People should aid police - Mthethwa

2012-03-30 11:42

Cape Town - Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa said communities should work with police in fighting crime, instead of taking the law into their own hands.

According to the Cape Times on Friday, the minister addressed Khayelitsha residents on Thursday following a spate of vigilante attacks in the last month.

"People have to work with law enforcement. People must come forward with information no matter what and expose criminals. All these senseless killings must come to an end," he said.

"[Vigilantism] is against the law. When the people take the law into their own hands, they too become criminals and they will be arrested."

Nine suspected criminals were killed in the last three weeks, eight of them in Khayelitsha.

The latest suspected mob justice attack was in Nyanga on Wednesday. The body of an unidentified man was found near low-cost housing. He had been beaten, his throat cut and his trousers removed.

According to the report residents had complained about poor police visibility and response times, as well as criminals being let off lightly.

  • Johana - 2012-03-30 11:58

    Dear Minister, they tried, didn't work. If takes 45 minutes for police to respond if someone call them, people are not going to wait for them. If there is no police to see in the neighborhud for five days, people assume that there is no police, and they act accordingly.

      Kala - 2012-03-30 15:15

      Johana - Don't forget the cops in Empangeni who couldn't chase the criminals because they had to go and refuel first. I can guarantee the Minister this though. Your pleas are going to fall on deaf ears. We see images of police beating up citizens with brooms, they are arrested for assualt and are back on duty the next day. HonestlY WTF! It's time the police started working FOR the communities and not abusing them.

  • netshikulwe - 2012-03-30 12:01

    I understand the frustration of the people. All these criminals got arrested but released and continues with their criminal activities. I think minister should clearly say how he is going to make sure that criminals ends in jail other than pleading with people not to take laws into their hands. There is a huge corruption among SAPS officer.

  • Omrisho - 2012-03-30 12:09

    when the police and the justice system in this country WORK for the people... them maybe mr. minister, until then, expect more of the same unfortunately

  • Dan - 2012-03-30 12:15

    The trust in the SAPS has ben lost. Your life is in danger if you report anything about people who are connected or have the means to bribe the police.

  • betsy.compaan - 2012-03-30 12:28

    uhhh maybe if your cops weren't the same criminals robbing and raping honest South Africans...cops think they can do whatever they want and can't be trusted

  • NrGx - 2012-03-30 12:33

    Work with the police...SURE...shall we meet at KFC or should we meet at the side of the road where you take your naps. Mr "Minister", people are taking the law into their own hands BECAUSE the police dont really help. Why help a defunct service when doing it yourself bares results.

      Allstar - 2012-03-30 13:59

      South Africa- the only country where you have to have a gun!!!! you need a gun to protect yourself from criminals!!! you need a gun to protect yourself from the POLICE!!!!!!!!

  • eddiebant - 2012-03-30 12:43

    The way the public are treated,then still help the police? Not nowadays.Saw my station-commander at the shop and greeted very friendly,he ignored me and walked away with a stiff neck.Also happened with other officers-they feel to important to mix with the ordinary.Sorry,no help from me.

  • Gert - 2012-03-30 12:45

    The minister has obviously just returned from a very long holiday and he doesn't know what is happening in the police force. The public is more scared of the police than of criminals and with no faith in the system they must take the law into their own hands or there is no law at all. Maybe the minister must redo the police force from scratch. He must personally interview and evaluate each and every policeman to see the real quality that the public is dealing with.

  • Norman - 2012-03-30 12:55

    If the police did their job the community wouldn't have to go all Kick-ass on the skebengas. The truth is that no matter how much we whiteys complain about crime, it is the masses who suffer at the hands of criminals more than us by a ridiculous margin. They steel more from the poor, and intimidate the majority of our citizens who are genuinely good people, and it's only a tiny little fraction of people who are behind it all. No mystery there, just gangsterism and lack of morals.

  • Den - 2012-03-30 12:55

    Why does Nathi always look confused?

  • ludlowdj - 2012-03-30 13:06

    The current state of affairs is a strong indicator that the police are considered a waste of time. Add to this the extremely high levels of police involvement in the actual commission of crimes it is not surprising most people will not place any trust in the police force at all. If the police want our co-operation they need to be seen to be honest (yea right!) and must be viewed as dispensing justice in a fair and impartial manner, two things our police force has not been able to attain since the ANC took over the reins. The Police force is not a government enforcer and until they are seen to be impartial this will also affect any hope of them regaining the trust of the population.

  • Loo - 2012-03-30 13:31

    Work with police ???? WHAT police ?? Mr. Policeman , erm your previous TWO heads of police is in jail buddy. PLEASE someone, tell this Mr. policeman that his fatass, mielie munchin , glorified security guards are erm .. let me put this politically correct ... MORE useless than Malema in a carpenter ad ?

      Matthew - 2012-03-30 14:04


  • Marius - 2012-03-30 13:40

    How about "The police should aid the people"!

      Kala - 2012-03-30 15:26

      I was just about to comment those exact words

  • Matthew - 2012-03-30 13:55

    The Police need all the help they can get,sure we get that.we understand But not a bloody chance are we going to be the ones doing it we've tried,tried and tried again.all they could care about is their donoughts and how much is in it for them. Sterotyping i know,cause they are those seldom FEW that are honest and do DO their jobs,but really What do you honestly expect minister? the people are NOT being procted Justice is NOT being handed out by the police and our systems We've had enough we will not wait we will not "spoon feed" the police into doing their jobs if they're not capable of doing it and need so much help why is the police force hiring so many incompetent people who dont care enough/or past their pay cheque. Goverments problem not the public.dont tell the people off do your Jobs and the vigilantism will stop dont do your jobs,and well,as you see,we will find our own justice

  • Willem - 2012-03-30 13:56

    Anybody got the email address for this stupid guy that calls himself the "minister" of police? Wanna send him a mail directly so that he can catch a wake up.

  • Paulo - 2012-03-30 16:05

    but maybe the cops should help the people first?

  • Flip - 2012-04-09 06:20

    Die publiek moet tog asb help. Die polisie hoef nie 'n telefoon te antwoord nie, Daar is nie.'n voertiug beskikbaar nie, ondersoeke word nie gedoen nie, geen terugvoer op klagtes nie,so kan ek aangaan. Hierdie is rugkrapery van weerskante af. Minister, die polisie moet eers bewys dat hulle omgee vir die gemeenskappe deur so op te tree dat die gemeenskap kan sien dit is hulle erns. Voordat dit nie gebeur nie sal daar nie veel samewerking kom van die publiek nie. Ons is uitgelewer aan lui magshonger polisiemanne

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