Oscar Pistorius bail hearing - day 1

2013-02-19 08:26

Follow updates of Oscar Pistorius's second day in court for his bail hearing at the Pretoria Magistrate's Court.

15:39 - Bail application continues [Wednesday]. NPA says it hopes to wrap up by Friday, tweets Mandy Wiener.

15:15 - Pistorius relatives leave court looking quite sombre, followed by a trail of photographs chasing them down the road, says Mandy Wiener.

15:11 - Media behaving like a mob outside court, swarming to get comment. Crushed - @MandyWiener

15:05 - Horrible scrum outside court as media wait for relatives and lawyers to leave. Legal team walks out without commenting, tweets @MandyWiener.

14:55 – [Pistorius] stands, staring straight ahead, eyes narrowed as magistrate gathers his papers. Nair waits for him to leave so cameras can't [photograph] him.

14:52 - Court adjourned for Tuesday. Back on Wednesday at 09:00.

14:51 - Pistorius will be held at the Brooklyn Police Station. Nel confirms [Tuesday] tonight is the last night he's booked there, tweets Barry Bateman.

14:50 Nel asks for a postponement until [Wednesday] to consult with the investigating officer.

Nair doesn’t have a problem with the request. We reconvene tomorrow at 09:00.

14:49 - Nel: I will call investigating officer Hilton Botha to reply to Oscar Pistorius statement.

14:48 - Roux concludes - this is the evidence we will lead. Nel says he will call the investigating officer, but needs to consult, tweets Barry Bateman.

14:48 - Pistorius lawyers conclude their evidence for bail. But they want the option to lead more evidence after getting information from State.

14:47 - Court is in session.

14:34 - Court breaks after Roux requests a short adjournment.

14:34 - Graham: I suggested driving to see me. Pistorius warned of a car hijacking syndicate in nearby complex so I wouldn't be safe.

14:33 - Roux reading statement from Graham, a lifelong friend of Pistorius. We exchanged WhatsApp messages about cars on 13 February, tweets David Smith.

14:31 Barry Bateman tweets: "Roux reads another statement – he’s trying to show the court the strength of the Oscar / Reeva relationship."

14:30 - Greyvenstein: Reeva confided in me that even though she and Oscar had not been together for very long, she really loved Oscar.

Greyvenstein: In my experience Oscar and Reeva had nothing but love for each other.

14:29 - Greyvenstein: Reeva said she would marry Pistorius if he asked her. She said he was intense but she loved him.

14:28 - Greyvenstein: Reeva told me that she really liked Oscar and they both clicked and understood each other. Pistorius treated her "like gold".

14:26 - Karyn Maughan ?tweets: "Roux now reads out statement from model Sam Greyvenstein, Reeva's best friend."

14:24 - Devaris: Oscar told me Reeva could be the girl he would one day marry. Pistorius [is] in [the] dock struggling to hold back tears, tweets David Smith.

14:23 - Devaris: Oscar would often tell me how much he loved Reeva and she was a fantastic person who understood him. She could be 'the one'.

14:21 - Devaris: They were both taking it slowly as they had come out of previous relationships... They really complemented each other.

Devaris: It was apparent that Oscar and Reeva were immediately attracted to one another. Pistorius said she was a fantastic person.

14:20 - Devaris: Pistorius is a humble, approachable and intelligent man.

14:19 Devaris: we both loved cars and we quickly became friends. We spoke often on the phone.

14:18  - Now a statement from Justin Devaris, tweets Barry Bateman.

14:17 - Alex: Once you get to know Oscar, you find a humble, gentle, sensitive person.

14:14 - Roux reading statement from 'Alex', a close friend. "He always used to tell me how he liked a girl." It was no holds barred.

Alex: In November Oscar told me he met a girl called Reeva and that he'd invited her to the sports awards. Oscar told me Reeva was unlike any other woman he'd dated. They were comfortable around each other and happy.

I never once saw them argue or fight. They were very much in love... It was clear that Oscar really loved her.

14:11 - Nair asks Pistorius if he is satisfied with affidavit. He stands and replies: "Yes sir, yes your worship."

14:10 Pistorius: My continued incarceration will be of "no benefit" to the state. Release would not disturb the public order.

14:09 Pistorius: I am an international sports star, I will not evade my trial. I am willing to surrender my passports should it be a condition of bail." After incident, I did not attempt to flee.
After the shooting I did not flee the scene. I remained until the police arrived.

14:08 - Pistorius: I have no intention to interfere with any witnesses. I have no previous convictions. I am not disposed to violence.

Pistorius: I believe the forensic evidence will prove what I am saying. I used a cricket bat to break open toilet door.

14:07 - Pistorius: "I trust the South African legal system and the facts will show that I did not murder Reeva."

Pistorius: With the benefit of hindsight I realise that Reeva went to the bathroom when I went to close the balcony door.

14:06 Opened toilet door and Reeva was alive. I took her to bathroom, called Netcare, picked her up and went downstairs.

Pistorius: I tried to revive Reeva but she died in my arms. "I am mortified."

14:05 - Pistorius: Reeva was not in bed. That's when it occurred to me she could have been in bathroom. Bathroom door was locked.

14:04 - Pistorius: Because I did not have my legs on I felt vulnerable. I fired shots through the bathroom door and told Reeva to call police.

14:03 - Pistorius: She got into bed and we fell asleep. I have been a victim of crime before. For that reason I keep 9mm gun under the bed.

Pistorius: I went out on balcony and heard a noise in the bathroom. I felt a "sense of terror" rush through me.

14:02 - Pistorius's statement: "I'm acutely aware of violent criminals breaking in. I've got death threats."

13:57 - Pistorius: we were deeply in love and couldn't be happier. I loved her and I know she felt the same way.

13:56 - Magistrate urges Pistorius to compose himself and listen. Says he will give him a few minutes.

13:57 - Barry Bateman tweets: "Nair tells Oscar he needs to concentrate. We adjourn for a few minutes. Nair asks no photos be taken."

13:56 "Nair is going to give him 2 minutes to speak to his family, to regain his composure", tweets Barry Bateman.

13:55 - Karyn Maughan tweets "Nair interrupts court: my compassion as a human being doesn't allow me to continue this."

13:54 – "Reeva had bought me a present for Valentine's Day. We were deeply in love." Oscar sobs.

13:53 - Pistorius: We agreed to spend evening at home. By 22:00 we were in bedroom, she was doing yoga, I was watching TV with prosthetic legs off. At the end of the evening we got into bed.

13:51 - Oscar Pistorius: I deny that I committed murder in the strongest point. Even though I don't have to, I want to deal with these allegations.

13:50 - Pistorius is leaning forward and sobbing. His brother Carl has his hand on his shoulder, tweets Barry Bateman.

13:50 - Pistorius: I earn R5.6m a year. I've never been convicted of crimes.

13:49 - Pistorius: I have no intention to relocate as I love my country.

Andrew Harding tweets: "Criminologist Laurie Pieters tell me SA law is 'a marathon' and she worried about Oscar Pistorius safety in jail."

13:48 Pistorius: I fail to understand how I could be charged with murder let alone premeditated murder as I did not intend to kill my girlfriend.

13:47- "I make this affidavit of my own free will and have not been influenced. Contents [are] true and correct."

13:46 - Pistorius statement: I am an adult male, SA citizen and applicant in this application and seek to be released on bail.

13:45 - Court will now hear what Pistorius says happened on Valentine's Day - through an affidavit.

13:41 – Andrew Harding tweets: "Prosecutor Nel tells me 'a trial within a year' for Oscar Pistorius."

13:41 - Nel: I will apply my mind to application and respond by tomorrow [Wednesday] morning.

13:40 - Roux wants to know what evidence does the state have that Oscar Pistorius attached his prosthetic legs before the shooting?

13:39 - Barry Bateman tweets: "Roux is asking the State to clarify some the claims made in its heads of argument - which witnesses support claims? "

13:38 - Roux: Does the state only rely on facts contained in documents before court? Two, if no, the State must provide that information.

13:37 - Roux: We have five questions for the state. We have asked for the information by tomorrow [Wednesday] morning.

13:37 - Roux first brings an application to do with an accused access to 'reasonable information'. They need additional info, Barry Bateman tweets.

13:35 - Roux addresses the court. He will proceed with an affidavit from Pistorius. It will be read.

13:35 - The magistrate is back in court. Pistorius defence will now begin their case for bail, says Karyn Maughan.

12:45 - The defence and State [are] in the magistrate's chamber possibly discussing whether the bail hearing should proceed today [on Tuesday], tweets Aldrin Sampear.

12:42 - Schedule 6 means Pistorius will have to show "exceptional circumstances" if he wants to get bail, tweets Karyn Maughan.

12:40 - An emotional Pistorius just stood there as cameras kept on flashing...

12:33 - "Magistrate says he could change ruling on premeditated murder at end of hearing," Andrew Harding tweets.

12:33 - Phillip de Wet says: "Given that Oscar Pistorius has serious money, and contacts overseas, any bail amount - if there is any - will likely be outrageously high."

12:31 - David Smith tweets: "Pistorius family grouped in small circle, weeping, arms around each other. Cameras clicking and filming from every angle."

12:32 - Pistorius family and friends hold an impromptu prayer meeting after Nair ruling, says Karyn Maughan.

12:30 - Crucially, Nair says schedule of murder charge that Pistorius faces may change at end of bail application - depending on evidence, tweets @karynmaughan.

12:27 - Pistorius reacts with more tears then leaves court for another break, tweets @BBCAndrewH.

12:26 - Nair: At this point in time, I cannot rule out premeditation. For the purposes of bail - we go Schedule 6.

12:22 Nair: I'm in possession of a charge sheet with a full description of the allegations, I have heads of argument.

12:22 - Pistorius looks up straight to the magistrate as he reads his judgment on the seriousness of the offence, says @AldrinSampear.

12:20: Nair: I'm perplexed why my job wasn't made easier. But it's not impossible for me to deal with this matter.

12:18 - Nair: I find it unfortunate that I have to make a ruling on schedule of this offense. Why didn't the state get a certificate to that effect?

Robyn Curnow from CNN tweets "Utter suspense as family wait for the decision. They shake heads, close eyes in prayer. Oscar bows head. Premeditation?"

12:17 - Nair: Mr Roux took issue with every single one of the state's points to illustrate premeditation...often with the words "so what?"

12:17 – Nair: The State says the only inference is that accused put on his prosthesis, armed himself and shot through [the bathroom] door.

12:16 – Pistorius wipes his eyes with a tissue, seems to be trying hard not to sob audibly. His brother leans forward as if to touch him but too far - @Simmoa

12:15 – Nair: I have received written and oral argument. Nel is relying on objective facts...

12:13 – Nair: SA law has evolved, the Constitution, is different to in the past where high onus on the accused to get bail.

12:13 - Nair: If I rule Schedule 5, the accused only has to show evidence that in the interests of justice permit release.

12:10 - Pistorius appears to have broken down again. His head hangs forward as his brother places his hand on his back. - @barrybateman

12:10 - Nair schedule classification is crucial to outcome of bail application - onus on accused differs.

12:09 - Nair: If I find it was premeditated, the accused has to show exceptional circumstances to be released.

12:08 - Nair starts his ruling on the schedule. Starts with the Criminal Procedure Act...

12:07 - Nair: I am doing this primarily for a safety concern. The court rules still apply.

12:07: Nair says he's made plans with Dept Justice to setup a feed to a neighbouring courtroom...

12:05 - Nair questions why Nel didn't get certificate from National Director of Public Prosecutions to state that Pistorius case was premeditated. Nel: Doing so is controversial.

12:00 - @barrybateman says security guards are trying to deal with people pushing the door open. Nel isn't distracted as he addresses Nair.

12:00 - Apologies I was mistaken before. Pistorius [is/ was] holding a folded tissue earlier not a note. - @AlexCrawfordSky

11:57 - Pistorius looks very red-eyed, says @AlexCrawfordSky.

11:57 - Roux says planned is the same as premeditated. Nair not convinced, reads case law.

11:56: Magistrate tells Nel and Roux that he "has a few questions": first about the use of word "planned" in definition of premeditation.

11:55 - Nair enters the court. The accused is back in the dock. - @barrybateman

11:55 - Magistrate is clearly frustrated with media. He is only allowing Pistorius to come in when he's in court - making it impossible for photos, says @karynmaughan.

11:50 - The magistrate was about to enter, but it appears there's a problem with the recording equipment, tweets @barrybateman.

11:49 - Nair will make his ruling on whether this is schedule five or six offence. If it's five, the bail application could end today [Tuesday]. - @barrybateman

11:47 - Proceedings are about to re-start.

11:42 - Paramedics are out of Pistorius court building - and it's not him. Or related. - @phillipdewet

11:17 - ER24 stretcher and paramedics just went into the Pistorius court building. No idea if it is related. - @phillipdewet.

11:10 - Minister for [Women, Children and Disabled Persons Lulu] Xingwane just left, but not before a quick photo-op with ANCWL demonstrators, says @phillipdewet.

10:57 - Pistorius walks from the court carrying a bottle of water and some white napkins. - @SmithInAfrica

10:56 - Court adjourns. 

10:55 - Nair: The person knew who is the bathroom, won't come out, and shoots - is that premeditated?

10:52 - Legal teams arguing over what constitutes pre-planned. Defence says walking to a bathroom cannot be seen as pre-planned, tweets @AlexCrawfordSky.

10:52 - Roux arguing there is something between spontaneous and premeditated. - @SmithInAfrica

10:51 - Roux: Where does state get witness saying Pistorius put on his prosthesis and walked to the bathroom?

10:50 - Roux: The state argues that because it's not spur-of-the-moment it must be premeditated - it can't be.

10:50 - Pistorius's defence, Roux, now rebuts prosecutor's claims.

10:48 – Nel: Planning is - I ready myself, I get a gun, I make it ready to fire and I walk there to shoot.

10:48 Nel: Pre-plan doesn't means months, weeks or hours.

10:46 - Nel: It was pre-planned up until the time that he shot her. If he felt bad after that, that's something different.

10:44 - Nel: Did I want to scare someone by firing four shots into a small room?" It's the "cold facts" that make it a premeditated murder.

10:44 - Pistorius is squinting at Nel, appears repulsed by what he is hearing, tweets @barrybateman.

10:43 – Nel: It was 03:00 in the morning, a woman in the toilet. If she was there for an urge, why did she lock the door?

10:43 - Nel: The broken door is important... She was there, she locked the door for a purpose, I'm not allowed to give you that purpose now.

10:42 – Nel: We don't know what the accused was thinking, we have cold facts - two people in the house, one locked in bathroom...

10:39 - Nel: There were just two people in the house - why didn't he ask where is my girlfriend?

Nel: This woman was in a 1.4m x 1.4m room, she could go nowhere. When those shots went off it must have been horrific.

10:38 - Nel: "I walk seven metres, I see a bathroom door, I shoot... The motive is to kill."

10:37 - Nel: it wouldn't be correct for me to venture into the motive now. We can say that there was a motive to kill

10:37 - Nel: Steenkamp locked herself into the toilet in the early hours of the morning. There are inferences that can be drawn.

10:34 - Nel: He got up from a bed, put on his prosthesis, armed himself and walked 7 metres." It's not: "There was someone standing over my bed."

10:34 - Roux concludes. Nel stands up: “I'm now more convinced [this is premeditated].”

10:33 – Pistorius blows into his hankie. He's been crying throughout the hearing. He looks exhausted, says @karynmaughan.

10:30 - [Roux] says prosecutor suggests there was an argument: "Has he evidence that this was not a good relationship? He does not."

10:30 - Roux: What is there in the state's case to say he didn't mistake her for a burglar?

Roux: All we know is that she locked the bathroom door and he shot, thinking she was a burglar.

10:28 - Roux: It's not good enough only to allege. You must allege on objective grounds. We have nothing remotely indicative of premeditation.

10:27 - Roux: We say it can never, ever be a schedule six. It's not even a murder.

10:26 - Pistorius breaks down uncontrollably now as his defence suggests he did not know it was Reeva behind [the] bathroom door, tweets @AlexCrawfordSky.

10:25 - Roux suggests that Pistorius broke toilet door to get to Reeva, to help not harm her.

10:24 - Roux: His case is she was shot through the bathroom door. Why would you then break open the door?

10:23 - Roux: How many murders are there in security complexes? There are so many... It gives you a false sense of security.

10:22 - Roux: Does he say the reasonable inference is that he knew it was Reeva behind that door? If that's the State's case, please tell us.

Roux: He shot her through the door - I'll show examples where father[s] shot children through doors thinking [they were] burglar[s].

10:21 – Roux: They found an overnight bag - so what, it's his girlfriend.

10:20 - Roux questions concept of premeditated. "The moment I pick up a gun and shoot, it's 'premeditated'."

10:18 - Roux: We say this is not murder. "We intend to approach this matter on the basis of the interests of justice."

10:15 - Roux citing American jurists who "disagreed strongly" on the meaning of premeditation, claiming it is hard to prove planning.

10:14 - Pistorius defence Roux now dealing with the defence, using case law to argue the question of premeditation. - @barrybateman

10:11 - Pistorius is holding a folded note in his hand, says @AlexCrawfordSky.

10:11 - Roux tells prosecutor: "You have available a draconian procedure."

10:08 - Pistorius's lawyer Barry Roux: the accused has no previous convictions.

Nair warns that Pistorius must not mislead about past offences [and] asks if he understands. Pistorius rises and says: "Yes, your worship."

10:05 - Magistrate asks Pistorius "are you following what’s happening" ... He says faintly "yes, yes", tweets @JacaNews.

10:00 - Nel also questions burglar claim: "Why would a burglar lock himself in the toilet?" - @Simmoa

09:57 - Pistorius's brother Carl kneels on the floor, resting his hand on the right side of the athlete's back. Pistorius staring at the ground. - @SmithInAfrica

09:56 -  Nel: Pistorius got up, put on his prosthesis and walked 7 metres to fire gun.

09:56 - Nel: A passage links [the] bathroom and bedroom. We infer [the] toilet door was locked because it was broken from outside.

Nel: "We say that was all part of the pre-planning. Even if [we] accept [the] burglar story, we say it still constitutes premeditated murder."

09:55 - Pistorius breaks down in tears in court, Sky News reports.

09:53 - Nel: "The deceased arrived between 5 and 6pm [with an] overnight bag and cosmetic bag. The deceased was shot three times while [in] the toilet."

09:50 - Nel: Shots were fired through a closed bathroom door.

09:49 - Nel: “The state only has its own version of the facts. The applicant has not furnished a version of any sort.”

09:49 – Nel: The accused fired four shots, three killed the woman. She locked herself in the bathroom; a shot through [the] door.

09:48 - Nel: Pistorius shot an unarmed innocent woman...she was unarmed and inside a toilet. Pistorius sobs, his head in his hands - @karynmaughan

09:46 - Beeld and Independent Newspapers published images of Pistorius crying - taken in contravention of court order, says @karynmaughan.

09:42 - Gerrie Nel begins by saying he will be arguing for a schedule 6 offence , magistrate asks counsels to approach the bench, tweets @MukelwaH.

09:41 - Magistrate Nair greets Oscar, asks if he is well. He nods as Nair interjects, "considering the circumstances". - @barrybateman

09:37 - As soon as Oscar Pistorius starts to enter court, photographers start shooting. Magistrate protests. - @karynmaughan. @AlexCrawfordSky tweets that Pistorius is wearing a dark blue suit.

09:36 - Magistrate Desmond Nair walks in. Court in session, says @yolandedp.

09:35 - A court official asks us to quiet down. Water is being placed at the magistrate's desk - @barrybateman.

09:30 -ANCWL sings "no bail for Oscar Pistorius". They say he will face the women of South Africa, tweets @Jacanews.

09:28 - Oscar Pistorius's brother deep in conversation with forensic expert Reggie Perumal, expected to provide testimony in defence, says @foxx_photo.

09:24 - The Times reports that drugs and several syringes, still sealed, were found in a bedside drawer in Pistorius's home. Police to probe steroids theory.

09:22 - media cock their heads towards the holding cells at the sounds of jail keys clanging and unlocking. Nothing yet. - @barrybateman

09:20 - A projector is being set up. It looks like it'll be used by the defence team, tweets @barrybateman.

09:17 - One ANCWL poster reads: “Pistorius must rot in jail” - @ewnreporter

09:12 - Court almost dead quiet, chief magistrate can enter any moment, court personnel making some last minute arrangements, says @MukelwaH.

09:08 - Forensic expert Reggie Perumal has arrived in court. He's carrying a large map, tweets @karynmaughan.

09:08 - ANCWL entering court with placards opposing violence against women, says @JacaNews.

09:01: Court official tells media inside Court C there are to be no video pictures allowed when court is in session, says @AlexCrawfordSky.

09:00 - Court official laying down the law - no recordings, no pictures, phones on silent. Behave! Says @BarryBateman.

08:54 - Appears that Oscar Pistorius defence has set up for a PowerPoint presentation in his bail application, says @karynmaughan.

08:51 - Oscar Pistorius father and other friends and relatives sitting here. Cameras waiting for athlete to walk in, tweets @BBCAndrewH from inside the courtroom.

08:48 - Prosecutors have now arrived ... Gerrie Nel seems ready to proceed - media contingent not yet sorted out", tweets @JacaNews.

08:45 - @karynmaughan we are inside. Three near stampedes later. Oscar Pistorius's family, friends fill up first three rows.

08:40 - Crush and confusion outside Oscar Pistorius courtroom as media wades in. I've seen more ruly protest crowds, tweets @phillipdewet.

08:32 - Kenny Kunene gets a hero's welcome at #OscarPistorius case, security guards allow him in without queuing like the rest of us. Unfair, tweets @Peroshni.

08:26 - Snaking queue of journos outside Pretoria Magistrate's Court disintegrates. Dept of Justice will announce which 26 [reporters] have a seat in court, tweets @Simmoa, a correspondent for the Daily Telegraph in the UK.

08:25 - Oscar Pistorius family member controlling who gets to sit in a public gallery. Sign up at back row for "Steenkamp" family, tweets @Peroshni.

08:18 - @Huisgenoot tweets that journalists are climbing over tables.

08:10 - Court officials now asking over 100 journalists to decide among themselves who gets into #OscarPistorius hearing, tweets @karynmaughan.

07:20 - Murder accused paralympian Oscar Pistorius has ducked into the back entrance of Pretoria Magistrate's Court early on Tuesday morning for his bail hearing.

  • Kalibanache - 2013-02-19 08:28

    No bail Please .....

      punungwe - 2013-02-19 08:42

      Whats wrong with SA men?

      motlalepula.sompane - 2013-02-19 08:58

      money talks, the law walks

      joemarshe.push - 2013-02-19 09:03

      9:05 @BBCAfrica - Traders allowed to sell mielies inside courtroom. How odd, but the mielies are lekker.

      lownabester - 2013-02-19 09:32

      Kalinanache I dont know why the thumbs down on your post, I agree with you, Lot of mad people on here today.

      elma.ross.9 - 2013-02-19 09:40

      I agree. Dangerous people should be locked up.

      gavin.spaz.taylor - 2013-02-19 09:40

      @heathwaymaster: wow. sounds like you were there when it happened? did you help him resuscitate her too? amazes me that so many South Africans accept the media drivel they are fed. Do you realise that newspapers are in a state of crisis at the moment, and will spin stories to sell copies? Sensationalist news means more circulation. higher circulation means higher advertising rates. Unless you were actually present at the crime, you have no right to crucify him or label him guilty until the court has proven as such beyond reasonable doubt. shame on you. The media has made up this countries mind already. once again. shocking!

      edwin.i.jay - 2013-02-20 08:00

      @Taylor - he is crucifying himself by defending himself with a story that makes no sense and is full of holes. He just should've come clean. I feel sorry for him though. He now has a hefty fine to pay for his actions of murder that you can see he is sorry for.

  • frankgerald - 2013-02-19 08:32

    May justice prevail above all else. Lets stay as a people who believe in our justice system and see all men as innocent until proven guilty by a court of law! Hope the media will respect this as well and stop with this nonsense in feeding us a lot of unreliable facts and evidence.

  • peter.ndamase - 2013-02-19 08:36

    This is disappointing, such a high profile case and you only accomodate 26 seats for media. Poor planning from justice department.

  • nawhal.majietarmien - 2013-02-19 08:37

    This terrible hype; takes away the reality and sadness of the Steenkamp's ordeal of having to bury their child today, so very tired of Oscar being seen as victim, let us rather concentrate on this day being the last that Reeva's body will be on this earth

      Beverley Ainsworth - 2013-02-19 09:05

      The Steenkamp family seem to be enjoying the media frenzy from the interviews with Reeva's family members. I have seen the pain etched on Oscar's face since her death. When I was grieving over death of my sister, I couldn't bear to look at anyone, let alone smile for the camera!

      garth.labuschagne - 2013-02-19 14:30

      Are they sending her body into space??

      fragtion - 2013-02-19 20:20

      He may still be innocent after all - highly unlikely if you ask me: his story seems full of holes - However you cant rule it out yet. So to say this is terrible hype because it focuses on him not her, is a statement that the verdict may just turn inside out

  • clint.mawing - 2013-02-19 08:38

    Hope he does not get bail. Where is everyone that was calling for the death penalty last week when Anene was killed? This is still murder, not as brutal, but a life was lost.

  • malcolm.stevens.129 - 2013-02-19 08:39

    And the Oscar goes to....... JAIL

      hayley.fredericks.9 - 2013-02-19 08:47

      Very original..NOT!

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      Malcom jou grappie is flou en onvanpas Niemand lag daaroor Word groot

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      And malcolm.stevens.129 is a........idiot!!!

  • chaanepres.mathabathe - 2013-02-19 08:45

    may justice take on its course....sterkte Mnr Oscar

  • MamakaGIFT - 2013-02-19 08:46

    A lot of woman has died since 1st of January 2013,Raped,Madured or brutal killed some1 has 2 pay:NO BAIL!!! No excuses 4 killing

  • Dms Ntintane - 2013-02-19 08:53

    No bail for this man, this incident has further tarnished our image as a violent an intolrant Nation, we nw nid to send a msg across the Global comunity on our position wth regard to such incidents at all cost, whether this man slaughtered Steenkamp intentionaly or nt bt has shamed us....

  • karen.hartabrie - 2013-02-19 08:54

    Whats with Kenny Kunene?

      hayley.fredericks.9 - 2013-02-19 09:02

      He is so desperate for attention he wouldn't miss the opening of an evelope!

  • judithnicolleth.hailonga - 2013-02-19 09:01

    Who are we to judge him, both families are going throug taugh times and we should pray for them, for GOD to guide them and give them strength. I dont know both of them.

      Ros Rose - 2013-02-19 09:04


  • brian.dureuck - 2013-02-19 09:04

    go Oscar .. sterkte ou maat ... if all the farm murderers can get bail .. so should yoU! sterkte oukie!!

  • johann.v.berg.96 - 2013-02-19 09:05

    Condolences to the Steenkamp family, who is going to say farewell to their daughter, that was taken away from them in the most brutal way.My heart and prayers go out to you today .. cannot even start to comprehend what you must be going through , and hope that you will find peace in God's love.

  • Itumeleng Tshatiwa - 2013-02-19 09:05

    I really fail to understand why this case has attracted the media so much. I hope Mr. Gerrie Nel succeeds in opposing bail application, animals deserve to rot in jail and keys be thrown to hell if possible!

  • kznshark - 2013-02-19 09:07

    To the families and friends involved...may you find truth today... And to people saying Oscar should go to hell...i sure do not want to be you?

  • ivan.nel.9 - 2013-02-19 09:12

    All Oscar needs to do after being found guilty, is fake a serious illness - have doctors declare him terminal. If Jackie Selebi and Schabir Shaik could get out of jail free, why cant oscar ?

  • gr8girl786 - 2013-02-19 09:12

    i just want to know why kenny kunene is showing so much interest in this case ??? or is he just there becuase he thinks he will be awarded a oscar for making a appearance LOL....what a joke !!!

  • lordwickt - 2013-02-19 09:16

    Justice knows no colour and is priceless.

  • liam.dafydd - 2013-02-19 09:17

    What the Fvck is the ANCWL doing there? Why are they not campaigning against farm murders instead?

  • shelle.malan - 2013-02-19 09:21

    Can't help wondering why heavy - hitters legal team plus own pathologists and public plus media relations EXPERTS etc etc have all been hired if he insists he is innocent with nothing to hide....why waste millions on a team of "spin doctots".....surely the evidence will speak for itself and prove his innocence beyond doubt??? Not asking much but that's all I'd like to know......why the massive legal entourage is necessary?? The mind boggles!

      brian.dureuck - 2013-02-19 09:27

      you just go along and wash the dishes my dear .. nothing for you to see here

      jayneenv - 2013-02-19 09:34

      He would like to have the chance to prove his innocents duh! Pots also need Scouring.

  • thabs01 - 2013-02-19 09:23

    jst go to jail already

  • nadia.londt - 2013-02-19 09:29

    08:32 - Kenny Kunene gets a hero's welcome at #OscarPistorius case, security guards allow him in without queuing like the rest of us. Unfair, tweets @Peroshni. wtf!!!??? the law promotes thugs and their lifestyle for sure (sickface)

      ngoni.stubbs - 2013-02-19 09:32

      insane insane really, he has got nothing to do with case, so why is he in court. annoyed

  • ngoni.stubbs - 2013-02-19 09:31

    what is Kenny Kunene doing at Oscars bail hearing??? i see publicity stung right there

  • jayneenv - 2013-02-19 09:31

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved in this sad day for both parties. To Reeva's Family and Oscar and his family...I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Give him a chance to tell his side of the story, I know Reeva can’t defend herself but there are always two sides to a story. Put yourself in his position right now? Just putting it out there, use it or don’t use it!

  • hansie.geyser - 2013-02-19 09:34

    D Day for our boy Oscar.... hoping for the truth to be revealed might be a bit optimistic but lets hope this whole ugly thing doesn't further tarnish the reputations of all involved by going down the creative defence route...

  • jose.d.santos.9041 - 2013-02-19 09:36

    they will allow and give preference to people with no value to this case in .. what is ur motive kenny?

  • Janice Paul - 2013-02-19 09:37

    He's not the first to be tried for something like this,he certainly won't be the last!

  • hansie.geyser - 2013-02-19 09:38

    D Day for our boy Oscar.... hoping for the truth to be revealed might be a bit optimistic but lets hope this whole ugly thing doesn't further tarnish the reputations of all involved by going down the creative defence route...

  • warren.rautenbach - 2013-02-19 09:41

    i don't hear anyone crying for the death penalty ??

  • lindsay.mckirdy - 2013-02-19 09:41

    I don't think Oscar has a leg to stand on here!

      Shayne Ronald Barker - 2013-02-19 10:14

      It's getting old now. It was old on Friday already.

      brian.prince.31 - 2013-02-19 19:27

      Why Did Reeva buy him Leg Warmers For Valentine? And The Oscar Goes to................................JAIL

  • kznshark - 2013-02-19 09:42

    Mr Kunene...should you not be buying sushi? ANCWL...should you not be singing to the President...for he is such a big fan of rape?

      Sipho Prely Maziba - 2013-02-19 09:59

      No man u get it wrong every s african deserve support regardless of ANCWL, mr KUNENE or what, if he thinks she was a buglair did she not scream to show her husband that she is not

  • MAVHUTSA - 2013-02-19 09:52

    Maybe...just maybe the bullet in the chamber was keeping the steroids for kenny...u knw businessman

  • Thuto Shomolekae - 2013-02-19 09:52

    the ANCWL and kenny khunene are just there to seek attention thats all ...

      Mikey Memo - 2013-02-19 15:53

      Ki ki ki ki true, who wouldnt

  • Khutso Franco Sejaphala - 2013-02-19 10:04

    Bloody Murderer!!No bail Pls!!

  • Wike Mood - 2013-02-19 10:09

    will there be live updates for reevas memorial?

      Wendy Le Goff - 2013-02-19 13:07

      ON E NEWS

  • Charlton Arendse - 2013-02-19 10:10

    Turning into a OJ simpson fiasco

  • gaenor.burgers - 2013-02-19 10:14

    Totally agree with gavin.spaz.taylor! Why is it that suddenly everybody has an opinion and considers themselves experts in the field, not even to mention the fact that they are not witnesses to the alleged murder committed by Mr Pistorius. Think twice before accepting everything you hear or read as facts!

      Wike Mood - 2013-02-19 10:34

      everybody is a law expert thanks to google.haha

      Nompilo Mncadi - 2013-02-19 11:01

      Everybody has a right to comment. It affects the whole nation especially since we are fighting against women and child abuse. This should set an example that it doesn't matter who or where you come from,violence towards women and children should be intolerable. Justice must be served,fairly. After all we are a democratic country and freedom of speech is permitted.

  • Mandla Hlalux - 2013-02-19 10:16

    Be careful women with this love for money.She was in love with a ruby player now its an athlete why ? Because he won gold medal not because she loved him isn't !!!!

      Sipho Prely Maziba - 2013-02-19 10:48

      But that doesn't justify that he should kill her even they had a fight. If she knew what was going on tha her BF not know its her wouldn't she scream or she did or she didn't

  • Nkululeko Elia Mgijima - 2013-02-19 10:28

    There is no burglar that goes to the toiled , burglars goes the kitchen ,sitting ,dinning room and bedroom .If you give bail to a murderer give bail to all not forgetting Jub Jub.

      Chantel Fourie - 2013-02-19 10:52

      are u a burglar that u know these things

  • Calvin Thutlwane - 2013-02-19 10:51

    I think oscar is taking drugs he should hv taken to the test,and that 1 is a murder let the law do its work with no disturbance from any 1

  • Theresa Pickering - 2013-02-19 10:54

    I don't know what happened that night behind Oscars doors. No one will really know but I do know that if he gets out on bail he is going to harm himself. This man cannot live with himself after all this. He is not the type of person who will be able to walk with this label on his head. My heart breaks for him as I can assure u all he is thinking about is Reeva being buried today and he is not there. Oh if Shakespeare was alive today this would be his next tragedy!

      Zinnie Julia Kleinbooi - 2013-02-19 12:14

      i feel sad for the steenkamp family bt i also feel sad for oscar.u knw ur life cn change in seconds no matter who u r nd hw much money u have.i think what we as south africans must do its 2 stop judging nd started praying for both families.they need it now mre than ever.

  • Calvin Thutlwane - 2013-02-19 10:56

    Let him be in jail for a while that wil be a leson to all the people who are rich thinking that theier ruling.

  • Pule S Vic - 2013-02-19 11:08

    I wanna be Nel when i grow up

  • Jason Lok - 2013-02-19 11:11

    Cmon ppl , U gys r terribly unfair in Ur comments, think of this ppor gys terrible trauma, his gf dead, his life, his famly, his name n reputation, etc... have sympathy..pls

      Jonathan Mtetwa - 2013-02-19 11:22

      he doesnt need any sympathy. He killed

      Anke-Jane Pretorius - 2013-02-19 13:45

      Yes, poor Oscar, his gf is dead, his life and his family ruined!!! Shame, not even to talk about his reputation, that's bull!!!! Have you thought about his poor girlfriend that's DEAD because of him. No sympathy for Oscar, sorry, people who kill don't get sympathy!!! You are all only backing him because he is this big hero and everybody loves him, well let's see how this trial ends, cause it doesn't matter if its premeditated or not, he shot her, and she is dead!!

  • Karl van Rooyen - 2013-02-19 11:15

    Better than Dallas on a Tuesday night

      King Olwethu Ntoni - 2013-02-19 11:29

      lol true

  • Graham Booth - 2013-02-19 11:18

    So there it is he killed her. They can argue as much they want on what terms. Its murder and he will be punished. Any one that supports him now after this confirmation is supporting murder. He might not be a cold blooded murderer but he is still a danger to society and should not get bail.

      Mikey Memo - 2013-02-19 15:20

      You hv spoken lyk a true prophet.u truly are wise.u hv my vote 4 a mayoral post.

  • Nqabayesizwe Brian Zulu-Mlaba - 2013-02-19 11:18

    ... Its the late Reeva and Oscar who know what happened in that house.. As for all of us we can only wait and see the outcome. Anger drives you insane !!!

  • Nico Eksteen - 2013-02-19 11:20

    I'm surprised that they are going on with this burglary story. Seems to be a very unlikely scenario. The defense however I think is forced to pursue this line because this is what Oscar told the witnesses he phoned afterwards. Could backfire if proven that he is using it as an excuse to cover-up the thing. I wonder how much time elapsed after he had shot her and him making the first phone calls to raise the alarm (in this time he could have thought the best thing to do or say)?

  • Khonjiswa Mahlangu - 2013-02-19 11:20

    This Roux is defending him for the love of money and nothing else! I mean its evident enough that there was only two ppl in the house so clearly this man pre-planned to kill the lady. May Reeva's soul rest in peace.

  • Tamarin Lloyd - 2013-02-19 11:33

    As far as I am concerned premeditation murder is characterized by fully conscious willful intent and a measure of forethought and planning. Yes I know some states believe that premeditation can be up to a few seconds before the murder. But how can that be, seconds to minutes cannot be thought out before hand. Spear of the moment is not and most of the time has not been thought about before hand. When adrenaline is pumping through your veins you loose self control and jump straight into what ever is in front of you. Did he murder her yes he did, its a fact we can not hide. Did he do it by premeditation we can not prove that so how can they want to charge him with it. Did he believe she was an intruder only he truly knows that. Have I ever been so angry that I have done something with out thinking yes I have, and it could not be premeditated as it was not. yes I know this is murder we are talking about, and not just some loss of temper. At the end of the day, he killed her and he has to breath each day knowing he did, why he did it he will only truly know. We have no place to judge.

      Tamarin Lloyd - 2013-02-19 11:51

      See nico that's what I am trying to state here, yes he murdered her, but how can they say or charge him with premeditation murder. They can not prove that as just yet. Its a he said the state said case.

      Adeeb Saban - 2013-02-19 12:21

      They dont need to prove premeditation, give him bail... Then nail him on culpable homicide, that's 10 years in sing-sing!!! He'll get married every night to a different inmate!!!!

      Tamarin Lloyd - 2013-02-19 12:34

      Adeeb Saban? well that's one way to look at it, I must say I had a good giggle now thanks. Sing sing hahahaha,