Pedestrian killed in Umgeni crash

2013-01-05 22:04

Johannesburg - A pedestrian died on Saturday after being knocked down by a vehicle on the N2 north-bound after the Umgeni offramp in KwaZulu-Natal, said emergency workers.

ER24 spokesperson Derrick Banks said the man was suspected to be in his early 30's.

He said paramedics arrived on the scene and found the car in the middle of the N2 with the pedestrian a few meters away behind the car.

Both the front and back windscreen of the vehicle were damaged.

"[They] assessed the patient and found he had suffered very traumatic and fatal injuries and was declared deceased on the scene," said Banks.

A passenger in the vehicle sustained minor injuries and was treated on the scene before being transported to hospital.

Police were investigating the accident.

  • rollingstone.kanyane - 2013-01-05 22:36

    out of comments

  • dane.oreily - 2013-01-06 00:59

    South Africa must be the only country in the world that I know of that has pedestrians on the highway

      Robin Pesencie - 2013-01-09 07:34

      in south Africa,when one states facts,you are exposed to be labeled a racist or xenopbia stirrer-Somalians are dangerous drivers many times with Learner license only and the milking cows of traffic officials.

  • byron.pienaar - 2013-01-06 03:15

    Play with fire,and it will burn you.I drove that stretch of road for 5 years...hated every minute of it

  • johan.wilsnach - 2013-01-06 04:51

    Our free ways are non pedestrian zones. Why is Metro allowing this to happen? The motorists must now seek legal action against Metro for non compliance, enforcement etc.

  • Peter Zylstra - 2013-01-06 05:45

    According to the law no pedestrians are allowed on any freeway and I have yet to see a cop apprehend a pedestrian for being on a free way! I seriously think the cops need some serious training in the laws of the road since they are inefficient, corrupt and totally incompetant thereby allowing reckless driving and the resultant deaths on the road!

  • michael.heys.3 - 2013-01-06 06:24

    Our Metro and Provincial Traffic Police drive past pedestrians on highways every day and do absolutely nothing. Only motorists are targetted, never pedestrians, yet pedestrians make up 40% of annual road deaths.

      Desperate.Dan61 - 2013-01-06 09:07

      The Problem is that Pedestrians make them no money, fining vehicles are their cash cows sadly. You can't fine a Pedestrian with no identity document who refuses to identify himself.

  • mike.mcfadyean - 2013-01-06 06:37

    The police refuse to fine and impound mini-buses for dropping off pedestrians on our high-ways. i feel more sorry for the driver than the pedestrian! There are places in Durban where the pedestrians are too lazy to take overhead footbridges and would rather use a hole in the fence to cross the road. I don't feel sorry for them when they get hit by cars. They are a danger to motorists and their families!

  • Mike.ntsh2009 - 2013-01-06 06:50

    Pedestrian + Freeway = stupidity = fatalitiy

      calvin.eighteeseex - 2013-01-06 08:45

      I thought I saw Umgeni road,I know robots in the N2 umgeni bridge intersection

  • Senzo Nxele - 2013-01-06 07:14

    i feel very sorry for that man, maybe he is a bread winer.

      logical007 - 2013-01-06 08:26

      @ Senzo Maybe he should have thought about that before he decided to walk across the highway? You as a SAPS should be aware that this is illegal and should not be happening - Not only can pedestrians be killed but major vehicle accidents can be caused resulting in unnecessary fatalities.

      calvin.eighteeseex - 2013-01-06 08:44

      I can actually believe 6ppl give thumbs down, the place has robots and a possible bread winner killed,could add more to our crime if his kids drop out of school,mostly in that intersection you find Asian origin SouthAfrican beggars,you people are heartless

  • calvin.eighteeseex - 2013-01-06 08:50

    Possible bread winner's death may result to your very next robbery or worst, I don't know why everyone is like he deserved it the Umgeni/N2 bridge is a pedestrian friendly,but of course if you haven't been there you would assume otherwise, remember in every death of a breadwinner,there is a possibility of increasing of crime. Don't just applaud,think of the consequences

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