Patient commits suicide at hospital

2012-07-10 14:00

Johannesburg - A patient committed suicide at the Far East Rand Hospital in Ekurhuleni, the Gauteng health MEC's office said on Tuesday.

The 39-year-old patient apparently jumped through a window from the second floor of the hospital on Friday, it said in a statement. The patient died at the scene.

"Our sympathies are with the family at this difficult time and as the department we will support them in all ways possible," MEC Ntombi Mekgwe said.

She visited the hospital on Monday and offered counselling to hospital staff affected by the death.

  • thando.ramncwana - 2012-07-10 14:18

    If its public health care vs the window.....mmmhhhhh......i would take the window as well.

      jojo.jansen - 2012-07-10 14:29

      that's just a low class comment think of the poor family and what frame of mind that poor person was in to kill him/herself and have at least some respect the public hospitals are over crowded and they work dam hard on the little they have to keep going I pray you never land up in a public hospital as you might just need them to save your life or a loved ones the table will always turn its just sad that ppl still speak such harsh words

      althea.meintjies - 2012-07-10 14:31

      Agree 100% with you Thando

      klippies.coke.7 - 2012-07-10 14:56

      Sounds more like he tried to escape from public healthcare than commit suicide. Surely if you want to commit suicide you're not going to jump out of a second floor window?

      CharlesDumbwin - 2012-07-10 16:13

      The kitchen staff really should sort out those tacky menu options. Hospital food, sometimes just too depressing.

      antin.herinck - 2012-07-10 19:23

      And how do we know he jumped for sure. Could be the nurses threw him out because they did not have enough clean bedding or the Panado was running out. BTW, the picture is misleading. It looks like a hospital.

      Rudolph Opperman - 2013-04-19 12:26

      They should call it public healthscare!

  • Lulama - 2012-07-10 14:22

    Mara why???

  • issah.zuze - 2012-07-10 14:39

    news24, tell us more, why she/he did it

      Arnoldus.DuToit - 2012-07-10 15:04

      The food sucked.

  • edward.herbst - 2012-07-10 15:09

    another satisfied patient

  • dianne.waller - 2012-07-10 15:22

    Very sad for his family that was left behind. And some of the comments are uncalled for.........but, i cannot agree that they work very hard. I have a very ill mom with no medical aid, so have visited many goverment hospitals. It is shocking how little they feel.

      alfie.dunn - 2012-07-10 16:25

      Dianne...these Hospitals are not fit for humane conditions, and they do not have qualified staff looking after the patience. It's shocking to see medical staff behave the way they do...

  • nathi.siphala - 2012-07-10 15:35

    There is a reason for everything,then tell us why

  • Frankly - 2012-07-10 15:53

    This is more common than you think. My sister is a nurse in a Government Hospital (in the Eastern Cape, so yeah, it's one of the worst), but it's not as bad as some would have you believe, (I have actually received really sh*t treatment at a very good private hospital) and I have to say, she can tell you stories of patients who tried to commit or succeeded in committing suicide. Some people get a diagnosis that they just can't live with, or don't want to try the treatment that is available. Some are just plain tired of dying slowly (HIV or Cancer). Remember, most of these people do not have very caring families or no family at all, so for them it's a quick escape from pain and suffering. And yes, all hospitals employ councillors for certain cases of diagnosis, but if the patient refuses there is nothing further they can do. Some nurses are crap and others are good, but don't think this guy commited suicide because he ended up in State Hospital!

  • Johan Boetie - 2012-07-10 16:05

    but this doesn't make any sense, a flippin' moron killing himself at hospital. I jst sympathize with da bereaved or rather da grieving family as for da dead one I hope his soul suffers for all da trouble he's caused.

      Happyness - 2012-07-10 19:51

      What a disgusting comment.

  • alfie.dunn - 2012-07-10 16:18


      balu.mqadi - 2012-07-11 07:00

      Trust You to make it political.

  • Thobile Lugwadu - 2012-07-10 16:32

    I was involved in a car accident on february the 1st at 18:25. Due to the fact that i am unemployed, i was taken to a public hospital, the female amulance crew asked me as to how i can damage my lowerback given the fact that they dont have men. I was admitted to the casualty ward,but i couldnot get medication since dispensery closes at 4pm . I was treated but surprisingly left with glass debris on my chin. I only got medication on the third day. The bloody unions have messed up the service

      antin.herinck - 2012-07-10 19:37

      The one time I ever went into a public hospital, I nearly lost my leg! With a minor knife wound in my quad!! The moronic nurse would not allow me to remove my pressure dressing. (I had applied myself, so as not to mess up the car.) So I lay there for hours and that nearly cost me my entire leg! Compartment Syndrome they called it. I call it criminal negligence. The next day, I escaped crawling, in the most terrible pain. Later they had the gall to bill me for crutches! Suffice to say my phone call to the administrators was not very polite. And I wiped my behind with their invoice. Never, NEVER again -rather die. And if I get there again, I probably will.

  • antin.herinck - 2012-07-10 19:20

    He did not think of himself as a "patient", more like a "victim". "More dignity in death. I'm a goner anyway, if I stay", he must have thought. So he jumped. yeah, I can see that happening.

  • raj.maharaj.520 - 2012-07-10 21:38

    News24, your article is lacking some important information which leaves much room for speculation, yet you headline the article as \Patient commits suicide at hospital\ Are all the investigations complete by police for it to be ruled as suicide? What exactly was this patient being treated for? Was this patient being counselled at the time of the incident? Was the patient halucinating due to side effects of the medication? What time did the incident occur? Was this patient alone in the ward when the incident occured? Did the other patients in the ward witness this incident happen, if so what did they do about it? According to your article,It is mentioned that the staff would be counseled, what about the patients in that ward? Was it negligence by nursing staff that caused him to do what he did? Anyway there are much more questions that could be asked, but I guess it is easier to close a case than ask questions. If this case was not confirmed as suicide then your headlines should have had inverted commas on suicide as it has been alleged suicide. Eg. \Suicide\. Lawsuits can be very expensive, for your sake I hope that the final outcome of the case is in fact suicide. To the grieving family may GOD grant you the strength through your trying times. I have a feeling that this comment will be removed or deleted for pointing out a serious mistake in your headline which could cost your company lots of money.

      sharon.tarin1 - 2012-07-11 12:39

      Very well said. Most of their articles these days seem to be lacking in detail.

  • breedt - 2012-07-11 08:28


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