Nxesi waiting for Nkandla report

2012-11-23 18:04

Johannesburg - The public works department will only comment on the security upgrade at Nkandla once an investigation into the matter completed, Minister Thulas Nxesi said on Friday.

"Once we get the report we will analyse it. If there are things that have not been properly followed we will allow the law to take its course," he told reporters at a construction industry transformation summit in Kempton Park.

"It's premature then, when I've put [together] an investigation, to make certain comments. Let me allow [time] for that investigation... Therefore we should wait until the process is finalised."

Nxesi said he had always been transparent with the media and would continue to be with the report.

He added that there had been a trend in his department of over-pricing projects and renovations.

"I don't want to pre-empt the report, but there is a particular trend in public works of over-pricing the projects. That is why you would notice that people have been suspended in the department and some people have been charged."

The Auditor General and a public works task team had been assigned to investigate all the department's projects, including the upgrade to Zuma's private home in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal.

It had been declared a national key point and upgraded at a reported cost of more than R200m, of which Zuma would reportedly pay only 5%. This reportedly included road upgrades around his home.

On 15 November, Zuma told MPs that the government had not built his home.

"All the buildings and every room we use in that residence were built by ourselves as family, and not by government," he said, responding to a question in the National Assembly last week.

  • JanGrimbeek - 2012-11-23 18:17

    One can overprice with some 1 or 2 % but dont you think using the (overprice) term for 80% and above is a little misleading? That is not overpricing that is theft and fraud !!

      lsfreak - 2012-11-24 12:32

      Jan where you get 80% from, another article said the Health Dept was quote R28mil for a R5mil job... Thats like 500-600%... :/

  • Sandile Bhoma Ka Nduli - 2012-11-23 18:21

    His statement is so ironic, he was so defensive and suddenly he is criticizing the department and waiting for the audit results. He is running the department he should know the INNS and OUT of his areas of responsibility.

  • Montagnes.Bleues - 2012-11-23 18:23

    and they still get the prearranged kickbacks and commissions Nxesi. What you have to do is RECOVER THE MONEY and JAIL THE PERPETRATORS, something that appears to be a distant foreign notion to you.

  • richard.madhopershad - 2012-11-23 18:29

    y is this investigation taking sooooo long?? GOYA and complete asap!!

  • elkita.robbertse.96 - 2012-11-23 18:38

    nxesi will produce another lie.

      rontheogre - 2012-11-23 19:07

      These lies grow on trees, just like money.(Shabir Shaik to contractor)

  • mike.lamb.7777 - 2012-11-23 18:41

    You're narcissistic.Look it up (Your Facebook)

  • patricia.dewet.92 - 2012-11-23 19:06

    why is he waiting for the report, he knows what he said ok build. Let him answer what he took over from the ministers that was let go. He is part of the skelms because that was the instructions. He must stop being innocent and not knowing what is going on.

  • John - 2012-11-23 19:25

    As a matter of interest, is the so called department of PUBLIC WORKS an agency with a director general running the show? If so, what is it a DEPARTMENT of?

  • richman.ndou - 2012-11-23 19:28

    Is Nkandla no more NKP, that must remain secret!!! Something is not right, Games are being played here

  • ernest.lwandle - 2012-11-23 19:33

    its premature then why its always like that wher is effectivnes the?

  • debduplessis - 2012-11-23 19:37

    Buying more time for Zuma "ANC re-election" ... u must be getting good dividends!!????

  • marie.webster.12 - 2012-11-23 22:37

    Commenting on security upgrade? Since when is that expensive lift etc security?

      Suzanne Viljoen - 2012-11-24 11:56

      The lift goes down to the bunker

  • eloise.botha - 2012-11-23 23:17

    So if it is a national key point.... can we start organising the tour busses and tourists so long. Why the bbboohaaaa when Zille was there then?

  • grant.montgomery.5074 - 2012-11-24 02:42

    By the time this investigation is complete Nkandla will need to be refurbished. Minister Nkesi said we have noticed that some people have been suspended and charged. He will be hard pressed to provide names and what positions the people held.

  • Erna - 2012-11-24 04:45

    It'll be interesting to compare the public protector's report with the one from public works.

  • arthur.salvado - 2012-11-24 06:20

    You can all debate and insult as much as you like. You can all bring race and politics into this subject, but hey guys, what we witnessing is outright THEFT. Now, please debate on that. Debate on theft of taxpayers money that could be used to uplift the worst schooling system in Africa and just about the worst in the world. Just because Zuma. Is uneducated does not mean we have to keep our children's stupid . Go on guys, talk about it

  • johnodup - 2012-11-24 07:01

    "A trend for overpricing in the department" is a coy way of saying out-and-out thievery.

  • tony.naidoo - 2012-11-24 07:20

    Is this before or after the lightning investigation?

  • henk63 - 2012-11-24 07:53

    Another moron who wants to "investigate". Why not just tell the public to go to hell and you will use our money any way you wish? Come on, me a man! Come out you imbicile!

  • debduplessis - 2012-11-24 11:03

    why the HELL is Zuma still in power.... proven corrupt individuals should be fired! ANC do your job, stop holding onto the most notorious corrupt person probably ever otherwise he will ruin you as he has already financially ruined the people of South Africa!

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-11-24 11:21

    Nxesi, another drip dry individual, carefully chosen becauue of his high degree of incompetence.

  • james.stevens.391420 - 2012-11-24 13:30

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  • andrew.mackie.90 - 2012-11-24 15:41

    As parliament now goes into recess for the summer holidays I hope this matter is not forgotten and swept under the carpet. Will this extravagant spending be taken into account when a new ANC leader is elected in Mangaung ? What is difficult to understand that a private residence is now a national key point, for what reason ? Will taxpayer money be recovered from this project?

  • nicholas.inthejelly - 2012-11-30 15:09

    So many starving people in this country, and a president famous for nothing but corruption goes and spends R200 million on his palace. Mandela also had an expensive home, but at least HE deserved it. At least HE did so much good for this country. Zuma has brought nothing but embarrassment. If only we could bring back Madiba!!

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