Pistorius locked up for assault

2009-09-14 07:50

Pretoria - Paralympic hero Oscar Pistorius spent Saturday night in the holding cells of Boschkop police station, after he had allegedly assaulted a 19-year-old woman during a party at his house.

According to a reliable source, alcohol had been flowing freely for hours before the party got out of hand.

Pistorius was arrested in front of family and friends at his Silverlakes estate home at 22:00 on Saturday, and charged with assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm.

On Sunday morning, police changed the charge to ordinary assault. The plaintiff in the case is Casseby Taylor Memory, 19, of Silverlakes.

Released with a warning

Pistorius's friends and family packed into the Boschkop police station on Sunday.

The paralympic sprinter was released with a warning just after noon on Sunday, and managed to avoid Beeld as he was allowed to sneak out of the back of the police station.

A friend of Pistorius, who had also been there to support him, said Pistorius had been arrested by two incompetent policemen.

Police spokesperson Marinda Stoltz said the alleged incident took place on Saturday night at 19:00, shortly after the woman and her male friend started arguing.


"He (Pistorius) apparently asked the girl and her friend to take their argument outside his house. They left the house, but shortly thereafter the male friend went back into the house," said Stoltz.

According to Stoltz, the woman was still outside and apparently banged against and kicked Pistorius's door. He then opened it and she started arguing with a female friend of his inside the house.

"He (Pistorius) told the girl 'this is my house and my friends and you have to leave'. He then started closing the door when a wooden beam weighing about 1.5kg fell on her leg and injured her.

"The girl sustained small scratches to her leg."

According to Stoltz, she only reported the incident to the police three hours later. "The girl then also admitted that she had been drinking alcohol," said Stoltz.

Other incidents

In April 2009, Pistorius tried to prevent Beeld from taking photos of him at the N4 highway in Pretoria, after a female friend of his had been involved in an accident. A woman died upon impact after walking in front of Anneke Kruger's approaching car. Kruger works for In/sight, the company which handles Pistorius's business affairs.

In February 2009, police investigated a case of reckless and negligent driving, after Pistorius was involved in a boat accident. They also investigated the possibility that alcohol use may have played a role in the boat accident.

Pistorius sustained facial injuries, which later healed. A month later, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said he would no longer be prosecuted.