Obama 'deeply concerned' for Mandela

2013-03-28 22:30

Washington - US President Barack Obama said on Thursday he was "deeply concerned" for the health of Nelson Mandela, after the former president was again admitted to hospital.

"We are deeply concerned with Nelson Mandela's health - he is a hero, I think, to all of us," Obama said as he met four leaders from sub-Saharan Africa at the White House.

"We will be keeping him in our thoughts and prayers, and his entire family," Obama said.

"He is as strong physically as he has been in character and in leadership over so many decades. Hopefully he will come out of this latest challenge."

Mandela, 94, was readmitted to hospital with a lung infection, the latest health scare for the much-loved anti-apartheid icon.

Earlier, President Jacob Zuma said there was no need to panic over Mandela being in hospital

Zuma told the BBC that the 94-year-old Mandela is "in good hands" and the "country must not panic".

  • Adepoju Mosebo - 2013-03-28 22:54

    Aish! U only live once!

  • Tshepo Lekabe - 2013-03-28 22:55

    Obama should provide all the world best doctors since they have them all

      Xavier7034 - 2013-03-29 07:28


      Marion Mertins - 2013-03-29 08:10

      South Africa has still some of the best doctors in the world...

      Jackie Dee - 2013-03-29 09:16

      Why doesnt mandela use a proper government hospital if the ANC is so proud of them

      Gary Landman - 2013-03-29 14:52

      Really Marion? Have you been to any of the other doctors anywhere else? How do you judge that? I think you are confused, South Africa only has the die hards who are left, the best ones are now citizens of other countries. Besides, South Africa has not cornered the best doctor market since the early 80's, even Wits Med School lost international recognition in the middle 80's.

      Tony - 2013-03-29 19:28

      @Marion, you may be right, but I have had family in a lot of the Joburg hospitals and the quality of nursing care is atrocious!

      Johan Erasmus - 2013-03-29 20:53

      in the 80's yah! have you been to a US hospital, probably not, so let me tell you 30% of the doctor's there are South african. Not to mention dentists, almost every single one in florida is south african. The last time i went to a hospital in south africa they connected me with external stitches on the inside and internal on the outside! And the doctor was Nigerian and assisted by a government issue south african. So 'yes' Tshepo they will send a south african doctor that studied and earned his doctorate in the 80's!!!

      Nardus Jordaan - 2013-03-29 22:40

      Tshepo, you are clearly uneducated....

      Charles Smook - 2013-03-30 09:31

      Typically South African mentality, "In fact , we demand!!"

      Pamela Pamish Njikelana - 2013-04-02 10:26

      Guys the man is OLD... can you just let it be? We are expecting anything at this point

  • tiaan.vanderberg.75 - 2013-03-28 23:22

    Good luck Madiba. I wish u well.

  • Yuza Kenny - 2013-03-29 00:03

    Madiba i cnt wait to see ur 95 yrs birthday,may god heal all ur infections in ur body,Long live madiba long live.

      Max Munjanja - 2013-03-29 16:34

      Madiba, the white man's hero. The same pple that sent him to prison to waste away are idolising him and 'praying' for him. First class hypocrisy.

      larissa.goosen - 2013-03-29 21:12

      Max Munjanja ...Shush man)))US kept Nelson Mandela on terror list untill 2008!

  • Ningy Mthembu - 2013-03-29 00:14

    God plz put him 2 rest now,i dnt tnk he still in need of living longer

      Mantsho Tlali - 2013-03-29 02:28

      Why speak like that, are you Satan Freak??

      Larry - 2013-03-29 05:24

      There is nothing wrong with death at an old age. A body cannot live forever. It is selfish to keep a man alive when it is time to go. i understand what Ningy is saying, and she/he says it out of love.

      Jackie Dee - 2013-03-29 09:20

      Mantsho, do you think mandela will live to be 200?

      Lancelot Coldplay - 2013-03-29 11:40

      He won't live forever but its not up to u to play God, wen its still posible to keep him alive y not?! Life is precious nobody knws wat hpenz nxt

  • Tlotlo Phele - 2013-03-29 04:29

    Aaron you reasoning like u using part of your already dead brain, I work with other races and we ensure this country better future, my adivice is move to orania

      Jackie Dee - 2013-03-29 09:30

      Your racist statements prove otherwise

  • Thelma Nkosi - 2013-03-29 06:22

    Aaron idiot

  • Mulisa Shepherd Makhalimela - 2013-03-29 06:54

    lets send our prayers for healing and good health 2 him

  • Sabelo Lex Mthembu - 2013-03-29 07:00

    The man is 94 years old. At that age he is prone to all kinds of illnesses. Let the man rest hey. He's lived a full life. I hope they not forcing life upon him.

  • Dave Bis - 2013-03-29 07:17

    Who's panicking????

  • Bhekuyise Mthunzi Dubazane - 2013-03-29 07:35

    Speedy recovery tata madiba

      Comfirm Comfirm - 2013-03-30 09:30

      @Heinrich Nel Please go, that's what you people do best. Your fore fathers ran away from Europe, invading and pillaging, now its time for their fourth generation to run too, but to where?

  • Aaron Butler - 2013-03-29 07:48

    On the second thought let me put it this way:Instate of just sharpening your black racist attitude with out listening or at least trying to understand the other side of the argument, please be more constructive.It was your perception that the chap concerned is a great freedom fighter.So give the whites right to freedom and opinion too.Put it in your mind,that when you busy praying for Mandela's health,huge number of us are just too busy praying for the souls of thousands of our family members and friends killed or raped since Mandela was free from prison in 1990.As for the advises that you people are giving me!?I personally won't mind living in Rhodesia,but the unfortunate fact is....Mandela's comrades and also self proclaimed freedom fighters have long converted prosperous Rhodesia in to what is right now.So maybe you should take the trip north and enjoyed 33 years of freedom and indigenous rule yourf. I'm neither a Afrikaner nor a English South African but since you mention Verwerd so often(wonder why),let me quote him for you: "Tendency in Africa to gain independence and do justice to all, doesn't only ,mean justice to the black man of Africa,but also means justice to the white man of Africa".What you regard as racism many whites would happily to be subjected to. Talking about separation and separate developm.Let can assure you, that a bantu-state for whites would in 10 years be the most prosperous state in Africa...with in 20 would be of the same caliber as Switzerland.

      Mawethu Chivaz Rune - 2013-03-29 08:29

      Aaron clearly you not from around here, go back to the drawing board and re-write this comment cause you not making any sense with this MXIT language you just used here...and please next time try not to use emotions when arguing your so-called facts because uphela ungavakali and your statements lose credibility.

      Khethu Ndlovu - 2013-03-29 09:15

      @butler, what have u been smoking so early in the morning? Told u that other week to take it easy on the zebra dung, seemingly u ddnt listen. What is a bantu-state for whites? Are u sure u okay up there?

      Jackie Dee - 2013-03-29 09:54

      Hey zappy, you sound so scary, but i dont have boots to shake in. Your statement says racial hatred toward whites, i guess when Mandela dies eventually you lot will go on a rampage and kill whites as some statements have been made so far

      Jackie Dee - 2013-03-29 10:09

      Tefelo, it never was millions, your ANC grossly exagerated those numbers. If it was millions then mathematically speaking the whites would be in charge just based on your numbers

      Heinrich Nel - 2013-03-29 11:03

      many of these comments (from both black and whites) on aaron's post are so petty and tiny it borders on absurdity. it truly is sad that madiba's condition is veiled by an intolerable hatred one race has for another, why? i dont know. both races are making so much generalities, its sickening, but seeing as you cant beat them, join them! personally, if i had a choice between the debt-ridden west, the impoverished africa or the pseudo communist east, ill have to choose the west, at least one can have a civilised and rational discussion with them without worrying about being labelled a racist or having your rhinos being killed for their horns. i have a feeling a few of you might tell me: go then to your precious west, we dont need you here. gladly! just waiting to obtain a few degrees, then ill need a passport and visa and im gone. it doesnt take a moron to see in which direction SA is heading! Ethiopia? Sudan? Somalia? Just give it time we'll get there

      Mawethu Chivaz Rune - 2013-03-29 12:02

      @ Heinrich dont worry we have figured it out long ago that birds of the same feather flock together...hence.

      Heinrich Nel - 2013-03-29 12:34

      you're absolutely right mawethu, glad u pointed that out! wondered why people with your mindset constantly votes for a party with a criminal as a leader. . .now i know you are one of those petty and tiny people i am referring to. i can truly not believe that people like yourself are not at all concerned with SA's long term trajectory. o, i forgot, people like you (pardon my generalization) does not believe in planning for the future, you want to consume everything NOW. words like sustainability and future does not exist in your vocabulary. furthermore, i thought that you of all people would be happy that you are going to be rid of another white capitalist in a few years time, but i sense you are angry for some reason, why?

      Heinrich Nel - 2013-03-29 13:04

      unless ofcourse you are not an ANC mind-slave, then i truly apologize for my last post aimed squarely at you.

      Mawethu Chivaz Rune - 2013-03-29 13:25

      Hence i sed you all flock together...if you cant stand the heat, leave the kitchen mate and join the rest of your flock and migrate overseas. Your pathetic reasonings clearly shows you have no desire to tackle whats been troubling your land of birth with your countrymen. Unfortunately unlike you some of us we will remain here and in the process find democratic ways to get rid of our current government. Just 1 comment and you already know which side of the fence i belong to....? I feel pity for you and your same-feather Heinrich. One other thing, your good command of the queen's language doesnt make you any smarter...or clever for that matter. Go easy on the insults.

      Heinrich Nel - 2013-03-29 13:45

      my grammar skills or the command of the queen's tongue as you call it might not prove my mental capabilities, but i can see no clear reason why you need be arrogant. i've been conditioned by the irrationality which is currently haunting SA to turn on the defensive, so i do apologise if you took offence. unfortunately, i fear that one swallow does not a summer make. one or two optimists or self-proclaimed good doers does not prove SA's future prosperity. in other words, i am a realist by nature and derive what is following next from that which is currently playing out around me. and i have to say my forecasts are grim my friend. i adore being proven wrong, and i sincerely hope i will be. but all of us are just looking to live as comfortably as possible, no bother denying it. and if you are just honest with yourself for one moment, given the current stance of things, do you predict a south africa in 20 years filled with rainbows and unicorns? because i don't

      Peter Mokoena - 2013-03-29 17:00


      Zapdelatista Rocha - 2013-03-30 02:55

      Jackie Dee, Me scared.... Don't taint my life with your failings... I HATE detractors of all colours unfortunately tis mainly Euros whom have an axe to grind , we on the other hand continue to progress RSA. It hurts many that this country is progressive. Your notion of RSA falling on it's knees is a perception n your little Fascist minds. We don't give a F*ck...just leave our beatiful country all you haters of all races.....

      Jackie Dee - 2013-03-30 09:40

      Hey zappy, the only fascists is you and your government associating with dictators and commies. You deserve to live a miserable life like your fellow african countries. You dont want upliftment, you just was violence and war racial hatred. Its in your nature

  • Elsen Lucas - 2013-03-29 07:52

    Aaron, Aaron! And all haters of white or black people!!! Should'nt you rather think of the old rugged cross, where HE suffered and died?? FOR YOUR AND MY SINS!!Give your burdens unto the Lord! I am proudly coloured,or is it black?, and although my family and I was badly treated by whites then,and still do, I always tell myself: All these people MUST repent IF they want to go to heaven! If you don't CARE, your life is surely wasted here on earth, Kindness cost nothing! And it is so pleasurable!! Madiba my HERO! You in my prayers!! And all of you too!! Have a blessed Good Friday and think of your Saviour! ANd that is JESUS!

      Wim Kotze - 2013-03-29 16:23

      You ask: I am proudly coloured,or is it black?. Obviously black. That way you score on AA. Just get rid of your name. It's too white, and your black messia won't like it.

      Elsen Lucas - 2013-03-30 11:54

      Wim! Wim! I expect from white men(like you)to know there is no Mesiah in human beings!! Jesus IS the only Mesiah I know! You IQ let you down!! Still, no matter what our differences, haven't your mother told you that bad manners would bring you nowhere!! Let's pray for those who are sick nd troubled!! I'll pray for you nd i'll lay your burdend soul before the Lord! Mine too, and of all those whom I don't know! Madiba's soul TOO (he's still my role modeln you know! My choice you know!! This is a free country after all!! Enjoy your Easter Wim!!

  • Vincent Vusi - 2013-03-29 08:03

    get well soon tata father of the nation

  • peter.hunt.737 - 2013-03-29 08:16

    Get well, Tata

      peter.hunt.737 - 2013-03-29 11:26

      Am thinking of relocating to Nairobi. Judging by the fact that I got 3 thumbs down for wishing Madiba well, then I rest my case. South Africans are so far behind the rest of the world........

  • Imani Azania - 2013-03-29 08:23

    Thank you Elsen

  • Mpadu - 2013-03-29 08:29


      Jackie Dee - 2013-03-29 10:10

      Lord Sauron

  • Eric Wiseman Ngobeni - 2013-03-29 08:40

    May God bless him

  • Angie Smith - 2013-03-29 08:55

    Amazing how a simple statement like Mandela being admitted into hospital can be turned into racism and politics...

      Sphelo Makaula - 2013-03-30 09:46

      Hello Angie...thanks sisi for not including yourself on these comments.

  • Alpheus Nethononda - 2013-03-29 08:55

    Some comments in here are written by people who are just a waste of oxygen. The point exactly why Mandela is special. Speedy recovery Madiba. The world excluding red necks love you!

      Jackie Dee - 2013-03-29 10:11

      Does that include comments made by some black members of society that say whites must be scared because when mandela eventually does die we will be massacred?

      Jackie Dee - 2013-03-29 10:25

      Quote from vusi, count your blessings redneck it could have been worse if wsnt for the old man...........a total wipeout of your kind, can emagine tht?

      Wim Kotze - 2013-03-29 16:30

      Alpheus, do your daddy, Mugabe, know you are lollygagging with the white people. Shouldn't you be herding his goats?

      Diran Pillay - 2013-03-30 05:50

      At Wim I see her comment got you al red necked lol

  • justin.b.whittaker - 2013-03-29 09:07

    Why cant ppl just leave madiba alone.he is old and prob just want his last bit of time to be private.let the man go on his terms.

  • justin.b.whittaker - 2013-03-29 09:09

    By the way alpheus u necks is a term for the americans in maybe u should go back to bantu school and learn some more u stupid moron

      Khethu Ndlovu - 2013-03-29 09:23

      But lts yours nw.

      Jackie Dee - 2013-03-29 10:12

      Khethu, we are educated enough to think for ourselves thanks.

  • Cyllo Mutloane - 2013-03-29 09:16

    Not only have we become a better nation by also a generation of hope, love and forgiveness and all thanks to an icon who gave without asking for any praise in return. In our times of worry, prayer and misunderstanding, let's give thanks that we all are blessed to live to write these words. No man is a God and I believe no God is a man but just as he was for-ordained to walk his path, we too are called as witness that all life is of Gods and in his hands and loving grace it Will return-In this life there is time for birth, time to work, time to live and a time to rest perhaps it's time for us to simply say thank you your legacy Will continue-mistakes and all its goodness-thank you

  • freddy.vanwijk - 2013-03-29 09:17

    If "The Lord" takes Madiba away, who are we to argue?

      Jackie Dee - 2013-03-29 09:56

      Do you mean Lord Voldemort?

  • Peter Mokoena - 2013-03-29 09:29

    People like Aron Butler are racist in mentality. The issue here is not about the ANC,but his health and selflessness in his struggle for equality, not just for one race, but for all. I wish him well that if we could be all strive for his ideas S A would be a better place. I am not talking about the current ANC leadership, but what we could all try to hope for the best, minus the Aron Butler, the rapists, the racists and others. Get well Madiba, if is was not because of you, I would have never known what is like to have good white neighbours and share space with wonderfull people of all races in my workplace.

      Richard Frost - 2013-03-29 15:13

      Thank you Peter. South Africa needs more people like you. Black and White.

      Peter Mokoena - 2013-03-29 17:08

      @ Wim Kotze, I was educated @ bantu school, speak and write afrikaans same. I am not an AA or BEE, on merit I can sit with you on a table and tell you where to dive. Ur type scare me not.I AM

      Wim Kotze - 2013-03-29 17:33

      Why would I want to threaten you? I'm not black.

  • Ushir Sahdao - 2013-03-29 09:55

    I'm really shocked to read these comments by fellow South Africans. It is disgusting to read black vs white hate is still alive and kicking. I never grew up in apartheid so I have no sentimental attachment to the struggle but at the same time I realize the opportunities that Mandela has brought about for the majority of citizens. I'm thankful that post apartheid we did not resort to a full scale civil war like many in the international community predicted. Mandela has become the face of post apartheid SA, yet many including the born frees are unhappy with what this face has become. Its unfortunate that the older generation harbors so much hate for their fellow countrymen when this hate is misplaced. Wake up people ...the enemy is no longer apartheid!!! The enemy are those in power that would remind you that their incompetence's and corruption is apartheids fault and will continue to fuel the racial hate fires in the country to remain in power. Many of us know better than this and want to see this country prosper. 20 years is too long for someone to still be living in a shack holding on to hope and empty promises for a better future when R675 billion is stolen since 94. I hang my head in shame as a wait for the older generation to pass on peacefully and long for the day when 'race' actually means to 'finish the best' for country.

      Ushir Sahdao - 2013-03-29 12:35

      Alex you would be shocked to learn that many of the younger generation actually see through the lies and propaganda. Do not be fooled by certain youth league rhetoric and brand all of us in the same category. Its fact that the ANC was not the only liberation movement as the they like to claim. Even though I condemn terrorism and murdering people for political reformation, a little research into the revonia treason trial will show that its people of different backgrounds that fought against apartheid ( black, indian, white, jews , muslims etc) which is another bit of truth that is distorted. We also do not believe in 'voting for the ANC is a vote for a place in heaven'. The points that you have made might be valid for a certain portion of the population during apartheid but what you need to honestly ask yourself is if the majority of the population actually benefited from these imports and exports, education and better health care etc.? My point is there's always two sides to a story, 'one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist'. What we need to do is look past this, focus on the here and now and work together to build our future. I think what the older generation dsnt realise is that there is no progress if we keep looking over our shoulders and walking forward... we are bound to get lost and this is what's happening now.

      Alex Ndoo - 2013-03-29 13:22

      I'll agree with you that the ANC/YL and their propaganda doesn't influence everybody. I'll also agree with you that there are two sides to every story. I'll agree with you that freedom fighter / terrorist combinations are applicable to all groups in society - including the ANC and the nats. I will, on the other hand, keep using the older generations as a reference since they've seen more than us and have unique perspectives on how things are playing out. And they're not very happy - no matter the color.

      Phetogo Mokgatle - 2013-03-30 09:25

      Ushir- at some stage during apartheit Mandela was considerd a 'terrorist' thats why he was jailed for 27years. Dnt believe everything for read

  • nkululeko.zulu.5 - 2013-03-29 10:04

    Please Obama I'm Sick help me, I'm @ Nkandla private clinic!!!!!!

  • Mondli Mjadu - 2013-03-29 10:43

    People don't understand da hol situation . this is not about racist ( Blacks an more let us pray for Madiba # our hero Madiba

      Matthews Magodiela - 2013-03-29 12:34

      I agree with you Mjadu

      Wim Kotze - 2013-03-29 16:50

      Your hero is my scoundrel.

  • Matthews Magodiela - 2013-03-29 10:54

    It is a pity that we still have people like Aeron in our lovely country. He doesn't belong here at all. Surely he should have been smoking nyaope the whole night hence his mind is so destructed so early in the morning. He is so clueless about the economy. How can you compare the economy of 1976 to 2013. The demand for elec has increased since democracy as all blacks have now access to elec unlike during apartheid where elec was only reserved for whites, so how do you expect the price of elect to be the same as 1976. With global economic competition how do you expect our currency to stay 1.80 to the doller. Surely something is definately missing in your head. Everything you mentioned in your comments are baseless and a sign that you miss your ancesters Verwoed and the likes. Good for us because our ancester is still alive. Long Live Nelson Mandela and we wish him well. Our living Hero.

      Wim Kotze - 2013-03-29 16:55

      Poor bantu, you didn't have electricity because you couldn't steal it as readily as you do now.

  • Jannie Visagie - 2013-03-29 11:06

    The issue is not Mandela but the idiot zuma that mess up great leaders legacy like Sisulu, Mandela and his predecessors. He des not fit in that corps and ranks. He is a total embarrassment to the word. Is this statement racesist?

      Sphelo Makaula - 2013-03-30 09:56

      Jannie its clear JZ was not suppose to be there(here because of muti) he used to knock down Thabo Mbeki.

  • Jannie Visagie - 2013-03-29 11:09

    They delete my no racist honest comment as well.

  • Jannie Visagie - 2013-03-29 11:09

    They need to protect zuma from social honest comments

  • Peter Sabatha - 2013-03-29 11:41

    Aaron black are here to with it.color mean nothing.idiot

  • Lara Fairhurst - 2013-03-29 12:04

    Dont they say..never argue over religion or politics?

  • Peter Sabatha - 2013-03-29 13:39

    jackie de beer u go around scare people.u know what ur coward.nothing u can do.vra jou oom verwoed.

  • jimmy.mthombeni.7 - 2013-03-29 14:20

    It's a lung infection that he got from the cruel apartheid system that confined him to jail for his stance against that very same system. He had to work in the quarry for the better part of his sentence, and all the noisy apartheid remnants in this forum are casting a blind eye to that, a familiar characterization of their hypocrisy!

      Steven Stead - 2013-03-29 17:17

      Jimmy, with all due respect, the gentleman is 94 years old. This sort of thing is bound to happen sooner or later and its got nothing to do with apartheid. Even Verwoed couldn't avoid death (thank goodnes!). Bur Mr Mandela will be sorely, sorely missed.

      Jackie Dee - 2013-03-30 09:42

      And I bet the air you breathe will be apartheids fault as well. Stupid logic from you

      jimmy.mthombeni.7 - 2013-03-30 18:05

      Jackie, I can't expect anything more than what you said, i.e resorting to insults judging by the manner you exposed yourself as a typical apartheid offspring through your earlier postings. There was no logic in the thinking behind the cruel apartheid system orcherstrated by your forefathers, and there can't be any logic in your thinking either as their genetic remnant. If you want to engage with me, focus on the content of my positing and stop your illogical argument that is underpinned by nothing but a sense of guilt, because you are who you are, what you are and in this country because of the cruel distortions of the past. Mandela is regarded as one of the best 20 individuals to have ever set their foot on planet earth, he is at number 16 in the list that includes, among others, Jesus Christ and Sir Isaac Newton. In fact he is the only living human being in that list. But your apartheid heritage declared him a terrorist that had to be imprisoned for a better part of his adult life. Imagine where this country would be today if this man was allowed his rightful space during the prime of his life to be President. Food for thought for you...

      Emiele Spillman - 2013-03-30 21:59

      Jimmy, you racist idiot. Mandela can NEVER be mentioned in the same space as Jesus. Mandela is a man, who started out as a killer terrorist, but turned out better. Your forefathers did worse attrocities than apartheid could ever have been. You are just a racist that don't like whites. Admit it. Your logic shows your lack of intelligence.

      Kearney Mpobetse Malesa - 2013-03-31 09:22

      Well done Jimmy this stupid racist idiots they like it or not Mandela is the living Jesus.

  • Ronny Makhubela - 2013-03-29 14:29

    jimmy thanks alot I home many ppl will learn frm yu dis page is about president mandela nt president zuma or black and white issues plz

  • Teboho PM Joala - 2013-03-29 15:15

    This page was about Obama's wishing Mandela and stating his concern over his health. I m quite saddened by the racist utterances of some this white racists, every chance the get they rubbish the ANC and Zuma even when it has nothing to with the topic at hand. It is for reason I even stopped listening to radio 702...

      heinrich.nel.35 - 2013-03-29 15:50

      i agree with you teboho, but dont turn a blind eye to the black racists, they do exist, they are not just a fragment of "white racists'" imaginations. just by saying "white" racists you could be considered one. by simply distinguishing between races in derogatory terms (what you just did in your post) is racist. . .believe it or not. racism isnt just a white thing just like this article isnt about black/white or politics

      Warren Tickner - 2013-03-29 20:01

      Teboho, Maybe Im wrong but I dont care what Obama thinks...why does his opinion matter; its just the same political rhetoric making it sound like truly cares...look at how his administration has been friendly toward Africa and you will see the shortfalls. The US govt and corporations have exported their ideas of pillaging from Africa for the sake of their national resource and security interests; he has not stood up to any of them. Obama is not a supporter of Africa, if he was he would stand up against the rape and pillage on this continent. He is just the other half of America. What matters is whether Madiba passes away soon or whether he is able to slog on a little longer, and how South Africans and those friends of South Africa remember what he did to unite our country and pay respect to his effort by trying to keep building a nation and continent, rather than tearing it apart.

      Sphelo Makaula - 2013-03-30 08:41

      Why everytime blacks against whites?

  • Steven Stead - 2013-03-29 17:21

    I logged onto this article because I am converned for Mr Mandela's health and wished to know more. What I discovered in the plethora of appalling comments by other readers is that this country really cannot afford to lose him and his message of firgiveness and unity. I am shocked at the level of racism and hatred and plain bad manners exhibited by people in this forum. Is this a true reflection of what my fellow South Africans think? If so, there is no hope for us.

  • nicholus.nakanyane - 2013-03-29 17:23

    Madiba is very Old,94yrs and sick aint about race..

  • Joy Yon La Vita - 2013-03-29 21:45

    People lets offer some respect to our president. God's speed President Nelson Mandela and may God be with you.

  • Mpho Leopeng - 2013-03-29 22:57

    @ Carol Paterson, I was gonna say it's a typo but then I read on.

  • erneyb - 2013-03-30 01:24

    What's this "concern" about Madiba's health ? This GREAT man's life is coming to an end which is a fact of nature. I will be sad to see him go, but thank God he has been there for South Africa. Let him go in his own way and in peace. Why do people (Clinton etc.)want Madiba to be immortal. He is only a human being and probably want to go on to a more equal world, which is what he believed and worked for.

      Mizana Nxeleba - 2013-03-30 12:07

      Agree with u, at the end we r all going.

  • Wikus Schalkwyk - 2013-03-30 01:53

    94 is a fairly good innings I recon...

  • Nomonde Tom - 2013-04-02 08:25

    Hope he gets well soon!

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