North West rape suspect stoned to death

2012-06-28 19:20

Johannesburg - A man suspected of raping a 20-year-old woman was stoned to death at Magogoe Tar village near Mmabatho, North West police said on Thursday.

Spokesperson Amanda Funani said about 150 people had tied a rope around the man's neck on Wednesday afternoon and stoned him to death.

A woman, claiming to have been raped, pointed him out.

"The community members were accusing the victim of being cruel and making people around Magogoe live in fear."

Three people were later arrested in possession of a knobkerrie and a panga, which police suspect could have also been used to commit the murder.

The three will appear in the Mmabatho Magistrate's Court on Friday where they are expected to face charges of conspiracy to commit murder.

  • Squeegee - 2012-06-28 19:42

    OK, lets relate this to the NZ rugby player. He too is an accused rapist. Should a crowd have killed him before all the facts are out? - 2012-06-28 22:02

      The rape "culture" in this country is completely out of hand and people are getting tired of it. im just wondering, with the mentality of these mob justice groups, if the ANC can't deliver on their promises are they going to start murdering the people who stand, according to them, in the way of economic freedom. Who knows what goes on in these peoples heads?

      art5SA - 2012-06-29 06:48

      YES!!!! That KIWI should have been handed over to the victims family for a bit of MOB JUSTICE... ALL rapists need to be sorted out, via MOB JUSTICE!!!! Promise you, RAPE in SOuthAfrica will be a thing of the past... within ONE MONTH!!!!

  • Bantsijang - 2012-06-28 20:07

    Magogoe Tar village near Mmabatho, North West police is hectic!!!!

  • nathan.spann.18 - 2012-06-28 20:19

    Criminal sentenced and punished in record time. Fitting barbaric death for a barbaric crime.

      ingi.raikes - 2012-06-28 21:16

      As you sow, so you reap!

  • Muhammad - 2012-06-28 20:22

    They would have burnt his stick he used to rape. Then stone him while the stick is burning. Nice one dat for these guys

      warwick.gibson.1 - 2012-06-29 07:00

      Yes Muhammad and if he was Muslim the crowd would have stoned the women to death or maybe made her marry the alleged rapist or the family would have killed in for bringing shame upon them,"honor killing"

      rob.baggaley - 2012-06-29 07:08

      So true warwick. " Stone " age people.

      yacoob.sname - 2012-06-29 10:08

      warwick - honor killing has NOTHING to do with Islam. it's a cultural thing which some Muslims unfortunately do...

  • michael.femele - 2012-06-28 20:30

    poor services from our saps

  • daryl.alexander.33 - 2012-06-28 20:36

    You got to love jungle justice!

  • danny.dinoge - 2012-06-28 20:42

    Good job Community Members

  • maqhinga.mchunu - 2012-06-28 20:47

    Mob justice is showing its muscles in our country and we are all equal to the of nipping this in the bud!

  • mapitse.m - 2012-06-28 20:48

    Did he really deserve all that,there's a word useed that says:\claiming\could she really been raped by the same person?

  • lloyd.tandi - 2012-06-28 21:17

    Sharia law in south africa.

  • John - 2012-06-28 21:59

    The only justice is the justice of the people!

  • Ayanda Mathunjwa - 2012-06-28 23:01

    This is what happens in lawless society, when the government isn't doing it's job, the people take the law in their own hands, the danger is innocent people get killed sometimes, I'm not suggesting that is the case with this chap. "South Africa is a safe country to live in" Jacob Zuma:(

      warwick.gibson.1 - 2012-06-29 06:58

      Why do you think all our "loved" ministers hide behind bodygards.

  • Frank - 2012-06-29 01:15

    So RSA does have the deth penalty anyway. But I agree someone innocent could be killed by mistake.

      farmfreund - 2012-06-29 05:17

      never underestimate the bush telephone, these people just dont kill theyknow the culprits

      LindiBleu - 2012-06-29 08:04

      very rarely, Frank. the biggest problems in the community is that the criminals are ALWAYS known, either protected by his family and friends - until people get gatvol.

  • warwick.gibson.1 - 2012-06-29 06:56

    This should start happening in the suburbs.

  • Tahseen - 2012-06-29 08:16

    Well done people of Magogoe!! More communities should stand together to protect the women and children and if they fall victims to such disgusting crimes, make the perpertrators pay!!!!1

  • Theunis - 2012-06-29 14:09

    Yip that is how you do it - swift justice to deal with the vermin

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