Paramedic on scene after wife, baby die

2012-03-13 12:17

Pietermaritzburg - Among the six people killed in Sunday night’s three-car collision near Albert Falls Dam were the wife and baby daughter of an off-duty paramedic. He was one of the first people to arrive at the scene.

Police believe the driver of a BMW lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a Mahindra Scorpio travelling towards Dalton.

Wesley Sookdaw, 22, Christine Francis, 21, Kameshree Sookdaw, 30, and her daughter, 9-month-old Summer Kaitlyn, were travelling in the BMW.

Kamesheree was married to ER24 paramedic Shane Sookdaw.


Vanessa Jackson of ER24 said Sookdaw was undergoing counselling.

“He lost his whole family and is very traumatised. He is currently undergoing counselling from our guys.”

The Sookdaw family said they were unable to speak to The Witness on Monday as they were too traumatised.

In the Mahindra were Doctor Madodenzani Ngubane, 51, principal of Muntu High School in Greytown, and his wife, Delsy, 46. They were both killed, while their children, 11-year-old daughter Gamelihle, and 12-year-old son Ngethaba, survived.

Speaking to The Witness, Maqhinga Ngubane, an uncle of the children, said they were in a stable condition, although the daughter was still in ICU at Medi-Clinic.

“They are shocked at what has happened,” said Maqhinga Ngubane. “At the moment, I am on my way to the morgue to identify the body of my brother.

“As of now, we have not sat down as a family to discuss the way forward.”


Ngubane said the children’s condition had improved.

KZN Education spokesperson Sihle Mlotshwa told The Witness that the department was saddened by the loss of a principal.

“As the department, we send our heartfelt condolences firstly to the families, the school and the school’s governing body,” he said.

“We are of the belief that losing one principal is a principal too many.”

  • Tony Lapson - 2012-03-13 12:21

    So sad.

      Martin - 2012-03-13 12:51

      Did you see the cars on ? The BM split in half. They must have been absolutely flying. It was a new 3 series too with 5 star NCAP and it SPLIT IN HALF. Do me a favor but someone was speeding way way above the limit. Modern cars don't break in half like that....Stupidity causes an avoidable tragedy.

      Tony Lapson - 2012-03-13 13:07

      Let's not forget our lax views on unroadworthy vehicles and use of safety belts.

      procold2 - 2012-03-13 13:44

      rikesh, the pictures tell it all, very tragic and condolences to all but as martin said above "Stupidity causes an avoidable tragedy" cant say the accident could have been avoided but all these people would not have died had they been driving at the speed limit they were new cars and can easly cope with an accident at a resonable speed.

      Nicolette Rassie - 2012-03-13 23:17

      Wat horrific pics is evrione talkn bout dis is da 1st I'm hearin dis,I jus hope dat god wil b wud al da families woo lost der luvd 1s n 2 shane my frend u b strong I no its gna b a long hard road bt u gna b alryt I no vanessas mum mus b devasted she has lost 2 dawtas u n her n in our prayers...

      Tony Lapson - 2012-03-14 10:54

      The horrific pics they're talking about is from a by-stander who felt it to be appropriate to take photos of the twisted bodies in the wrecks and distribute them by email. I would personally like to kick the ass in the jaw for being so thoughtless.

  • Aliyah - 2012-03-13 12:34

    Oh my!!!! this is so sad, strongs to the family left behind...

  • JohhnyBGood - 2012-03-13 12:34

    Sad day, very sad indeed...

  • Marion - 2012-03-13 12:39

    OMG... this poor man must be totally traumatized.

  • Toberine Smith Jacobs - 2012-03-13 12:49


  • NeoAcheron - 2012-03-13 12:54

    This is really a horrible thing to happen. I'm sorry for your loss.

  • Rainbow - 2012-03-13 12:55

    This is terribly sad. These kids will now have to face future without their mum and dad. And to loose a child is just as unbearable. My condolences to all involved.

  • Nomakhwezi Ngoma - 2012-03-13 13:11

    this is real sad. our prayers go to all the families that are affected.

  • Henning - 2012-03-13 13:19

    So sad that he found his family like that, it is almost poetic...

  • dooskop - 2012-03-13 14:13

    speed kills sorry for your loss.....r.i.p.

  • Bokfan - 2012-03-13 14:27

    Tragic. I dont know how one would recover from something like this. As for the crash itself: Another case of too much car and too little brain?

  • Orange - 2012-03-13 15:19

    this is truly truly sad

  • Orange - 2012-03-13 15:20

    this is truly sad

  • Katlego - 2012-03-13 15:36

    Thats so sad Feel sorry for a man who lost his whole family and those kids who lost their parents

  • michelleanddamian - 2012-03-13 16:15

    OMW sincere condolences to Shane Sookdaw. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain you must be going through.

  • Jeanne - 2012-03-13 17:28

    So tragic. RIP!

  • Michaela - 2012-04-26 10:17

    Very sad .... RIP and condolences to the families left behind

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