Pilot survives crash

2012-07-01 13:01

Bloemfontein - A helicopter pilot survived a crash on a farm 8km outside Kimberley in the Northern Cape, paramedics said on Sunday.

The man, believed to be in his late twenties, was on his way to a farm to teach students how to fly on Saturday afternoon when he had problems with his aircraft, ER24 spokesperson Derrick Banks said.

"He was able to do an emergency landing and get out in time before the helicopter caught alight. Paramedics arrived on the scene and found the pilot some distance from his helicopter which was now on fire. They assessed him and found that he had sustained very minor injuries."

He was taken to a hospital in Kimberley for a check-up. The cause of the crash would be investigated.

  • allen.bullard.9 - 2012-07-01 16:22

    Excellent piloting skills!! Putting into practice what he teaches. I would seek out this guy to teach me how to fly a helicopter!

      cecile.oreillylombard - 2012-07-01 16:30

      You should, he's an excellent pilot.

  • rob.tubbs.39 - 2012-07-01 18:52

    Glad I didn't sign up with him! Congratulations on your 'escape'...

  • malcolm.dale - 2012-07-09 12:03

    "Pilot survives crash" - that's the headline! Then in the text "he was able to do an emergency landing". Now if you have "landed" you haven't crashed - am I not right? Poor headline - just to attract readership. Well done though to the pilot - especially some one so young.

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