Plan to deal with foster care backlog

2012-02-22 19:06

Johannesburg - A plan has been developed to deal with problems in the foster care backlog in Gauteng, health and social development MEC Ntombi Mekgwe said on Wednesday.

In a report tabled to the provincial legislature on Tuesday, Mekgwe indicated that the plan included the recruitment of retired social workers and the introduction of foster care to maximise support provided to vulnerable children.

"Provincial foster care teams were established to assist in the processing of foster care cases. An audit was also conducted to determine the capacity available to deal with foster care."

Mekgwe said 27 189 children in foster care were receiving social work services.

More than 3 000 children were placed in foster care between October and December last year, she said.

Mekgwe said 67 557 children benefited from more than a 1 000 early childhood development centres.

Severe malnutrition decreased from 3.3% to 2.5%, indicating more children were getting the nutrition they need, said Mekgwe.

  • Comrade - 2012-02-22 19:55

    Plan ??? how much will the cANCer thieves make out of this scam!!

  • alansmartSnr - 2012-02-22 20:41

    Just another scheme to get social grants.. fraud on a big scale.. What has happened to all our orphanages. Children in foster care.. soon we will be having hundreds of cases of child abuse..although there may be the odd few that realy care

  • bernpm - 2012-02-23 02:19

    yet another plan????? What about doing some work????

  • Marion - 2012-02-23 07:32

    Unless you pay wages that keep the social workers happy in their jobs then there will always be a backlog. To have a new social worker on a case every year is counter productive as the entire process has to be picked up by the new social worker. Sometimes the social workers don't even hang around for more than six months before they move onto greener pastures. @alansmartSnr - foster care goes through the courts and is thoroughly investigated. Little opportunity there for fraud. Not everyone who signs up as a foster parent is into child abuse. In fact they are into exactly the opposite. Do you have any idea how much it costs to raise a child? That foster care grant is peanuts compared to housing, feeding, clothing - including school uniforms, stationery etc., paying for extra mural activites/lessons etc., which any good foster parent is involved in.

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