Not us, City Power says after boys burnt

2012-01-26 22:12

Johannesburg - A third party contractor not employed by Joburg City Power was to blame for the live cable which burnt two boys while they played in a trench in Mayibuye, Tembisa, it said on Thursday.

"City Power would like to place on record that the incident did not occur as a result of any negligence on the part of City Power, " it said in a statement.

"City Power is saddened and sincerely regrets the electrocution of children in the Mayibuye area on January 22...

"We cannot take responsibility for the actions of third parties who damage or vandalise our network, thereby exposing the public to great risk," it said.

The Daily Sun published a photograph of the children taken minutes after they were shocked on Wednesday.

Their clothes were burned off and each had suffered severe burns. Both children, reportedly aged 10 and 11, appeared bewildered.

Tembisa Hospital spokesman Lesibana Ledwaba said he could not comment on their condition.

The Daily Sun reported that the contractors who dug the trench failed to cover it despite requests by people living in the area.

However, the contractors said someone had tried to steal the cable and that they reported this to City Power.

Residents told the newspaper that when City Power came out, the electrician switched the power on at the "danger box" without checking the cable.

"It is unfortunate and regretted that the exposed cables were not reported to City Power by the third party contractor or their employer until after the incident took place," City Power said.

It had since been reported to the labour department and to the police. The third party contractor had also been notified.

  • Sam - 2012-01-27 00:28

    Who contracted the "Third-Party" contractor? Is Jo'burg in such a mess that electrical work is contracted out by unknown entities for which the Council does not take responsibility? Either the work was contracted out by or with the approval of City Power, or the "Third-Party Contractor" committed a criminal offence. The situation is crystal clear, however much the Council attempts to muddy the water. (1)Either the Council takes responsibilities and pays generous compensation to the families, or (2)someone is arrested, forced to pay compensation, and thrown in gaol. (I thank God every day that I moved to the Republic of the Western Cape)

  • Jason - 2012-01-27 09:22

    If you sub contract work to a third party - then surely it is your responsibility to ensure there work is of high standard, and that they are doing what they are paid to do, if they failed to cover the trench, or fix the live wire then I am sorry Joburg City power - you are the responsible party here - funny always blaming someone else for any of your f*ck ups, its a joke to be honest - I saw a picture of these poor little kids - god bless them, I hope they recover!!

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