countries? 60% of the farmers has moved to other countries and around 3200 have been murdered in the new South-Africa. No man soon you'll be without any farmers. Make a plan start a massive media movement to make people understand that farmers are the lifeline of any country.

      Dirk - 2012-01-31 05:03

      And so the slaughter/ genocide continues,while the useless and the corrupt have surrounded themselves with countless police, security guards, all at the expense of the tax payer. The goose is dying and your day is coming---

      Hunter - 2012-01-31 06:26

      Chris, they can just bring back the Kommando structures for a start. Then the death penalty...

      Jane - 2012-01-31 06:52

      Graham, you almost say it with an invitation to focus on more killings in other areas of the country?

      Fredster - 2012-01-31 07:17

      What are you doing about this Mr President?

      Pierre - 2012-01-31 07:52

      @ Dirk – Are you the political scientist? Crime and murder is still unacceptable high no argument, but genocide is not the correct term. As a political scientist you must know that farm murders make up less than 1% of total murders in SA. Sadly over 3000 farm murders have occurred since 1994 (spanning 17 years). Just in the Boer War around 25000 women and children died in less than 2 years. Not to dig up old cows, but one must keep perspective of what genocide is. (Murder is still at least 5 times too high, but murder is down by 50% since ’94.)

      Jane - 2012-01-31 07:59

      Pierre, what percentage of the population of South Africa is farmers? And what percentage of that percentage is killed daily? They start with the farmers. Come on! Think, you are the political scientist?

      eric.klopper - 2012-01-31 08:31

      @Pierre Yet according to GENOCIDE WATCH, a non profit organization who's word I trust a lot more than you're or the governments on this matter, we're already in the final stages of a GENOCIDE.

      David - 2012-01-31 08:38

      No Chris - it's only a matter of time until a group of people lose their patience and retaliate with warlike actions. It's obvious that these farm murders are intentional - the plan is clearly to wipe the white South African farmer off the map.

      Hugh - 2012-01-31 10:00

      Sorry @Chris I do not think you have a grasp on the reality. Anyone who is not looking for excuses knows that the killing of farm owners or people who run a farm as managers are way above the national average. This month alone we have experienced 72 Farmers murdered. This does not include farm attacks. At what point would you say we do not have a problem in the numbers of farmers being killed? Is the the brutal way they have been killed acceptable? Is wanton torture, dismemberment while alive and other atrocities that are not accepted in War okay in your eyes? The problem is that you lack the experience and likely have not seen a dead body. A body that has been abused for the sake of abuse /hate and that whose life has been taken through a straight forward murderous act? Go out and learn about these things then sit in your electrified security gated home and comment.

      Zwelakhe - 2012-01-31 10:17

      This needs to be taken seriously now, I however do not agree with you on the death penalty issue.

      Pierre - 2012-01-31 10:20

      Jane, murder is a sensitive topic and devastating. I will be happy if you can give me the number of farmers. The number of farmers I have is 60000, but I suspect that refers to people actively farming and not all people living on farmland or small holdings. Take 60000 farmers and 3000 murders (over 17 years). It is very high, unacceptable high, but the point is we can’t speak of genocide. (Rwanda was genocide.)

      eric.klopper - 2012-01-31 10:37

      @Pierre. Again, according to GENOCIDE WATCH it is a ACTIVE GENOCIDE. What do you say about their findings?

  • Jacques - 2012-01-30 22:28

    Let's all sing " kill the boer, kill the farmer." and wonder why this happens!

      Ruan - 2012-01-30 22:29

      Thanks malema,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NOT

      Jacques - 2012-01-30 22:39

      At least the farmers don't sing kill the teens... Anyone that kill is evil, if it was not in defense.

  • David Elliott - 2012-01-30 22:33

    It is clear that people are send to kill farmers to scare other to sell their farms so that the Goverment can buy it back. Nationalisation plan. May the Lord be with his family.

      Jacques - 2012-01-30 22:42

      That is exactly the plan... But the blood that flows will haunt the land.

      Barefoot - 2012-01-31 04:19

      well incredible i think you should go to the ICC with the evidence

      Schalk - 2012-01-31 07:19

      The ANC must be supporting the farm murders as no ANC leader has ever condemned it. The ANC ruled police also do very little to prevent farm attacks and do even less to catch the killers. The structures that were in place to protect farmers such as the Commandos were disbanded. The Fire Arms Control Act is disarming them and the ANCYL sings “Kill the Boer”. On top of that the ANC/ANCYL is calling for expropriation of farms. If that is not a clear indication that the ANC supports these acts one must be very blind not to see it.

      David - 2012-01-31 08:46

      Maybe, maybe not David. One thing is for sure - farm murders are definitely being funded and planned very carefully. These attacks and murders are almost to "perfect" to be a robbery gone wrong...

  • duettists - 2012-01-30 22:36

    Very sad news indeed. My husband's family farm in that area. Soon all the farmers will be dead, while those remaining will leave for more amenable African countries to the north where farmers are not routinely murdered!

  • Marius - 2012-01-30 22:43

    Another old person killed. It matters not what color or profession, he was an old man. Why do we kill each other?

  • Sylvester Mohloli - 2012-01-30 22:54

    Not Cool :(

  • Francois Petzer - 2012-01-30 22:57

    it is bad real bad,but always such a fuss about farm killings? People,old,young,black,white get killed daily in the cities,its become so regular,m0st dnt even reach a news report. . . All coz we all live in a country with no propper justice system

      Moi - 2012-01-31 07:15

      For me, it's no so much that it's a farm killing, it's that it's the elderly. These poor 70 - 80 year olds that are being brutally murdered for no discernable reason. Why kill them??? What danger can they possibly be, especially seeing that in most cases, they have been tied up, then murdered. It's absolutely sickening.

      Merven - 2012-01-31 07:36

      Because Francois, the people in the cities and towns don't produce on average 20 tons of food a year.

  • fmcwatts - 2012-01-30 23:00

    "The motive for his murder was unknown and police were searching for his killers." Strength to he's Family & Friends.

  • Carola - 2012-01-30 23:14

    ANC and Zuma.You said that you will not bring back the death penalty as no one has the right to kill another person. Special the white people are not allowed to shoot an intruder on ones own property!!If we do, we go to court as we killed a prospective robber/murderer and he gets away??!! Many times they kill you before you can do anything!! 90% of the SA population want the death penalty back so why does the ANC not listen to their brothers and sister? Death penalty for everyone no matter what skin colour, religion or country they are from.

  • Alfred - 2012-01-31 00:25

    "The motive for his murder was unknown" Riiiight. Doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out exactly what the motive was. Bound and executed, just like thousands of others just like him and yet "the motive for his murder was unknown". Makes me want to puke.

      Barefoot - 2012-01-31 04:14

      So they should just assume? that would be good police work for you? 'he was definitely killed for this or that' without evidence or oh what do i know maybe i watched too much murder shift

      Jane - 2012-01-31 08:24

      Barefoot, put on your Nikes and RUN!

  • Nkosinathi - 2012-01-31 03:07

    As an african black I hate to politicise crime when in actual fact I have lost freinds and family members as a result of crime. I have been held at gun point four times since 1998. Three times by black like myself and once in Centurion by an armed Afrikaan white guy who robed the shop where I was working 2001 January. We have a serious crime which demand collective national effort. Crime commited to white farmers as a person who once lived in a farm I must say some of the treatment black Africans faces in the hands of their employers is unbeleivable pathetic but that must not be used as an excuse to comite crime. Crime does not know skin pigments, we saw 2008 11 May the barbaric xenophibic attack against African black by other African barbarian locals attacking their felow brown skined brothers because they accuse them for stealing their ladies and manial jobs. That was the worst crime since democracy. We have a serious challange which is facing everyone and that is crime. This demand though handling and though law enforcement. all those who comite crime must be arrested.

      louisdiemasjien - 2012-01-31 05:55

      No where in the article it is mentioned the race of the victim and or murderer, but ok then...

      Merven - 2012-01-31 07:41

      Nkosinathi, when the government sing 'Kill the boer' and then the boers (farmers) get killed it is a political crime. How come you don't read of black farm owners being killed?

      kolaiah - 2012-01-31 09:26

      We as white south africans can not help that white killings are 99% being executed by black criminals. This has got nothing to do with politics or racial hatred. It is the facts. What is going to happen is that the enemy is going to be identified and arrested dead or alive. It is sad to forecast that 99,9% will be black.

      Pierre - 2012-01-31 10:07

      Nkosinathi I agree with you.

      TaniaSandraSteyn - 2012-02-01 18:26

      Merven, Black farmers are also being killed and attacked. A Black women farmer (elderly) was raped and killed by one of her (fired) workers less than 2kms from my farm.

  • phillip.havenga - 2012-01-31 06:57

    Disgusting, there is no absolutely no reason for this barbaric behavior. The things that did this should be executed.

  • Cristina - 2012-01-31 06:59

    Not again!!!! Does the freaking gov want all farmers dead in SA???, well it looks like a semi-genocide to me (Wipe out all the farmers and divide the land..then what????..starvation???!!!),and I'm not afraid to say it!!!..enough is darn enough!!!! DEATH PENALTY Please!!!!! Why wont this darn gov listen???!..enough killing already, we are tired of this!!!!

      kolaiah - 2012-01-31 09:28

      It is genocide. White people in SA is level 6 on the international genocide watch's list. It means we are in an advanced state of extinction

  • Jane - 2012-01-31 07:01

    Us whites are getting fed-up with this... don't be scared when we turn on you with brutal force. The breaking of the camel's back is near...VERY near!!!

      Shadrach - 2012-01-31 07:29

      The "Black Government controls the army and police u loose!!!

      Jane - 2012-01-31 07:36

      Don't be too relaxed. You are in for a BIG surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Merven - 2012-01-31 07:46

      Lol Shadrach, the state in which your army and police is, even the old age home's bake team can take over this country.

      Jane - 2012-01-31 08:03

      Exactly! (Grin)

      Makatikamusona - 2012-01-31 08:59

      @Jane are you South Africa, are you from Cape Towm. Why does the whites at cape town think the are more white than the rest of the white, you must come to JHB maybe your brains might open a bit

  • Schalk - 2012-01-31 07:18

    The ANC must be supporting the farm murders as no ANC leader has ever condemned it. The ANC ruled police also do very little to prevent farm attacks and do even less to catch the killers. The structures that were in place to protect farmers such as the Commandos were disbanded. The Fire Arms Control Act is disarming them and the ANCYL sings “Kill the Boer”. On top of that the ANC/ANCYL is calling for expropriation of farms. If that is not a clear indication that the ANC supports these acts one must be very blind not to see it.

      Jane - 2012-01-31 07:19


      kolaiah - 2012-01-31 09:31

      The green paper(greenmamba) on land reform is next to be apporved. The intensity of farm murders is a strategy to scare white farmenrs off their land. An urgent contingency plan needs to be drawn up in order to stand up against the attacks. We will not allow this any more

  • MrGuyT - 2012-01-31 07:22

    This crap has to stop .... anybody seen inciting violence against farmers or anybody should be held accountable !!

  • Derek - 2012-01-31 07:37

    The nature of the animal is to only attack the elderly and the weak...once again we are confronted with the question as to what is human an what is animal...they will ever change...

      Jane - 2012-01-31 08:10

      We all know the answer to that question...

  • Warwick - 2012-01-31 07:56

    So noy only do these racist killers tie him up, they then shoot him dead. Absolute filth. Sent by the cANCer to kill all farmers.

  • aspruyt - 2012-01-31 07:56

    Condolences to his remaining family and close friends. RIP

  • Mo - 2012-01-31 08:23

    I see News24 is hiding comments again. Screw News24. Screw Zuma. Screw the ANC!!! All of you are all accomplices to murder, by letting these retards run loose and get away with crimes. And no matter if your white, or black, or whose getting murdered. The fact that people are being killed senselessly, is what should be addressed. Hang the bastards.

  • SarelJBotha - 2012-01-31 08:37

    The ANC is silent about these type of murders, but in full voice when a tractor driver is killed because HE HIMSELF lost control of a tractor. For this the farmer may now be charged with murder? This is idiotic to say the least.

  • Makatikamusona - 2012-01-31 08:50

    Farmer? I think his name will be will be suffice because I don't reader about lawn mowers, domestic workers,dry cleaners, etc

  • Mhlophe - 2012-01-31 09:19

    The motive is clear, hate, robbery, murder.

  • Shirley - 2012-01-31 09:56

    The slaughter continues and the powers that be sit back with folded arms doing nothing!

  • Zwelakhe - 2012-01-31 10:16

    I see no end to this as long as the farmers themselves are still hostile to their workers. I do not believe if someone would just kill without a motive. I mean, it was not a hijacking or robbery...they had their own issues

      Jason - 2012-01-31 10:56

      So Zwelakhe - you are saying that if my boss is hostile, I have the right to tie him to a tree, assult him and kill him, and remove half his clothes - and your comment they had their own issues - what the hell does that mean, you are a clown, go back to school and ask for a refund clearly you learnt nothing!!

  • Mafia.Boss.Killer.strangler - 2012-01-31 10:58

    I hope the Farmers catch them before the police do , Torture them slowly and splat their heads and send it to malema for his birthday.

  • Kevin - 2012-01-31 12:57

    These crimes are politically motivated!!!! Murder and mayhem in any district will reduce property values.The government will then be able to purchase vast tracts of under utilised commercial farms for a song.Potential commercial farmers will eventually flee at the prospect of being a statistic on their land.These are well orchestrated and planned murders.Farmers ...arm yourselves/be vigilant/don't travel alone if possible...and as i've heard of late try mechanise your business operations to the extent that you no longer rely on permanent employees living on your properties.

  • Eduard - 2012-01-31 18:46

    when do these people learn...kill a farmer and you reduce your food supply

  • Samuel - 2012-02-27 21:34

    It's about time you hear from a Foreigner(taking no sides); it's a shame to the State of South Africa; supposedly equipped with means and mandated; detaining capacity and capabilities... and not being able to curb this odious farmers murder escalating crime. It's simple; cut the constitutional sophistication out; people are being killed... we need answers... these people feed the nation; leave family and loved ones behind... what is the state's problem to intervene...!!! Why is the State standing aside watching... is this complacency or incapacity??? What is the problem??? I've been the victim of Xenophobia and Home Affairs(11 solid months of my life wasted waiting for My ID because of the Incompetence of the personnel of this Department...) I am serving this State in the Capacity of Foreigner Language(s) Interpreter, National Tourist Guide and Commodity Trade Consultant. Get up South Africa!!! After 17 years of Transition; it's about time you became a mature and capable state before the World System takes you under custody for permanent incapacity and fundamental incompetence. I have said it aloud and I can stand for it in whichever court(s) of law even in the highest office of the Republic if need be. Enough is Enough!!! I am Samuel Kasereka Misemengo from the DRC, living in Oudtshoorn for the last 7 years with no criminal record(s). Thanks. 082 311 7914/072 683 8727 are my cell nrs; is my e-mail.

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