Pistorius can travel outside SA - judge

2013-03-28 13:05

Pretoria - Murder-accused paralympian Oscar Pistorius can now leave the country, a North Gauteng High court judge ruled on Thursday.

Judge Bert Bam said: “I can find no reason why Pistorius should not be allowed to travel overseas to compete if invited to do so.”

"Not giving the appellant his passport was wrong.

"He has immovable assets. He is a professional athlete. He needs his passport to compete."

Bam ruled that Pistorius will have to hand his passport to his lawyer and should he decide to travel, must provide an itinerary to the National Prosecuting Authority.

The Judge also ruled that conditions relating to his presence at his Silverwoods Estate home and that he report to the Brooklyn police station twice a week be set aside.

Judge Bert Bam said these were not listed in the court order of 22 February.

"These two conditions should be disregarded," Bam said.

Bam found that while Pistorius was emotional, but there was no evidence he was of "unstable mind" and needed to report to a probation officer.

He called this "unreasonable and unfair" and unsupported by any evidence.

Pistorius had appealed against the limitation on him visiting his home, and had argued that the visits to the police station unnecessarily exposed him to the criminal justice system.

Pretoria Magistrate Desmond Nair "misdirected himself" with the bail conditions he set for Pistorius, the North Gauteng High Court found.

Pistorius, who was arrested on February 14 after Steenkamp was shot dead in his Pretoria home, was not present for the appeal.

  • patrick.buckley.712 - 2013-03-28 13:08

    Is this then what they refer to as a phyrric victory?

  • MrG - 2013-03-28 13:08

    This case is so 'hot' and there may be a collective sigh of relief if his should decide to 'run-for-it....' and not come back. Hardloop, Jannie, Hardloop....

      Zathris Voulge - 2013-03-28 15:12

      @Shaun: Innocent of what exactly? He confessed to firing a gun, four times, at the person behind the locked door to his toilet. The definition of murder according to South African law is: "the unlawful and intentional killing of another human being." Even if it had been an intruder in his toilet, the killing would not have been lawful. His actions were intentional. He killed another person. Ergo he is guilty of murder. His argument that he never intended to kill Reeva is, at best, a mitigating circumstance (assuming he can prove that - and in this case, the onus would be on the defence to prove this). So no, Pistorius is not innocent. Not by a long shot. The only question is how guilty he is.

  • camp.j - 2013-03-28 13:09

    Has this set a precedent for all other bail cases?

      Mark Singh Singh - 2013-03-28 13:25

      I doubt it. Our justice system is full of inconsistencies.

  • Corne Hubinger - 2013-03-28 13:09

    Wow, there's a big surprise... Give's me such faith in the justice system... O_o

  • Andrew Gallagher - 2013-03-28 13:12

    So how long before he is "invited to compete" in a country with no extradition treaties with SA... He killed someone, of that there is no doubt. He should be in prison right now until such time as they decide how long he should be removed from society for killing Reeva!

  • Kevin Walker - 2013-03-28 13:12

    Money buys the legal / justice system .....without a doubt !

      Bryan Culross - 2013-03-28 13:45

      If that is indeed the case pls explain how were the Tatane cops able to get acquitted. If anything, it seems that Oscar's high profile status may be acting against him. This is indicated, by way of example, by the fact that the NPA will have about 8 months to prepare their case against Oscar compared to only a few weeks in the Tatane case. Furthermore, it seems that they are employing their best staff on Oscar's case (surely, they cannot be worse than those involved in the Tatane case).

      sukhoipakfa - 2013-03-28 15:40

      It is not a Justice System. It is just a system.

  • Timothy - 2013-03-28 13:13


  • Moses Govender - 2013-03-28 13:15

    Great that this murderer can get on with his life like normal now! At least by accepting the bail conditions one could have felt a tiny bit of sympathy for him. Now its clear that he feels no remorse. If he was genuinely sorry for killing her, he would have locked himself in hibernation until the trial!

  • Stephan Smuts - 2013-03-28 13:15

    Is this a joke? Bit early for April's Fool.

  • nicolas.cocolas.1 - 2013-03-28 13:15

    With Oscars PR team working overtime being featured almost weekly in all local mags, Did we actually expect the Justice System to consider the Victim at all. Useless Bunch of Imbeciles. Cry the Beloved Country Indeed. As Far as Oscar goes He will get whats coming to him in the end....

      Phila Mbongwa - 2013-03-28 13:22

      i knew it...#extremelydissapointed

  • Thanduxolo Galada - 2013-03-28 13:16

    Money buys you favors! Pay R1m and expensive lawyer and get away with murder :-) gotta love Mzansi

      Kobus Engelbrecht - 2013-03-28 14:02

      Are you suggesting he bribed the judge?

  • Bronwyn Tredger - 2013-03-28 13:16

    Unbelievable! Everything else I can live with being disregarded, BUT he's allowed to travel? Yip! Crime DOES pay! Lovely message this is sending out......

  • nick.nortje.12 - 2013-03-28 13:17

    Cheers OP. Looks like you a free man now that you wont be returning to SA.

  • Andile Ntabeni - 2013-03-28 13:17

    2 Barry Roux (Oscar) 0 Gerrie Nel (the state), however this is a marathon and Oscar is a sprinter, so lets wait and see who is the winner after two or three years. I hope the truth will be the winner and the family of the deceased will have justice.

      Lili Magagula - 2013-03-28 13:39

      Great comment

  • Lance Briers-Danks - 2013-03-28 13:17


  • Karen Leahy Kershaw - 2013-03-28 13:17

    WTF? Clearly money can buy you freedom, if not happiness!!! So you can kill someone in SA and still get to travel to 'compete' LUDICROUS !!!!!!

  • Carol-Anne Swart - 2013-03-28 13:18

    Shocked- what precedent will this set for future bail hearings of ordinary people. Why bother with setting rules if later you can appeal them ??

  • solomon.shingange.9 - 2013-03-28 13:19

    We anticipated it will end up like this. I am not suprised, soon he'll be acquitted. That's how SA justice system works. Money talks.

  • Willnes Eybers - 2013-03-28 13:19

    This is a joke but hey so is SOUTH AFRICA!!! Accident or no accident somebody is dead but hey if you have money and status you can still travel oh how nice!!!!!!

      Andre Jacobs - 2013-03-28 15:22

      Will they allow him into other countries with a murder on his record? Filling in forms---"have you killed some one lately?" and he fills in "YES"

  • SGoodman - 2013-03-28 13:19

    You have to wonder why an innocent man would want to leave the country so much. His trial is in 3 months time, could he not wait here in the meantime?

  • Social-RSA - 2013-03-28 13:19

    The South Africa we live in.

  • andre.nel.106 - 2013-03-28 13:19

    bye-bye OP

  • Avril Thomson-de Meuter - 2013-03-28 13:19

    what amazes me with many comments is that these people presumably are all sherlock holmes, have access to all forensics and legal system and had their own trial already and found him guilty beyond any reason. THE TRIAL HASNT EVEN STARTED YET for goodness sake - give him a break!

      Maria Trautmann - 2013-03-28 13:26

      He is guilty of murdering someone accident or not!! no need to any forensic evidence!! He has admitted this! no need to be Sherlock Holmes! If he was an ordinary citizen he would be in jail! He is getting special treatment!

  • Barry L. Ward - 2013-03-28 13:20

    A travesty of ‘Justice’ such that it clearly is in this Country.. not what you did or admit to … but who you are and know. Next an inexplicable illness ‘across-the-pond’ somewhere and will not be able to travel

  • Robert Dood - 2013-03-28 13:20

    What an absolute disgrace no wonder SA has such a high crime rate....too easy... This murderer should be ashamed of himself. If you think he could run watch him now

  • John Porter - 2013-03-28 13:21

    Maybe Oscar wants to travel to the UK to have a chat with Dewani about how to fake depression?

  • André Potgieter - 2013-03-28 13:21

    He also requested to be allowed to consume alcohol. No clarity on the Bail alcohol conditions?

  • Debbie Wiblin - 2013-03-28 13:22

    absolutetly kill...get bail with strict conditions and then they dropped...what was the weeks hearing for???? This country is going nowhere slowly!!! What about others locked in cells awaiting trial for far less than what he did? Can a celebrity dictate??? What a lot of money wasted and he gets to live a normal life...and one person is dead because of him...our justice system sucks!!!!!!!

  • Herman Botha - 2013-03-28 13:23

    i think he deserves a nice holiday in Italy/France ... NOT!!!!!

  • Phumlani Loliwe - 2013-03-28 13:25

    Seriously, who's gonna invite him to an athletics meeting?

  • Prada Ledger - 2013-03-28 13:26

    hip hip hooray

  • Liz Cresswell - 2013-03-28 13:27

    this is an absolute joke! Watch this space, he is going to really get away with murder! Money talks for sure! I hope the world is watching and listening!

  • Louise Barnard - 2013-03-28 13:27

    Happy for him!!!

  • Jae Sällström - 2013-03-28 13:27

    Find this disgusting and shocking..thoughts go out to the family of Reeva.

  • Bob Wowzer - 2013-03-28 13:28

    What a miserable excuse for a judicial system...

  • Ren - 2013-03-28 13:32

    If u got money and a good lawyer just about anything is possible! Everybody wave goodbye I don't think u will be seeing this chap again.

  • Nurse Helenk - 2013-03-28 13:34

    This might have been a legal victory for OP but he has definitely lost in the court of public opinion. Keep on going OP. Good luck.

      Wabsie Nomawabo Sitela - 2013-03-28 13:53

      but Nurse he hasn't lost mine yet and many others I know and many others across the globe the moment the state prove beyond reasonable doubt that he fired those shots knowing exactly who was behind that door then his lost my vote time being I still say innocent till proven guilty of pre med murder #Enjoy the weekend with loved ones

      Bryan Culross - 2013-03-28 15:09

      And we will all remember urs Nurse Helenk when we want to vomit.

  • Nokukhanya Ngcongo - 2013-03-28 13:34

    This dude is gonna run away from justice

  • Marius Roodt - 2013-03-28 13:35

    To those stating that he is not a murderer. Facts.... He held gun, fired gun, girl died. That's murder...... And those are the cold hard facts.

  • Wabsie Nomawabo Sitela - 2013-03-28 13:35

    Good going Judge - Money doesn't buy you freedom it does however buy you a Barry Roux and a chance at fair trail - so far the state is so hell bent on nailing Oscar - why are were his conditions so harsh why not treat him like every other murder accused awaiting trail???? Some have gotten far lesser conditions having committed the same offense and I quote some one commenting on this forum that jub jub never had the same conditions.... Now enjoy the Easter weekend to those who celebrate it and Enjoy the looong weekend to those who don't

  • richard.young.1253236 - 2013-03-28 13:35

    I suppose the upside of this is that our criminal justice system is still working. The downside in my own view is that the accused was lucky toget any bail at all. But after all I am not a judge.

  • Michael John Anderson - 2013-03-28 13:35

    If I was Oscar, I'd gap it too. guilty or not, I think SA has made up its mind about Pistorius

  • Martli Muller - 2013-03-28 13:42

    Baffles my mind that its always easier for poeple to chose to kick some one when they already on the ground.

      Bryan Culross - 2013-03-28 14:12

      I think it says a lot about their own mindset Martli ..... so sad.

  • Magda Henning - 2013-03-28 13:44

    Andrew Masipo, Khethu Ndlovu and Chris Steytler, NOT GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. I believe in his innosence.

      Jabulani Samuel - 2013-03-28 14:13

      I do not believe that's the same case with other killers,but bcos of certain underlying factors u now know and underst that until one is proven guilty is innocent.I wish this could also be the case in the farm murders suspects.

  • Anton Anton - 2013-03-28 13:50

    I just knew my favourite common-tater would jump onto this site . My R100 is safe back in my pocket

      Anton Anton - 2013-03-28 14:06

      Did I mentioned your name haha You are realy a very funny girl. But yes my money is safe in my pocket. I see even your other alias is commenting here. But while I type I might even ask you if you can recalled your comment about how stupid Adv Roux is and how Adv gerrie going to mess with him. Just asking, maybe you should apologise in public to Adv Roux

  • Prada Ledger - 2013-03-28 13:51

    Michael Jackwood Oscar was never on trial come back when you have eaten enough easter eggs.

  • Prada Ledger - 2013-03-28 13:52

    Nurse Helen, im sure you spilled your gin when you heard today's verdict.

      Anton Anton - 2013-03-28 14:21

      Nurse that is a very childish comment

  • Chris du Plessis - 2013-03-28 13:56

    Ont hou net daar is altyd twee in so verhaal nie net die een wat geskiet het nie

      Katrina Hentze Sivori - 2013-03-28 14:04

      Thats true Chris, but unfortunately we will never be able to hear Reeva's side.

  • Chris du Plessis - 2013-03-28 14:00

    Al voel n' mens jammer vir Reeva wat gaan dit in die sak bring sy het heen gegaan en kan glad nie terug kom nie laat die verlede gaan .Ons moet nie saam met demone lewe nie ,haar gees is nie meer in haar aardse tent die liggaam nie dis weg na die HERE toe

  • Bryan Culross - 2013-03-28 14:06

    I agree you Wabsie. A lot of these ppl are really acting no different to those that called on Jesus to be crucified. I am not in any way trying to draw a comparison between Jesus and Oscar (so pls don't attack me on this) but rather with the mob mentality which seems to be so prevalent. Wait for the trial and for all the facts to come to the fore before hammering Oscar. Sadly, it seems that a lot of people don't want this. I have to question why?