OR Tambo best African airport

2011-04-03 21:39

Johannesburg - The OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg was named the best airport in Africa in an international awards ceremony, the Airports Company SA (Acsa) said on Sunday.

"This award signifies yet another important milestone for the airport just months after SA successfully hosted the FIFA 2010 World Cup," said the airport's general manager Christopher Hlekane.

"The tournament showcased that OR Tambo International is not merely South Africa's flagship airport but also the gateway for any major African event," he said.

The World Airport Awards for 2010/2011 were held in Denmark on Wednesday, and were based on 11,38m survey questionnaires completed by over 100 different nationalities of airline passengers.

Passengers were quizzed on different airport service and product factors like check-in, arrivals and transfers.

The airport was also in the top three most improved airports worldwide. The airport undertook a multibillion rand infrastructure development programme a few years ago and opened its new central terminal building in April 2009.

  • Whatever - 2011-04-03 21:58

    Clearly they didnt measure the time it takes after a plane has landed to when the bags start turning on the carosel. I have missed my train twice in two weeks and had to catch a taxi at R 350 due to over 25 minutes wait at 8 pm landings Guys its poor sort it out please!

      alijmain - 2011-04-04 10:22

      Some people will never be happy. Go to Aus and find something wrong there!!

  • Macho Mike - 2011-04-03 21:58

    Eish, fantastic news. And now Zuma and his clowns can land at the best African Airport in style, using their two new Suffra-Jets they have just leased for R808 Million.

  • Win14 - 2011-04-03 22:02

    "Most improved" -- I certainly agree. But it's still all far too confusing. And there are no clocks anywhere at all.

  • Justin - 2011-04-03 22:04

    Well that must have been a tough one to win considering our competition was the rest of Africa...

      PunkBuster - 2011-08-18 15:59

      Although there has definately been an improvement, being named the best airport in africa isnt exactly a prestigious title... If you took OR Tambo out of the equation, Lanseria would probably get it :)

  • edvermaak - 2011-04-03 22:15

    Ofcourse ORT is the best airport - how stupid would you be if you did not already know that. My dear God, how could you possibly comapare it to other airports in Africa. But please friends, let's keep it low-key. Soon ANCYL and Malema will want this jewell nationalised.

      Responsive - 2011-04-04 14:05


  • Uncle Spud - 2011-04-03 22:29

    OR TAMBO????? What a stupid bloody name to call an international airport

      edvermaak - 2011-04-03 23:15

      I agree - what was wrong Johannesburg International?

      fraudsters - 2011-04-04 09:10

      Its not in JHB you morons

      MoAfrika - 2011-04-04 11:46

      & Who the hell is Johannes?!? Congrats to the OR TAMBO (!) airport for the award & everyone who made it possible.

      Thangy - 2011-04-04 12:10

      All you ppl do is complain, complain and complain again! YOUR aiport has just won an award and all you could add was "OR TAMBO????? What a stupid bloody name to call an international airport" really now ppl!

      nick.zanzame - 2011-08-17 18:16

      you wanted it to be name after you, for you African names are stupid. will you name an EU airport after a African name ? we need to remember our leaders.

      emile.marais - 2011-08-17 18:31

      He was a great South African who did something for his nation. Why not name an airport after him?

      Ross - 2011-08-18 11:28

      I still refer to it as Jan Smuts.

  • Gemini101 - 2011-04-04 00:17

    Well um what do they have to compare it with? The Zimbabwe pandokkie they call an airport? Come on guys your always saying your soooo good, compare apples with apples and see how you fair against New York, Heathrow etc.

      Kuhle - 2011-04-04 02:01

      By 'compare apples with apples' you mean compare an airport in a third world country that is effectively 17 years old after 300 years of colonialism to airports in first world contries that are both over 100 years old? Considering the vert real and important fact that South Africa is part of the African continent, why is it surprising - or even a topic of discission - that we're being compared to OTHER AFRICAN COUNTRIES? News24 may seriously have to start campaigning to smarter readers. I often find the dumbest comments. Seriously.

      anna - 2011-04-04 08:53

      @ Kuhle.......what does your perceived 300 hundred year colonialism have to do with an industry that is barely 100 years old? For your info nearly all the airports in Africa were built during that country's colonal period.....and after Uhuru , or whatever you want to call it,left to decay to the point that SAA is one of the few African airlines allowed into North American and European airspace,that African airspace is the most dangerous in the aviation world,that most African airports have only basic facilities akin to a taxi rank.Actually it is comparing apples with bad apples..... Oh by the way......perhaps News24 should start their campaign with you. Definitely.

  • Jakob - 2011-04-04 01:43

    u meant one of the best corrupted airports?

  • Michael Dike - 2011-04-04 07:31

    still pretty pathetic, compared to overseas international airports. Having recently returned from Asia on honeymoon, even the small national Asian airports were cleaner, better maintained and better run than our OR Tambo International

      Smaal - 2011-04-04 07:54

      Agreed and sometimes is smells. I myself refer to it as OR TAMPON sometimes. Sometimes you can’t make out announcements, some of the staff are really on African time and oh, your luggage goes missing or you have to wait 30 minutes for it. You get to your car and it is scratched and bumped. I guess by African standards its right up there but internationally it leaves a lot to be desired.

      nick.zanzame - 2011-08-17 18:21

      why don't you stay there where it clean, we know that Africa will never be appreciated and we don't care

      Dean - 2012-02-21 09:50

      @Nick - dude... if the African Nations want to play with the big Boys (US, UK, etc.) then they need to start pulling their standards up! I appreciate Africa in all it's glory, but the standards are just not there. Comments are opinions, not slanders... Chill dude!

  • Nice Guy - 2011-04-04 08:16

    Of course it should be world class. They over spent by R15 billion on all the airports. Now the taxpapers are lumbered with paying for the $%#@ up.

  • Skeletor1 - 2011-04-04 08:23

    Dont say a lot of any airports in Africa

  • MeMyself&I - 2011-04-04 09:01

    If you go to the following site: you will see that Cape Town and King Shaka Airports came in at second and third place respectively. As far as OR Tambo rates in the world it scores 3 stars on the Skytrax rating system. Equal to Heathrow in London.

  • Paul - 2011-04-04 09:21

    Interesting. A month ago it was Cape Town:

      Smaal - 2011-04-04 09:45

      Was just wondering about that myself....

      richard lownsbrough - 2011-04-04 11:42

      Must be Airport of the month competition ? lol

  • Bman_01 - 2011-04-04 09:26

    The international departure lounge at OR Tambo is one of the best second to Dubai and Germany has the best ground crew those guys are fast. My favourite airport is Hamilton in Canada not recomended in winter it gets very cold and they have no gates so it slip and slide all the way into the airport

  • Whatever - 2011-04-04 09:39

    No one has forwarded a reason other than some poor comments about colons et al.Agreed signage is sometimes short but its in the ANC colours, Black Yellow and Green. Its a great airport but baggage speed has always been an issue and this needs desperate improvement. Also the Gautrain should on Friday nights and Sunday nights run till 10 so we can leave CT past 6 ish and not have to use our cars. Well done SA

      Responsive - 2011-04-04 14:13


  • Theo Kramer - 2011-04-04 09:44

    I took the family on an overseas holiday during December 2010. When we got to our destination and opened the luggage we discovered that the kids presents had been ripped open with the more expensive presents unwrapped and taken. Only the ripped wrapping remained. All the bags were locked with padlocks but these were clearly picked. It appears that this was done at x-ray as the perpetrators clearly knew what they were going for. The result of this is that OR Tambo is clearly the WORST airport I have ever been to.

      nick.zanzame - 2011-08-17 18:28

      what about the JFK in the US where I lost my video camera.when it down in the US or EU it fine, if it happen in Africa it's worse. we know your games and Africa don't care any more.

  • Nono Tyatyeka - 2011-04-04 09:47


  • Theo Kramer - 2011-04-04 10:10

    I took the family on holiday last year (December 2010) via Oliver Tambo International (aka JNB - Johannesburg International South Africa). On arriving we opened our luggage to discover that the presents for the kids had been ripped open with some of the more expensive items taken. A gift for my wife was also taken. All our bags were locked with padlocks but these had clearly been picked. It is my opinion that the bags were opened at x-ray after we had checked these in as normal luggage, as these did not lose our site prior to that. This makes Johannesburg International the worst airport I have ever been through, and is also clearly an indictment on ACSA and South Africa.

  • Whatever - 2011-04-04 11:07

    Bidvest has the contract to run the airport if I am not mistaken so lets not critisize the public sector as a private sector organisation is involved to what extent I am not sure. Anyone know?

  • johnlocke - 2011-04-04 11:27

    Did they take theft from luggage into account? OR Tambo certainly takes the cake.

  • Stylin - 2011-04-04 11:54

    Gotto give credit where credit is due. Well done Guys!!!

  • loose_cannon - 2011-04-04 12:06

    By what criteria was this judged? Customer satisfaction definitely is not high on the assessors lists. At least at Cape Town International I have a fantastic view of the tarmacs from virtually every restaurant in the building.

  • jock van wyk - 2011-05-04 17:16

    being the best in africa is something to brag about?

  • ZACommentator - 2011-06-13 15:12

    Being the best anything in Africa, other than a criminal, is not exactly a great achievment

  • Ross - 2011-08-18 11:30

    And Lagos came in at second place.

  • geewiz - 2011-08-18 12:13

    O donner! Then I ask myself this question: is there any kind of hope?

  • Sleepazoid - 2011-08-26 21:50

    This article says more about the rest of Africa (it`s airports) than it does about OR Tambo.

  • Angela - 2012-02-21 10:33

    South African has a long way to go . Racism is still engrained in many people . Its a disease and some will go to the grave early wondering what killed them . It's because you have so much hate for God's creation . Well , letr me enjoy one of the world's best airports . It certainly is better than Frankfurt !!! Viva freedom fighters viva . You had a vision and some of us are really enjoying mwe . we the so called morons , we are in the process of building empires and travelling the world . Come on . For those of you who are still on the titanic sorry it sunk by the way .

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