North West man finds landlord's corpse

2013-02-18 16:36

Johannesburg - A North West man went to fetch his belongings from a house he rented last year, only to find his landlord dead in a bedroom, police said on Monday.

He had last seen his landlord alive in June, said Captain Amanda Funani.

"When he came back last year December, he went to look for the [landlord] and could not find him at his home," she said.

"[On Sunday], he went to one of the landlord's relatives, who granted him permission to go and fetch his belongings."

There was a bad smell in the house when he opened the door, said Funani.

The man then went to the bedroom used by the landlord and discovered a decomposed body inside.

"The police were summoned and it is suspected that the remains might be that of the 65-year-old landlord," said Funani.

"According to information from the deceased's neighbours, the man was last seen in July 2012."

He had not been reported missing.