Pius Langa dies aged 74

2013-07-24 09:26

Johannesburg - Former chief justice Pius Langa has died. He was 74.

In a statement, his family said: "The former Chief Justice of South Africa, Justice Pius Langa, died this morning at the Milpark Hospital, Johannesburg."

His brother Mandla said Langa had been in hospital for about a month due to a long illness.

He retired in 2009 and went on to chair the Press Freedom Commission, which looked into the regulation of the print media in South Africa.

  • kgomotso.radise - 2013-07-24 09:29

    May his soul rest in peace

      Sandra Rennie - 2013-07-24 10:33

      What a great Man he was. Admired you greatly. RIP.

  • Glenda Gert - 2013-07-24 09:29

    Condolences to the family and may his soul RIP He served us well.

      jerhone - 2013-07-24 10:28

      is that why so many criminals still roam the streets after getting light sentences?

  • Peejay MacLane - 2013-07-24 09:32

    May his soul Rest in Peace, South Africa has lost a great man

  • Poloyatonki Kgosi - 2013-07-24 09:32

    Pity he didnt live to see EFF gets into power. RIP Sir.

      Bheki Dladla - 2013-07-24 09:36

      he was actually blessed not to live to see that "DAY"

      Poloyatonki Kgosi - 2013-07-24 09:45

      that "DAY" should have happened in 1994 so its long overdue..

      warren-rodel - 2013-07-24 09:59


  • Malebogo Sebekedi - 2013-07-24 09:33

    Death u so cruel

      randomhero6661 - 2013-07-24 10:56

      don't fear death, it is a reality... you are very naive!

      Gail Hayes-Bean - 2013-07-24 15:40

      When you are really ill regardless of what lead up to that illness, "death" is a happy release. My mother is 91 and the oldest and last of all her siblings, cousins and friends still alive. Her 89 year old brother died a week ago. She is deeply spiritual but said that she almost envies him as she is blind and her quality of life is zero. It would of course be nice if we could go to sleep at night and just not wake up but the manner of our passing is totally random. May his soul RIP and may his loved ones and friends be given comfort and support one another.

  • Thandi Maadie - 2013-07-24 09:33

    May his soul rest in Peace

  • Bheki Dladla - 2013-07-24 09:34

    May his sole rest in peace. My condolencesto the family.

      Bongani Nxumalo - 2013-07-24 12:08

      His sole is dead as well, shame!

      Azande Futhi - 2013-07-24 13:04

      Bongani, behave wena hahahahaha

  • Binne Goed - 2013-07-24 09:34

    Worked his whole life. Wonder if it is worth it

      Azande Futhi - 2013-07-24 13:05

      Its not called work Binne, its called serving the people. Anyone reasonable enough would realise that's the best one could dedicate his life to.

  • Ngako Mametja - 2013-07-24 09:34

    Condolences to the Langa family, what a shock!! May his soul rest in Peace, South Africa will remember his contribution to justice system. He was calm man of jury

  • Sam Nujoma - 2013-07-24 09:34

    Justice Langa was a credit to the bench as some of his judgments and the ratio decidendi for those judgments have made a significant contribution to promoting the Constitution, our rights entrenched in the Bill of Rights and socio-economic development.

  • Avalon Dragonrider - 2013-07-24 09:35

    Condolences to the family, he was a brilliant, fair, just man and an overall great guy.

  • Hendrick Mokwale - 2013-07-24 09:36

    Another giant tree fall.RIP

  • Allan Magubane - 2013-07-24 09:37


  • Makaveli Amaru Shakur - 2013-07-24 09:38

    Rest In Peace to the fallen soldier that will be in the cemetary buried.

      Abraham Manase - 2013-07-24 09:39

      May His soul rest in peace

      Makaveli Amaru Shakur - 2013-07-24 09:50

      Pour A Little Liquor

  • Abram Mothibedi Abram - 2013-07-24 09:39

    may his sole rest in peace

  • Phindile Zina - 2013-07-24 09:39

    A Giant has fallen, may his soul rest in peace!

  • Village Boy - 2013-07-24 09:39


  • Freddie Miller - 2013-07-24 09:40

    Shame, RIP, he was a gentleman.

  • Nathi Ntshobodwana - 2013-07-24 09:42

    May your soul rest in God's eternal peace Chief Justice.

  • Thapelo Regober Song Mabe - 2013-07-24 09:43

    i wish all dis politicians learnd sumthng frm him,FAIRNESS AND EQUALITY,including PRE ZUMA......R.I.P

  • Thabang Mokoena - 2013-07-24 09:45

    Rest in Peace Chief.

  • Toolz Nonkelela - 2013-07-24 09:45

    whether it was in the majority or manority judgements, he stood for justice and was not afraid to be singled out by the ANC lead government to be called anti-Government. Yet another good legal mind goes to the the dust. R.I.P Sothole, Ngwane you've done your part. now hire SC Gauntlett because he deserves the job irrespective of his whiteness. he is dully qualified..from a black law student.

  • Danita Renecle - 2013-07-24 09:46

    I have to say this man was a true beacon for our country, he led the justice system with absolute integrity. May his soul rest in peace knowing that he did his very best, made sacrifices for all people of our country. His humility was an example of leadership with humility means being centered, as solid as a rock and fair. He was really cut from the same cloth as our Madiba.

  • Hulisani Nemaxwi - 2013-07-24 09:47

    That very sad news indeed about a great Justice man who served the country so much, and had commited his time to freedom of the media that is being threatened with the Secrecy Bill. May his soul rest in peace!

  • Bianca-Anne P. Moll - 2013-07-24 09:51

    It is with sadness that I read this article. The former Chief Justice of South Africa, Justice Pius Langa was a great man and had contributed so much to the development of our Constitutional Court. He still had so much to give to us, the scholars of democracy. May his soul Rest in Peace with the Lord.

  • Sannyboy Nkabinde - 2013-07-24 09:52

    Another legal guru has bowed out with dignity,may your soul rest in peace counsel Judge President Pius Langa,you always execisize a high level of intergrity in leading the bench.

  • Dumisa DjKite Makhubo - 2013-07-24 09:52

    May he R.I.P

  • Bathandwa Ngoma - 2013-07-24 09:54

    May his soul rest in peace, a big loss indeed.

  • Junior Jay Tyala - 2013-07-24 09:54

    Pay his soul rest in peace. He was a hard worker

      randomhero6661 - 2013-07-24 10:58

      M and P are so far apart on your keyboard... how did you get to PAY?

  • Khutso Thamaga - 2013-07-24 09:58

    May his soul rest in peace. He served our beloved country gallantly. Hamba kahle

  • Nhlapo Pk Phoka - 2013-07-24 09:58

    One the best Judge that South Africa ever produced. May his soul RIP. I would like to send my heartfelt condolences to the family of Mr Pius Langa and Friends

  • Maria Ferreira - 2013-07-24 09:59

    The people we wish dead live on and the good ones die...... R.I.P

  • Moshe Maphoru - 2013-07-24 10:01

    Sad news to have one of our freedom fighters leaving us. May his soul rest in peace.

  • Nosiphiwo Matsalo - 2013-07-24 10:03

    May his soul rest in peace .God has done his will

  • A.d. LU Shaibo - 2013-07-24 10:05

    May hi's soul rest in peace, God be with him!

  • Pinky Mo - 2013-07-24 10:09

    A legal giant indeed. Condolences to family and friends

  • Poloko Pique Mphatsoe - 2013-07-24 10:11

    Big loss for the country. R.I.P. Justice Pius Langa we knw what u did for S.A we will mic u

  • Jackson S'khulu Makhanda - 2013-07-24 10:13

    The giant has fallen. May his soul rest in peace

  • David Madisha - 2013-07-24 10:13

    Oh......sad news!*RIP*

  • Nduduzo Rebellionaire Vilakazi - 2013-07-24 10:16

    Thanks for serving our country

  • Solmon Moraswi - 2013-07-24 10:16

    iam very sorry de old man was my rolemodel.

  • Buhe Mgengwana Moyo - 2013-07-24 10:17

    The giant has fallen,the whole nation mourns aggresively

  • Poni Ngeleka Gambushe - 2013-07-24 10:18

    May Your Soul rest in peace bab'Langa. Condolences to the family.

  • Happy Moloto - 2013-07-24 10:19

    a life well lived..go well giant

  • Willow Segole - 2013-07-24 10:19

    RIP now its time you meet the real Judge of Judge's the all Mighty God

  • Stephen Michaels - 2013-07-24 10:20

    May his soul R I P. That was a good man in word and deed!

  • Nkoneni Albert Netshiendeulu - 2013-07-24 10:21

    RIP, you've done your part.

  • Nduduzo Rebellionaire Vilakazi - 2013-07-24 10:22

    Thanks for serving our country

  • Muzi Mbele - 2013-07-24 10:22

    Rest in peace chief

  • Trevor Mashilo - 2013-07-24 10:23

    Rest in Peace Pius Langa.