Orange River spill clean-up almost done

2011-04-28 21:55

Cape Town - About 70% of all the drums containing a corrosive agent that fell from a truck into the Orange River have been recovered, the team behind the recovery process said on Thursday.

Enviroserv’s Dwayne Pretorius said that all the drums had been retrieved from the river but the team still had to check the damage on 30% of them.

The truck's driver was killed in the incident, but no other people were injured.

Pretorius said he was not at liberty to say what kind of chemical was being transported or who Enviroserv's client was, but the Xhariep district disaster management’s Charles Chabe told News24 that the chemical was a corrosive agent which was "very, very dangerous".

  • Horst - 2011-04-28 22:07

    Tell us what the stuff was, we have a right to know. Calling it very, very dangerous just will not do.

      Taurusaurus - 2011-04-28 22:47

      Apparently it was a combination of 3 different acidic compounds, so to be fair, I doubt anyone really knows. :)

  • Bryan - 2011-04-28 22:45

    We have a right to know in terms of our consitution

      Taurusaurus - 2011-04-28 22:50

      Your constitution conclusion is incorrect. The reporters just did a terrible job in debriefing their minimal findings. According to the Afrikaans version of this article, there was a mixture of 3 acidic compounds, which makes it difficult to specify exactly what the contents were from basic analysis, assuming that the drum labels / manifest for the cargo washed away.

  • Joy - 2011-04-29 10:06

    The public NEEDS to know what the content of these barrels was.... What are they going to do about the ecological damage that this has caused?

  • Gary - 2011-04-30 06:48

    And if it was so dangerous why was it being transported on public roads

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