Plan to share farms with workers on track

2014-06-22 07:36

Johannesburg - Commercial agriculture stakeholders, including farmers, farm workers and trade unions, have until April next year to respond to Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti's policy proposals that could see farmers handing over 50% of their land to their workers.

According to the Sunday Times, Nkwinti said the land reform plan - which was published last week - was reflective of the ANC policy decision, through the Freedom Charter, to turn away from radical African nationalism and to embrace the concept that South Africa belongs to all who live in it - black and white - and that the land should be shared among those who work it.

AgriSA's deputy president Theo de Jager however said that organised agriculture would reject Nkinti’s proposals. He said the move could also lead to massive job losses as farmers could let workers go in a bid to ensure few workers on the farms.

According to the report, government would pay for the 50% share but the money would not go to the farmer. Instead it would go into an investment fund that would be used for reinvestment in the farm and to pay those who want to opt out of the arrangement

When the idea first surfaced in April, some stakeholders and political parties slammed the idea. At the time, the Freedom Front Plus said the idea was ill-considered. Spokesperson Pieter Mulder said the proposal would not resolve the land reform problems in the country, but would instead destroy food security in the country.

"When studying the proposals closely, it becomes clear that it originates from a minister and a department which has no understanding of the intricacies of modern commercial farming," Mulder said.

However, at the time, the Congress of SA Trade Unions in the Western Cape welcomed the idea of workers getting 50% stake in farms.

  • Kevin Marsh - 2014-06-22 07:40

    Theft - Nkandla style . Want a farm , buy one , don't steal it .

      Anthony FromAfrica - 2014-06-22 08:27

      Kevin The government's first priority is to see that the peace and stability, we have enjoyed the past twenty years, continues. This proposal could reduce the tension of millions of Black South Africans, who believe the transformation to a fair and just soceity is far too slow. The government is correct to ask ALL stakeholders for their input. This should not be done, with pure emotions, but with the thoughts of a better SA for ALL. There is no point owning 100 % of a farm, and the country is up in flames. This is an issue, where cool heads are needed

      Patricia Dewet - 2014-06-22 08:48

      Why not give the money to the farm workers, because that is the idea. They do not want the farm, because who will work for them, and a lot of people to look after.

      Koos Luerre - 2014-06-22 08:49

      Anthony, there's no "stability" among a hungry population in a wrecked economy. That's why half of Zim fled to us. 95% of these mahala farms failed and an ever increasing number of people need to eat...

      lacrimosewolf - 2014-06-22 08:51

      It's amazing how some just see 50% and sharing. None seem to have thought HOW this is going to work. HOW will 50% be determined? You have to start there

      Anthony FromAfrica - 2014-06-22 09:26

      Koos, Let me ask you a question, which , I have asked now twenty timres to various other bloggers; SINCE 1994...IN WHAT WAY...HAS YOUR LIFE BEEN NEGATIVELY EFFECTED , WHICH, IN ALL HONESTY, YOUI CAN BLAME THE ANC FOR Your general living standard The house/flat you live in The car you drive Your job The kids schooling Holidays Etc Come, tell us !

      Mc Apple - 2014-06-22 09:36

      @Anthony FromAfrica: So the number of farm workers in South Africa is estimated to be approximately 1.5 million maybe more. “Fifteen years ago, there were 100 000 commercial farmers in South Africa. Today, there were 36 000”. The 36 000 is expected to shrink to 15 000 in the next 15 years. South Africa has no more food security and imports a lot where previously we exported. South Africa’s size in 1214470.0 square kilometres. 2011 Agricultural land (sq. km) in South Africa was 79.45 (and going down) giving 964896.415 50% of this is 482448.2075 Divide that up between 1.5 million workers and each worker gets 0.3216 sq. Km of land. That roughly equates to 320 square meters of land each. You can see where this is going can’t you? Oh and while you are giving your expert opinion what does this government give to the other 43.5 million “landless” Africans demanding land? Just like this government is using the unions in the mining sector so this government will use the Africans on this land issue. You need to start reading between the lines when this government opens its lying deceitful mouth. P.S. How do you spell “instability”, “lack of trust”, “decay” and “famine” in all 11 official languages? How about "civil war"?

      Mc Apple - 2014-06-22 09:47

      @Anthony FromAfrica P.P.S. Ask the government to provide stats of how many of these farms belong to blacks and they will tell you no such stats are available. Very convenient don't you think? From 94 an estimated 64000 commercial farmers left the industry, most moved up north. You want to tell me those farms where not given to blacks? That 320 sq meter might even be far less. I doubt the government will take black farms into consideration.

      Fanie Kuhn - 2014-06-22 09:51

      McApple, 0.3216 of 1km2 is 321 600m2, ie 3.2Ha. A km2 is 1000m x 1000m , which in my books is 1 000 000m2.

      Kevin Marsh - 2014-06-22 09:56

      Anthony , I don't care about the tensions of millions of blacks , whites or anyone else . The anc voters want free education , medical , housing , land , electricity , water , social grants . These people are leeches and deserve nothing if they dony work for it . The principle of work hard , save and get ahead is what the people need to have instilled in them . This I want it so give it to me is a load of bullsheet and will never work . Do all the black farmers also have to give up their farms . Are the people who work on Cyril's farm going to get half ?

      Anthony FromAfrica - 2014-06-22 10:04

      Mc Apple, I left my calculator at work, so please, let me come back to you re all your stats. The only one who has made a sober, well thought of comment here is Flip Smit; Rather make a deal now, than loose everything. Not doing so, you will strengthen the EFF, to frightning levels This is no time for silly child emotions being spewed out by LeanardBS and Cat, but time for a SERIOUS DISCUSSIOIN

      Mc Apple - 2014-06-22 10:44

      Fanie Kuhn: Yes I know but the conversion is done straight for s/km to s/m to avoid the HA confusion as 100 m x 100 m = 10 000 s/m = 1 HA. Anthony FromAfrica: You did not answer my questions. If this is your solution then surely you should be able to answer these simple questions no calculator required. Just saying this is how it must be lacks factual justification. It's like you saying the land was stolen and then when asked to prove it your evidence is "Everyone knows it". Laughable at best.

      Mc van Staaden - 2014-06-22 11:06

      @Fanie Kuhn: Nee man. NEE! Liewe vader. Nee.

      Mc Apple - 2014-06-22 13:31

      @Anthony FromAfrica: Come on Anthony, I'm waiting for a response. This is very basic mathematics even parliament and the ANC would understand this. You don't really need a calculator if you have 1/2 a brain so come on, share your wisdom and answer the question. Share your vast knowledge with the world. I'm sure the rest of Africa and indeed the world will value your solution to this little insignificant problem.

      Mc Apple - 2014-06-22 13:33

      @Anthony FromAfrica: P.S. You do realize you computer/Pad/Phone has a build in calculator don't you?

      Anthony FromAfrica - 2014-06-22 15:27

      Mc Apple, One is free to make a comment here. Nobody is obliged to enterain others Go and find yourself some company

      Gestoffle Van Eerden-Vark - 2014-06-22 16:37

      @ant-kid - i have never seen you ever win an argument. your comment above is worse than a 2 year old. you do know what mc means? do you? oh common you do, surely? Using a white mans invention to comment here. What has a black man invented lately?

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 17:22

      Anthony transformation to slow - how? Does it mean that the Whites must get second best all the time? Fck that - If I was a farmer I would burn everything before I let that happen Let them aget fk all

      WolfBlossom - 2014-06-22 23:41

      @Anthony FromAfrica Your question: SINCE 1994...IN WHAT WAY...HAS YOUR LIFE BEEN NEGATIVELY EFFECTED , WHICH, IN ALL HONESTY, YOU CAN BLAME THE ANC FOR Well, let's see. All the things you mention have changed, however the biggest change by far, is my safety. As a child,I could play in the street in front of our house with no fear. As a teenager I could walk to a friend's house after dark with no fear. As an adult, I could drive down any road, go to any area and not even think about what's around me. We were SAVE! So, I ask you, who governs the police? The ruling party. I.e. The ANC. Since the ANC came into power, crime has sky rocket for ALL South Africans. Violent crime has never been so high. In my own family, my cousin has had a gun against her head when simply buying groceries. My dad was mugged in front of his house. My sister was attacked by two men in front of her school. My father in law was hijacked in our driveway. My sister-in-law was held up at gunpoint in her office! I've come home to an intruder standing in my house. My boss's wife was attacked by two POLICE OFFICERS in uniform! We live in prisons. Just walking out our front doors in the morning is a risk. So ask me again, how my life has been negatively effected. I wake up with nightmares thinking someone is in my house to hurt me. For this, I blame the ANC. The police are non responsive, completely unfit, incapable of doing their jobs, have no sympathy and are corrupt. The police commissioner was locked up

      Mc Apple - 2014-06-23 07:41

      @Anthony FromAfrica: You spew your opinion but when it comes to a few simple questions based on mediocre almost mind bogglingly simple facts then you response is "I can say what I want no facts required and I don't have to prove my point"? How can you tell people what they must do when you can't prove your theory? How can your put theories on the table when even a chimp will tell you your theory isn't sound and can and will never work? Just goes to show you have no clue of what you are talking about. Did you find your calculator? Something tells me you are going to need it a lot more now. Oh and as a side note, this is what you call a “SERIOUS DISCUSSIOIN”? – assume serious discussion is implied.

  • Vaal Koos - 2014-06-22 07:42


      Reality - 2014-06-22 10:05

      When the missionaries came to Africa they found only khoisan here. Reality

      jason.hepple.5 - 2014-06-22 10:08

      Shut up Bheki... Find something else to say... Retard!

      lacrimosewolf - 2014-06-22 13:15

      Well at least they brought a book.

      Genet Joobs - 2014-06-22 15:20

      Why only farmers. surely they must claim the entire South Africa. What is this thing with Farmers and Land. Beats me. Idiots.

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 17:30

      Lacrimosewolf - I dont think they bought the book most probably stole it as usual

      kmw13047 - 2014-06-23 06:19

      I bible is for free, it can not be stolen.....

  • Danie Theron - 2014-06-22 07:44

    If this goes through its bye bye South Africa.

      Sthembiso Jali - 2014-06-22 08:21

      Travel safe theron, we definitely not going to miss you.

      Bob Mearly - 2014-06-22 08:25

      EFFing idiots give me half of what you own and have paid for!

      Sthembiso Jali - 2014-06-22 08:55

      Well Bob if we could we would, fact is you stole from us and now its high time to get half of what you stole back. Sounds like a fair deal right ? Right

      lacrimosewolf - 2014-06-22 09:10

      @Sthembiso Jali - well even using your argument, land that was taken was undeveloped and unproductive back in the day. So that's what you should get back - what was 'stolen', not all the accoutrements

      Sthembiso Jali - 2014-06-22 09:27

      Mr lacrimosewolf- if someone steal your calf at the age of seven months and you discover it after 5 years as a grown up cow and had produced 5 more cows of its own- what do you do? You split it half or you take the whole heard ? Like I said getting half sounds like a fair deal.

      lacrimosewolf - 2014-06-22 09:31

      @Sthembiso Jali - you get your cow back, the government takes the calves as proceeds of a crime. The calves are re-homed at Nkandla

      Buzzbar - 2014-06-22 09:52

      Fair enough, give half the farm back the workers in the state it was when the settlers arrived. No irrigation, no rotational planning. In other words, burn it to the ground and give them back the land.

      Kevin Marsh - 2014-06-22 09:59

      Like E Tolls , this government just has no clue .

      Kevin Marsh - 2014-06-22 11:41

      Wamagoshi- no one takes fatboy seriously and no one is scared of him . The country clown will never amount to anything .

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 17:31

      It bye bye South Africa anyway - bunch of retards trying to run a country

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 17:32

      Wamagoshi bring it on!!!!!

      Hannelie van Wyk - 2014-06-22 22:09

      I am reading all these messages and just wondering how the white people stole the land???? According to history this country was empty.. nobody lived here.. no development - nothing.. and the Boer those days had to pay for the land to the British.. so please explain to me where and how did the white Boer stole anything???

  • Thandiwe Adelady Mahlatsi - 2014-06-22 07:52

    Izwelethu..this is what we voted for. Mulder is naive en selfish, how could he suggest that a farm worker who worked in a farm for twenty years or lifetime will fail to run a farm successfully..u really smoke nyaope or you smoke cow dung.

      Wade Latham - 2014-06-22 07:58

      Thandiwe open your eyes and ears, 95% of farms that have already been handed to farm workers have failed already!! You can't just will the facts away!

      Thandiwe Adelady Mahlatsi - 2014-06-22 08:28

      I am a small scale farmer and I am doing very well, the success in my farming project is due to guidance I am getting from my uncle who grew up en worked in the farms. I am ready to get more land to expand my project.

      Red Forman - 2014-06-22 08:40

      This idea will never see the light of day. The Rand will sink to hyper inflation lows as investors run, mass starvation as farmers withdraw and downscale to substance farming, mass unemployment as farmers retrench 99% of their workforce. I think the picture is clear and only requires a little commonsense by even the slightest intelligence black to see that this is an ill fated idea. Bloodshed and terror will befall the land.

      Tracey Herbst Wale - 2014-06-22 08:44

      Buy it, Thandiwe

      Frikkie Strauss - 2014-06-22 08:52

      Thandiwe, so you wouldn't have a problem then to hand over half of your farm? You said you are ready to get more farmland, are you prepared to buy it, or do you want it? If you have to make a bank loan to acquire that farm, what do you think will happen to that loan if you have to give 50% of the farm away? The bank will certainly NOT reduce your loan by50%! Given that around 70% of commercial farms in SA are financed through a financial institution (not belonging to the farmer but to a bank)how are that debt going to be serviced with only half the original projected income available? The idea of giving away 50% might sound good in principal, but the practical aspect will not be achievable. Giving away the farm to farmworkers will still not solve the problem of the millions of landless people in SA. Most of farmworkers stay on the farm that they work on, have a job etc. etc. So how is this idea going to benefit the millions in the squatter camps?

      Patricia Dewet - 2014-06-22 08:53

      Mahlatsi, the only way people look after what they have is when they paid for it. When you give anything for free they messed it up and wait for more free.

      Jonathan Woods - 2014-06-22 08:56

      a few very simple questions Thandiwe. How did you acquire your land, and how do you feel about how you acquired it. And if you bought it fairly on the open market and / or are paying it off to a bank through a mortgage / bond, how would you honestly feel if someone came and just took 50% away from you and simply gave it to others. Please think about these questions without emotion and without consideration for colour, but simply as an individual !

      Kevin Marsh - 2014-06-22 08:57

      Thandiwe , so you are a small scale farmer. Which half of your farm are you going to give up to the thieves?

      Bheki N Lisani - 2014-06-22 09:03

      When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land. Desmond Tutu It's now time to undo this crime by the Europeans!!! You should be grateful that our President did not take uncle Bobs actions!!!

      Naas Du Plessis - 2014-06-22 10:44

      It's like if you worked for a company for 20 years you get a 50% share??

      Mc Apple - 2014-06-22 11:09


      oi - 2014-06-22 12:41

      Thandiiwe, little girl, the problem is you don't know what the consequences are. You voted for Zumba and he and his cronies stole all the money. This is what we voted for, yes, that is what happens when you give a baby a piece of dynamite.

      Puple LeMoo - 2014-06-22 13:05

      Thandiwe - Are you ready to give away 50% of your farm?

      gillian.cooper.752 - 2014-06-22 16:21

      How is a worker entitled to own a farm. Is your domestic entitled to own your home too?

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 17:35

      Its one thing working for a company and another running it but then again - you need brains to understand that

  • Andrew Grieveson - 2014-06-22 07:53

    Hopefully the workers will stand surety for the Bank overdraft . Equally and severely . I see a lot of nervous Bank Managers coming over the hill !

      lacrimosewolf - 2014-06-22 08:53

      Hmm. The government already stands surety for SANRAL using State Pension money. What will they use as collateral for all these new farms? How happy will you be when there's no pension for you?

      Vaal Koos - 2014-06-22 08:53

      Yes,fool ,everything you get for free is a good idea.You`l get civil war also for free .Don`t push

      Patricia Dewet - 2014-06-22 08:54

      Yes government surety with my money.

      Jonathan Woods - 2014-06-22 09:10

      WaMagoshi, in theory there might even be some small merits to the idea of the money being held in an investment trust fund for controlled use to buy capital equipment, seed and fertilizer, but I for one certainly would not be trusting this government to be overseeing such in a fair manner. We all know that this would just end up as another profitable source for them to steal from. Many such schemes that are already in progress have the beneficiaries still waiting for their dividends which have mysteriously disappeared! In the majority of cases where land has already be taken over and handed to beneficiaries, once productive land is now fallow ( not used ) and the farm buildings are mere skeletons, ransacked of anything moveable and saleable!

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 17:40

      No Andrew the government will just use the tax payers money again - plenty money there to waste like they normally do

  • sean.butler.50 - 2014-06-22 07:55

    They need to come up with a solution.

  • Wayne McCrae - 2014-06-22 07:57

    We need to help the farmers fight this before we become another zimbabwe.

      Vaal Koos - 2014-06-22 08:55

      And we will.This will be the last straw

  • Tlotlo Phele - 2014-06-22 07:58

    Lol how do you retrench your partners,

      Red Forman - 2014-06-22 08:42

      By firing the workers before the program starts...dumba$$

      Jonathan Woods - 2014-06-22 09:20

      Phele in an honest society you could only do that by agreeing to buy them out, or sell your share and do whatever you wish with the proceeds !

      etienneenanneline.gouws - 2014-06-22 14:51

      Remember that by being co-owners of the farm you wont be paid a salary. The profit made on the farm (after all deductions) will be shared. Lets make a quick sum. Farm makes R 50 000 profit for the month. Farmer gets R 25 000 because he owns 50% The other R 25 000

      etienneenanneline.gouws - 2014-06-22 14:52

      Is devided between the 500 owners of the farm giving each R 50 a month. Sounds ok hey?!

  • Sthembiso Jali - 2014-06-22 08:00

    Sounds like a perfect idea, as farm workers we thrilled by this proposal. Sa is for those who lives in it, thank you MR Nkwiti.

      Red Forman - 2014-06-22 08:42

      No one looks after that which you get for nothing...a human fact! Dumba$$

      Koos Luerre - 2014-06-22 08:55

      " SA is for those who live in it." Oh the irony! Half of Zimbabwe also lives in SA! ... due to the policies you embrace.

      lacrimosewolf - 2014-06-22 08:55

      @Sthembiso Jali - HOW is this going to work? Think about it. Which half goes to workers? Who decides?

      Sthembiso Jali - 2014-06-22 09:05

      Relax people - for every proposal tabled by the government there are always clear guidelines to be followed when implementation takes place. We will receive our 50% share, use it productively and employ more workers that way the high rate of youth unemployment will decrease in no time. You see it's win win situation for all of us.

      Pieter Calitz - 2014-06-22 09:34

      So the government is going to pay? With what money? South Africa owes R 2 trillion which was all borrowed during the ANC's reign.

      Johan Appelgrein - 2014-06-22 11:15

      @Sthembiso, You are simply displaying the glee that is always displayed by the beneficiaries of free assets. If you want to see the effects of nationalisation (which this proposal is, as a large percentage of farmworkers will take the money), just visit Kolwezi, DRC. The government nationalised the mine and ran it into the ground. For those with some knowledge of mining - There are more than 10 Hectares filled with rusted mining trucks (including more than a few CAT 793's),shovels(up to 200ton) and other large machinery just standing - rusted, broken and abandoned...... This will happen to the farms as evidenced by the history of farms being received through the land claims process. And as some commentors has said - the practical issues are even more insurmountable - except if the government follows their std way - we take, irrespective of the interests of the banks, farmers, the greater population that would like to eat etc....

      etienneenanneline.gouws - 2014-06-22 14:59

      Sthembiso each worker will not get 50% All the workers together will get 50% of the farm. Soooo if there are a 100 workers on the farm each one will get 0.5%!

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 17:44

      Hullo retard we also live in it

  • jonas.Bnet - 2014-06-22 08:06

    What a great idea, 50 50 who funds the bad years

      Koos Luerre - 2014-06-22 08:57

      Yes, and the bonds on the farms?

  • Anton van der Merwe - 2014-06-22 08:07

    Now this I need to see, share the farm but the workers must pay 50% Of all cost pay the just wont work you give them a farm 6 months down and the farm went back to be a veld with no crops all farm equipments broken. Now dont take the racist thing to seriously but in there culture they have been wanting wanting and wanting because they have been wronged just because of there race. Look at the so called bee beee those companies just dont work or can provide a service. You tell them sign this page send it off and now you are a bee beee but they get R400 more so the same is going to happen to farms they wont be able to run a farm and pay the cost it takes to run a farm and at the end of the day the farm dont produce meening no food for the people . Cosato can even remove the e tolls how are thet going to get this right..

  • Andrew Wallis - 2014-06-22 08:07

    First the farms then what? Any erosion of the constitution and ownership of private property is not good, what next give half your home to your domestic, half your business to the workers?

  • dylankillin - 2014-06-22 08:09

    Why stop with farms? I want 50% of the company I work at too. I worked there so i deserve a share. Right?

      lacrimosewolf - 2014-06-22 10:30

      What about company-owned farms? Much of the commentary here presumes there's one person as owner but many farms are owned by companies, not an individual

  • Dylan Dulany - 2014-06-22 08:10

    This isn't the worst idea in put forward. It could get farms working harder and better for all. Most farmers are in debt and unable to work all the land and reinvest properly. This could help. I don't see why distressed farms wouldn't opt in for this.

      Vaal Koos - 2014-06-22 08:59

      I doubt whether you are a farmer

      Kevin Marsh - 2014-06-22 10:05

      Dylan , so the thugs can take half your house .

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 17:48

      Smoke another sock and please go to another news24 article

  • Vuyokazi Ncalo Fatyela - 2014-06-22 08:12

    Good move my government this is exactly what we voted for... These farm workers hv worked hard for peanuts they deserve this..

      Mashabela Wilford Sello - 2014-06-22 08:35

      Taking 50% of the farms to the farmworkers,on paper yes is a gud move.but still only ZANC top brass will own that land like they did in the mining sector.if u dont know,mining companies are own by ANC persons like Motsepes,Ramaphosas,Girlfriend to Motlanthe,Popo molefe,Jacob dying zuma & by so saying,is a waste of time.only EFF can do that

      Red Forman - 2014-06-22 08:47

      It always sound simple on paper but in practice it will be a total abortion...give give, want want...but not work work....think lovey think!

      Amelia Goodwin - 2014-06-22 08:56

      Another one who knocked his head against the pavement. Do you know about the broader picture??? Sit and look at it.

      Vuyokazi Ncalo Fatyela - 2014-06-22 09:02

      @ Selo I knw some rich blacks own the farms bt its better own by them than those who took our land frm our grndfather.. Malema owned farms too while he was still in the ANC so he won't do any change.all politicians ar liars nd corrupt

      Bheki N Lisani - 2014-06-22 09:10

      When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land. Desmond Tutu It's now time to undo this crime by the Europeans!!! You should be grateful that our President did not take uncle Bobs actions!!!

      Puple LeMoo - 2014-06-22 12:21

      As long as farm workers take 50% of the debt and take a 50% pay cut.

      Jake Dunkerley - 2014-06-22 14:33

      Vuyokazi, you will be paying for it - don't you see, the taxpayer will need to fund this - money doesn't just come from the air and into the government's pocket. If you are alright with that, you can expect to pay higher taxes and higher food prices because at the end of the day, money has to come from somewhere for this scheme.

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 17:51

      Well if they were'nt satisfied why did'nt they leave? That is actually how it works in the real world

  • Ame Ombre - 2014-06-22 08:12

    Present floated idea of 'side by side land operate' wont play a role in immediate equilibrium.There is still a long way ahead with some of the biggest problems in the shortage of qualified staff, various sub-divisions of corruption resulting in lack of resources to investment and development, etc...

  • adrian.wendler - 2014-06-22 08:12

    Well I guess we going to have to import our food now.

      Schalk W Burger - 2014-06-22 08:29

      Who is going to pay the bankloans off a million or two if the farm is shared by farmer and workers. Are the workers going to pickup their halve of the tab because the farmer won't be able to pay back the production loans. The bank also is not going to lend the money for the operational cost if there is not guaranteed collateral. The cost to plant mealies is around R11000 per ha. Who is going to finance the workers halve of the farm? Are they(workers) going to rent the implements from the farmer to work their share? The running costs are very high.

      Johan Brits - 2014-06-22 08:50

      With the rand that`s going to plummet be R 150 000.oo to the $?I don`t think so.

      Bheki N Lisani - 2014-06-22 09:06

      When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land. Desmond Tutu It's now time to undo this crime by the Europeans!!! You should be grateful that our President did not take uncle Bobs actions!!!

      pmalungana - 2014-06-22 09:13

      Food or no food we will survive

      pmalungana - 2014-06-22 09:13

      Food or no food we will survive

      foxiloxi - 2014-06-22 09:44

      Hasani and Co, use what brains god gave you to understand that the farmers have Bonds and other massive costs on these properties, will the fare orders share in half the costs, will the banks continue to provide loans to find the farms???? Stupid comments about European fathers to pay them off is juSt that, completely idiotic considering almost all farmers are South African, in assuming you are black, why don't you go back to where you come from and that is up into Africa because South Africa belongs to the Khoi!!!!

      Nico de Jongh - 2014-06-22 11:01

      Bheki, when the Khoisan people roamed this free country.. you Mr, Black came from the north and took their land.. so where is the fair deal?

      Jake Dunkerley - 2014-06-22 14:34

      Yes, you already are importing certain items, but food prices will go up.

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 17:54

      Hasani yes food or no food you will survive like the Zimbabweans running to South Africa - where will you go? please do tell?

      Graham Davidson - 2014-06-22 20:23

      @ might not know this but you should also be happy for the same reasons

      kmw13047 - 2014-06-23 06:25

      As we are doing at the moment...

  • robespear - 2014-06-22 08:14

    All that will happen is the rand is going to depreciate again, any cost of living increases negotiated by the mine workers will become null and we are back into strikes. These communists are killing the South African economy.

  • willem.strauss1 - 2014-06-22 08:17

    Seems like farmers will just have to fire all workers and employ them on contract basis or through a labor broker. Otherwise I also want half the company I work for now.

  • Thabiso Dekeda - 2014-06-22 08:22

    The issue of land in SA is very sensitive and it will not go away until it is resolved properly. It is becoming a mobilization tool for the majority and if it is not handled properly it will cause too much friction in future. It is in the best interests for all south africans to resolve it once and for all. The challenge is for the government to handle this with dignity and for the white farmers to see it as something that needs to be done for the betterment of south africa's future political discourse. Those who reject it do not have best interests of south africa going forward.I believe that if all the stakeholders come to the table and discuss this, a lasting solution will be achieved and south africa will develop in leaps and bounds. A mature approach is required and the government should bring the farmers to the table. I am sure that there are many farmers who will be amenable to a solution to address this matter as long as the farmers will not be kicked out of their farms. FF+ should not be allowed to block this move as they are just an irrelevant group of old and bitter foes who do not anything to offer south africans. I am sure that the youth of this country both black and white will be able to see beyond this racial divide..

      pmalungana - 2014-06-22 08:45

      U are a coward, did they call you to the table to negotiate how they would take the land from you? As long as you are scared to suffer for a jus cause , as long as you are afraid to die for what rightfully belong to you , your children and those who come after u will inherit that fear and continue the legacy. White people will prey on your fear of becoming one of the other African countries like Zim, they will sit on your neck until the squeeze that breath out of your useless body. Death is certain u have an opportunity to die for a good cause use it

      Tony Bennett - 2014-06-22 08:50

      Thabiso, your comment above is by far the most logical of all the other comments above. It is however, a pity that you spoilt it by singling a party, and apportioning blame to them. So with this, you have just undermined your whole comment, and made it null and void, as you have demonstrated that the outcome in your mind has already determined, and that it will be your way. Not all farmers are racists, and remember, that black people can also be racists. History has already proven that by just giving to those who have not, does not solve the problems and issues at hand, but 9 time out of 10, increases poverty. You can't just give a hungry man a fish today, he will be hungry again tomorrow, and want more, but if you teach the hungry man to fish, you have fed him for the rest of his life. Forcing Mr Have to give half of what he owns to Mr Havenot, without teaching Mr Havenot how to be responsible for what he has been given is far more dangerous than not giving him anything at all.

      Red Forman - 2014-06-22 08:58

      You cannot think further than your you really think a farmer that has invested his entire life into a farm would just give it up, are just a fat old BEE dumba$$!

      Pieter Calitz - 2014-06-22 09:17

      > ..white farmers... Why only the white farmers? What about the government that owns 1/3 of the land and the zulu king who owns half of Kwazulu-Natal or the tribal chiefs that own vast areas of South Africa?

      jungleboy - 2014-06-22 11:03

      You talk about the "best interests of all South Africans " and yet you insist the FF, who represent a big chunk of farmers, should be banned from negotiations. You want everything on your terms right? This is not about the youth you twit, it's about food security and land theft.

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 17:56

      Believing that South Africa will develope is like believing Father Christmas is giving me a farm

  • Ernest Pherefere Marope - 2014-06-22 08:24

    Hebrews 13:16 Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. The same bible that some of you people read everyday

      Sthembiso Jali - 2014-06-22 08:46

      Lol im off to church, enough with news 24

      Amelia Goodwin - 2014-06-22 08:51

      Did you knock your head against the pavement???

      Tony Bennett - 2014-06-22 08:54

      Ernest, be very careful of what you quote from the Bible, for that same Bible tells us that we will always have the poor with us. By the way, what have you shared today?

      Pieter Calitz - 2014-06-22 09:15

      @Ernest Pherefere Marope wrote..share what you have So, did you share your wages today with your neighbors?

      Carina Engelbrecht - 2014-06-22 10:02

      That same Bible you quote from says 'You shall not steal, you.shall not covet anything your neighbours have, repect those appointed by God above you, and workers should earn their daily bread in honesty and hard work." Missed that part?

      jungleboy - 2014-06-22 11:12

      May I remind you that Afrikaaners used bible quotes to justify their agenda and look what a mess they created. Please save us the shame of dabbling in religion to justify any agendas.

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 18:00

      Do you actually understand what that means? Its easy to turn and twist what the bible says to your own advantage. I think the bible also talks about "thou shalt not steal" which this acutally is!!!!!

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 18:01

      Jungleboy what mess did we create????? Maybe you love your comic books but I prefer my bible

  • Ame Ombre - 2014-06-22 08:27

    Touch to one-sided materialism of communism to attain a measure of equality... to be achieved at what expense!?

  • John Butler - 2014-06-22 08:32

    Next we will need to hand over 50% of our homes to the domestic worker and gardener. And does this also apply to the current black owned farms, or do those farm workers get nothing because they are working for the same color baas?

      Vaal Koos - 2014-06-22 09:07

      This is majority rule by penis.Then the easily oppression of the minority by numbers.

  • ivan.marsh.37 - 2014-06-22 08:35

    To all the idiots who blindly support this idea that originates in a ministry that has no understanding of the complexities involved in commercial farming to ensure food security for this country. You will only wake up when there is insufficient food for all not to mention the huge price increase in food prices that will precede that. Are you satisfied to take this risk or like the rest of Africa are you mor interested in idealism. I am not an Afrikaner but I have to say that the Afrikaner has an incredible knowledge about and passion for farming and are crucial to the food security in SA.

      jungleboy - 2014-06-22 11:17

      I find it astonishing that the ANC are hell bent on applying the same disastrous plans the rest of Africa and Latin America have already tried and failed at. Have they learnt nothing from history? Is this the best plan they can come up with in a globalized world?

  • Anton van der Merwe - 2014-06-22 08:36

    Farm owners when it happens just call on us In the city we will back you

  • John Vermaak - 2014-06-22 08:36

    Yay, Zim here we come hahahahahaha

  • Kevin Middleton - 2014-06-22 08:39

    A bit late for an April Fool joke. Surely this can be nothing else?

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 18:05

      No this is not a April fool joke but a January, February, March up untill December joke when it comes to South Africa

  • Thandiwe Adelady Mahlatsi - 2014-06-22 08:39

    Izwelethu..this is what we voted for. Mulder is naive en selfish, how could he suggest that a farm worker who worked in a farm for twenty years or lifetime will fail to run a farm successfully..u really smoke nyaope or you smoke cow dung.

      Amelia Goodwin - 2014-06-22 08:42

      Do you think farming is just about planting and feeding animals??? Oh Boy...

      Fanie Kuhn - 2014-06-22 10:03

      Thandiwe, based on the fact that 95% of farmland given to the prev. disadv. is now lying fallow with the buildings stripped (by govt's own admission), labour will not manage their half effectively. Just giving people stuff does not work. The way to wealth is by education and hard work. Let the govt offer free good quality 4 year agri degrees for free, and some financial assistance to enable prev disadv do it for themsleves and let the govt sell them (at reduced rates) some of the 25% of SA's land the govt owns.

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 18:06

      It is one thing working for a company and another running it but then again idiots will never in a million years understand

  • Amelia Goodwin - 2014-06-22 08:39

    Another idiotic plan. South Africa bites the dust.

  • Warren Carne - 2014-06-22 08:40

    Fire the workers, mechanize the farms,machines can't be shareholders, do the same with the mines-if I demanded half of the company I work for I'd be fired,if I want shares in my company I'd have to buy them, why should a farm be different,its a business after all.

  • Pontsho Sello - 2014-06-22 08:45

    why are we more concern about farms only?Where is the money going to be invested gonna go is Nkandla not complete?Which means all companies need to share their businesses with workers.Why are they not talking about the mines cause they already have shates in it.

      Pottie Potgieter - 2014-06-22 10:41

      Yes you are right, Remember you must give 50 % of your house to the person that works in your kitchen and your garden, because they work their. You must remember that the ANC now makes people part of a farm, so when I sell my farm to another person the workers are sold as well because they must keep on working on the farm because 50 % is theirs.

  • Abongile S. Ngozi - 2014-06-22 08:46

    When will Mine owners share 50% of their mines with workers

      Pieter Calitz - 2014-06-22 09:05

      When will government and tribal kings and leaders share 50% of their land with residents?

      Kevin Marsh - 2014-06-22 10:15

      When we have emptied them of all gold and platinum .

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 18:07

      When hell freezes over

  • Vincent Davince Malapane - 2014-06-22 08:48

    Whites don't wanna hear anything about land ijoooo..ANC is under preassure guys..I'm sure they way ANC loves you guys it could have never proposed it if it was not the formation of EFF and its issue is not only on politician even a born free child ask themselves that why the land is only owned by whites..then when one lyk Malema preech to them how it soo..Then ANC become thretened.and no one is owning land in africa..only kings own land..

      Red Forman - 2014-06-22 09:01

      and then farm workers will demand R12500 per month and that will be the end of food supply in SA....think you dumba$$

      Vincent Davince Malapane - 2014-06-22 09:30

      Rod Forman all u do here is to shout food scares-food scare for whO? People wher eating long tym b4 ur fore fathers come here..u think mugabe is a stupit when he gave back land to his people..nah is evrything man.1e get evrything from there,,land,soil,mobu,mhlabathi..

      Vérité Un - 2014-06-22 09:35

      Vincent, there are hungry people in Zim that's why they are currently receiving aid.

      Vincent Davince Malapane - 2014-06-22 10:09

      Yes Verie I agree with you..The wetern and european dit play their cards ryt by cuming with globalistion thing and sanctions to obress other nations..that is thes a hunger in zimbabwe..but if u can be afraid to suffer now nathing will change..ur fore fathers dit a mistake by being greedy..choosing where a black man must stay..what kind of information and education he must receive.with the help of guns..but with the help of Mugabes,Mandelas we finally see light and evrything must go back to wher it belongs..white man is not a black man superior..

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 18:09

      Vincent we dont think Mugabe is stupid we actually know it

      Mouteng Wilfred Moraba - 2014-06-22 21:51

      I think we are making you a favour by establishing a "share" fact what needs to be done is to take all farms cus I've read many comments here which are full of greed and racism.Is time for sharing or else a war

  • Bertus Pretorius - 2014-06-22 08:49

    Great, I want a 50 percent share in nkandla.

      Siyabonga Khombulwandle - 2014-06-22 08:57

      we wanto 50% of the land tht waz stolen from our forefathers its belong to us

      Kevin Marsh - 2014-06-22 10:19

      Zero land was stolen from your forefathers . The only people who had land stolen was the San whose land was stolen by the blacks . All my great forefathers worked there whole life and paid for the land . How can that be wrong? They owe nobody anything . Everything he ANC touches is a stuff up . Time for them to go .

      Puple LeMoo - 2014-06-22 12:42

      In 2011, out of the total number of "80,000 commercial white-owned farms", the state's own records showed that 64,976 farms were owned by the state from their land reform and distribution policies where ownership wasn't transfered to the claimants. To date, the land registry records do not include the 41 percent of the tribal land surface and stay unaccounted for at October 2013. The ploticians are lying to you and you are to blind to notice it.

      Puple LeMoo - 2014-06-22 12:45

      So Siyabonga, you want 50%? Go and ask the ANC about the 64679 farms (or the 80%) that they own.

  • Bertus Pretorius - 2014-06-22 08:51

    @abongile- when the workers can put in 50 percent of the mine's costs and expenses

  • craig.holtzkamp - 2014-06-22 08:52

    How will this work in the western cape where agricultural land can not be subdivided into portions less that 20 hec. And you only own 20 hectares?

      Justice Blose - 2014-06-22 12:51

      I work on a 150 hectare farm in western cape.. what are u saying?

  • pmalungana - 2014-06-22 08:54

    They came up with these beautiful words like transformation , bee and others, so that you can forgett the main objective of the liberation struggle. They sell you your own land at the price three times than what they acquired it for. U are afraid to suffer whilst you are already suffering. What is good for them is good for us . Let them give up that piece of land even if they scare u that u will suffer

  • Thabiso Dekeda - 2014-06-22 08:54

    Many people who are making irresponsible comments here either do not own farms or do not have ambitions of owning one. I also do not want a farm cause I have my own plot in my village. A majority of south africans now believe that if Mandela was released in the 70's or at least 10 years before and we had the same political discourse, south africa would have have benefitted from his leadership and that of his other Comrades incliuding Sisulu, OR Tambo and others. There are only few people affected by the land issue and the longer we delayed its resolution the more we will regret it. A process of engaging all farmers in the country to formulate proposals for the resolution followed by a national conference and/or Codesa like session to thrash this matter in a mature way should be pursued. In this conference all stakeholders should be represented and the youth(black and white) should at least constitute 20 per cent of delegates. The youth is the future of this country and our elders alone might not have the futuristic analogy. I am very positive that out of this national dialogue there will be an ever lasting solution on land question.the south africans would be asking themselves why did they took long to have such a national session. Our challenge now is that there no leadership to pursue this matter in a mature manner from all sides of political establishments... Your thoughts...

      Mc Apple - 2014-06-22 10:05

      I have seen some of this "youth" and I think we are doomed to kill each other in the streets.

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 18:13

      My thoughts - South Africa is a lost cause - no hope

  • Willem Louw - 2014-06-22 08:56

    this is how it starts - passive aggressive... it will snow ball like in Zimbabwe. Systematically people will become impatient and then start demanding, protesting and using force. This isn't something new. If the quality of education wasn't so piss poor in our schools, they would have learned this in history... It's all happened several times before.

  • Zanele Madonsela - 2014-06-22 08:56

    This is truly unfair.

  • Gerhard Lombard - 2014-06-22 08:56

    WTF? What happened to working for what you own? Communism is dead numbnuts, and it has never worked! This rates up there with smuggling sand through a dessert. Only an utter moron could come up with such a retarded idea.

  • Blameer Boesman - 2014-06-22 09:00

    The 67 average IQ prevails. Some people just weren't meant to be in power.

  • Izack Madisa - 2014-06-22 09:00

    i'm writing with regret we stay at farm our parents'grandparent born at the farm we have more that 104yrs live at farm our parent were give write to plant ,keep livestoct the was a plot wel fenced by founders of farm life was good for the were no any restriction when our male parent passed away by 2010 they change everything those new settlers they took on oursite chase away our livestock they shoot 2 cattle,2 dogs because we hv live long at farm we must leave so that they can take over that plot mahala as male parents was given right to use that plot as he passed no one should use plot .what about his 2 woman grandchildren are excluded frm using right of male parent ,we reported this matter witbank land affairs officers they do not protect us they stand with farmer side 7 officers i know their names and 2 nelspruit officer they want phone farmers no and they spoke and it's over they wil not cal u back u can't know whether this people they know each other or work together by arring at office those know about u surprising and that farmer how possible person can know u when u are first time u c..I EDGE CORRUPTION WATCH TO INVESTIGATE WITBANK LAND AFFAIRS IS [ROTTEN]

      Mouteng Wilfred Moraba - 2014-06-22 21:38

      Izak Madisa,I just wanna thank you for being so strong nd brave mfana wami.You tried by all means to tell the world what painful experience you went through.So y don't you leave your cell no's?

  • Lindokuhle Mhlongo - 2014-06-22 09:00

    is this a veild attemp to neutralise malema to some extent¿

  • Marang Lesedi - 2014-06-22 09:01

    I do not believe this is the way to go. There's plenty of perfectly arable land in places like Limpopo lying fallow because people simlpy can't manage. I identified such land with intention of farming it my own cash. I was informed I couldn't have it because my geneaology was not traceable to that village. The land still lies idle. Anyhow, a farmworker can work the land but precedence shows they can't manage a farm, let alone a commercial farm. Not yet. So yeah, the vile Afrikaaner can have their field day throwing obscenities.

      Elizabeth Venter - 2014-06-22 11:58

      Not every afrikaaner is vile as you suggest. Your government is vile and your EFF is vile and you tribalism and barbarism is vile and the way your people treat each other just because you speak a different language yet have the same skin colour is vile. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Your comment alone is hypocritical, you call afrikaaner vile but your comment shows just how vile your government (mostly black) can be.

      Marang Lesedi - 2014-06-22 12:12

      My goodness! And I thought only bleks couldn't read! Let me help you, Liz. If you followed the rules of English Comprehension (credit to my form 3 English teacher at a school somewhere in Botswana) you would understand that my comment does not imply that all Afrikaaners are vile, but rather that Afrikaaners who throw obscenities are vile!

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 18:16

      The ANC government is vile

  • Dyecha - 2014-06-22 09:02

    I would rather burn the whole thing down with Diesel than hand over something I worked on Why can't SA just stop doing what Zim did All these things want everything for nothing THOSE WHO VOTED ANC SUFFER

  • Seanred - 2014-06-22 09:03

    Look what is happening at Magwa Tea Estate.It is a total mess.

  • Dyecha - 2014-06-22 09:04

    I think these in gov who stole our money must then give half away I agree Koos Luerre and Lo PhilipsI think the Whites must now start standing up and stop always think things will get better This just shows it won't

  • Sefako Mokgalaka - 2014-06-22 09:04

    I think the plan needs some rethinking. Why put the money into an investment fund for those who opt out of the arrangement? I would suggest a mentorship programme for agricultural graduates. If successful, this would ensure sustainable food security for the country.

      Mc Apple - 2014-06-22 10:00

      Hahahahahahaha! You kidding right? You can't see why government wants to centralize the "funds"? Hahahahahaha!

  • Bheki N Lisani - 2014-06-22 09:05

    Amandla? power to the people!!!!

      Mc Apple - 2014-06-22 09:59

      Please tell me how many of them. Your mathematical skills leave a lot to be desired.

      Audrey Pearl Meyer - 2014-06-22 18:19

      Actally its power to the leeches

      Zahir - 2014-06-22 23:09

      Hunger to de peoples viva etc